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ALL COLORS, AND GUNS ARE OUT. Roman Fritz, today's man, is flexing amidst the natural (okay, painted) orange and gold of autumn. Don't you love it?

Speaking of love, how many of you love new, somewhat original stories by Yours Truly? Well, if that's what you love, you're in luck!

Tonight I'm posting a brand new story! Can you believe it? And by brand new story, I mean it's something I've never posted before. Yet, I definitely have to admit that this story is a direct derivative from a fantastic muscle story by Peterbilt, called "The Marines and the Scout Troop." You can read that story by clicking on its aforementioned title. I'm under no illusion that what I've written is in any way "better" than Peterbilt's fantastic yarn; it's just different. Different objective. Different focus. I am enamored with Peterbilt's writing, and I definitely think YOU should check him out. He's prolific!

That said, a click RIGHT HERE will land you the listing of (many of) my muscle stories (I'm working to make this list comprehensive). Above the alphabetical list is a short-list of the most recent stuff. "OFF-BASE" is the story you're gonna wanna read. OH, and BTW, this story is a bit unique. There are TWO PARTS to the story. First, you'll read the story as told by Luke, the main muscle dude. THEN, I'll post the exact same story, as told by Luke's muscle-worshipper, Wyatt. I think it's gonna be awesome, if I do say so myself. And again, thanks to Peterbilt for the foundation for this story. I have to admit, many of the exact phrases have been taken from his writing. (So, since I've admitted that this is a derivative, I can't be sued, right?)

THAT said, be sure to come back TOMORROW for our HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA! Yes, methinks 10/31 is almost my favorite holiday. We'll have popcorn, hanging bats, and the return of my infamous (in my mind anyway) audio recording of "Halloween Man," the tale of a guy who encounters the muscle man of his dreams...right on Halloween! 






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Friday, OCTOBER 11, 2019



S PROMISED, I'M POSTING THE THIRD OF THREE SHORT STORIES that I originally posted years ago. They're all a big cleaned-up and refreshed. Today's is called The Remote. It's inspired by an old episode of "The Twilight Zone" I saw, in the before time. Methinks  today's guys might be of some assistance in helping the CWS visulaize what the protagonise in the story really wants to do to the objecrt of his desires.

So anyway, CLICKY HERE to read it.

I'll be around. (It's hard to stay away at Halloween season!)  Thank you for your support. :)





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UST A WORD, MAYBE? Actually, yes. Let's have just a word. That's because Just A Word is the title of today's newly-refreshed short story. The second of three. Oh, and if you need a visual reference for the Daddy stud in the story, today's guy might be of assistance.

So anyway, CLICKY HERE to read it.

Oh, and when—the Curious Web Surfer might ask—can we expect the third of three?

Patience. Do check back And just twixt you and me...of the three, it's just barely my favorite. Jus' sayin'.






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Sunday, october 6, 2019



S A SPECIAL HALLOWEEN TREAT, THIS MONTH I'm going to be re-posting a few stories from old. And actually I've updated these stories altogether. So even if they sound familiar, I think you'll enjoy them. The stories that I'm posting this week were originally posted as three short stories, in a group.

First, tonight, we have "JAYDEN'S POWER". It was originally posted, back in the day, as "Julio". 

DO COME BACK ON TUESDAY: 10/8, for the second new/old/dressed-up and reposted story!






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T'S BEEN A NICE SATURDAY IN PORTLAND, and I'm soaking in the last few days of summer here. As the studious CWS may—or may not—know, autumn begins on Monday, the 23rd. IMHO, that seems a tad late. Doesn't fall usually start on either the 21st or the 22nd?

Sounds like some kind of conspiracy to me.

I think someone's playing with us. The purpose: yet unknown. But it sounds nefarious, fersher.

Other than that, it's a nice weekend. The last one of summer, apparently. But make no doubt about it, autumn is prolly my favorite season. Not to downplay the shirtless wonder of summer, but as far as actual seasons go, fall is pretty darn spectacular here in the Specific Northwest.

And what, you are asking, does this have to do with muscle?

Nuttin', I-spose. I just wanted to say "hi", and ask how things are hanging.

Oh, and I also wanted to ask you: What should be my next move?

Oh, and PS: I'm addicted to the A&E Network's "LIVE PD" series. It's fascinating to watch. And the numerous, actually real, hunky, gorgeous police officers from the various departments the show follows—SO HAWT to watch!






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SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2019



ELL HOWDY THERE! HOW THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN? Me: Fantastic! Yeah, things have been happening (you know, life). Yet so many things remain the same, right?

Thanks to the jillions of you who sent me emails after I posted about the Moon Landing last weekend. (Okay, maybe it was only a half-jillion, but still, it means a lot when peeps take the time...)

So anyway, let's just jump right in to this evening's post, shall we? One of my friends has (repeatedly) mentioned how cool REDDIT is. There's a bunch of sub-reddits that deal with gay stuff, hot dudes, muscle dudes, buff dudes, bodybuilder dudes... you get the idea. So I've been poking around there. But I need your help!

WHAT SUB-REDDITS are good for us sthenolagnics? Us gay guys? Us gay guys who like... you know... gay guys... ? Please either respond in the COMMENTS below, or send me an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  I feel like I'm missing out, 'cuz I can't find stuff. What are your favorite Sub-Reddits?

Secondly, I've discovered "LIVE•PD". It's a real-life TV show on the A&E network, and it's cool... especially since they have a couple-three really HAWT cops on there. There's Sr. Deputy Garo Brown; he's a sheriff's deputy in Richland County, SC (Columbia, SC area), and holy-fucking-help-me-lord-to-not-act-on-these-feelings... He's a new version of Ronnie Coleman (who was also a cop back in the day)! My other favorite cop on the show is Officer Kingrey, in Indiana. SO gorgeously cute, hot, and in charge. (And he has some dance moves too!) Oh, and we can't forget Officer Cute (that's his NAME!) in Rhode Island. Holy hell this show is wonderful.

Et tu? Have you seen "Live•PD"? Have any favorite cops? How about "Live+Rescue"? That's a whole nother show... and whole nother blog post.

So anyhoo, welcome me back? Email me? COMMENT? I cannot guarantee what the future holds, but for now, is a nice summertime diversion.






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SATURDAY, jULY 20, 2019 


5CarlMoon0 YEARS AGO TODAY, THE MOST MOMENTOUSLY EPIC moment in human history occurred. IMO.

Do you remember where you were? ...if you actually were, yet. As for me, I was. I was here. Truth be told, I was about 50 miles south of here.

It was the summer of my eleventh year (i.e., I was 10 years old). So the math, and your perceptions of how youthfully vigorous I am might possibly be tainted. Who cares. I feel like I'm only 10 years older than I was back then (maths: 20).

So yeah, I was some 50 miles south of my present location (btw, did you know I've never lived outside of the county of my birth? Tis true.). And you wanna know more? The reason I was away from home this week in 1969 was because I was... (wait for it...) at CHURCH CAMP. Yep. Like I said, I was 10, and it was church camp week. Didn't really like church camp; throwing faggots into the campfire was particularly disconcerting. (Years later, members of the same church denomination that put on this camp would undoubtedly try to "pray the gay away" for me. I'm happy to say that their prayers were decidedly not answered.)

Ima be kind of honest here...I actually remember the lifeguard at camp more than I remember this historic event. He was big, muscular and blond. And he was NICE to me! Damn, I wanted to be his best friend.

But I digress.

The reason I do remember this historic event is because they'd set up a (black-&-white) TV in the rustic, open-beamed, cafeteria/great hall of the camp. There were a couple rows of chairs—those uncomfortable, grey/brown metal ones from the era—set up, and I definitely remember walking through the room and stopping to watch images of the lunar module on the surface. Seems I remember Armstrong (he was so cute!) and Aldrin traipsing around a bit too. It's hard to know for sure if my memory is accurate, because I've seen footage of that day so many times now. But I DO remember seeing some of it on that old Zenith at camp. 

That day, President Nixon (wasn't he just a great man?*) spoke to the two astronauts from the Oval Office. He said: "For every American, this has to be the proudest day of our lives." Yeah, it will never leave my memory. (That, and the gorgeous blond lifeguard at camp.)

Here are two of my favorite sites/videos that relate to this amazing event: An ASTOUNDING site. Uncle Walter, and his inimitable manner.



*This is what's known as sarcasm. 






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FRIDAY, january 4, 2019 




O THERE I WAS, JUST MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS, when today's guy—a dead ringer for Kris Evans—hops off his motorcycle and asks, "Hey, man, you need a ride?"

Of course I did. But I had to play it all cool and suave, you know. I don't just hop on any mode of transportation, and wrap my arms around just any muscular torso. I mean, I'm not easy.

I'm not.

I'm not I'm not I'm not.

The guy had already opened up his black and orange jacket, ostensibly so I could see all those mounds. Of stuff.

But I wanted more. "Um... I might need a ride... if you take off that jacket." I bit my lower lip and swept my pointed-toe back and forth in the gravel while I stared at him.

Long story short, we rode out of town and grabbed some dinner in some random diner. Where we had a really nice meal. Of course after we ate, we had "dessert" (as they call it) on the table in our booth. Right there in front of God and all the patrons.

So yeah. This year is starting off just fine.

Except for this next paragraph:

Daryl Dragon, the other half of the Captain & Tennille died this week. The astute, longtime CWS prolly already has a hint as to the age of your Web Host, but in case anyone was wondering, the fact that I'm mentioning Mr. Dragon's passing should remove all doubt as to my decade of "emergence."

I hope Love Will Keep Us Together in 2019. Stick around and let's have some fun!






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ANY, MANY HAPPY WISHES FOR A WONDERFUL holiday season to you all, my faithful CWSs! I hope your Hanukka was Happy, your Christmas was Merry, your Kwanzaa Happy & Merry, and your Boxing Day Superlative.

And speaking of Boxing Day, I certainly hope that you got exactly what you wanted when you returned those unwanted gifts today. Yes, Virginia, there's nothing like a Santa Clause with a liberal return policy.

So, with all of those requisite, gushy, good wishes thence delivered, let's turn our attention to an infinitely more important topic: ME. Just kidding. Actually I just want to touch on what's in store for 2019 here on And to be honest, I have no idea. Maybe more posts. Maybe more pictures. Dunno for sure.


Anyhoo... hope your 2018 closes out good!


*Send your ideas to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 





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N DECEMBER 17TH, TUMBLR WILL BEGIN BANNING ADULT CONTENT. This means Seanny's tumblr blog will be going away. Maybe. I might stick around and just post non-adult pix of gorgeous muscle men. Dunno yet.


More to come... and definitely, more to cum!






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