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ODAY'S WEATHER FORECAST for my little corner of the world calls for the temperature to reach 100°F (that's 37.8° for those of you who prefer a Celsius kind of world... and BTW, what ever happened to Centegrade? Why don't we call it that? Sounds more muscular to me. Think I might start a petition.).

Anyhoo, while it's not unheard-a to hit the triple digits here, it isn't an every-year thing, fersher. Take a gander at the thermometer in the left margin to see if the forecasters got close.

I think some of the heat is being caused by the fact that "Levi's Muscles, Chapter Four" is now UP for your masturbatory (I hope) pleasure. Makes everyone a bit hotter, just reading about this muscle man. In fact, today's guy is so excited about it, he's doing a hand stand! Whoda thunk?! 






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OR YOUR MASTURBATORY PLEASURE, the next chapter of my latest BSN story is "up." (Hope you are too, BTWup that is.)

The observant CWS will note that there's been a change in the title of said yarn. I decided to rename this series "Levi's Muscles." That's mostly because it is more descriptive, and also because no one really gives a fuck about the storyteller, Callum. Right? I mean, let's be honest. You're here for the muscle. Thence, you'll wannabe (or is it "Wannamaker:"?*) looking for it under the new title. Chapter Three has been thrown up. In the Muscle Story section, that is.

Which brings us (in a rather circuitous manner, if not an actual unconnected manner) to today's guy, and his muscle-worshipping protégé, Robin. Seems Mattman promised Robin a taste of his genitalia as soon as they arrived at the, ahem, Mattcave. Matt is the gloriously muscular, selfie-taking bodybuilder in the foreground. The guy in the background, who is ostensibly giving the "hang loose" sign (and talking in the speech bubble), is Robin, the Boy Wanderer. (Not a typo.) 

Seems Matt and Rob are going to have a very enjoyable evening.

If Matt would just put down the damn phone.

[OH, and I'm not really pleased with the look of the new DropCaps. Think I'll do new, new ones. Thoughts?]

[OH, OH! And just twixt you-n-me, I'm looking for a few good men! (Don't.) I mean, actually, in this case a woman or two would do as well. Yeah. It's for proofreading and evaluating a website that I'm building. Being a true fan of ManOfSteel wouldn't hurt. Prospective applicants would want to send me an email. I shan't give my email here. One of the criteria is that you know how to, you know, be intelligent enough to find things.]

[OH, OH, OH! And a huge thank you for your comments and emails. I survive on your feedback. Thanks so much.]



* You'll wanna(maker) read the story to get this reference.






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NCE IN A GREAT WHILE, the time comes for a new muscle story. A BRAND SPANKING NEW muscle story. (Also, once in a while, it's time for new drop-caps.)

The CWS will note that that time is today.

Yep. This week I started working on, and completed much of, a new story of muscle discovery and worship. I threw up (onto the site) the first two chapters today, and they're ready for the frisky reader's perusal.

Please feel free to enjoy said story, HERE.






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THURSDAY, juLY 30, 2020



HAT WE HAVE HERE IS... (to paraphrase a famous movie line) a failure to masturbate. 

Actually, it's the the total opposite of that phrase (which reminds me of the way the media too-frequently reports the news*).

For, you see, today we have a nice little example of a successful masturbation session. And it's by a really gorgeous, lean, tall, young, muscled frat guy.

This is an older video clip, but you know, when it's good it never really gets old, right? I can't remember this guy's name (sorry... but I just KNOW there's a CWS out there who will elucidate me... please?) but I do remember that he later went into actual bodybuilding (obviously he had the foundation already). Wish I could see more (in more ways than one) of him.

Anyhoo, roll that mouse of yours over today's pic to see the man of whom I speak. BTW, the astute CWS might be asking, What is that picture, anyway? Said pic is the result of today's guy's masturbatory efforts: A cum-soaked napkin. His cum-soaked napkin. IMO, the actual ejaculation didn't impress me that much, but his muscle cam session, interaction with his frat-boi buddies, and the repartee he had with his fans (on the computer) was quite entertaining. Not to mention watching that lean, muscular body of his as he played with himself (and his audience).

"Where, Seanny," the anxious reader of this blog is asking, "can we see this muscle cam jerk-off video?"

Well, glad you asked. How 'bout right HERE. It lasts the good part of an hour. You can thank me later.

OH, and a couple more chapters of my old story "David in Austin" are up.


— —  

* I've actually watched press conferences, and then later watched the evening news story that reported on said press conference and nearly fell out of my Barcalounger®! "That's not at ALL what that person said! I saw and heard the exact words and context!" I get so disenchanted with the news media. And I know what good journalism is! I worked on my high school newspaper, forcryingoutloud! And yes, I did allude to this position in my last post. Don't get me started.






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TUESDAY, juLY 28, 2020




UMMER IS DEFINITELY HERE! And I absolutely love it. Us Oregonians definitely appreciate these hot, sunny days. It's been in the upper 90s (over 32C) the past few days, and the next few days promise to provide 90 degree weather again.

It's not uncommon for Portland temperatures to get this high in the summer, contrary to the prevailing understanding of outsiders. And this is why I love this place. Here, we actually get all four seasons. Summer can be hot; autumn is breathtakingly beautiful; winter can be snowy and fun; spring is bright and wondrous. It's a playground here

But then there's the recent "unrest" that has put Portland into the headlines around the world. The misinformation that the mainstream media vomits all over the place... about the unrest here? Well, let's just say that the information you see is only partly (and what part is that?) accurate. I shan't get into that. This isn't a political site. It's a muscle site.

Which brings me to today's post.


And muscle fascination.

So, with that, we (re-)present the final chapters of the "David & Goliath" series. This series was originally presented years ago, yet only now are they newly available to the muslce-worshipping public. Like you.

So feel free to click on the SEAN'S MUSCLE STORIES link, above.






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SATURDAY, juLY 25, 2020



'M ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE ABOUTi responding to emails in a timely manner. If you've ever contacted me via email, you'll know what I'm talking about.

But please don't let that deter you! I DO respond. Always (usually)! It might take awhile, but I really usually do respond!

Which brings me to today's post. I'm responding to the pleadings of the CWSs who frequent this seedy site. Just today, I responded to a request to re-post the DAVID IN AUSTIN series. Episode One is up now. And another person asked if I'd continue the SIR NATHAN series, and/or the MASS series. Ima think about that. I appreciate your emails, and your requests.

Today's guy, I think, must be Jason from the AUSTIN story. Check him out (in a literary way) in the SEAN'S MUSCLE STORIES section.

OH, and I've also reposted Chapter 5 of the DAVID & GOLIATH series. Check out that same muscle stories page.






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THURSDAY, juLY 23, 2020



HE RE-POSTING OF THE ORIGINALi "David and Goliath" continues. Today, we have two new (old) chapters, which are titled, accordingly, Chapter THREE and Chapter FOUR. Kinda makes sense, when you think about it. (Even if you DON'T think about it, it makes sense. Trust me. It makes sense.)

This brings our total re-posted chapters to four

You're gonnawanna check all of this shit out.

I guarantee.

You can find said chapters HERE.






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SUNDAY, juLY 19, 2020


iS I CONTINUE TO MOURN the loss of my friend, ManOfSteel, I've found it therapeutic to go back and review his images.

MusclePoseMOS was a prolific artist; he created over 700 images of his gorgeously-enormous David. 

When I started writing stories about David and posting them on the now-defunct Yahoo! David Fan Page, MOS actually noticed my stuff! I was overwhelmed when he actually started making renders of David, depicting the scenes I had written! Imagine my elation when I logged on to the Renderotica page that held MOS' images, and found this picture! It was one of the first that he did for my stories. What followed was a friendship that lasted until his too-early death last month.

So anyway, I'm going to re-post my "David & Goliath" stories. Chapters One and Two are already up in my MUSCLE STORIES collection.

 As MOS frequently said when he posted a render of David: "Enjoy!" 







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SATURDAY, juLY 18, 2020




iOU'RE GONNA REALLY WANNA click on this pic. It'll land you one of the most wonderful, sexy, muscle-posing vids I've ever found.

MusclePoseThere's some of the most MAJOR jack-off material that you've ever SEEN!

I'm serious. This nekkid, muscle-flexing muscle dude is astounding. Can you imagine having him do this, just for you?

While you jerk off to his muscles?

This is my dream. To have some young, musclebound, ripped, lean, bodybuilder dude show off for me, in the nude. In the total, muscle-fucking NUDE. Just teasing with me. Playing with me.

And then, in the middle of his posing, he stops and smiles at me: "You getting hard, Sean?"

I clear my throat, trying not to give up my true feelings.

"Hey, dude, it's no problem. I kinda like it," he smiles. "You want me to continue?"

I nod, slowly.

He resumes his muscle flexing, and I'm blown away. I actually start holding myself while I watch.

He laughs. "Hey, Seanny... You don't have to keep yourself covered like that. Don't worry about pulling it out, man."


He laughs again. "Seriously, man. Go ahead. Lemme see what all my flexing is doing for you. I take it you like what you see, huh?"

You're def gonna wanna click on the pic. Then watch the clip. I DARE you to watch without whipping it out. DARE. Okay?

OH, and you gotta watch the WHOLE thing, K?






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NEW STORY: My Crush, JJ – Ch 2

THURSDAY, juLY 16, 2020


iHAPTER TWO OF "MY CRUSH, JJ" is now up! Hopefully, it'll cause you to get up (if you take my meaning)! 

This chapter relates when I meet JJ in person. Although I'd seen him every day for years at work, this was something quite new. I'd had no idea he even hinted at any kind of gay vibes. Consequently, his astounding body and good looks had always been "off limits". He was a co-worker, not some kind of worship object (although, in private, I did indeed worship him!).

Yet this day, all bets were off. In our texts the night before, JJ had admitted to appreciating my "perspective", and he pretty-much admitted to more than just appreciating my orientation! He'd told me, out-and-out, that he wanted to be worshipped! By ME!

So here I was, just minding my own business, standing on JJ's front porch.

His wife and kid were away for the weekend.

My heart pounded out of my chest. JJ had been the man of my dreams since I'd first seen him a few years ago. He filled out his UPS uniform like some kind of other-worldly muscle god. I was delerious with anticipation.

Here's a snipped of today's chapter:

--  --

JJDickHis waistline was smaller than either of his gigantic upper legs. His shoulders seemed as wide as two men, and capped by spheres of deltoid muscle seemingly as large as watermelons. His chest was dizzying. His trapezius muscles were like two river rocks that framed his thick neck. His abdominals repeated the river rock look. They were shrink-wrapped with the thinnest of tanned skin, making it appear there was no skin there at all; just defined, separated, mounding muscle. His legs were immeasurably gargantuan.

Josh’s very tiny pouch did a quite inadequate job of housing his genitals. His pubic hair was evident, as was the root of his amazing penis. His avocado-sized nuts pushed the fabric to its limits. The pouch was connected to a very thin string that ran up a glorious “V” shape at the bottom of his freakishly-defined abdominals, sat on his hips and terminated somewhere at his back.

He looked at me, hesitantly, standing erect, maintaining a strict, reserved aura.

-- -- 

Clickage HERE will land you said chapter.







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SUNDAY, juLY 12, 2020


iERE'S THE FIRST PART OF A NEW STORY I'm working on. Link to the full first chapter is at the end of this post. This first chapter is basically some text I copied (with a BUNCH of artistic license, yet not too far off the mark of what actually was said) from a Messenger convo I had with a buddy of mine.



Even though our relationship has faded into an Internet kind of thing, I consider you to be a true spirit, Josh. Kinda miss seeing you every day like before.

I dig you too Mike.

I’m sure you’re still working out…

Yup. Could never stop that. In the gym at 5 AM every day before work.

You getting bigger? And I don’t think I ever asked how tall you are.

Yeah, I’ve put on a few pounds of muscle since you left. I’m six-foot six (198 cm).

Nice. Yeah, I still have neck issues from looking up to you all the time back then.

Ha! That’s what I like about you Mikey. Hilarious.

Ha. Well you’ve aways been a great friend, Josh. Just one of the many things I like about you.


WANNA READ MORE? (It's kinda good!) CLICK HERE!






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ManOfSteel has passed

WEDNESDAY, june 3, 2020



T IS WITH THE HEAVIEST OF HEARTS that I announce the passing of my favorite gay muscle artist, and good friend, ManOfSteel. (MOS' "David" graces the banner header of this website.)

I received an email this evening, saying he'd died of pancreatic cancer. This has come as a shock to me, and I know to others of his friends. I will post more later, but right now I'm kind of reeling.

ManOfSteel did want me to say that his real name was David, and that one of his greatest joys was to be able to share his work with others.

Rest In Peace, David.






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