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Tomorrow: More Sir Nate



DavidcF READER-RESPONSE is any indication of the popularity of a story, then one of my most popular series has to be "Sir Nathan." It seems people just love that story.

Right now, Sir Nathan has five chapters. But guess what?! I'll be posting chapter six tomorrow!

I give you this teaser not only to tease, but to let you know that if you want to get the most out of tomorrow's chapter, you might want to brush up on your Nathan. It's been a long time, after all, since I posted anything on him. If you're familiar with the basic story, then I'd recommend reading at least chapter five.

The CWS is likely wondering, "Will chapter six be the last? Is chapter five the penultimate?" I don't normally give away all that kind of top secret stuff, but suffice it to say, the answer to those two questions is: No.







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Need a Distraction?



DavidcOR THOSE OF YOU who need a respite from the coverage of the election, I threw together a little story, just for fun. I think it will be a nice diversion from all the stuff:


by Sean Reid Scott

Trent lay in the huge bed, on his side, trying desperately to act nonchalant. Cooper would be exiting the master suite’s bathroom any minute, and Trent wasn’t about to communicate what he was feeling and thinking.

What he was feeling was more excitement than he’d ever experienced—excitement in his rapidly-beating heart, and excitement in his already-stiff cock. What he was thinking was: Don’t let on! Don’t do anything that will give him reason to be upset! Further, he was frantically wondering how in hell he’d gotten into this situation. It was a situation that fantasies are made of, yes… but it was so unbelievable that Trent kept wanting to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Cooper Hansen, the owner of the king bed in which Trent now lay, was the man of Trent’s fantasies. Trent had a catalog of stats and information about Cooper—a catalog that took up a large corner of Trent’s brain. Cooper was Trent’s older brother’s best friend. They (Cooper and Mike) had been besties since they’d been in grade school. Now, though, Mike was stationed in Afghanistan, and Cooper was a law student at the local university. Cooper and Mike were 23. 

Trent was 19. He was 19, but he looked more like 16. “135 pounds sopping wet,” Coop would chuckle when talking about Trent’s build. Yeah, Trent was small. When he stood next to Cooper’s six-foot-five frame, he barely came up to the big man’s shoulders. And actually, it was comical to see them together. Not only was Coop literally heads-and-shoulders taller than Trent, he easily weighed 100 pounds more than the little guy. And Trent was not only little, he was shy and timid—especially around big guys like Cooper.








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Halloween 2020



DavidcOST OF US ARE probably running pell-mell toward the 2020 EXIT sign. This year has been one for the books, no? Get me outta here.

Yet, these last few months might bring us unexpected happiness and welcome change from the turmoil we've been enduring. We can hope. We can vote too. (Not endorsing any candidate or party here, but if you don't vote, please don't complain.)

So, what are your plans for this Halloween? I had my "Elsa" costume all ready to go and then Covid-19 struck (yes, I usually get my costume early), so I guess I won't be trick-or-treating this year. Instead, I've been invited to a Halloween Poker Party by today's stud. Some kind of strip poker, I think. (Note the skull on the table, so that makes the pic Halloweenie, okay? Oh, and I guess there's another weenie in the picture too.)

I thought I might give it a go and head on over to the party. Of course, I'll keep my social distance. And I'll wear my (Elsa) mask.

Chapter 3 of "The Captain & His Privates" has been thrown up (on the Sean's Muscle Stories page). Hope you like it!

And if you haven't yet read (or listened to) "Halloween Man" it's still there, on the aforementioned Stories page.

Happy Halloween!

(OH, and don't forget to "Fall Back" before you go to bed Saturday night (if you live in an area that observes Daylight Savings Time, and all). Just what we need: Another hour added to 2020.






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OR THOSE OF YOU WHO are especially observant, the presence of a whole slew of (old) stories on this here website has not escaped your notice. Over the weekend I've re-uploaded the entire TESTOS FOUR series—all 13 chapters.

This re-postage was accomplished thanks to a gentle mentioning by a Curious Web Surfer who indicated that he'd read every chapter and enjoyed them greatly. A cursory glance by Yours Truly revealed that only the first chapter of said series was posted on this site. So, I found the originals and uploaded the entire story yesterday and today. You're welcome. If you're into sci-fi (just a bit) and muscular men who are literally out-of-this-world, you'll prolly like the story.

CP2That said, here we are in the last week of October. And we all know what that means: Halloween! (Cue Andy Williams singing, "It's the MOST... WONDERFUL... time... of the year...") I just love Halloween. So much so, that in the past, I wrote not one, but two Halloween-themed stories. AND, I actually recorded one of them on audio! If you're in to smutty, gay, erotic, muscle-worship audio books (and who isn't), you'll wanna check it out! The text version of "Halloween Man" is HERE, and on that page is a link to the audio recording. Read by the author! If you ever wanted to hear Seanny's* voice, now's your chance! (Don't be too disappointed if the voice is a tad distorted. I didn't want God-and-everyone to recognize me.**) I posted the story, and the recording, years ago (like, ten?) but I dusted it off and it's ready for you to read and/or hear again.

CP3A second scary story that I wrote is definitely not for the faint of heart. It's not only smutty, it's snuffy. If you don't like violence, you won't want to read "Haunted House." It really is bad. Gratuitous violence and icky stuff. You have been warned. Yeah, the first story (Halloween Man) is definitely more family-friendly. (NOT! But compared to Haunted House, it's much easier on the senses. Really, "HH" is gruesome. You've been warned twice.)

And then, the CWS is no doubt wondering where chapter three of "The Captain and his Privates" is. Well, it's written. It's ready to go. I'll probably throw it up sometime this week.

And today's guy. Click on each pic on the right to see him get bigger. Such a celebration of autumn (Ginger) colors, don't you think? 

CP4The stud's name is Charles Paquette.

Oh, and feel free to visualize Charles while you listen to—or read—the "Halloween Man" story linked above. The similarities to the story's character of "Steve" are eerily delicious.


––  ––

* That'd be me. Seanny occasionally enjoys referring to himself in the third person. Deal wifit.  :) 

** Although now that I think about it, I'm probably not in danger of having God Himself recognize me. He and I kinda split ways a while back.






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The Captain's Travails



DavidcAPTAIN McALLISTER continues to undergo the advances of his most ardently enthusiastic privates—Kenny, Sam, and Bryan. And they're in the middle of a most intense exercise. Their goal is based on a friendly little wager with the Captain: to determine if Cap has the willpower and self-discipline to resist the privates' sexual advances.

The privates' little story continues with a new chapter, HERE.







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The Captain and his Privates




NCE AGAIN WE ARE blessed to have yet another original story, now posted for the CWS' pleasure.

And while the story is original, I shan't—and can't—actually claim it as my own. Well, some of it is, but most of it is synthesized (plagiarized?) from the writings of ManOfSteel, the author John, and myself. So I take credit for about a third of it. And I take credit for putting it all together in a cohesive, glossy, readable form.

You're welcome.

(And I might add, the hubris I display here is just for fun. I'm not all that, okay?)

Anyway, today's story, "The Captain & His Privates" is inspired by ManOfSteel's renders of his character, DAVID. MOS did a whole series that I (in my vast mind) called, "Army Guys," where Captain David McAllister (today's man) taunts his privates with his immense, gorgeous muscle body. And the privates get to see the captain's privates too!

So fun.

In fact, they get to do a lot more than look. I think you'll prolly enjoy it.

Have a weekend!






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LTHOUGH ONE COULD ARGUE that this author has already written some of the most erotic, sexy, fun stuff EVer, with his ongoing story, "Levi's Muscles", said author is once again releasing yet another chapter in this epic saga.

"Levi's Muscles" Chapter Seven has just been thrown up, for your reading pleasure. If it does bring you any kind of pleasure, I'd appreciate knowing about it.

That said, Ima keep this post short and sweet. It's been a busy month, so far (yeah, a day and a half). I need my beauty rest. 

OH: Required watching: "The Social Dilemma". It's on Netflix. MUST. WATCH. IT. You have been commanded.

We are being deceived, people.






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thursday, SEPTEMBER 10, 2020



ENULTIMATE. IT'S A COOL word. For the longest time, I thought the word meant something like, really, REALLY ultimate. But that's not what it means.

What does penultimate mean then? Some hoverage over that word might possibly elucidate.

Thence, the penultimate chapter of "Levi's Muscles" (Chapter SIX) is now UP. So, I guess you can figure it all out. 

BTW, like I mentioned a time or two ago, when I visited Central Oregon last month, I bumped into a few people. Today's guy is none other than Callum himself. He's gorgeous, no? (Still doesn't hold a candle to Levi's development, but I'll take him.)

OH: And yes, here in the Specific Northwest, on the west side of my fair state (where I live), it's ORANGE. The sky. All day. And even in many places, the sky is almost BLACK–at noon! Fires everywhere. Some of my relatives had to evacuate yesterday. NOT fun.

OH, OH: Some have asked me to discuss my favorite muscle authors. Ima work on that.






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HAPTER TWO OF "SHANE" is now UP for your reading pleasure. Hopefully for your self-pleasure, too, heh heh.

If you're not into reading (and if not, why are you here? It's all about the stories, man!), then maybe the guy on the right (Click on him! You know you want to!) will help you release some of that tension you've been feeling. I hope so. You really should have someone take a look at all that tension you've been dealing with. Nowadays, wonderful advancements have been made in tension release.

That said, how has your summer been? It's by no means over (at least the equinox/solstice thing says autumn doesn't begin till, like, almost three weeks from now). But, was it good for you? Mine was great!

And for those of you who live on the bottom half of our world, how's your winter been? I just can't wrap my head around the fact that you prolly celebrate Christmas dressed like this. If you do, please come to my house (that is, if you not only spend Christmas wearing skimpy posers, but if you are as well-built as those three men—especially Simeon Panda on the left, or Ulisses Williams on the right). I don't know if this pic has been morphed to give these muscle hunks bigger pouches, but I do know that in the case of Ulisses, morphing is definitely not necessary. From what I've seen of Simeon (on the 'net of course), he doesn't need any artificial "help" down there either. I don't know who the middle guy is, but as they say, I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating Doritos® (although I absolutely hate Doritos®).

Anyway, getting back to our solar system and the seasonal effects that the orbital path and tilt of our lovely planet have on us... It's my experience that here in the Specific Northwest, September can actually be one of the most beautiful summer months. August is def. my favorite, but September almost always rivals its earlier brother fersher—even though the sun is noticeably lower in the sky, and its course makes for some longer shadows (not to mention that it just feels like fall is quickly approaching). For example, just a few weeks ago, my dog would recline on his bed next to me as I typed here, out on my patio, and he'd be able to bask in some warm sunshine. Now, the sun doesn't even hit my patio. Take that flat-earthers.

Well, I've used up way more than my allotment of words for today. And most of them haven't even been about muscle; which is why you're here, right? So I'll let you get right into reading that "Shane" chapter. The third and final chapter will be posted tomorrow, so... hop to it!  






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ETURNING FROM summer vacation is always bittersweet. This year was no exception. I had a great time last week in Central Oregon. If you've never been, you should consider it. Then go home.

Back in the day, the Oregon governor once famously told people to come and visit; just be sure to leave when you're done. Don't stay. It became a meme before there were memes. Come to pump our economy full of tourism money, but don't move here. I guess us Oregonians are a tad xenophobic.

Anyhoo, the weather last week was perfect (if not a bit hazy due to some forest fires somewhere); the fam was fun; the food was plentiful; the swimming was fantastic—even though our time at the pool was greatly limited because everyone had to be covid-scheduled. But still... it was a great time, and hard to leave. Yet coming home is always good.

I DID meet today's guy (Jared) early in the week. I snuck out my bedroom window a few nights and we had a little vacation tryst together. No one in my house suspected a thing. And his parents were very accepting when they caught us 69-ing on the living room carpet in the middle of the night. Nice family.

And yes, the resort I went to (as I am wont to do every year) was the place where "Levi's Muscles" is set. I didn't see the big guy, but I did find some grist for at least one more chapter while I was there. We'll see how long it takes for me to write it.

Since I got home, I've been busy digging through my archived files. I remember when I first posted "Shane", years ago, I got rave reviews (if I do say so myself) for the story. So, I'm reposting it, starting today. Chapter 1 (of 3) is now up for your enjoyment.

Hope you're staying healthy, and your summer (for those in the northern hemisphere) is going well. (For you down-under types, hope your winter is snowy and cold, and you have a Merry Christmas.*)



* Yeah, I know it doesn't work that way. 






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THE FIFTH CHAPTER OF LEVI'S MUSCLES is now up. This is written as the conclusion of this little yarn, but who knows what inspiration might strike me....







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AVID IN AUSTIN is now up in its entirety. Hope you enjoy (or, re-enjoy) it. The more times I put the text of this story into my text-to-speech talker, the more I like listening to it. Despite not being able to find a voice that isn't stilted and computery, I like to listen (almost as much as I like to watch).

And speaking of liking. Today's guy is jaw-droppingly* muscular, no? Fudge... that big, thick vein on his biceps (technically, called the cephalic vein) is, to me, the hottest thing Ev-r.

Roll your mouse over him and you'll see what I said when I first found this pic. Personally, I'd like to roll something other than my mouse over him.

Can you imagine showing up at your local coffee house and seeing this muscle god sitting there, just minding his own business, sipping on his coffee? Like... you know, he was just a regular dude? I'd scald myself with my coffee. Then I'd sit down somewhere, with a perfect view of him, and pretend like nothing had happened. 

Then I'd whip it out. I mean... I'd whip out my laptop and finish the last chapter of Levi's Muscles for publishing on Wednesday (most likely).  :) 


OH: I went to have my oil changed today (or as I like to tell it, I got lubed up real good). And get this: The guy who serviced me (my car, anyway) was named Levi. Said so right there on his shirt. Hand-to-one-of-the-gods. I took it as a sign.

— —

* Mr. Spell-checker says this is not a word. Obviously, Mr. Spell-checker is not a sthenolagniac. (He doesn't like that word either.)






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