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Hot Summer Nights

MONDAY JULY 19, 2021


Rory Leidelmeyer cY LONGTIME followers* will recall that my very favorite movie OF ALL TIME is Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window," released in 1954.**

It stars Jimmy Stewart and Princess Grace Kelly. (Okay, Grace wasn't actually a princess when she made this flick, but she became one, later! She was an honest-to-god princess, I tell you!) It is the concerted (if not enlightened) opinion of This Web Host that Grace Kelly deserves a high a place in the proverbial (if not stereotypical) gay man's hierarchy of Worthy Divas—if not the actual highest place of all.

Allow me to expand: In my opinion, Grace Kelly outshines Judy Garland, Doris Day, Cher, Celiene Dion, Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand, et al, and should be actually crowned Supreme Diva of All. I love her that much. Watch "Rear Window" and you'll see what I mean.

I mean... O. M. G. 

That said, next month (August 13th, to be precise) is the birthday of Sir Alfred Hitchcock, KBE. Sir Hitch was the man behind the aforementioned movie, so I use his birthday every year as an excuse to watch my favorite movie. Turns out, August 13th is frequently a very hot day where I live, so it all works, as far as watching "Rear Window" in the setting it demands: Sweaty hot. Uncomfortably hot. If you have air conditioning, turn it off that morning so the house is all uncomfortable and stuff when you turn on the flick in the evening.

OH, and after you watch "Rear Window" you're gonna wanna watch THIS YOUTUBE CLIP. Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco is introduced by Henry Fonda. You'll want to listen to her voice. It's just as beautifiul as it was in the movie. What a beautiful woman.

Sadly, even though Fonda introduced Her Highness as living "Happily Ever After", that Ever After was cut way too short. A year or so after that clip, Princess Grace would be gone. I could mourn forever.

If you just can't get enough of Grace (as can't I), watch THIS CLIP. It was recorded just two months before her tragic death. 

Which leaves the question begging: Why, Seanny, are you going all ape-shit over the princess? Here on a muscle website? My answer: Just because. It's my website and I'll do what I want.

That said, I do understand that most of you are here for the muscle. So... HERE. A little Rory Leidelmeyer never hurt anyone.

You're welcome.


— — — — — 

*I'd prefer to refer to y'all as fans, as that's prolly more apropos, yet fans sounds a bit trite and high-falutin'. So, in order to at least appear humble, I use "followers."

**If the CWS ever comes into possession of Yours Truly's bank accounts and he/she/they try to log in to said accounts (as one may be wont to do, online), and the "Secret Question"  of "What is your favorite Movie?" comes up, said nefarious CWS will not be successful if they attempt to use the aforementioned Movie name, since, on the bank website's form, I lied.






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The Complete Works of ManOfSteel



David Barnes cHOSE WHO HAVE followed me for any length of time know of my intense love for ManOfSteel, and his creation, David. Indeed, DAVID graces my banner logo at the top of this page; you'll find him strewn throughout this site, and featured in so many of my stories. I'm kind of obsessed.

Sadly, it's been a year now since ManOfSteel passed away, and honestly, losing him still hurts. 

During this past year I have been busy with a project that I hope will do justice to ManOfSteel's memory. ManOfSteel's main publishing outlet for his David renders was There, both in the Main Gallery and the Premier Gallery, new renders of David were regularly posted, to the delight of his many fans.

There is still a David Fan Club on

Through the years, my DAVID FIXATION spurred me to download every one of ManOfSteel's images from Renderotica—from both the free gallery as well as the paid Premier Gallery. After MOS' death in June 2020, Renderotica began taking down his work. Consequently, there has been no place where one can go to see these outstanding pieces of classic gay art. Until now.

Today, I'm announcing the debut of a repository that contains the complete works of ManOfSteel: David, the Blue-Eyed Beast. It is my hope that this site will be a permanent archive (permanent as humanly possible anyway) of MOS' work. I believe the work is that important.

There have been many great gay erotic artists over the years, and I believe MOS' work should definitely be counted among them. Tom of Finland was a pioneer; In my view, MOS deserves a place right next to him. Honestly.

MOS was an artist in every sense of the word. His work with David was exquisite. His mastery of 3D rendering, combined with his obvious talent and flair made him one of the best gay artists out there. He knew composition, lighting, and characterization. As well, his work with David showcased his broad education and his ability to craft story. MOS' work is exceptional, and David is a singular character who merits a place among the greats. That's why I have created this archive.

This new site is comprehensive. It showcases every single render of David that MOS posted on Renderotica—all 707 of them. Since Renderotica no longer shows any renders of David, I have no qualms in posting what is not on their site anyway. I have also included the captions and narrative (stories) that ManOfSteel included with many of his posts. In addition to these, there are supplemental treats and goodies that fans of David will enjoy.

I invite your input. Please let me know your thoughts. I want to encourage your material contributions and ideas concerning this project.

So, I present David, the Blue-Eyed beast, at his new home: Again, please let me know your thoughts. 






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Yard Work



David Barnes cS THE SUN KEEPS getting higher and the days keep getting longer, it's prolly time to get some yard work done, no?


This year I've hired just the guy. I like to sit in my lounger, watching him work. When he's nice-n-sweaty I call out that it's time for him to take a break. I make a couple of lemonades and join him on the patio. It's hard work hauling away all that stuff. I'm just sure of it.

Really nice guy. Works hard. Eager to please... all that.

But, all play and no work doesn't get the job done. So after the drinks are done (there may-or-may-not have been more than just lemonade in them—hehe) he gets back to work and fills up the wheel barrow. I dart back inside and do some writing. Maybe more than just writing.

And so, here's a link to what I've been writing: Chapter 2 of "Owen and the Professor." (You're gonna havta scroll down to where the title is, and then click.) I hope you enjoy it! 






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Russian dash cams



Owen with the prof. c'LL ADMIT IT: I sometimes enjoy watching the heinous destruction that YouTube dash cam videos show. Something about seeing all those idiotic drivers get what they deserve.

So, last night, while I was reclining on my stylish, queen-sized bed (what gay man's bedroom wouldn't be complete without one—queen-sized, I mean), I pulled up a YouTube vid about Russian dash cams. I have to admit that you Russians have a way of driving that is singularly insane.

Anyhoo, this one videe was actually a news story from 7NEWS in Australia. The lady in the studio gave the obligatory intro to the story, explaining that their reporter, Denham Hitchcock, had gone to Russia to document just how bad the driving is there—and how dash cams are pretty-much required equipment if you want to have a prayer of getting justice after some whacko whacks your car.

Okay, I'm all ears. Sounds like this'll be a good videe.

Well, as soon as the first shot of said reporter filled the screen, I went from being all ears, to all eyes. HOLY FUCK! Denham Hitchcock. The reporter. HOLY FUCK! I actually said that out loud. Right there in my bedroom. To the TV. While watching the video. (My first HOLY FUCK came at about 1:01 in the video, and it was expletive city thereafter.) I totally said HOLY FUCK more than once while watching him. There were a few HOLY SHITs thrown in as well. The man is STACKED. And gorgeous! Thick neck; deep, sexy cleft in his chin; blindingly-white smile... But the way he filled out his shirt was... HOLY FUCK-worthy.

Denham2Needless to say, I was up late last night, watching every damn video I could find of the man. You Aussies (at least those of you who love muscle) have been hiding this man from us! 

He's quite the athlete, too (not just a bodybuilder-type). Daring. Loves to surf, which is nice since, like, people often surf (and take videos of themselves doing said surfing) while shirtless. And from what I've gathered, he's a pretty damn good journalist as well. Hard-hitting, and all that. This guy is definitely not just a pretty face (and body). [Swoon.]

Oh, and stay tuned. Chapter 2 of "Owen and the Professor" is coming right up!






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The Muse

FRIDAY, MAY 21, 2021


Owen with the prof. cVERY SO OFTEN, the muse just hits me. Sometimes it wrassles me to the ground and I can't get back up on my feet (metaphorically) until I oblige it and start writing. It happened this week.

Hence, today we are posting chapter one of "Owen and the Professor", a delightful tale of muscle lust, youthful vim and vigor, admiration, a bald professor, and other elements that are guaranteed to get your orgasmic juices flowing (or at least moving).

You can read the first chapter HERE (Scroll down; you'll find it). The second chapter is nearly complete; I plan on posting it in a few days (maybe a week). Chapter two is already pretty long, and the muse is telling me he has more where this originated, so we'll see where all of this goes.


The answer to that question is simple. Mr. Muse has better things to do at the moment. Apparently, he can't be bothered to supply me with fodder for those yarns. Rest easy, though, I have a feeling he's going to have some ideas soon.

I hope your spring (if you live on Top of the World like I do) is going well. For you Johannesburg, Sydney and Perth -types, I hope your fall is going well. Me... I'm doing great, actually. Really looking forward to some good Oregon sunshine in the next few months (yes, it does exist). That oughtta help the muse, methinks. Mehopes.






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Spring Has Sprung



Anatomy cOR THOSE OF YOU who live in the northern hemisphere, as I do, it's spring! Yay! (Not to impugn those "Down Under" though, because I love autumn almost more. So ya'll have at it down there!)

And yes, I'm still here!

I did a little Spring Cleaning today on my SEAN'S MUSCLE STORIES page. Organized things a bit better. I established a little protocol (I absolutely love protocols!) what* basically establishes that any series what* has more than three chapters/episodes will get it's own launch page. Don't understand what I'm saying? Well I tuess you'll jes' have to visit the page and see what I'm talking about. While you're there, read something, K? Oh, before you go though, say g'day to Dragos. I have to say... he's in fine form today.

ALSO, I updated and fixed the The Captain and his Privates story. Seems I really, royally screwed up when I originally posted the stories. I don't know what I was thinking, but when I went back and re-read the chapters, it was all discombobulated, repetitive, and in some places, downright confusing. Some of it took a little creative re-writing. SO, I think I fixed it all. Lemme know if I missed anything.

I did the Privates fixing in preparation for my idea to continue that story line and combine it with the Colonel Visits the Sergeant story. Haven't even started on that project, but it does sound exciting to contemplate the Cap and Sgt. West going at it, no?


* I know, it just sounds oddly cool though.






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As it happens...



Anatomy cHOSE OF YOU who have known me for a long time know how inconsistent unpredictable I can be, no? Or maybe my habits are actually all-too-easy to predict? Regardless, whether you anticipated it or not, I'm taking a brief respite from posting.

As with all of my (predictable) respites in the past, I will return. I just have many irons in the fire at the moment—irons which bring me pleasure and fulfillment, but which necessitate that I take a break. I hope you understand. If I find something that cannot wait to be posted, I will throw it up. 

Thanks for your support! I shall return.






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Fret not

Monday, JANUARY 25, 2021


Dennis Newman c'M STILL HERE. I've just been a bit busy. Nothing earth-shattering. Most of it has involved being drunk with joy over the change of adminis...


And besides, a lot of my time has been taken up with reading a particularly fantastic book. It's kinda long, but every word is superb. It's a gay fantasy, and so far I'm enthralled.

Anyhoo, I'll be back posting soon. Maybe the end of this week I'll have sumpin' more.

Thanks for your support!






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A little Midweek Treat

Wednesday, JANUARY 13, 2021


Dennis Newman cDON'T ALWAYS post on Wednesdays, but when I do, it's usually about as good as the stuff I post other days.

This is just a little post to let you know that I've just thrown up a new story! "MUSCLE MAN CHURCH SECRETARY" is now ready for your reading pleasure. It's a bit longer than I usually post, but I did divide it into two parts, if that's any help.

Today's guy is not the main muscle character in the aforementioned story, but he's almost as buff, lean, and gorgeous as him!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the story!






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Joyus (Garde) 2021



Dennis Newman cE EMBARK ON A New Year with a quick glance at the past. Today's Man is the inimitable Dennis Newman, from sometime in the previous millennium. His beautiful physique, full of gorgeous muscle and astounding symmetry, was (and still is) boner-inducing indeed.

That said, as we jump headfirst into 2021, it's time for CHAPTER TEN of SIR NATHAN!


A muscle-thirsty fan contacted me and submitted some drawings he'd done, wondering if they might be usable for my story. We ended up collaborating and he drew some pictures that coincided with what I was writing in this chapter, and... voila! You'll see his work in Ch. 10! He declined to be named, or even pseudonymed*, so I'm crediting him simply as A. Fan. You'll want to click on the link above to read this penultimate Nathan chapter (yes, it is!), and see Mr. Fan's great work!


__ __ 

* As my first official linguistic act of 2021, I declare this to be a word.






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If you didn't get what you want...

saturday, December 26, 2020


Cousin Brandon cVERYONE KNOWS that Christmas is all about giving presents, right? I mean, why get up at the crack of dawn and run down the stairs if there are no presents under the tree? And for me, there's nothing more satisfying than giving people joy—by giving them the best reaction possible when I open their present to me.

THAT's the true meaning of Christmas, IMO: Giving people joy by graciously receiving their gifts.

But everyone also knows that often, Santa brings pretty-shitty stuff. It's just a fact. So, if you didn't get what you wanted this year, I have a special treat for you. A brand new story! Brand spanking new!

The Colonel Visits the Sergeant is a tale of military muscle—and muscle lust. I think you'll enjoy it. If you use your imagination (as I know my CWS's are wont to do) today's muscle man might possibly look a bit like the main muscle character in our story, Sgt. West.

So, please enjoy. And also please avail yourself of the exquisite experience of giving me your reaction to this gift. It is, after all, the highest expression of love: reacting to gifts.






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Merry to One and All!

Christmas eve, 2020


Cousin Brandon cLL OF US here at (that'd be me) wish you the Happiest of Christmases, a (belated) Happy Hanukkah, Good Kwanza and all the best fun that comes with the season!

If your grandma gets run over by a reindeer, or if cousin Eddie parks his RV in your driveway, you can always withdraw from the festivities, grab some lube (you might need it) and read CHAPTER 9 of SIR NATHAN! Yep, he's up!

And if you don't like the story, there's always my cousin Brandon (I wish) right here! (Holy HELL! Can you imagine creeping down the stairs on Christmas morning and finding HIM under the tree? Even if he's there, as, say, your cousin, to open presents with? Shit!

Hopefully, I'll have more delicious stories and such for you during the inter-holiday (between Xmas and New Years) week! Thank you all for your support!






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