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SATURDAY, juLY 18, 2020




iOU'RE GONNA REALLY WANNA click on this pic. It'll land you one of the most wonderful, sexy, muscle-posing vids I've ever found.

MusclePoseThere's some of the most MAJOR jack-off material that you've ever SEEN!

I'm serious. This nekkid, muscle-flexing muscle dude is astounding. Can you imagine having him do this, just for you?

While you jerk off to his muscles?

This is my dream. To have some young, musclebound, ripped, lean, bodybuilder dude show off for me, in the nude. In the total, muscle-fucking NUDE. Just teasing with me. Playing with me.

And then, in the middle of his posing, he stops and smiles at me: "You getting hard, Sean?"

I clear my throat, trying not to give up my true feelings.

"Hey, dude, it's no problem. I kinda like it," he smiles. "You want me to continue?"

I nod, slowly.

He resumes his muscle flexing, and I'm blown away. I actually start holding myself while I watch.

He laughs. "Hey, Seanny... You don't have to keep yourself covered like that. Don't worry about pulling it out, man."


He laughs again. "Seriously, man. Go ahead. Lemme see what all my flexing is doing for you. I take it you like what you see, huh?"

You're def gonna wanna click on the pic. Then watch the clip. I DARE you to watch without whipping it out. DARE. Okay?

OH, and you gotta watch the WHOLE thing, K?






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NEW STORY: My Crush, JJ – Ch 2

THURSDAY, juLY 16, 2020


iHAPTER TWO OF "MY CRUSH, JJ" is now up! Hopefully, it'll cause you to get up (if you take my meaning)! 

This chapter relates when I meet JJ in person. Although I'd seen him every day for years at work, this was something quite new. I'd had no idea he even hinted at any kind of gay vibes. Consequently, his astounding body and good looks had always been "off limits". He was a co-worker, not some kind of worship object (although, in private, I did indeed worship him!).

Yet this day, all bets were off. In our texts the night before, JJ had admitted to appreciating my "perspective", and he pretty-much admitted to more than just appreciating my orientation! He'd told me, out-and-out, that he wanted to be worshipped! By ME!

So here I was, just minding my own business, standing on JJ's front porch.

His wife and kid were away for the weekend.

My heart pounded out of my chest. JJ had been the man of my dreams since I'd first seen him a few years ago. He filled out his UPS uniform like some kind of other-worldly muscle god. I was delerious with anticipation.

Here's a snipped of today's chapter:

--  --

JJDickHis waistline was smaller than either of his gigantic upper legs. His shoulders seemed as wide as two men, and capped by spheres of deltoid muscle seemingly as large as watermelons. His chest was dizzying. His trapezius muscles were like two river rocks that framed his thick neck. His abdominals repeated the river rock look. They were shrink-wrapped with the thinnest of tanned skin, making it appear there was no skin there at all; just defined, separated, mounding muscle. His legs were immeasurably gargantuan.

Josh’s very tiny pouch did a quite inadequate job of housing his genitals. His pubic hair was evident, as was the root of his amazing penis. His avocado-sized nuts pushed the fabric to its limits. The pouch was connected to a very thin string that ran up a glorious “V” shape at the bottom of his freakishly-defined abdominals, sat on his hips and terminated somewhere at his back.

He looked at me, hesitantly, standing erect, maintaining a strict, reserved aura.

-- -- 

Clickage HERE will land you said chapter.







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SUNDAY, juLY 12, 2020


iERE'S THE FIRST PART OF A NEW STORY I'm working on. Link to the full first chapter is at the end of this post. This first chapter is basically some text I copied (with a BUNCH of artistic license, yet not too far off the mark of what actually was said) from a Messenger convo I had with a buddy of mine.



Even though our relationship has faded into an Internet kind of thing, I consider you to be a true spirit, Josh. Kinda miss seeing you every day like before.

I dig you too Mike.

I’m sure you’re still working out…

Yup. Could never stop that. In the gym at 5 AM every day before work.

You getting bigger? And I don’t think I ever asked how tall you are.

Yeah, I’ve put on a few pounds of muscle since you left. I’m six-foot six (198 cm).

Nice. Yeah, I still have neck issues from looking up to you all the time back then.

Ha! That’s what I like about you Mikey. Hilarious.

Ha. Well you’ve aways been a great friend, Josh. Just one of the many things I like about you.


WANNA READ MORE? (It's kinda good!) CLICK HERE!






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ManOfSteel has passed

WEDNESDAY, june 3, 2020



T IS WITH THE HEAVIEST OF HEARTS that I announce the passing of my favorite gay muscle artist, and good friend, ManOfSteel. (MOS' "David" graces the banner header of this website.)

I received an email this evening, saying he'd died of pancreatic cancer. This has come as a shock to me, and I know to others of his friends. I will post more later, but right now I'm kind of reeling.

ManOfSteel did want me to say that his real name was David, and that one of his greatest joys was to be able to share his work with others.

Rest In Peace, David.






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Ginger is good medicine




OMEBOUND HOMOS NEED LOVE TOO. At least that's what I always tell people. Especially in trying times like these.

I do understand that this is a very serious situation we're all in. If you're not personally affected by Covid-19 itself, you're undoubtedly facing some economic concerns. Maybe both.

So I definitely don't want to make light of all this. Yet, I also believe humor is some really good medicine. So I'm going to try to walk a fine line between not making the Coronapocalypse sound trite, when it's a matter of life and death for some people—and between offering some needed relief from all of the stress.

Hence, today's guy. It's been said that ginger is a potent medicine. I think it's an anti-inflammatory. Or something. I'm not a doctor, nor am I a nutritionist. But I am a great appreciator of fantastic-looking men. And I think some good can come from pausing... to appreciate.

After you, ahem, appreciate this man, feel free to avail yourself of a YouTube clip I found. It'll probably increase your stress level again, so you might need to return to this page afterward. But it IS very informative, and it makes the Covid thing very understandable.

So anyway, I am well. I am semi-cloistered at home, but I am not in quarantine. No Covid-19 symptoms (or Covid-18 for that matter). BTW, do you know why they call it Covid-19? Because it was identified in 2019. Get it? True fact. But where was I? (Is lack of staying on task a symptom?) I am healthy, wealthy, and wise. Well two out of three ain't bad. (I am healthy, so you get to guess the other one.) 

I hope you're well too.






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A Song for Two: Now Available!




Y LATEST BOOK:  It'a a gay romance. Yet, don't let that fool you; ol' Seanny simply could not write a story that doesn't involve lots and lots of muscle!

"A Song for Two" is about Riley, a hunky, gorgeous carpenter, and Trevor, an even more hunky, muscular, gorgeous UPS driver. The two of them meet under pretty stressful circumstances (Trevor becomes Riley's knight-in-shining-armor-hero). They then forge a relationship—one that's not without its obstacles.

Both men are out—at least to their friends and family—but Trevor's family is less than enthusiastic about it. Still, Trevor, as a competition-level bodybuilder in his spare time, is confident and definitely alpha. His UPS buddies all know he's gay, and they're not only accepting, but borderline enamored with the big stud.

Set in Portland, this MM romance is full of love, some angst, and plenty of suspenseful anticipation. There's even a villain of sorts. But the story is quite fulfilling and gratifying. A HEA ending will have you sighing with satisfaction. (Oh—I need to mention: There are a number of downright salacious, steamy muscle-sex scenes!)

Clickage HERE will land you the Amazon page where you can buy the Kindle book. I hope you enjoy it! And remember, Amazon promotes books to others, based on ratings and reviews, so please be sure to go back to Amazon and leave your rating and a brief review! Seanny (yep, that's me) really appreciates it!

Welp, I gotta get started on my next book! And, while I work on that, I'll be sure to get another muscle story ready for posting here!






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Coming Really Soon!

FRIDAY, FEBRUAry 21, 2020



SongForTwoCoverT'S ALMOST HERE! “A Song for Two” has been submitted to Amazon for publishing on the Kindle platform. When it’s UP, I’ll let you know. Please be sure to leave a comment and rating on the Amazon page after you read it. It makes all the difference to us authors!

I’m moving away from the muscle story genre, as far as book publishing goes. Don’t worry, I’ll still write some muscle stuff and post it here, but as far as my writing for Kindle/Amazon, I want to market myself as a gay romance author. So, I’d appreciate your help in getting me more established in this area. If you can buy, and review my books, I’d really appreciate it!

Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know when the new book is ready! Should be soon!






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So *THIS* happened

SATURDAY, January 11, 2020



AST SUNDAY THE GOLDEN GLOBES awards were handed out. The next day (which, if my Gregorian calendar is accurate, was Monday) a(n opinion) column (as opposed to an actual news report) was web-published with the title: “Jason Momoa’s arms were the real stars of the Golden Globes”.

So obviously, I had to check out the column. I mean, arms? Jason Momoa?

Admittedly, Jason Momoa is indeed a brawny, gorgeous specimen of masculine bigness. I love his hair. I love his scarred eyebrow (I think Momoa and Charlie Puth should make babies. Can you imagine the eyebrows on those kids? But that’s just my opinion). Additionally, I love Jason’s adorably cute personality. He’s a big Teddy Bear, IMO. When I first saw him in the media, moons ago, it was love at first sight—in a non-sthenolagnic kind of way. I mean, yes, he’s gorgeous, but I’ve never, ever, even considered his arms to be anything to write home (or the Internet) about.

So, being the faithful investigative muscle journalist that I am, yes—I clicked. I wanted to see the arms that apparently had been the real star of the Goldeny Globules.

Upon seeing the picture that the columnist included as evidence of show-stealing-wonder-arms (today's pic), my initial, immediate, overwhelming reaction was: ExSQUEEZE me?

These arms stole a show? My second grade teacher (a 99 year-old-woman at the time) had better arms than this!

I’m sorry, but I make no apology for pointing out that Jason Momoa’s arms, although not twigs, are definitely not show-stoppers.

I. Mean. Come. On.

Look at the pic.

Yes, people tweeted that they enjoyed seeing Jason in a tank top (a dubious perspective, when you’ve seen the kinds of arms in tank tops that any red-blooded sthenolagniate has). But really, it doesn’t take Hercule Poirot to uncover the fact that Jason’s arms are definitely not anything I’d waste any time at all pursuing.

I submit, as evidence, the arms of YouTube sensation, Matthew Morsia, from that Great Britainical country, the United Kington. Matt’s YouTube channel is called Matt Does Fitness (subscribe right now; you won't be sorry), and well, the man’s body is lean muscle brought to orgasmic levels, to say the least. If you haven’t yet subscribed to his YouTube channel, you will after you see him. He’s not only Lean-Muscle-In-The-Flesh-Almighty, he’s gorgeous and hilarious too (not to mention his wife is beautiful & subtle (can you even imagine being married to that man, and making a baby with him?), and their son Luca is simply an adorable little boy [would that I had a daddy like Luca has!]). Truly, the man is so full of fun life (not to mention lean muscle) that I just can’t stand it. He scrambles my little grey cells. If you appreciate what *I* appreciate, then know this: Matt is a MUST SEE.

Anyhoo, if you want to see show-stopping arms, take a gander at Matt Morsia. Those cephalic veins get me every time. And don't even BEGIN to talk about those lips. Those guns are huge. He’s tall, perfect, lean, and just... yeah.

MattM2Compare Matt’s gorgeous guns in a tank (pic at left), to Jason’s.

Um, yeah. There's no.

No offense intended, but to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen: "Jason, you’re no Matt Morsia."

And anyone who writes an article that touts arms like Jason's as show-stoppers needs to be replaced. Replaced, I tell you. (I’m available, if your editor is interested. I've done a little writing.)

Nuf’ said.

Have a nice weekend.  :) 




OH, and here's a little addendum to the Globey story.

OH! and here's, never mind. I forgot.






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It's the Roaring Twenties!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020



LL OF MY LIFE, I'VE HEARD of the Roaring 20s, you know? Apparently it was a great decade, you know? Obviously, I'm referring to the Roaring 1920s. Yet, here we are, all over again, entering into another 20s decade!*

I, personally, plan on Roaring through these 20s. Et tu?

I find it interesting, though, that the 1920s were tagged as the "Roaring" 20s, considering the fact that prohibition began in 1920, and lasted way beyond the end of the decade! How is a decade going to be Roaring when you can't drink?

Well, being an amateur history buff (of negligible renown) I have learned that prohibition actually resulted in MORE per capita drinking while it was in force!

Take THAT, temperance movement!

Be that as it may, I want to wish you and yours a very happy New Decade*! Drink up!



* I will NOT entertain the topic of how the decade actually starts in 2021. That may be a scientific fact, numbers-wise, but it has no bearing on the fact that I believe that fact is stupid






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Christmas in the Pacific Northwest




VEN THOUGH CHRISTMAS ISN'T till next, like, Wednesday, the writers, producers, stunt doubles, and the entire staff  of (pictured at the right) want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Vibrant Kwanzaa, Rich Winter Equinox and the Happiest of all Possible Holidays!    

And to add to the festivities, The last and final chapter of Christmas on Mt. Hood is how up!  Click HERE to read.

Hope you enjoy! (although, how would I ever know unless you emailed me? Jus' sayin'.)






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A Christmas romp with your muscular Uncle




UR LITTLE STORY CONTINUES. Part THREE of Luke's Christmas adventure with his nephew, Jett, is now up. And I gotta tell you, both Luke and Jett are also "up", so to speak.

Hope you are too!

Click HERE to read.

Today's guy is looking pretty festive, don't you think? I wonder...if you needed help hanging things on that tree of yours, he might be willing to help. If you want, maybe he'd let you hang something on that candy cane right there. (One can wish....)






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