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More of my 'Trials'



cES, WE HAVE yet another chapter in the "Trials of Perfection." Hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and thanks for the comments and suggestions concerning this story. I really appreciate it! In this episode you'll see that I've used the idea from a generous CWS to have the narrator of this yarn to show The Man exactly what a limber muscle body can really do! Thanks again!






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Let's get this party started — 2022



Timmy cLL-RIGHTY-THEN. We're off to a great start for 2022, yes?

Definitely. So let's continue then with CHAPTER TWO of my new "Trials of Perfection" series (loosely and heavily taken from John's writing). Oh, and thank you for the kind comments re: Ch. 1. I'm excited to write more, with your suggestions taken. Stay tuned! There are at least four chapters total; maybe more!






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HAPPY 2022!

saturday, JANUARY 1, 2022


Timmy cET'S START 2022 with a new(ish) story! I've posted a story that is taken (directly) from the author John's "TRIALS" saga. Some of this is downright plagerism on my part, so don't tell anyone, mm-k?

Seriously, I've used John's story to form something that ends up being quite similar, yet has differences. So I'm putting my name on it, as chief plagerizer; John is the cheif plagerizee.

So click for CHAPTER ONE of the three-part story, "TRIALS OF PERFECTION.". It's basically just jerk-off fodder. No real plot, no actual character arcs, no angst... just lots of muscle on muscle. 

Happy New Year!






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Betty White, 1922 – 2021



SBettyWhiteHE WAS SUCH A wonderful personn.

It's my position that Betty White should be listed right up there with the other gay icons such as Cher, Lady Gaga, etc.

She was only a few weeks away from her 100th birthday. Plans had been made. The celebrations had already started. Betty White died this morning, at 99.

If you're interested, I recommend reading about her; there's a nice story/obituary HERE. As well, her Wikipedia page is very informative. I didn't realize she was an only child. She certainly blew that stereotype (selfish and self-centered) out of the water, didn't she?

If you were to ask me to name a person who had "aged well" Betty White would always be my answer. When so many actresses and female celebs were quick to get face lifts and cosmetic surgery, she bucked that trend—and the result was a beautiful woman who was unscarred.

I will miss her. I am so glad she enjoyed a resurgance of popularity in the 21st century (the Snickers ad; her SNL appearance). She was a beautiful woman; she'll be missed.






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Tuesday, DecEMBER 28, 2021




YES, I'M STILL HERE. I hope y'all have a great New Year's Holiday, and a fantastic 2022!








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Happy Thanksgiving!



cF YOU haven't yet read my Thanksgiving story, "Muscle Holliday" now might be a good time to do so! 

I'm thankful for you all! (CLICKY ON THE COVER:)








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Andrea Bocceli has a son




For those of you who like my recent update to the Cousin Tim story, Andrea's son, Matteo, looks so much like my actual cousin Tim that it's not funny (even more so than the hunk I use on the story page). Except for the muscles, of course. In fact, yesterday I sent Tim (yes, the story is actually based on a real person) an email with today's YouTube clip, telling him I saw such a resemblance.

I've never heard Tim sing, so I have a feeling that Matteo has something on him in that area, even though Tim has the muscles.

I gotta say, Matteo makes my chest ache. His voice. That strong, Italian nose. His eyes. His entire face.

Be sure to watch till the very last two seconds. When Matteo smiles at the end, it's ...enough to make kings and vagabonds believe the very best....

Just damn.









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Ocean God



Timmy cOSEIDON has nuttin' on this guy. If I ever wanted to meet an ocean god (and to be honest, I do), I would want to hook up with this one.

Happy Thursday!






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Cousin Timmy



Timmy cRECENTLY uncovered some of my earliest stories—from back before the turn of the millenium. "Cousin Tim" was a favorite of mine.

Yet, upon reading it now, I cringe. I mean, it's not bad, but I hope my writing has improved a bit since then. Perhaps not that much, but regardless, I decided to spruce the story up a bit.

"Cousin Tim — Redux" is now available for your reading pleasure. 

Today's guy is an updated version of kinda what Tim looks like. This body is astounding, but then just take a gander at that face! Dayum! The man is gorgeous!






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Let's try that again



Bob Paris cOME OF YOU MIGHT remember the recent story I posted, "Muscle Man Church Secretary". Admittedly, of course, it was great. (Aren't they all? Sorry, I've just recently started attending HA—Hubris Anonymous—but I'm only on the First Step, haha.)

Anyway, as good as the original was, I've modified it. Basically rewrote it. Changing the basic characters, etc. So, if you wanna check out "Hiring the Muscle Dude," have at it!

It's intended to be "used" in one of my favorite ways: Copy the text into your favorite Text-To-Speeh programs. Position yourself in your bathtub, with plenty of toys, and soap. Hit PLAY. Enjoy. Yourself. Literally.

OH, and check out the new little box at the left (just above the weather module). It'll take you right to the MOS website I've done. Hope you love it!

OH2, and speaking of MOS, today's guy is my own modified of the pic MOS made for one of my stories once. The one he made is HERE. Compare. Let me know if you think I improved on it, or if you like MOS' original better. Thanks!






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Gorilla Suit



Bob Paris cOB PARIS is inarguably one of the best-built, most symmetrical, deliciously aesthetic bodybuilders of all time.

And he's hella gorgeous.

AND (newsflash) he's a really, REALLY fantastic writer. This summer, I've been reading two of his books, and I'm here to tell you, he tells a compelling story.

I first read Gorilla Suit. It's a memoir of growing up in the midwest, finding a way out of his closed-in existence, eventually ending up in California, sleeping in a car behind a gym, being woken up by a police officer shining a flashlight onto him. Penniless, but determined, he rose to become one of the worlds most recognized icons of bodybuilding.

It's an inspirational story, and I highly recommend it.

After that book, I read Straight from the Heart, which he co-wrote with Rod Jackson. This book is fascinating—even though Bob and Rod ended up separating. (Their marriage was never legally recognized.) From my (admittedly limited) searches, Rod seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, unfortunately.

Now Bob lives in British Columbia with his (legal) husband Brian LeFurgey. I've tried to contact Bob, but haven't received any reply for my efforts. 

I wish.

But you would be well advised to read these two books. I couldn't tell you how many times over the years that I've (—cum—) to him. I mean, COME ON. 

How about you? Who are some of the guys in your youth that made you all... you know... cummy...  ? 






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