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Wednesday, june 6, 2018 

ExcitedIN CASE YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, make sure to tell your friends about my site! Tell your tumblr friends, your Grindr® friends. Tell your partner(s). Tell your dentist. Your mother for cryin' out loud! Shout it from the mountaintops!


Also, I'm open to suggestions as to, you know, what to do from here. I have a rather fertile mind, but it never hurts to get a second opinion. Not sayin' I'll actually do everything that people say, but you just never know.

See ya' tomorrow!






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Tuesday, june 5, 2018 

BigFellaONE OF THE BEST THINGS ABOUT BEING a world-famous smut author and purveyor of fine gay muscle porn, is that I'm constantly exposed to hunky muscle dudes coming up to me and wanting to get to know me. It's a burden I don't bare lightly, lemmetellya.

So anyway, after the other day's encounter with the muscle hunk in the shower (and points south), today I was chillin' in a public restroom just off the Interstate (as I am occasionally wont to do).

Well, who should respond to my under-the-stall-divider "query" but today's guy?! (pic @ right) Who knew guys with deliciously huge pecs and insanely developed washboard abs sometimes need to go potty while they're freeway-driving? Anyway, once the dude finally let go of my ankle, we both emerged from our respective stalls and introduced ourselves. His name was Jase. I told him I was Seanny.

He said, "Yeah, I know. I recognized your ankle. I don't let just anyone fish for me under the stall divider."

Wasn't quite sure what to say to that.

Well he quickly locked the door to the rest-stop restroom (but not before he put a sign on it that said, "CLOSED DUE TO MAINTENANCE." He told me he always carried a sign like that in his pocket, just in case.

I didn't ask him "Just in case, what?". I really didn't wanna know.

Within a minute we were both nekkid. And my hands were all over him: his muscles. He said, "On your knees, web-slut." I didn't have it in me to argue with the somewhat inaccurate moniker he used. I just obeyed. Once in position, I took today's pic.

He was delicious, on so many levels.

— — —

[Yep, I guess the new Tooltip extension is working just fine.]






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SUNDAY, june 3, 2018 

ShowerI TOOK A FEW MINUTES out from rebuilding the site and writing today to head back to the gym. Nice workout. I headed for the locker room, and then decided to take a shower there, instead of going home to do it (as I am wont to do—too many leering eyes because of my quite muscular build makes privacy a top priority for me*).

Well, little did I know that today I was going to become the leerer, instead of being the leeree!

OMG, the guy with the water running all over his delicious muscles was amazing! Better'n me! As I leered at him, watching his muscles glisten under the shimmering water, my eyes then landed on a firehose. Well, that's what I named it when I first saw it. Holly hell: big muscles, huge cock!

The guy looks at me and says... "Hey, you're Seanny Scott, aren't you?" (I get that a lot.)


"I visited your new website last night. Really busted out a load, all over my computer," he smiled.

"Dang. That's good to know."

He turned off the water and approached me. When he got really close, he grinned at me and asked, "You wanna come over to my place and maybe give me the grand tour of your site? Maybe help me relieve myself again?"

— —

*Some or all of today's post might be somewhat ficticious.






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SATURDAY, june 2, 2018 

"It's been a long road, getting from there to here..." (Song lyrics from the theme from the TV series "Enterprise"–a wonderful song) Anyway, it's also been a long few days. I've been working on stuff for this site, between family gatherings and other fun. So this blog post is gonna be short. I'll hopefully be back to my own loquacious self very soon. But I'm thinking the CWS might want me to get more stuff posted (old stories), instead of waxing chatty on this here blog. I'll try to balance.






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Friday, june 1, 2018 

Well howdy! Where have you been? More importantly, where have I been?

I'd tell you but I can't actually remember.

Regardless, I'm back, in a fashion, and I'm planning on having a little bit of "Net-fun". Hope you'll join me. And if you're planning on checking up on this website occasionally, I'd appreciate it if you'd drop me a line (email). I could use the feedback! The appreciative CWS* will address his mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So, I don't promise to post often but I do promise to post. And even more importantly (perhaps), I plan on reposting as many of my old stories that I can. We'll see.


_ _

*Curious Web Surfer



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