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Halloween Day, 2018




T'S NOT QUITE THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN, but it's as good as you're gonna get on an adult gay muscle website. Actually, it might be better.*

Our Halloween Guy (right) was seriously considering going out and doing some Trick-or Treating tonight. Fortunately (for him) he decided to stay in, and read some of my stories: Gay Halloween Muscle Stories. You might want to consider doing the same, 'cuz: Have I got some cool Halloween stuff going on here!

First of all, the astute (possibly satanically-possessed) CWS has prolly already read my two featured Halloween stories: "Haunted House" (which is quite gruesome and dementedly gross), and "Halloween Man" (which is a tad less gruesome and somewhate less dementedly gross). And yet, I can now actually hear the throngs of CWSs calling out: "But Seanny?! What if I can't read? How will I ever enjoy your stuff then?!"

A) The obvious response I would give is: I got you covered dude. There's an actual AUDIO recording of Yours Truly READING the aforementioned "Halloween Man" story. So, you're all set. (Deets will be forthcoming.)

2) If you can't actually read, and you actually require an audio recording (similar to the aforementioned one I [afore]mentioned), then what on Earth are you doing reading this? I mean, you are illiterate, no?

2a) Gotcha.

So anyway, let's briefly reconsider today's Halloween Guy. You know you want to mouse over him. So... do it. Go ahead. Mouse. Mouse him. Over him. All over. Take your mouse and slowly, tenderly, run it all over his gorgeous body. You know you wanna. He has some words for you. (In balloons.) Feel free to actually CLICK ON HIM (I know, right?) if you want to see him (get) bigger.

So, that audio recording I mentioned (aforemetionedly)? Well, grab your headphones and then click HERE. You're gonna love it, because the voice you're going to hear (distorted as it might be) is actually mine. And the whole thing is decidedly Halloween.


Of course, "Haunted House" is also available for your enjoyment. If you enjoy snuff.

[Have you taken the Halloween Poll yet?]


* Huh? 






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HEN I WAS A KID, HALLOWEEN WAS KIND OF actually romantic to me. I know: weird, huh? But if you will, allow me to expatiate.

Yesterday I asked you, the CWS, to graciously not require me to reveal which of my three favorite holidays actually tops my list. Well, I want to thank all of you for heeding my wishes. No one asked/taunted. (Mayhaps because no one's there? But that's a whole nother post I guess.) Yet, I'm gonna let you in on my thoughts, convoluted as they might be: My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

There, I said it.

batI can hear the throngs of you CWSs now: "Seanny! Say it in't so! You love Thanksgiving more than the Birth of our Lord? How... how... how irreverent!" Borders on sacrilegious, huh?**


And yet, for me, Thanksgiving was so entirely wonderful simply because of... wait for it... the turkey!


It was wonderful because of the family stuff. Don't ask me why there seemed to be more family stuff on T-day than X-mas.

It. Just. Was.

The faux Birth of our Lord and Savior (Christmas) comes in second. And I say "faux" because everyone knows Hey-soos was born sometime in April. The archeological digs, plus the county library records, prove it. The Savior of the World was not only illegitimate, but He was born in April, not December. I think they mentioned it in that Tom Hanks flick... um... "The DaVinci Coded Message." Or whatever. Maybe that's why Christmas comes in second: I was dubious about the date.

Flash backward to Halloween. Shall we?


Maybe I was kind of a loner. Maybe I was totally in love with candy corn. Maybe I loved watching kids bob-for-apples. (Fersher, I did NOT like bobbing-for-apples myself. Waaaaay too messy. And icky-wet. Plus, I never actually saw the point. But I did enjoy watching those Alpha kids try. Those thick-necked studs who thought they could push their heads under water and grab sumpin' with their teeth and...) Or maybe I just loved the mystery and spookiness. There's truly nothing quite like a Dark And Stormy Night. I do know that the weather might have something to do with it. Autumn in Oregon is the best thing a human person can actually ever experience. (Yes, I know that New England is renowned for its fall wonderfulness: by those who haven't experienced it in the Pacific Northwest. Jus' sayin'.) The wind. The wind blowing in the trees. The pounding rain. The cozy nights inside, whilst listing to the aforementioned wind and rain outside.

Who can actually say why they fall in love?*** 

Thence, my previous label of "romantic." Halloween is morbidly romantic to me. It's morbid (scary stuff, you know?) and it's romantic. And by now, the Curious Web Surfer realizes that in this context, "romantic" has nothing to do with romantic love, per se. Think "The Romantic Age." That kind of stuff. CF: Tchaikovsky, Dvořák, Liszt, et al. (These are a few of my favorite things [composers of the Romantic era].)

Please don't try to analyze me. You'll be here till next Halloween.  

But DO analyze today's man. He thinks he's seen a Halloween ghost. Methinks I've seen a muscle god. (DO mouse over him, above, to see his words.)

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* The "gonads" was click-bait. Sorry.

**Heh, heh. Well, sacreligious is not merely a whole nother post, it's an entire book!

***And us gays obviously know that since we can't choose with whom we fall in love, this paradigm is particularly near and dear to our hearts, no?






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T'S NOT UNCOMMON FOR ME TO get somewhat giddy this time of year, on account of the fact that I absolutely love Halloween. I shan't go on about how much I love it 'cuz we'd be here all night. Of course, I love Christmas too; Thanksgiving definitely tops off my top three faves. And please don't ask me the order of those faves; I couldn't decide.

So, let's get to the celebration! It's our Halloween Weekend Extravaganza!bat

First, there's a newly-posted, old story that will really get you in the Halloween mood. (I have another old story to post; that'll be in a few days.) "Halloween Man" is today's new/old story. It's a spooky treatment of this most "Hallowed" of holidays. I think you'll like it.

Of course, you'll need to take our Halloween POLL to ensure our weekend celebration is complete.

So, what else has Seanny been up to recently? Well, as I said in my last post, I've been working on a gallery for ManOfSteel's DAVID. And, I've been finishing up the final touches of my latest book, "Mediterranean Muscle", which has numerous renders by the aforementioned ManOfSteel, included therein. You're gonna wanna reserve a couple-three bucks for this one. It'll be available really soon!

So there we are.

There's more Halloween deliciousness to come!

OH: There are a few more Episodes of MuscleMan up, too.






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ORGIVE ME IF I BECOME A BIT sidetracked in the next few days, but it's just my way. And truth-be-told, I've been a bit sidetracked for years. Ever since I saw my first render of David, by ManOfSteel. Mind you, it wasn't the first David render ManOfSteel did, but it was the very first one I saw.

It's today's guy.

From the first instant I laid eyes on David, I was hopelessly infatuated. David was every man. Still is.

So imagine my rapture when years later, I emailed MOS, and he responded! Yeah. Rapture.

Anyhoo, as I alluded in my previous post, I'm currently working on doing u a gallery of MOS' work. I believe that MOS, like Tom of Finland, deserves recognition. Gonna do my best.






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ACTUALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHY I chose that headline for today's post. Today is certainly not a US holiday. Mayhaps its the inebriation stuff.

Anyway, I just wanted to say: The rumors of my demise have been greatly exagerated. Jus' sayin'.

I'm alive, I'm here, I'm working the boards, I'm enthused. And I'm gorgeous.

So, yeah... you know your Seanny is good, K?

There will be MoreToCome.

Stick around.

Workin' on a new gallery, featuring my absolute FAVORITE muscle artist of all time, ManOfSteel. His David has been the subject of many of my wet dreams.

Also been colaborating with MoS, on a new book! Can you believe it? Ever since my first exposure to MoS' artwork (read: DAVID), I've been SO in love. With David. And now, MoS and I have actually become Internet friends! Stay tuned!

Anyway, yeah. I'm here, I'm strong, I'm healthy, I'm sexy and sexed. Thanks for your patience w' this site. Love all o' my CWSs






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O YOU HAVE A FAVORITE DIVA? It might be a stereotype, but it seems a lot of gay guys have a special affection for a particular Diva, or possibly for Divas in general. Personally, I can't blame anyone for liking some good music, combined with a great personality. A beautiful woman is nice, too. (Like I tell many of my friends, "I'm gay, not blind.")

That gay men are uber-aware of beauty should come as no shock. I have one friend who is married—to a woman—and this guy is quite the decorator. Has a special way with flowers, too. He once invited a gay friend over to his house while wifey was away, just to show said gay friend around. He told me later that the gay friend, after noting my buddy's decor skills, said: "I can't believe you wife doesn't know you're gay."

So yeah, some'us guys have an eye for art, music, fashion, all things aesthetic. Yet, when it comes to men, Yours Truly is not into twinks, nor is he into those who lean toward the effeminate end of the spectrum. I like me a manly man. Manly, Muscular, Masculine Man. No drag queens for me, when it comes to my sexual proclivities. (Not that there's anything wrong with that. I enjoy me a good time with all sorts of people. But in my bed, on my computer screen, in stories, in my fantasies, I take only studly dudes. It's my way.)

Hence this weekend's POLL: Do you have a favorite Diva? My polling software is limited to only five answers, so I tried to name a few popular ones from which the CWS can choose. Perhaps someone will populate my Tip Jar so I can spring for the Deluxe Version of said software, and thence afford the CWS with a plethora of choices.

Well, I see I am getting a bit wordy now, which must be my signal to wrap up this here post. If you don't see your Diva listed in the poll (TAKE IT NOW!), please email me and let me know who you like. And why.

Come to think of it, email me even if you don't have a Diva opinion. I wanna hear from you! I need to know that you still love me!

[NOTE: TODAY'S GUY (click on 'im!) has nothing to do with today's post. Just thought I'd throw up something that's related to current events.]







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ATIONALISM? RIGHT HERE IN RIVER CITY? So, Seanny is posting 9/11 stuff on a muscle-gay-erotica website? WTF?! I'm here to masturbate to muscle men, Seanny! I don't want to hear your American Nationalistic diatribe! Why did you post that stuff yesterday?

Well, sorry bud. It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to. K? If you don't want your blogger to be an American, find another blogger.

The reason I posted the 9/11 stuff is because I'm an American. I'm an Oregonian. I'm a bunch of other stuff too, but my nationality is important to me. I sometimes cry during the National Anthem. Sometimes I even cry during my state song, "Oregon, My Oregon."

So there.

But I am also a muscle-loving masturbator. So there's that, too.

I'm a tad sentimental, I guess. And I can imagine that that sentimentality sometimes goes off the rails. I understand that it might need to be reined in a bit. Occasionally.

Please bear with me, K?

(Yet do NOT construe this to be any kind of apology, K?)






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wednesday, SEPTEMBER 5, 2018




HE LONG-TIME, LOYAL, FAITHFUL Curious Web Surfer who has been around a long time will no doubt remember a feature of one of my past websites, called "Buff Encounters." (Re: The link: Sorry, the pix aren't included in the web archive page, but you get the idea.) Well, ifn' you have any good pictures that you took this summer (the more surreptitious the better!) send 'em in! Share your Buff Encounter with us!

That said, looky at today's guy. Deliciousness on top of wonderfulness.

And he obviously has great taste in clothing lines!

One more thing... PLEASE RATE THIS WEBSITE ON BEST-MALE-BLOGS! The link is that moving/flashing box in the left margin (scroll down a bit to see it). Clicky, then tell the WORLD how much deliciousness and wonderfulness you get to enjoy here! Thank you!

OH: Please leave me a comment! Say "Hi!"






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HE LABOR DAY WEEKEND ushers us into the back-to-school days, and ultimately Autumn. It is, as they say, coming.

So, how 'bout you? Did you go camping? Eat any weenies? Meet any nekkid muscle-hunks on a hiking trail?

Or maybe, like me, you bumped into your muscle-hunk at the gym this weekend. Mine was between sets of biceps curls when I snapped the pic for today. All huge-armed, and gigantic pecs. Basically no fat anywhere. Really nice guy too. Most guys I hit on at the gym are too busy working out to take the time to get to know me. But I dunno, I guess Anton—his name, I later found out after we had sex in his apartment—must've seen something in me: something caring, considerate, visceral, sweet-yet-tangy, filthy-rich, willing-to-bottom. Stuff like that. Because when I sauntered up to him between his sets and gave him one of my seven favorite come-on lines, he tried to fight down a grin, looked at me, and said, "I bet you say that to all the 260 pound shirtless bodybuilders with less than six percent body fat, who think you're cuter-n-snot."

I blushed, and fanned my face with my hand. "Mind if I take your picture while you work out all those powerful muscles?"

"Mind if we go back to my apartment after that?" he returned.

Yeah, what a great weekend.

OH: Please leave me a comment! Say "Hi!"






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SimeonPanda ChrisBumstead


EY THERE! WELCOME BACK TO ME! And welcome to the HOME page of this here website! (Yeah, the blog has moved. More about that in a moment.)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had the best summer EV er! Nothing earth-shattering, just fun-in-the-sun fantasticalness!

But now it’s time to regroup, get ready for school again (as if. My brain is already too full; I can’t afford to learn anything more) and prepare for Fall Fun. So, this weekend we’ll be having our Labor Day Extravaganza to do just that!

The end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere doesn’t actually happen for a few weeks, but here in the United States, we tend to look at the Labor Day Weekend as the last hurrah for summer fun.

School will be starting next week for many of the kids; vacations wind down now too.

So imagine my surprise when, during a celebrity party, I ran smack-dab into today's guys Simeon Panda and Chris Bumstead! (Click on them at the right. Then stare for a few seconds before reading on, k?) DAYUM, I'd love to spend some time with either of these dudes! Even just to talk! And look...) Amazing, isn’t it! So amazing that it just couldn’t be true, right? So use your imagination already. Can you actually imagine bumping into these two muscle-hunks, at the same time? Holy fudge in a plastic baggie!

Anyhoo, I hope your summer (or winter if you live on the bottom half of the planet) was spectacular. Send in your photos!

OH, and be sure to take our Back-to-School Poll!

Also, the astute CWS will realize that the blog page is now part of the front page on! See? You’re reading this right now, and you’re ON the home page! How’d that happen? More frequent blog posts to come, now that I won’t need to (nor be able to) sun myself on the back patio.

Please leave me a comment! Say "Hi!"






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UMMERTIME IS WHEN SOME OF US gather with our extended families to renew friendships, animosities, jealousies, and whatever else we carry forward from our childhood interactions with the cousins, etc.

Me, I always look forward to seeing dear Aunt Millie. She's the wife of my late Uncle Otis; she's a redhead firebrand who always has numerous stories of her world travels and conquests.

Yet my family is so huge that I always know summertime Reunions will invariably include many, many cousins and nephews who have grown (through the wonderful change of puberty) into virile, strapping, hunky young men. Too, there's always the gorgeous, muscular new husband of some cousin or niece. This year's Reunion in Central Oregon (just a few ticks north of Sunriver), did not disappoint.

I snapped today's pic right after a friendly game of horseshoes on Saturday afternoon. The stud on the left is my third-cousin-twice-removed, Buck. The guy on the right is my Aunt Pearl's new (fourth) husband, Rocky. (Aunt Pearl is 84; she likes the young'ns.) Buck and Rocky met at the Reunion, and well, they hit it off right away. In fact, after I snapped this pic, no one saw either of them until camp disbanded on Sunday afternoon. Hmmm...

Twas a nice Reunion indeed.






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