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The Muse Continues



cDudeCAN'T CONTROL when the muse hits, but when it does, you gotta go with it. The muse has definitely been hitting lately... so I've been writing lately. I've been going between writing chapters for The Captain & his Privates, and Owen & the Professor.

As a matter of fact, with today's newest chapter (Chapter 4) I'm changing the title of the Owen's stories to simply "Owen". In this chapter, Owen is visiting his brother, Oscar, in Oklahoma (Oscar took today's picture of Owen from his upstairs bedroom window, while the big boy was down by the barn, getting some fresh air).

Maybe the reason I keep writing right now is because Owen never stops talking. He's in my head. When he starts yapping, I have to write it down! Hope you're enjoying. I appreciate all the feedback. Go to SEAN'S MUSCLE STORIES, then click on Owen's series to read the latest.

We'll be back to another chapter of The Captain next week.







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Another Competitor



cDudeT SEEMS EVERYBODY who's anybody is planning on entering the Mr. Military Muscle contest. The IMSSPC (Inter-branch Military Strength, Sex, and Physique Competition) is rapidly approaching, and all bets are off as to who will dominate.

Yet today we have a (brief) chapter in The Captain and his Privates saga about a navy SEAL dude who might just take the competition by storm! Petty Officer Second Class, Kevin Proctor is sometimes called the Black Stallion, and well... you'll just have to check him out.







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Poll Results

wednesday, MARCH 23, 2022


cDudeE NOW HAVE THE results of our most recent poll. The question posed was "Should I [that's me, Seanny] include URETHRAL SOUNDING in a story?

For those of you who don't know, Urethral Sounding is when an object is (gently) pushed inside the penis slit, into the urethra. Full disclosure here... I've done it. A few times.

Many dudes have the impression that this is a painful procedure. Speaking from firsthand experience, it's really not. There is only pain if one attempts sumpin' too big (as with anal sex, you know? Heh heh.)

Anyway, the results of the aforementioned poll are presented at the right. Click on today's graphic to see it more clearly.

Having only ten percent of respondents say they'd be grossed out if I included this act in a story, yours truly might possibly do just that (include said act in a story). You never know. And for those ten percent, I promise to be civil.

Lookin' for some more Captain/Privates stuff? Hold on while I whip it out....






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Owen: Will he ever shut up?



cDudeWEN IS SUCH A PUTZ.* In a good way, of course. Today, he has stopped by Professor Reed's mid-century Malibu home with a little "Get Well Soon" visit. I think he wants to cheer up the professor. And stuff.

And stuff.

So anyway, you'll prolly wanna read all about it. Obviously, Owen cannot stop talking. But that's what makes him so adorable, right? (Well, that and all those muscles.)

Oh, and today's render of ManOfSteel's David? Well as you know, in this story David plays the Owen character (quite well, if I do say so myself. Who knew David was such a fantastic actor?). And today's pose is Owen pouting his tight ass toward the Professor, in a "come 'ere" flirt. You'll just have to read the story to get the whole context.


And as Owen likes to say, "Your appreciation is priceless."



* In doing research (due dilligence, you know?) for this yarn, I wanted to make sure I was using the word "putz" correctly. So naturally I consulted my dictionary. The primary definition I wanted was the one listed: "a stupid or worthless person" (at least mentally, that's what I was thinking; obviously that does not describe Owen physically, haha). Anyhoo, what was interesting to me was the second definition: "a penis." I did not know that about that word! Haha.






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The Captain and His Privates... Ch. 7

SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2022


cDudeUR STORY CONTINUES.... Right now, Marine Sergeant Aaron West is recruiting one of his privates, Matthew Morrison, to help him prepare for the IMSSPC (the Mr. Military Muscle competition, coming up in a week or two).

Of course, being the somewhat muscular gay man he is, Pfc. Morrison has been obsessed with his sergeant—ever since that moment when he first laid eyes on the blond muscle god.

So let's jump into CHAPTER 7 of "The Captain and his Privates" shall we?

Oh, and thank you so much to all of you CWS for your unending support! It's for you that I do all this! I very much appreciate the feedback you send. I love you all so much!






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The Captain and His Privates... Ch. 6



cDudeAPTAIN DAVID McCallister is getting ready for the IMSSPC competition in a few weeks.

The captain has enjoyed showing off his "privates" to his privates, but now shit is getting serious. It's time to prepare for the big contest. Today, he has reported to the base commander—Colonel Bradley—for "inspection". And Col. Bradley, is going to make damn sure the captain passes muster. The last thing Col. Bradley wants is to be shamed, again, by those damn Marines. They've been dominating the Mr. Military Muscle contest for years, and Col. Bradley has had enough.

So let's be the fly on the wall, shall we? What's going on inside Col. Bradley's office?

Oh, but make sure you're up-to-date on the story. The Colonel Visits the Sergeant has been folded into this drama. In this (previously posted) chapter (now chapter 5 in our "Captain" series), Marine Colonel Nelson visits Sergeant Aaron West. You'll wanna make sure you have all the deets.

CLICK HERE to see the whole series thus far, including today's newest chapter.

(You DO know how to shower the author with praise, right?)   ;)






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Motor-mouth Owen



cDudeELL APPARENTLY Owen keeps coming back to Professor Reed's office. You just can't shut the guy up, you know?! (Yet again, who would want to?)

The motor-mouth stud is beyond muscular; he's beyond muscular and LEAN. The kid is the ultimate expression of youthful vim and vigor (whatever the hell that means).

Owen exudes strength, yet he is so innocent and lovable!

Anyway, today, he's back in Professor Reed's office, spouting off all kinds of stuff. (You really should listen in.)

Oh, and today's guy is kinda random. But know this: He has nothing on Owen. Jus' sayin'.   :) 

Anyhoo, you want to read what Owen has to say to the professor? ...about his latest adventures? Alrighty then. Click: HERE






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SATURDAY, february 26, 2022


Tuesday, Mar. 1: Holy hell I can't stop updating this story! Owen just gets more fucking sexy and fun!

Sunday, Feb. 27: Okay, I updated Owen's Discourse (see below) once again! Someone stop me! Jesus take the wheel!

cOwen the StudHAVE TO ADMIT that over the past week or so, I've become OCD obsessed with Owen. As is my wont, I like to take the text of a story and feed it into a text-to-speech reader, so I can listen.

That's what I've been doing with Owen. The previous post (Feb. 24—scroll down) is one iteration of my Owen in the Professor's Office story. But no, I wasn't done when I posted that. I had more to write.

Seems Owen just can't be shut up when you get him going about bodybuilding (and his body). He basically has no filter. He loves to talk, and he doesn't have a problem with yammering on and on about his big muscles, and enjoying the effect his body has on others. Yet he's so childlike and innocent! How could you not love this dude?

Anyway, I just posted what I think might be the final iteration of Owen's discourse with Professor Reed. No promises, though; could there be more? I value your thoughts. To me, there's just nothing like listening to lovable, innocent, buff-beyond-belief Owen as he talks.

Oh, and from this story, the CWS might be able to conclude that I have a "fetish" about having a buff bodybuilder-type guy use the phriase "my muscles". "MUSCLES" is just a word that gets me hard. Guilty as charged.






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Owen and the Prof Again

Thursday, february 24, 2022


cGerman0520OME MORE Owen stuff. Consider this a mini-extended version of the story. I did some enhancing of the "David and the Professor" picture from ManOfSteel, so this is my latest shit:  

OWEN: Yeah, professor, I'm really into bodybuilding, thanks. I was thinking you might like big muscles. I mean, the way you look at all of my muscles when I’m in class.

Hey, would you want me to take off my shirt and show you my muscles right now? Were you thinking you’d like to see me without my shirt on? If you want, I could strip down and flex for you right here. 

Do you like to feel really big muscles? You won't believe how hard mine can get. 

Oh—but I'm not actually wearing any underwear though. Would it be okay if I go… you know, raw? I mean, naked? I mean, since you’re interested in my physique… you know, my muscles… you know, seeing a guy without any of his clothes on isn’t that big of a deal, right? It’s all natural when you think about it. Locker room shit and all that, you know? 

When I’ve listened to your lectures, well… I was kinda thinking that you liked to look at my muscles during class, right? I mean, you seem to look at me a lot, so that’s why I was thinking you must really like to look at guys who have a lot of muscles. And that’s cool, prof. I definitely got the idea that you like big muscle men. Right? You like guys with big, hard muscles, don’t you. No worries, prof. I think that’s cool. I bet you might be interested in feeling mine while I flex them and make them really big—and hard for you. 

And don’t be shy. I can kind of tell when a guy likes to look at my muscles. I bet you would really like to feel me flex my muscles for you.

So anyway, if you want, you can see all of my body right now, without my clothes in the way. If you like big muscles, I bet you'll really love feeling mine. I'm kind of a showoff to be honest, so you can go ahead and feel anything you want. It’s actually cool. I kinda like it when someone wants me to get my muscles big and hard for them.

Well anyway, um… do you like big chests? I like to show off my chest. You could definitely feel it all you want. Same goes for shoulders. And arms. I bet you’ll really flip when you feel how big and hard my arms can get.

Oh, I gotta warn you though, if you feel my muscles for too long, sometimes I get a boner. I hope that's okay. And well, I'm kind of a big boy everywhere if you know what I mean, heh. So yeah, it can get pretty big, too. You probably won't believe how hard it can get. And just between you and me, if you touch it a lot, you know… up and down and shit… you know, stroking it? …you can probably make it even harder. If you’re into that kind of thing. Personally, when a guy tries to get me harder and harder, it feels really good, to be honest. I dunno. I’m just saying… that if a guy wants to stroke my cock, and… well… make me hard… who am I to argue, you know?

Have you ever felt a dude’s cock? Some guys don’t like it, but I figure if someone is fascinated by looking at—and touching—my muscles, they’re probably interested in all of my anatomy, you know? So why not let ‘em feel my cock? Its just another part of a man’s body. I figure there’s nothing to be ashamed of about my body. People seem to enjoy looking at it, and feeling… you know… my muscles.

And to be totally honest, my penis is actually kinda big. Well, actually really big. Really veiny, too. Do you like touching really, really big and veiny cocks? I know some dudes aren’t really turned on by it. But I bet you’ve never seen one like mine. I mean, when it gets real hard, you can really feel the veins all over it. It’s kinda nuts, actually. Some guys are really surprised at how big and veiny it is. And to be honest, my balls are pretty big, too. I keep my pubes trimmed, but there’s enough there for you to feel if you’re into pubic hair. (chuckles) Some guys actually like to push their nose into my pubes. It’s kinda cool, to be honest. I just stand there and let ‘em smell. It feels kinda good actually.

And oh… my balls are really low-hangers, you know? I bet you’ve never seen balls as big and heavy as mine. Just sayin’. I dunno. You’ll have to decide for yourself if my cock and balls match how big the rest of my muscles are. I bet you’ll be amazed when you cup my balls in your hands and feel how big and heavy they are. But anyway, yeah. I like to say all of my muscles are big and hard. Heh heh.

Well anyways, I figure if a dude likes my big muscles, it just follows that he might want to see my cock. And like I said, it’s not a problem for me. I like my body—all of it. You know what I mean? Here, take a look at this arm. …You like that?…

So I figure, why not let others enjoy my physique too? Right? I mean, to be honest, that’s actually why I work out. So people can enjoy my body. So I always let people feel my muscles if they want. 

Cock too. I mean, that’s part of my body, right? And hell, I’ve touched a shit load of other guy’s cocks too. I dunno, some guys really like me to touch ‘em. And to be honest, it’s amazing how many guys get really hard when they’re around me. I dunno what it is…. 

But anyway, I’ve never actually met a dude who had a penis as big as mine. Not bragging. Just telling you… it’s kinda big. Fair warning, okay? Heh. Some dudes really get freaked when they see how big it is, though. But some guys really like it. Some dudes cant stop stroking it, you know? So I figure, have at it dude, you know? It’s kinda cool. Don’t go spreading this around, prof, but some dudes really like to get me off, you know? I mean, I think they like watching me come, to tell the truth. And honestly, I don’t mind. Just between the two of us, when I come, it makes a pretty big mess. Jizz all over hell. Heh. Not bragging, but yeah, it’s hand-on-Bible true. I shoot some massive loads. You’d be amazed. Promise. If you want me to come for you, it’ll be the most amazing thing ever. I bet you’ve never seen a guy come as much as me.

And truth be told, I’d jerk off three or four times a day if I could. But if another dude wants to help me take care of that, why not? I figure you can never have too many guys who appreciate you. And a lot of guys really like my muscles, so I figure… let ‘em give me a hand job. Or even a blow job if that’s what they want. I don’t mind. Actually, there’s nothing that feels quite as good as a warm, wet mouth on my cock; I guess it depends on the guy—and on how good his mouth is. It’s a crap shoot some times. But if you wanted to, I can pretty-much promise you’ve never licked a cock as big and veiny as mine. Some guys have actually come, without even touching themselves, just by licking my cock. They say the veins on it make their tongues go nuts, you know? Like just running their tongue over my shaft is the hottest thing they’ve ever done. Sounds so freaky, right? But I figure, let ‘em have some fun. So I let them lick my cock, and kiss it. And suck on it. Whatever they want to do, you know? It feels good when they do it, so I say go for it. It actually is pretty veiny, so I figure let a guy have some fun… let him move his tongue all over my shaft if that’s what he wants to do, you know?

And really, if they’re able to get me off, and I shoot… well, they seem to like that. It makes a huge mess, but they always seem to enjoy licking up everything afterwards.

So yeah… I’d let you suck me off if you wanted to have a go at it. Older, bald men are hot, you know? So I’d definitely give you a chance to make me come if you wanted to try. I don’t know if you’d be interested in something like that, but you know…. If you wanted, I’d let you. You definitely seem turned on by my muscles. Am I right? I think that’s awesome, professor. I bet older guys like you really get off on young muscle studs like me. So I totally understand that I might be making you hard right now. You don’t have to answer though. We can just start with me taking off my clothes, and flexing for you.

So what do you say? Do you want to feel my muscles? Right now?



-- --- --- --- ---

...oh, and as of tonight, I'm not builing a new website. Gonna stay here, as long as my software keeps working.






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Another Encounter

Thursday, february 3, 2022



cGerman0520O THERE I was, minding my own business, taking a break from my road trip to take a leak. You know... at one of those "Rest Stops" they put every 70 miles or so... those places where any self-respecting person would definitely not cruise just for the fun of it?

It should be noted: I was not stopping to cruise. I was stopping to pee. Literally. 

But of course, even though it wasn't my primary objective, if I did happen to stumble upon some ultra-gorgeous, overly-built, uber-HAWT dude with a to-die-for smile, taking a selfie for his Insta followers, who was friendly and very interested in getting to know me... well, I wouldn't kick him out of the stall for eating crackers. (Bonus points if the muscle dude's car had broken down and he needed a ride to Medford, and didn't actually have a place to stay when he got there and coincidentally I happened to have a reservation at the Medford Holiday Inn that night.)

So anyhoo... I had put the next chapter of my latest work, "Trials of Perfection" on my text-to-speech player and well, it had finished, so I knew it was ready to be posted, and well, I had to pee (as I previously mentioned). The blue sign with white letters said, "Rest Stop 5 miles; Next Rest Stop 3,468 miles", so I figured I'd better use it. 

I told my driver, Devers, to take the exit. He did. (Devers is nothing if not obedient.)

I meandered toward the Highway Department's loo, half asleep from all the driving--er, riding, ready to piss the hell out of any urinal I could find.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear--as soon as I cracked the door--but a shirtless, gorgeous muscle hunk, not dissimilar from the aforementioned muscle hunk. He was grinning, flexing his abs, as he snapped his phone's camera in the mirror.

"Oh, sorry," I said, slinking toward the nearest stall. 

"No worries, dude," he smiled at me. "Just taking a selfie for my Insta followers, you know?"

"Got it." I closed the door on the stall and promptly climbed onto the toilet so I could peer over the stall's wall. 

Long story short, funnily enough, the guy's car had broken down and he needed a ride to--of all places--Medford, where he funnily enough did not have a hotel room booked.

Who knew?

OH, AND HUGE NEWS! This site isn't working like it should, so I'm moving! I'm posting CHAPTER FIVE of TRIALS on the new site now. There's basically nothing else on it, so.... It'll come though. I'll forward everyone to the new site soon. For now: CHAPTER FIVE is up—so you can get it up.






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My Own Personal Trial



cGerman0520WAS UP LATE last night working on getting this next chapter of TRIALS posted; it turned out to be a trial of my own. The site software was wonky and just was not working. Frustrated, I drove to the Grand Canyon and threw my computer off. Today, I found a brand new computer on my front porch and was able to get everything working.*

That said, Chapter 4 is kinda long. It's also really hot, IMO. I don't want to get your hopes up, but I enjoyed writing this chapter quite a bit! I hope you do to! 

Today's guy is my version of little Todd, if you can imagine this guy being some four-and-a-half feet tall....


*Some of today's information may or may not be entirely true.






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