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THURSDAY, November 22, 2018  •  THANKSGIVING




OR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE FANS OF RECENT HISTORY it was on this day in 1963 that President Kennedy was assassinated.

Yeah, this isn't really a typical Thanksgiving post, but it is of historical significance. Plus, I get all "news junkie" about stuff that happened in the 1960s.

So, if'n you simply have to leave the Turkey Dinner table early (perhaps because Aunt Minnie won't stop talking about how Trump has "turned our country around(!)" or perhaps because Old Uncle Art [the family calls him Art the Fart] keeps grabbing your knee under the table), then head for some solitude and enjoy this coverage as it really happened. So much fun stuff from the TV soap opera and commercials too!


Happy Thanksgiving! 






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WNBF Worlds


S A MEMBER OF THE ELITE, HOITY-TOITY MUSCLE PRESS, Yours Truly is often invited to the most glorious, exciting, stimulating, hoity-toity muscle events.

Such was the case this last weekend.

It was the "WNBF Worlds", more officially known as the hoity-toity WNBF Cellucor® World Championships. This is the crème de la crème of the drug-free (Natural) bodybuilding world. You've heard of the "Olympia" bodybuilding extravaganza in the mainstream (steroid) bodybuilding world? Well, the WNBF Worlds is to Natural Bodybuilding (drug-free) what the Olympia is to the drug-full competitions. Jus' sayin'.

In the WNBF, all contestants are drug-tested at every competition. And every competitor undergoes a polygraph test to ensure they haven't been doping. It's the standard for drug-free bodybuilding.

And Yours Truly was invited to attend.*

So, having graciously accepted said gracious, succulent, glorious invitation to attend the hoity-toity WNBF Cellucor® World Championships in Los Angeles, I dutifully made my way from My Fair City south, to the gargantuan, over-populated, smoggy City of Angels (aka "Satan's Bedroom).

Allow me to present a brief aside here: LA is too big for its own good. It's crowded; it's full of itself; it's always sunny**, it's endless, it's totally Californicated, and it's waaaay too busy. That said, the people that I bumped into there were universally kind, friendly, helpful, and usually handsome. And actually, even the women there were handsome. And friendly. And helpful.

There's nuttin' like a handsome, helpful woman to make your trip into Satan's Bedroom a more endurable experience.

So, even if I hadn't rubbed shoulders with the most muscular, lean, ripped, Natural bodybuilders on the Planet this weekend, I'd have to say my trip to LA was nice. Except for the fact that the hotel didn't tuck the sheets into the mattress at the bottom. What in fuck is that all about? The only places in the entire WORLD that I run into this phenomenon is in hotels. I can hear the manager now: "DO NOT TUCK the sheets into the foot of the bed! We want our guests to be frustrated!"


I think I need to take a POLL: "Do you not actually tuck your sheets and blankets into the foot of your bed?" Or, are you possibly insane?

So anyhoo, let's get back to the subject at hand: Muscular, gorgeous, bodybuilder-type, MEN.

The WNBF Worlds contest was held at some random venue near Redondo Beach. It was a nice place. Plush seats. Muscles everywhere. Actually, you couldn't have thrown a dead chicken around the countryside without hitting some gorgeous, muscled, bodybuilder.

I was in heaven.***

It was a muscle-lover's nirvana. I've been to numerous bodybuilding contests over the course of my lifetime, and I have to admit the WNBF Worlds LA 2018 contest was the best. Seriously dizzying muscle. Just gorgeous muscle men. Lean, ripped muscle everywhere one looked.

One might expect that the competitors would be the real draw for us sthenolagniacs. And indeed, those competitors were definitely jerk-off-worthy. But in my experience, I've found that it's often the muscled members of the audience that actually inspire my cock to produce a boner. And this past weekend was no exception. (Yet, make no mistake, my cock jumped more than once as I watched the muscled competitors flex all over hell on the stage.) There were more lean-muscled-huge dudes attending that I've ever seen in one place. And mind you, these men were GORGEOUS. Just... well, I'm at a loss for adequate words to describe how many men... just... holy hell... 

I think I came in my hotel room a dozen times after each day's proceeding. Just WAY too many muscle men.

And so, yes. I'm rambling. I'm stupefied by the gorgeous, lean, massive muscle that I witnessed this weekend.

Okay. Think. Gather yourself, Sean. Gather. Settle. Breathe. Take deep breaths. Breathe...


•  •  •  •  •  


WuuuWell anyway, on my return flight back to Portland, I actually had the good fortune to sit next to a gay dude; he was so totally cute. Young, energetic, a resident of Hawaii, grows orchids (or some flower) for a living. Just such a cutie.

I didn't get his name. I didn't even reveal my true identity to said cutie. I'm sure if I had, he'd've been all over me. And really, I just wanted to get home.

And truthfully, I've already joined the mile-high club.

So there's that.

But anyway, said cutie was all over the fact that I was actually from Portland (he was just flying to PDX to catch a connecting flight). Yeah, Portland is cool. And when people learn that I'm from the Rose City, well, they get all friendly and stuff.

Been there; done that.

Of course, if'n I'd divulged my true Superhero Web identity to said cutie, it'd been all over 'cept the orgasm. Trust me: It's a burden for us famous-types.

So, let me leave you with this THANKSGIVING miracle. If you want some good stuff to read this weekend, check out my time-honored book, "Muscle 'Holladay'". It's about a Thanksgiving weekend gone WONDERFUL. The ULTIMATE muscle fantasy, IMO.

And yet, is it not time to wrap up this here blog post? Yes. Let's:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to y'all. I am SO THANKFUL for my many followers. Thank you for your support, your enthusiastic love, and your never-ending fascination with my work! Please be safe this holiday week, and be sure to THANK those you love for their contributions to your life.








* Okay, my best friend, who was competing, asked me to come down to LA and watch the show. I wasn't an actual "guest" of the WNBF, in the strictest definition of the term. But I was a guest of my favorite bodybuilder, EvEr.

** THIS Oregonian doesn't consider "always sunny" to be an asset.

*** Figuratively speaking. I neither died, nor was converted back to Christianity while in Satan's Bedroom. 







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TUESDAY, November 13, 2018




Y LATEST MUSCLE BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE! Mediterranean Muscle is a tale of muscle lust and subversive intrigue.

What makes this book so deliciously delicious is that I've achieved my life-long dream of collaborating with my favorite render artist, ManOfSteel. (Okay, life-long in the sense the "life of me knowing him".) Mediterranean Muscle "stars" ManOfSteel's DAVID, as Kellan, quite likely the most wonderfully-developed, gorgeous, strong, ripped, huge and lean physique in the world.

Aboard a luxury yacht, the Manhattan, four filthy-rich men are spending a long weekend with their guest of honor, Kellan (DAVID). And each man is hopelessly stricken with my favorite "malady", Sthenolagnia. Yeah, they're kindred spirits, if you know what I mean. After they depart Athens on the Manhattan and finally get to lay their eyes (and some other body parts) on Kellan, the billionaires are besides themselves with lust. Over the three-day-weekend, they'll each get a chance to get to know Kellan more intimately. The weekend is supposed to climax (ahem) with a muscle-strength challenge for Kellan, a challenge that will likely test his strength to its very limit.

But will they even get that far? Seems someone on the boat might be up to no good. Hmmm....

The book is available for Kindle, on right now, for $2.99USD. (It's also available in other countries' Amazon book sites as well.) Please know, though, that YOU DO NOT NEED A KINDLE DEVICE to read this book. There are FREE apps you can download to your PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Check out THIS PAGE to get one.

So, have at it! One favor: After you read the book, can you please do me a solid, and take just a minute to return to the Amazon page where you bought the book (link below), and leave a review? And as many stars as you like? Reviews and stars are the lifeblood of Amazon authors, so both ManOfSteel and I would greatly appreciate it! (He and I are splitting proceeds 50/50. We prolly won't get rich on this, but it might help out the coffee fund!) THANK YOU for your ongoing support!

HERE IS THE LINK TO GET MEDITERRANEAN MUSCLE. Enjoy! OH, if you want to read another "blurb" about the book, and see a few of ManOfSteel's renders in the book, have a gander HERE.






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MONDAY, November 12, 2018




HOPE YOU'RE READY FOR THE BOOK RELEASE of the year! It's happening tomorrow.

If you love muscle worship stories and tales of inhumanly delicious strength—tested to its very limits, you're going to love this book! I'll have more juicy, tempting tidbits about the book in tomorrow's post, as well as a link to where you can get it. Stay tuned!






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Friday, November 9, 2018




UE TO CIRCUMSTANCES TOTALLY WITHIN our control, the release of my new muscle book has been delayed until next week. Sorry.

I know, right?

Here you were, thinking you were gonna turn on the fireplace (as opposed to actually building a real fire), change into your "Grinch" onesie, grab your great-grandmother's cherished old comforter, put some kind of hot toddy in your glass, grab yet another warm alcoholic drink (Brandy, perhaps) just to make sure you don't run out, snuggle down in your favorite Barcalounger®, and fire up your Kindle® to read the aforementioned muscle book this weekend.

But no.

Sorry. In' gonna happen. Yet.

You see, things came up. Delays. Revisions. Syntax issues. More delays. Amendments. More revisions. Addendums. Proofreading errors (as if). Stuff like that. General publishing things us enormously successful authors have to deal-wif every stinkin' day. It's a burden, I tell you.

But I promise, once you get your hands on said book, you're gonna love it in an instant.

So... you're saying you absolutely can't wait? Well, there IS one way you can get at it. Right now: Join the David Yahoo! Fan Club. I posted a post there that asks for members of the club to read the book in advance of its official publish date. (The dreaded next week.) Said post has an actual link to the Amazon page where the book lies (or is it "lays"?) in wait! If'n you want to help me out, and if you have an (already) active Amazon account, please feel free to join the Yahoo! David fan club, buy the book NOW (YES!) and then, if you would, after you read said tome, please return to the Amazon page whence you purchased it and leave a REVIEW there so when it's officially released next week, there will already be a few reviews to entice people to jump on it!

I totally love my Seanny-lovers! If you want to show your support, please follow the above instructions. Post a review of the new book. Then send me an email to tell me how absolutely glorious I am. (Yes, I already know how glorious I am, but a little personal encouragement never hurt anyone.) Also, be sure to tell me how much you love my astounding humility!






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WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2018




HOPE YOU ENJOYED OUR ERECTION COVERAGE yesterday. Hopefully it was the diversion you needed to endure the wall-to-wall election coverage everywhere else. There's just no creativity in journalism anymore, you know?

Seems today's guy just couldn't stay away from watching the election returns on his phone though. Some people just have to stay informed, I guess. (Yeah, right. He's checking returns on his phone right there. NOT taking a selfie. He WANTS you to think he's taking a selfie, but trust me.) Damn, dude, nice cephalic vein you got going on there!

Anyhoo, IMHO we're all winners, as far as the election (being over) goes! Because we can go back to watching TV ads of hunky guys shaving, instead of those horrific ads that show political opponents in unflattering pictures and slo-mo talking, in black-and-white. (Does anyone really think those influence people? God, I wish they'd just go away. The ads, not the people. Well, maybe the people too—from politics that is. Go away from politics if you have to resort to putting an ugly picture of your opponent on TV in order to get your message across. That's my story, and I'm stickin' with it.)

Personally, I think the pix here on my site (and on my Tumblr page) are much more flattering.






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TUESDAY, November 6, 2018




SO HERE WE ARE!  It's finally the end of election season! Yay! No more divisive ads on TV and such!

I sometimes turn into a news junkie, but today I've decided to just have fun. I'll fire up the ol' computer tomorrow when I wake up and see if the world is still here. For now, I'm gonna just enjoy my very own ERECTION coverage.

Hope you do too!

[Oh, and by "God Bless it" I meant that only as a snide little swipe at those who actually think it needs Our Lord & Savior's blessing. Seems we're doing pretty well without it. Heh, heh, heh.]






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Friday, November 2, 2018




Y PASSION IS MUSCLE. OBVIOUSLY. And undoubtedly, that's why you're here, no? What is it about muscle that draws us sthenolagnics so? 

Well, I'm not going to tackle that subject tonight. I'm simply going to tease you:

I've been doing a bit of writing. And my favorite artist, ManOfSteel, has been doing a bit of rendering. Combine the two, and what do you get? Well this: We've been collaborating on a new book. And it's going to be released next week!

Next week I tell you!

Make sure to save a few bucks out of next week's paycheck! If you're so rich that you don't depend on weekly paychecks, then simply make sure you have access to that money market account, or whatever it is that you draw from. It's only gonna be three bucks (minus a penny). And if the aforementioned Daddy Warbucks is so dripping with money that the $2.99 isn't gonna even phase him, I invite said Sugar Daddy to drop me a line. (Full disclosure: I want me a Sugar Daddy, if possible.)

And I dare not even hint at the title of this new book, lest you try'n Google it. 'Cuz the rabid Hollywood media (not to mention the Paparazzi) has by now (no doubt) gotten hold of the precious hitherto unpublished manuscript.

It's that good.

Anyhoo, do stay tuned for the official announcement. If you love Seanny's books, if you love ManOfSteel's "David", if you love meatloaf*, you're gonna love this book!**


* or any delicious product, for that matter...

**Available on Kindle devices soon!






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Halloween Day, 2018




T'S NOT QUITE THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN, but it's as good as you're gonna get on an adult gay muscle website. Actually, it might be better.*

Our Halloween Guy (right) was seriously considering going out and doing some Trick-or Treating tonight. Fortunately (for him) he decided to stay in, and read some of my stories: Gay Halloween Muscle Stories. You might want to consider doing the same, 'cuz: Have I got some cool Halloween stuff going on here!

First of all, the astute (possibly satanically-possessed) CWS has prolly already read my two featured Halloween stories: "Haunted House" (which is quite gruesome and dementedly gross), and "Halloween Man" (which is a tad less gruesome and somewhate less dementedly gross). And yet, I can now actually hear the throngs of CWSs calling out: "But Seanny?! What if I can't read? How will I ever enjoy your stuff then?!"

A) The obvious response I would give is: I got you covered dude. There's an actual AUDIO recording of Yours Truly READING the aforementioned "Halloween Man" story. So, you're all set. (Deets will be forthcoming.)

2) If you can't actually read, and you actually require an audio recording (similar to the aforementioned one I [afore]mentioned), then what on Earth are you doing reading this? I mean, you are illiterate, no?

2a) Gotcha.

So anyway, let's briefly reconsider today's Halloween Guy. You know you want to mouse over him. So... do it. Go ahead. Mouse. Mouse him. Over him. All over. Take your mouse and slowly, tenderly, run it all over his gorgeous body. You know you wanna. He has some words for you. (In balloons.) Feel free to actually CLICK ON HIM (I know, right?) if you want to see him (get) bigger.

So, that audio recording I mentioned (aforemetionedly)? Well, grab your headphones and then click HERE. You're gonna love it, because the voice you're going to hear (distorted as it might be) is actually mine. And the whole thing is decidedly Halloween.


Of course, "Haunted House" is also available for your enjoyment. If you enjoy snuff.

[Have you taken the Halloween Poll yet?]


* Huh? 






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HEN I WAS A KID, HALLOWEEN WAS KIND OF actually romantic to me. I know: weird, huh? But if you will, allow me to expatiate.

Yesterday I asked you, the CWS, to graciously not require me to reveal which of my three favorite holidays actually tops my list. Well, I want to thank all of you for heeding my wishes. No one asked/taunted. (Mayhaps because no one's there? But that's a whole nother post I guess.) Yet, I'm gonna let you in on my thoughts, convoluted as they might be: My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

There, I said it.

batI can hear the throngs of you CWSs now: "Seanny! Say it in't so! You love Thanksgiving more than the Birth of our Lord? How... how... how irreverent!" Borders on sacrilegious, huh?**


And yet, for me, Thanksgiving was so entirely wonderful simply because of... wait for it... the turkey!


It was wonderful because of the family stuff. Don't ask me why there seemed to be more family stuff on T-day than X-mas.

It. Just. Was.

The faux Birth of our Lord and Savior (Christmas) comes in second. And I say "faux" because everyone knows Hey-soos was born sometime in April. The archeological digs, plus the county library records, prove it. The Savior of the World was not only illegitimate, but He was born in April, not December. I think they mentioned it in that Tom Hanks flick... um... "The DaVinci Coded Message." Or whatever. Maybe that's why Christmas comes in second: I was dubious about the date.

Flash backward to Halloween. Shall we?


Maybe I was kind of a loner. Maybe I was totally in love with candy corn. Maybe I loved watching kids bob-for-apples. (Fersher, I did NOT like bobbing-for-apples myself. Waaaaay too messy. And icky-wet. Plus, I never actually saw the point. But I did enjoy watching those Alpha kids try. Those thick-necked studs who thought they could push their heads under water and grab sumpin' with their teeth and...) Or maybe I just loved the mystery and spookiness. There's truly nothing quite like a Dark And Stormy Night. I do know that the weather might have something to do with it. Autumn in Oregon is the best thing a human person can actually ever experience. (Yes, I know that New England is renowned for its fall wonderfulness: by those who haven't experienced it in the Pacific Northwest. Jus' sayin'.) The wind. The wind blowing in the trees. The pounding rain. The cozy nights inside, whilst listing to the aforementioned wind and rain outside.

Who can actually say why they fall in love?*** 

Thence, my previous label of "romantic." Halloween is morbidly romantic to me. It's morbid (scary stuff, you know?) and it's romantic. And by now, the Curious Web Surfer realizes that in this context, "romantic" has nothing to do with romantic love, per se. Think "The Romantic Age." That kind of stuff. CF: Tchaikovsky, Dvořák, Liszt, et al. (These are a few of my favorite things [composers of the Romantic era].)

Please don't try to analyze me. You'll be here till next Halloween.  

But DO analyze today's man. He thinks he's seen a Halloween ghost. Methinks I've seen a muscle god. (DO mouse over him, above, to see his words.)

[Have you taken the Halloween Poll yet?]



* The "gonads" was click-bait. Sorry.

**Heh, heh. Well, sacreligious is not merely a whole nother post, it's an entire book!

***And us gays obviously know that since we can't choose with whom we fall in love, this paradigm is particularly near and dear to our hearts, no?






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T'S NOT UNCOMMON FOR ME TO get somewhat giddy this time of year, on account of the fact that I absolutely love Halloween. I shan't go on about how much I love it 'cuz we'd be here all night. Of course, I love Christmas too; Thanksgiving definitely tops off my top three faves. And please don't ask me the order of those faves; I couldn't decide.

So, let's get to the celebration! It's our Halloween Weekend Extravaganza!bat

First, there's a newly-posted, old story that will really get you in the Halloween mood. (I have another old story to post; that'll be in a few days.) "Halloween Man" is today's new/old story. It's a spooky treatment of this most "Hallowed" of holidays. I think you'll like it.

Of course, you'll need to take our Halloween POLL to ensure our weekend celebration is complete.

So, what else has Seanny been up to recently? Well, as I said in my last post, I've been working on a gallery for ManOfSteel's DAVID. And, I've been finishing up the final touches of my latest book, "Mediterranean Muscle", which has numerous renders by the aforementioned ManOfSteel, included therein. You're gonna wanna reserve a couple-three bucks for this one. It'll be available really soon!

So there we are.

There's more Halloween deliciousness to come!

OH: There are a few more Episodes of MuscleMan up, too.






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ORGIVE ME IF I BECOME A BIT sidetracked in the next few days, but it's just my way. And truth-be-told, I've been a bit sidetracked for years. Ever since I saw my first render of David, by ManOfSteel. Mind you, it wasn't the first David render ManOfSteel did, but it was the very first one I saw.

It's today's guy.

From the first instant I laid eyes on David, I was hopelessly infatuated. David was every man. Still is.

So imagine my rapture when years later, I emailed MOS, and he responded! Yeah. Rapture.

Anyhoo, as I alluded in my previous post, I'm currently working on doing u a gallery of MOS' work. I believe that MOS, like Tom of Finland, deserves recognition. Gonna do my best.






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