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The Mass Program  • CHAPTER 2

by Sean Reid Scott
Inspired greatly by "Bodyguards," by the orgasmic author "John".



[Note: This story is saturated in descriptive narration. That is with purpose.
It’s not literature, it’s basically jerk-off material. Enjoy.]



MATTHEW KENT AND ADRIAN WILLIS stepped out of the car the Major had provided. The air outside was hot and thick with humidity—a sharp contrast to the air conditioned comfort of the vehicle which they now departed.

Willis walked behind his lover and MASS program partner, admiring Matthew Kent’s gorgeous ass. God, those Army slacks hugged those glutes so well. And Matt’s broad back and wide shoulders were simply amazing. All of this muscle was being propelled forward by Matthew’s powerful, thick legs. In all, it was enough to get Adrian hard again, even though both men had completely emptied themselves of everything they had in Major Tucker’s office, only minutes earlier.

Inside their quarters, Willis closed the door and followed Kent’s lead to the bedroom suite. Kent plopped his ample muscle-body on their king bed, staring at the ceiling. He looked pensive, just gazing into space. Willis sighed; he knew what Kent was thinking, and it gave him angst.

Apparently Kent heard the sigh. He lifted his head: “What’s wrong?”

Willis hesitated to answer. He crossed to the chest of drawers and stared at himself in the large mirror fastened against the wall above it.

“I know what you’re thinking, Adrian,” Kent said, “and you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Willis turned toward Kent abrubtly. “Don’t I?”

“No, you don’t.”

“Matt, I know you mean well, but come on. There’s no way I can compete with a Level Five. No matter what you say, the man is… amazing… he’s….” He didn’t finish the sentence.

Kent sat up on the edge of the bed. “Adrian, you know how I feel about you. You know that we belong together. Nothing can come between that.”

Willis squinted, unbelieving.

“Adrian, it’s not about the… Yes, Major Tucker is amazing. And I’m not going to deny that he gets me hard, just thinking about all those mus…” He stopped abruptly, then started again. “But you know that there’s more to a relationship than just the physical, man. You do know that.”

“Yeah, yeah. I understand that. But when push comes to shove, the simple fact is—and don’t try to deny this—you’d rather be in bed with him, than with me.”

Kent stood and closed the space between them. He put his hands on Adrian’s hips and said tenderly, “That’s not true, and you know it.”

“Really?” Willis stepped back. “Either you’re deluding yourself, or you’re out-and-out being dishonest, Matt. I will admit to you right now that I’d take him in a New York minute.”

Now it was Kent’s turn to step back. His face paled and his jaw dropped. “Really? Wow. Just… wow.”

“Oh come on, Matthew. That’s the whole point of the MASS program, isn’t it? To expose us to more and more desirable muscle bodies—to tempt us beyond what we can endure? Wake up, dude. That’s the whole reason we’re here! Major Tucker is the way he is for one reason only: To tempt us sexually. They’re not going to do that very well unless they give us exactly what our desires want to have! If you can’t admit that, then you’re in the wrong program, man.”

Kent shook his head quickly and shallowly. He blinked a few times, apparently trying to shake his brain awake. He sat back down on the bed, put his elbows on his knees and leaned forward, burying his face in his palms.

Willis sat beside him. He put and arm around him. “Matt, I don’t blame you for your feelings. Like I said, I have the same ones. But dude, you need to do some soul-searching. If you’re not being honest with yourself, you’re not going to make it far in MASS.”

Kent lifted his head and stared straight ahead. “I… I just don’t know. Maybe you’re right.” He turned his face to Willis. “But you are my love, man. I may be turned on to Major Tucker—just like you—but it’s purely physical.” His eyes pleaded with Adrian. “That much is true, isn’t it?”

Willis chuckled. “I believe it is. I trust that about you. And I feel the same way. It’s just…”


“It’s just that I don’t like the fact that you’re going to visit him this evening,” Willis said. “I freely admit that I’m as jealous as hell. And envious of you, too. Is that crazy or what?”

“Not crazy,” Kent chuckled. “You said it already: We’re both hopelessly turned on by him. Hell, that’s tough to admit.”

“But as long as we admit it, maybe we’ll be able to deal.”

Kent sighed. He looked at the carpet. “Well, I guess we really don’t have a choice. When you think about it, we’re at the very beginning of the MASS program. It’s bound to get even more difficult, don’t you think?”

“Yeah. I agree. When you think about it…” Willis cocked his head, thinking. “When you think about it, why do you think they pair up all of the MASS soldiers?”

A light went on in Kent. “Yeah. They probably know that couples are going to bond. Shit. It almost feels a little weird… to think that our love for each other might simply be a part of the program. God, that’s horrible!”

Adrian Willis pursed his lips. “Yeah. But whether it’s an intended result of MASS or not, my feelings for you are as real as anything I’ve ever felt.”

“Me too.”

“So, I guess there’s only so much self-analysis we can do. I suppose we don’t have a choice.”

“Yup. But I gotta tell you, Adrian,” Matt took his partner’s hands, “there’s no one in the universe I’d rather be in this boat with than you.”

Adrian smiled. It was genuine, but in his gut a pang wrenched a bit. He stared into Matthew Kent’s gorgeous dark eyes. Immediately that pang was replaced by a quickening of his cock. He leaned forward and the men kissed.

They fell backward onto the bed and began a kissing and petting session. Arms wrapped, hands felt, tongues explored, clothes fell off, throats moaned. They rolled over and on top of each other. And under.

Then, out of the blue, Matt stopped. He was on his back, staring up at Adrian, who was preparing to enter. “Wait,” Matthew said.

“What….” Adrian was puzzled.

“I… um…” Kent hesitated. He averted his gaze from Willis’ eyes. “The Major… he told me to not… this afternoon. I’m supposed to save myself for tonight.”

JUST BEFORE 1900 HOURS a car pulled up in front of the men’s quarters. Despite a few efforts on Kent’s part, Willis had said narry a word after Kent’s turndown. Matt knew how he felt, but regardless of his reassurances, his partner had fallen into a slump. A justifiable slump, but a slump nonetheless.

Matthew Kent figured, after a few tries, that maybe it was best to just leave Willis alone. Nothing he could say would console him, he knew, so continued attempts at patching things up would be useless at best, and anger-inducing at worst. When the car pulled up, Kent did, however, offer an, “Well, I’m off, man.” As soon as he said the words, he realized how flippant it sounded. Appending them with a, “Have a good evening,” only exacerbated the hollowness of his efforts. Shit, this was so fucked up.

Yet as soon as Kent got into the back of the car and it sped off across the base to the Major’s quarters, he felt that age-old stir of lust and libido. Images of Major Tucker filled his thoughts now, and he barely had room in his consciousness for a sliver of guilt. That sliver did cross his mind, but only for a brief moment did he entertain it. By the time the car stopped in front of the Major’s “barracks”, Kent had all but forgotten about Willis. Now, there was only Major Scott Tucker in his mind. And that was more than enough.

When he stood from the car and it sped off, he realized how goddamn hard he was. Fuck he was horny. Dinner and sex with that Level Five. Holy hell. Could he even make it through the first course without jumping across the table and accosting the Major?

Somehow Kent found himself on the porch of the Major’s quarters, and the door was opening. He didn’t remember ascending the few stairs, nor did he remember knocking.

But the door opened, and there, filling the entire doorway stood Major Tucker. He had put on a new uniform, and like the first, he filled it out to overflowing.

“Private!” Tucker smiled, “Come in! I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again.”

Kent gave a salute—which Tucker quickly returned—then entered. The Major closed and locked the door behind the Private. Kent stood at attention.

“At ease, Private,” Tucker smiled.

Kent removed his beret and tucked it under his arm, put his hands at the small of his back, and stood at ease.

Major Tucker circled to the front of the Private, eyeing him up and down with a lusty, suggestive smile. “Niiiiice,” he leered. “Kent, I have to say you look every bit as good as you did in my office. I’m going to have to send my compliments to the MASS doctors. They are doing some fine work here.” He stepped close to Kent as he talked, and as he finished his statement he gently cupped one hand on Kent’s crotch. He didn’t squeeze; he merely rubbed it up and down a few times. He pulled it away and stepped back. “Very fine work,” he smiled.

At the contact with his genitals, Kent’s entire body flooded with adrenalin. Sex overwhelmed him. His mind reeled with thoughts of Sex. Touching. Kissing. Fondling. Feeling rock-hard huge muscles. Kent’s mind swam in the swift-moving current of lust. He felt dizzy. It was as if that one caress had some kind of magic power over him. His knees nearly buckled. All he wanted was for Major Tucker to do it again. Please. One more time. Touch me like that again.

Of course, Kent knew if the Major were to actually do that again, he’d likely spontaneously come in his uniform. Tucker probably knew that. Hence the Major stepped back even farther. He waved toward a credenza at the side of the luxurious suite; it held all manner of liquor. “Please, can I offer you a drink?”

“Thank you, sir. Yes. Rum and Coke?”

Tucker smiled and crossed to the small table. Kent followed, examining that broad back. Shoulders out to here. Legs carved from the columns of the Parthenon. And in the center of all that massive breadth, a svelte waist and twin orbs of gluteal magnificence to make a man weep.

Somehow, despite being overwhelmed by Tucker’s off-the-charts body, Kent found some words. As he surveyed Tucker’s suite he commented, “Well, sir, if you don’t mind my saying, I think I’m going to work on climbing the ladder of the chain of command—if your quarters here are any indication of the perks.”

Major Tucker laughed as he turned around—a drink in each hand. He handed one to Kent and said, “There are definitely perks for those of us in the MASS program. You won’t find this kind of luxury in the regular forces.”

“No, sir. I’m certain of that.”

“Besides,” the Major continued with a lusting grin, “in my opinion I’m going to enjoy the best perk of all—tonight.” His eyes undressed the Private slowly; he sipped his drink while he lusted at Matthew Kent’s gorgeousness. Of course, Matt didn’t think himself gorgeous, but there was no doubt that the Major’s eyes did. “And if I might add,” Tucker continued, “I look forward to you, uh, climbing that ladder of command tonight.” He motioned for Kent to sit, and took an overstuffed chair for himself. “Do you think you’re up to it? Climbing… me?”

Kent shuddered audibly as he sat. His drink sloshed clumbsily in his hand; he put it on an end table.

Tucker chuckled. “Well, yes. I can see that you’re already up for it. God, Private, your privates are some of the best I’ve seen.”

“Th—thank you. Sir.” Kent grabed his glass again and took a sloppy drink. “But… I must say, they’re nothing compared to your… your fine….”

The Major cocked his head to one side. “You like my cock? Really?” His shit-eating grin was gorgeous. Obviously he was playing with Matt, but the Private could play like this forever. He nodded his head in answer.

“Hmmm,” Tucker smiled. “Well what do you know.” He sat his drink down, leaned into his chair, and opened his belt. He unzipped his uniform pants, opened his fly and retrieved his cock. It was semi-hard, and growing fast. “I wouldn’t want to deprive you of enjoying it. If I leave it out like this while we dine, would that be okay?”

Kent swallowed hard. His head began to throb and ring. The organ on the Major grew and grew into a hard, huge, thick pre-cum-dripping monolith, veritably plastered against his shirt. Tucker pulled his underwear open a bit more, adjusting everything so it would stay. The urethra was distende like a separate tube on the outside of the shaft. More veins than seemed possible crisscrossed the cock, feeding it. When it reached its zenith, it came nearly halfway up the Major’s torso—well above where his belly button must have been (covered by his shirt), and nearly up to his thick, protruding chest.

Kent’s heart raced. How in hell was he supposed to eat anything while that thing stared at him?

Major Tucker put his hands on the arms on his chair and relaxed. He became oblivious to Kent’s light-headness over his cock, and just launched into meaningless small-talk. Kent wouldn’t remember what the hell they talked about. All he’d remember is watching that thing bob and drip with sensuality.

Occasionally, while they talked, Tucker would move his fingers onto his shaft and give himself a long, slow stroke. Sometimes he’d stare at Kent while he did it; other times he watched himself pleasure himself. Then he’d place his hand back on the chair’s arm and continue talking as if nothing was amiss.

Kent was in a trance. The Major’s dick was like a magic wand, holding the Private in a spell. At one point, Kent caught a moment of lucidity, hearing Tucker repeatedly ask, “Are you? Private? Are you?”

“Uh—I’m sorry sir, um, am I what?”

The Major chuckled. “Matthew, eyes up here please.” He directed two fingers to his eyes.

Matthew Tucker coughed, embarrassed. He had indeed been totally just staring at the steel-hard, long thick pole. It was bigger than any cock he’d ever seen or even imagined. And it was totally gorgeous.

“Are you pleased with your parcipitation in the MASS program thus far?”

“Oh, yes, sir. Very much. Yes.” He took another long draught of his liquor. “Very pleased. Sir.”

Again Tucker chuckled; it turned into an all-out smile—the kind that ripped Matt’s heart right out of his chest and made him want to crawl into a fetal position and die right then and there, provided he could do it in the Major’s lap… preferabally holding onto the skyscraper that protruded out of his crotch. “Well, that’s good,” Tucker said. “I have to admit, you, Private Kent, show much promise. More promise than I’ve seen in any of the MASS soldiers. I’m confident you’re going to progress through the MASS levels faster than anyone yet.”

“Th— thank you, sir. Wow. That’s quite something to hear.”

Tucker nodded, smiling.

Eventually, the Major said, “Well, let’s get started on dinner, shall we?” He stood and Kent followed. After they were both seated, a door to what must have been the kitchen opened. The Private who would serve them dinner was easily a Level Two, just like Kent. He had blond Army-reg-short hair and was built every bit as well-built as Kent or Willis. His thick neck mimicked the Major’s, even though compared to Tucker’s it was merely a wannabe. In any other situation, though, the Private would have been the man of the day. Kent’s cock jumped upon seeing him.

“Ah, Private Bailey,” the Major smiled. “What have you cooked up for us tonight?”

Kent didn’t hear Bailey’s words. The combined effect of Bailey’s delicious body and Tucker’s inhuman one made him dizzy with sex. Bailey served the first course, setting plates in front of both men. But before he retired to the kitchen, the Major cocked his head in a come ‘ere motion. Bailey leaned down and began to kiss the Major. It was long, and sensual.

Kent nearly filled his pants with cream.

Then, as if all this wasn’t enough, Bailey—having obviously been given permission—took his long, muscular fingers and ran them up and down Tucker’s insurmountable shaft while they kissed.

Kent was beside himself. He watched, wide-eyed, forced to call upon his sexual stimulation resistance training.

Finally Bailey stood tall and removed his hand from Major Tucker’s huge cock. He was understandably flushed. The Major excused him, and he took his leave.

Tucker looked at Kent, who was nearly panting over this display. “Oh, I see you liked that, huh? Well let’s don’t get ahead of ourselves now.” He looked down at his throbbing organ. “You’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy this… and all of me.” He looked back up at Matt and added, “I hope you made it clear to Private Willis that you wouldn’t be returning to your quarters tonight.”

Kent immediately registered the guilt and unease that realization brought. No, he hadn’t told Adrian this would be an all-night affair. He was momentarily overcome with anxiety and shame. What would his partner think? Adrian was obviously already in distress over Matt’s visit to Tucker. This would certainly be untenable to him. “Um…” Kent fumbled for words.

“Not to worry,” Tucker jumped in. “I’ll have Private Bailey—Connor Bailey—call and tell him. Maybe I’ll order Bailey to tell Willis personally. One can only imagine that your partner will be needing some consolation tonight. Connor will certainly prove a worthy companion.”

For some reason that idea brought only comfort to Kent’s thoughts. He had no room to consider jealousy. Not when he was sitting across the table from Major Tucker, and was about to embark on a night filled with wild sex and unimaginable muscle worship.

Tucker dragged the tip of his forefinger from the root of his shaft, up the pulsing urethra, all the way to the tip of his helmet, then dipped it into his piss slit, retrieving a shiny thread of pre-cum, and brought it to his mouth. He inserted his finger quite seductively.

That was all Kent needed to get his mind off Willis. There would be no further thoughts of his partner for the rest of the night.

THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MEAL, Major Tucker’s cock remained as erect as the Washington Monument. It protruded vertically from the Major’s pants. Otherwise fully clothed, Major Tucker ate and conversed as if nothing was unusual. As if it was totally normal for him to dine with his gigantic boner exposed.

For his part, Kent had a hard time eating, not to mention concentrating on any semblence of conversation with Tucker. It was just too much to bear. The dining table was definitely too small for the three of them: Kent, Tucker, and Tucker’s enormous cock.

With each new course, Bailey would set the plates, and then give his CO a languid, long, delicious kiss—and an accompanying stroke or three. And when it was time for dessert, Matthew Kent was in no way prepared for what happened.

After Tucker ordered Bailey to visit Willis later, he then ordered the Private to stand at attention. Baily snapped into attention, awating what came next. And what came next was nothing short of delerium-inducing amazing. Tucker, still seated, unzipped Bailey’s uniform pants, pulled the stud’s underwear down and hefted Bailey’s generous cock and balls out. The man was nearly hard already, and within seconds achieved 100 percent erection. He remained at attention.

“Now, Private,” Tucker began, “I’m going to touch you a bit. You are to remain at attention, and you must not come until ordered. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Bailey said, staring straight ahead at the far wall.

Major Tucker took one fingertip and rand it up Bailey’s cock. The thing bounced at Tucker’s touch. Tucker then held it, and began stroking. Only a few strokes though. He stopped, and both he and Kent stared while Private Bailey winced, his cock bobbing with each of his heartbeats.

“You know, Bailey,” Tucker smiled, looking at the desert he’d just been served, “I think this strawberry dessert needs something else.”

“Yes, sir,” Bailey acknowledged.

“Could you please give it your special touch, Connor?”

“Yes, sir.”

Major Tucker lifted his dessert plate in front of Bailey’s cock, and without further stimulation the Private held very still—obviously concentrating. It only took a second before his enormous shaft began producing rope after rope of shiny, white cum. The Major moved his dessert plate to catch each shot. He managed to land most of Bailey’s ejaculate on his dessert. “Okay, Private, stop.”

Wincing again, Private Bailey ceased his orgasm. It was obvious he wasn’t done yet. He flinched. Obviously he had more to give.

“Private Kent,” Major Tucker smiled, “would you like some on yours?”

Matthew Kent was definitely a swallower. He had no problem in consuming cum. “Yes, please, sir.”

Tucker looked up at Bailey’s pained face, and nodded.

Bailey stepped to the other end of the table and stood at attention. He waited for Kent to lift his plate, and as soon as it was in a relatively good position, he groaned and released the rest of his orgasm. “Ohhhhhh,” Bailey moaned loudly. God, it must have been hell to stop in the middle like he had.

Kent moved his plate around as best he could to catch the volleys of Bailey’s cum. Clearly he needed more practice, as much of Bailey’s semen plopped onto the white tablecloth. Yet Kent was able to nab much of the delicious topping, and by the time Connor was done squirting, Matthew’s strawberry shortcake glistened with the added froth.

“Very good,” Tucker smiled as he dug into his dessert. “But you did miss quite a bit, Kent. Bailey, could you please let Private Kent see if he can suck out the last vestiges?”

“Yes, sir.” Bailey stepped right next to Kent’s side and waved his erection in Kent’s face.

Not needing to be instructed, Kent opened and went down on the long, thick organ. It was easily as long as his own, and perhaps a bit larger in diamater. He humped it slowly, but sucked hard. A few more dollops of semen were extracted, and Kent swallowed it all. God that thing was thick! And Long! He went down on it a few more times before the Major ordered him to desist.

Bailey stood at attention as his dick thwapped up against his uniform’s shirt.

“You’re excused, Private,” Major Tucker said.

Bailey left the room; in a few minutes Matthew heard the car leave.

The Major wiped his lips with his napkin and placed it on the table, smiling. “Well,” he said, “shall we retire to my bedroom?” He stood, and Kent followed him into the bedroom suite. 

THE MAJOR’S BEDROOM WAS LARGE, and decorated with a tastful, masculine touch. Earth tones. The large king bed was a four-poster, each post was thick and strong. Aside from the huge mirror mounted directly above the bed, the room was conservatively appointed. Just like Matthew would choose.

“Welcome to my lair,” Tucker said as he led the Private into the room. He turned around and faced Kent. He looked down at his still-erect and obvious cock. “As you can see, Private, I am anticipating an enjoyable night, just the two of us.”

Kent cleared his throat. “As am I, sir.”

Tucker took a step forward. Looking deep into Kent’s eyes he asked softly, “Does it do anything to you, to know that the reason I’ve been hard all evening is because of you?”

Again, Kent cleared his throat—half coughing. His nerves were tight. His heartbeats were accelerated. “Yes, sir. It does.”

Another step toward the Private. The Major unzipped Kent’s pants. “Well, let’s just see exactly what it does do for you.” He slipped his hand inside Matthew Kent’s shorts. His warm, strong hand was gentle and tender. Matt let out a loud whimper: “Ohhhhuuuuuuahh.”

The Major was pleased. He smiled, and continued to explore his man’s throbbing boner. He felt Matthew’s balls, coddling them a moment. He adjusted everything down there so that when he withdrew his hand, a good two-thirds of Kent’s hardened 14 inches stuck out of his shorts. It gurgled with shiny pre-cum.

“I’d fondle that thing all night, Matt,” Tucker smiled. “But I’m going to take it slow with you. I hope you’re hydrated, Private. You’re going to come all night long; you’ll need lots of fluid.”

“Ye— yes, sir.” Matt had no idea what he was agreeing to. Or why. He stared at Tucker’s gorgeous, masculine, square-jawed face.

Tucker stepped back. “Well now. Let’s try something different, shall we? This afternoon in my office, you and your cute little partner got to watch me flex and pose for you. What do you say we switch that up. I’d like to watch you flex those big muscles of yours.”

“Sir?” Matthew hesitated. “I mean, of course, sir. But… I can’t imagine that you’d be interested in my body. I mean… I’m small compared to… to you.” He punctuated his statement with a quick eye-tour up and down Major Tucker’s uniformed body.

Tucker laughed. “You Level Ones are cute. Tell me, Matt, have you ever gotten off by someone smaller than yourself?”

“Well, yes, sir. Of course.”

“Yes. That’s likely because aside from the MASS men who are Level Three and above, there are no men as big as yourself, right?”

“That’s true, sir.”

“And what about those smaller guys turn you on?”

“Well, I suppose, I don’t really compare myself with those smaller guys. I mean, a guy who weighs 275 pouinds who is solid muscle—he’s going to be a turn-on no matter how big I am.”

“Indeed,” Tucker agreed. “That’s my perspective about you too. Your file says you weighed 310 pounds yesterday at check-in. That’s nothing to shake a stick at, Private.” He grabbed his own cock and waved it back and forth. “Unless, you’re shaking this stick,” he grinned.

“Yes, sir.” Matthew shuddered, knowing the Major was that hard and erect just because of him.

“So, Matt, strip down. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

“Yes, sir.” Matthew fumbled and faltered nervously as he began taking off his clothes.

“Oh, and Matthew, when you’re here in my bedroom, feel free to call me Scott,” Tucker smiled. “I want the atmosphere in here to be a bit more… intimate, okay?”

“Yes, sir— I mean, S—Scott.” It felt like heresy to use his CO’s first name. But orders were orders.

“Just remember,” the Major added, “only in this room. Understood?”

“Yes, s— Scott.” Kent fumbled some more, trying to strip, but admittedly, he was a basket of nerves.

Apparently the Maj— Scott saw that. Tucker stood. “Here, let me help you.” He stepped close. Matthew froze. Scott looked into his eyes and placed his hands on Matt’s cheeks. “God, Matthew. You are… I’ve never been attracted to a man like I am to you. Holy fuck, how did you get to be so damn good looking?”

Matthew didn’t answer.

Scott Tucker moved his face close and the two men began kissing. They both groaned, but surprisingly—to Matt anyway—it was Scott’s groan that was the loudest. Matt’s hands were on Scott’s body now, and as the Major moaned and groaned more—while they languidly kissed—Matthew felt the huge body under his palms tremble and vibrate with lusty pleasure. Matt was beside himself when Scott pulled back for a second and whispered softly into his ear, “God damn, Matt. Fucking god damn. I want to be with you so bad. I wanted you the day I saw you—when you came into MASS as just a recruit.” He resumed his kissing.

Four hands tenderly moved over all manner of unbelievable muscle. Squeezing, tensing, caressing, fondling.

Scott began to unbutton Matthew’s uniform; he pulled it open. As the Major had said, 310 pounds of fat-free muscle is nothing to sneeze at, and while Tucker worked the Private’s sleeves down over his 23-inch arms, the fabric didn’t go peacefully. Finally, the shirt lay on the floor. Now it was time for Matt’s T-shirt. The Major started by slipping his hands under the fabric and feeling out the massive chest of his man. Matthew whimpered. God, this he-man of incomprehensible muscle was getting off on his body! Soon, Private Kent was shirtless. Then pantless. Then totally naked. Fourteen inches of 20-year-old youthful meat soared into the air, dripping with streams of pre-cum.

Tucker sat on the edge of the bed, still clothed, save for that waving, wagging weapon of MASS destruction at his front side.

Seeing the lust in his CO’s eyes, Matthew got right to work. He lifted his arms and flexed into a double-bi. His genitically-gifted upper arm muscles split into two peaked heads—the highest one climbing to an elevation that was truly unbelievable.

So unbelievable that Scott’s cock jumped at the sight. “Damn, Matthew. Fucking god damn.

Spurred on by his superior’s encouragement, Matthew Kent moved from pose to pose. All the while, his delicious, hard cock extended into the room—somewhere around a 75-degree angle.

After having hit every conceivable pose he knew, Matthew stood still—relaxed.

Scott stood. “Can you do all of that again? I’d like you to go through your poses once more.”

As Matt obliged, the Major took the opportunity to enjoy the routine again—but this time not merely with his eyes. Matthew hit pose after pose, and with each flex, Scott’s hands slid over the mounds of bulging muscles, squeezing them, tightening around them, testing them, fondling all of the Private’s body. In between poses, Scott availed himself of Matt’s dripping cock, squeezing it as well, sloshing the Private’s pre-cum up and down it.

It was more stimulating than anything Matt had ever experienced—save, perhaps, for the muscle worship session in the Major’s office earlier that day. Regardless, every time he hit a posed and flexed for Scott, and Scott’s hands moved over and around his tight, throbbing muscles—not to mention his tight, throbbing cock—Matthew found himself moving closer and closer to orgasm.

How was it that this paragon of muscular development was enjoying touching him?! While he posed, Matt became lost under Tucker’s touch. But more than that, he was lost in the visual stimulation of watching Scott’s muscles bulged under his uniform, right in front of him. Even fully clothed, Scott Tucker’s body was pure bliss.

Matt’s posing, and Scott’s feeling, must have lasted a good fifteen minutes; it felt a lot longer. It was at that point Matthew moved from impossibly stimulated to over-the-edge galvanized in orgasmic bliss. While Scott’s hands were on his waving pecs, Matt began to shoot. And shoot. He gave out a yip when the first blast flew out of his slit and landed on Tucker’s shirt. The second ejaculation brought Matt’s eyes closed. His entier body jerked and tightened. By the time the Major’s uniform was splotched with numerous spots of semen, his lips were on the Private’s mouth again. He put one hand on Matt’s throbbing cock and nursed the rest of the jizz out.

Matt nearly bit off Scott’s tongue. This orgasm certainly tied with the one in the Major’s office for the most intense of Matthew’s life. Fortunately he was able to reign in his jaw muscles long enough to withdraw. But as soon as Tucker’s tongue was out, Matt clenched his teeth—hard—and let loose with a guttural yell while he wetted Scott’s shirt with more and more discharges of cum. The room filled with Kent’s expletives. Scott grasped Kent’s cock with just the right amount of resistance, milking every last drop of semen from the gigantic organ.

THE MAJOR STEPPED BACK when he was satisfied that the Private was done. While Matthew panted heavily—so hard that his gigantic chest heaved with each breath—Scott looked down at his drenched shirt. “My, my,” he smiled. “It’s a shame we didn’t have you hooked up to the EMM. I bet you just set some kind of record, Matt.”

Between breaths, Matthew smiled. “Well, I don’t think I would have come nearly as much if I was hooked up to the Ejaculate Measuring Machine. It was being so close to you—and you touching me—that made me cum so hard.”

“Perhaps,” Scott grinned. “But I do think you probably broke some kind of record, Matt.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right. It had to be a personal best, at least,” he smiled weakly. “Damn, Major. I don’t think I’ve ever….”

“Scott,” Scott corrected. “Remember?”

“Yes, s—Scott. It’s just hard to remember. Especially when you’re still in uniform.”

Scott Tucker regarded his wet shirt. “Well, as a matter of fact, I was just about to get rid of this thing. Somehow it’s been all stained.” He looked up and smiled at Matthew. “I’m sure it’s not worth wearing anymore. But I don’t intend to wash it, Matt. I plan on saving it. I’m going to keep it next to my bed, and sleep with it every night.”

“Whoa,” Kent sighed. “That’s… amazing.”

“You’re amazing, Matthew.” Scott lifted some of the wet fabric to his face and inhaled. He closed his eyes. “Goddamn. I can smell you so well. Definitely going to sleep with this. Forever.”

“Fuck, sir.”

Scott chuckled. He stood. “Well, since this is no good a a shirt anywmore, would you mind if I took it off now? You know… my favorite way?”

Matt’s cock, having lost only about half of its stiffness, jumped at the thought. Then it started getting fully hard again.

“Dude,” Scott smiled at it, “that’s some wicked-fast recovery there.”

“I wonder why,” Matthew Kent smiled.

Without another word, Major Scott Tucker flexed into a most-muscular pose, right in front of Matthew’s face. The muscles under his mostly-wet uniform shirt bulged, grew, and ripped the fabric apart. Even with all the wetness, the fabric easily gave up its muscular contents, splitting into strips of useless fabric and falling to the floor. A few seconds of tidying up gave way to a totally shirtless upper body.

Matthew moaned at the sight. Was it possible that the Major was even bigger tonight than earlier today? Even more vascular? Even more striated and ripped? His upper body rippled with dizzying size and cock-stiffening musculature. Perhaps Matt had simply forgot how huge Tucker was. That would be understandable. How could any human mind store that kind of proportional wonder—that amount of physical manliness and muscle. That must be it. No way could the Major be bigger and more ripped than this morning; it simply had to be that Matt’s brain had no way of storing what he’d seen earlier. Yeah, that had to be it.

Regardless, as Scott pushed his slacks down over his impossible upper legs and rendered himself totally naked, Matt experienced the whole scene as if he’d never been to the Major’s office that morning. Everything was new. And that everything hit the Private like a freight train derailing at 100 mph. Inside a tunnel. Carrying armed nuclear warheads.

Muscles on top of muscles throbbed with powerful virility. Scott’s breathtaking face beamed with confidence. His physique seemed to fill the entire room. He stood there, erect, letting Matthew take in what he could. His shaft—all fifteen inches of steel-hard, thicker-than-a-beer-can glory—was plastered against his abdominals. Scott’s arms were monstrous ordinances of muscle; shoulders that were just entirely sick. And that tiny waist: How was it possible that well over 400 pounds of 6-foot-six muscle could be all tied together at that waist? It had to be 31 inches around, if that. But despite it’s narrow circumference, that lower torso was pure core muscle and power. Obliques and abdominals and serratus, oh my! Fucking intoxicating.

Matthew just gawked and stared. He didn’t know where to land his eyes. At every turn, every new muscle he saw, he was overhwelmed. Then, Scott moved his hand onto his own organ and began stroking. Slowly. “Damn, Matthew,” he said, “When you look at me like that, and your cock gets all hard again, it gets me all horny inside.”

“Um… likewise.”

Scott cocked his head in a “come ‘ere” and fell back onto the bed. Matt didn’t need to be invited twice. Soon the two muscle bodies were entwined and entangled in a glorious, sensual petting and muscle-worship session. They exchanged sweat. They exchanged saliva. They traded pre-cum. And it would only be a matter of time before they each filled the others’ ass with their hot jizz.

Scott let Matt top first. Might have been a mistake. While Matthew ejaculated into Scott’s tight ass, he fell onto that rippling, broad back, and just came-and-came-and-came. When he was done with that orgasm, he just stayed inside his CO. “I… I think I might be stuck. Don’t know if I can pull out,” he said.

Tucker chuckled, and the bass of his laugh resonated through both men’s muscular bodies. “You mean, like when dogs or horses do it? You’re stuck?”

“Yes, sir.”


“Yes, Scott.” Would he ever get used to calling him that?

“Well, don’t worry about it, Matt. I think we’re both pretty-well spent. You just relax on top of me. Take a nap if you need. You’ll soften eventually.”

“Not sure about that, man. But I guess I don’t have a choice. Being on top of you—and smelling all of your muscles—I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to leave you.”

Another laugh from the Major. “Go to sleep, Matt.”

HE DIDN’T KNOW HOW LONG he’d been sleeping, but the next thing Matthew Kent knew was waking up while the muscle mountain under him was gently rolling on its side.

Even though he’d been asleep, Matt was still pretty hard: a side effect of the body-to-body, muscle-to-muscle contact they’d been sharing. But with Scott’s gentle movement, and a healthy tug on Matt’s part, the Private was able to extricate himself from Tucker’s ass. A pool of jizz flowed out of the Major’s red sphincter, puddling on the sheet between his legs. There was more cum than Scott’s ass could hold. No news there.

As soon as he’d awoken, Matt started to get hard again. No news there. He’d been hydrating for the past hours, making sure to drink plenty of fluid whenever he could. But he was tired. Nearing exhaustion, really. Scott, though, seemed as spry and energetic as ever. God, what kind of man could keep up with this muscle god? Matthew lay on his side, facing Scott, who was now on his back, staring at the mirror above.

“I like the mirror,” Matthew said.

“Me too,” Scott smiled.

Matt moved a hand onto the Major’s closest pectoral and started to fondle it. The nipple, the impossibly thick meat. “Do you use it a lot? The mirror? To get off?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Tucker smiled.

“By yourself?”

“Yeah.” Scott turned his head to face Matthew. “When you get to Level Five, you’ll find that you become one hell of a horny sex machine. I can’t tell you how many times a day I jack off—to my own body, usually.”

“Fuuuuuuck,” Matt moaned. He felt the blood flood into his cock at that thought. “Do you think… I could watch?”

Scott smiled. Damn, those teeth were perfect. Everything about the man was perfect. “I suppose.”

Matthew left his hand on Scott’s beefy chest while the man took himself in his hand and started stroking. Slowly. While he stroked he asked, “You do realize I don’t actually need to touch myself.”

“Yeah, I saw that this morning.”

“But sometimes it’s just more fun. This thing is fucking amazing. I love holding myself.”

“Fuuuuck,” Matthew moaned.

Within the minute, Scott’s towered pole was spraying the air. Rope after rop of semen flew up, hovered for a split-second, then fell onto his torso. Some of the bursts wet the back of Matt’s hand while he felt out Scott’s chest.

“How was that?” Scott asked as he squeezed the last of his ejaculate out of his slit.

“God, fuck,” was all Matthew could get out.

Scott chuckled. “I’ll take that as a sign you approve.”

For some reason, a thought struck Matthew, and it hit hard. Suddenly the Private grew pensive and melancholy. His hand slipped off the pec.

Scott turned his fact toward Matthew’s. “What’s wrong?”

The Private took a moment to collect his thoughts. “Well, I… I, um just realized….”

Scott lifted his eyebrows in question.

“I think I’ve bonded to you. I don’t know how to describe it, but the thought of leaving this bed, and your presence, it makes me want to double over. I don’t know if I could actually….”

Scott rolled onto his side, facing his man. “Hey.” He took Matt’s cheeks in his hands. “Hey, man. You okay?”

Tears welled in Matthew’s eyes at Scott’s tenderness. “I… I dunno.”

“Hey Matt. It’s gonna be okay. I promise. You and I… we have a lot of good times ahead of us. It’s going to be alright.”

Matthew sighed; a lone tear dripped out of his eye and rolled downward, landing in his ear. “How do guys survive after they’ve been with you, man?” he asked softly.

Scott pursed his lips. He sighed. “Dude, you’re going to be okay. I promise. The program is designed to help you with that. This is all part of the progress.”

Matthew frowned. “You mean, this… my time here in your bed… this is all just part of the MASS program?”

“No. Well, yes. But no!” Scott said. “Matt, I’ve had scores of MASS soldiers in my bed. So in that sense, yes it is part of the program. All MASS agents need to experience unimaginable pleasure, in order to learn how to resist it. But you’re different, Private.” Scott kissed Matthew’s lips. “Matt, you are different. I’ve never felt about any man like I do now, toward you.”

Matthew sighed again. “I just don’t understand.”

“I know. Let’s just shelve this discussion for awhile, k? I promise things will get better.” He kissed Matt again, then pulled back. “But one thing that must happen now… well, you already fucked my ass. So, I think it’s time for me to return the favor.”

“Oh, god, Scott. You really do want to do me in, don’t you. You have to know that once you take me, there will be no way I’ll be able to leave your side.”

Scott smiled. “To be honest, I can’t wait to see that. Huge muscle stud like you all needy and powerless.”

“You might enjoy seeing that, but truthfully, it already feels like some kind of major drug withdrawal—only magnified by a thousand. It makes me….”

Scott kissed Matthew’s forehead. “Hey. Enough talking. Let’s enjoy this. The future will happen with or without our permission.”

Before he knew what was happening, Matthew found himself on his back, placed there by Scott’s gigantic, powerful arms. The Major hovered over him, grinning. “You’re mine, Matt.” Tucker lowered his massive physique onto Matt’s, supporting his over-400-pounds with his elbows outside the Private’s arms and shoulders. He began raping Matthew’s mouth with his tongue again. He propped his weight onto one arm and took the opposite hand down to the Private’s cock, stroking it slowly. Then he moved his long, muscular fingers lower and put his middle finger into Matt’s ass. Then another finger. He massaged and opened it. Clearly, he knew that in order to receive his horse-sized cock a man whould have to be stretched— a lot. Somehow Scott procured some lube and began preparing Matthew’s sphincter, stretching it, wetting it, nearly shoving his whole hand inside. Yeah, apparently—undoubtedly—the Major’s cock would require an orifice of substantial diameter.

The prep took quite awhile, and even then Matt was dubious as to whether he could take the whole thing. But evidently the Major was done getting things ready down there, and Matthew didn’t really have a choice.

Not that he wanted a choice. He wanted that cock so bad. If Scott’s shaft split him wide open and irreparably damaged him for life… what a glorious injury to sustain! Matthew was drunk with desire. “Put it in, man,” he begged. “God fuck me. I want you inside me.”

Scott was silent as he worked.

Matt stared at the Major’s face, inebriated with lust. The idea that this god was going to move inside him—it was beyond belief.

Scott took Matthew’s wrists, stretching them out and above his head. He forced Matt’s legs wide with one knee. His muscular body rippled. His stunning face was serious. Matt felt the log pole at his ass now. Scott pressed it. Time to dance. Time to experience what it’s like to be taken by a muscle god. Matthew’s heart felt like it would pound out of his chest.

Scott pressed more, poking his helmet against his hole. 

IT WAS 4AM, AND PRIVATE KENT was shooting blanks. Had been for the past hour or so. But despite being drained of all his semen, he couldn’t stop coming. About every fifteen minutes, Matthew had been recovering, and then he just shot again. It had begun to hurt. His dry ejaculations were becoming uncomfortable. But as long as he remained in bed with Scott, and his hands moved over and around those staggering muscles, he couldn’t help it.

“Matthew, you’re getting dehydrated,” the Major whispered into the Private’s ear.

“You think?” Matt said weakly.

“Maybe we need to take a break, dude.”

“I think the only thing that will work is for me to go into the other room.”

“Okay. I think that’s a good idea. I think my muscles are a bit too much for you, man.”

“Yeah.” Matthew slid out of bed; his cock was 100 per cent. “I’ll crash on your couch for awhile, if that’s okay.”

“Good idea,” Scott said. “And take another Gatorade on your way out.”

“I already drank all of them.”

“Okay. Well, water then. That’s an order.”

Matthew stopped at the door and turned back to face Scott. He snapped a salute, despite both men being definitely out of uniform. “Yes, sir,” he smiled.


[Oh, you'll wanna stay tuned…]


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