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Chad  • CHAPTER 3

by Sean Reid Scott  — First published years ago.


[NOTICE: This story contains vivid descriptions of homosexual encounters. There's lurid, kinky sex here. Homo sex. It's prolly straight out of HELL, if you're inclined to hold the religious perspective. Really, this story is not for those who button the collar tightly. If you can't stomach this kind of smut, skedaddle. Likewise if you're under 18.]



OF COURSE, ALL PRETENSE of heterosexual modesty and straight decorum was totally out the window now. Had been for quite a few minutes. Still, this was my first time, and I was scared-- scared to throw my inhibitions to the wind, scared that he still might be toying with me-- laying a trap of some kind-- that once I touched him, there, he’d knock the shit out of me.

Yet Chad just grinned as his eyes moved between his ever-growing cock and my eyes, inviting me, as it were, to hold it. “It’s okay,” he reassured, “it’s not poisonous or anything.” 

Again, my hand trembled as I extended it. But let me tell you, the risk I took in touching him was definitely worth it. Big-time rewards and payoff. As my fingers slipped onto it, he opened his pants wider for me. The thing throbbed. I could feel it grow, thicken, lengthen, pulse. If his body was a mass of vascular, ripped muscle, his cock was an iron pole-- just as vascular as the rest of him. As it slowly rose in the air, my fingertips glided up it; I swear that a blind person would have been able to read something in the braille words that his veins formed on his shaft. It didn’t take long for my trembling to subside-- Chad was enjoying my touch so much, I could tell he wasn’t going to turn on me. I held it, and then stroked it. I gave him long, slow strokes, moving from the top of his head, all the way down to the base, burying my fingertips in his thick, black pubes. He closed his eyes and moaned. He loved every bit of it.

His precum gurgled up and the shiny, clear fluid formed a string that slowly fell toward the floor. I didn’t interrupt its course, holding Chad’s mighty cock tight and still, as my eyes followed the glistening drop downward.

He flexed his cock in my hand, in response to my finger’s tightened grip.

God, that thing was thick.

And warm.

And harder than a baseball bat.

Chad opened his eyes and began pushing his khaki shorts down. It wasn’t a foregone conclusion that those quads were going to allow (or even could allow) safe passage to the fabric. Chad had to kind of shimmy them down, and the struggle was a mighty one. I held his cock in my hand as he pushed them lower. He bent forward to finish the task, and still, my hand held his dick. Eventually the shorts fell to the floor, along with his boxers; he stood straight and stepped out of them, as well as his sandals. Now totally naked, with my hand still gently holding his manhood, Chad became inspired to give me another muscle show.

Guys, I gotta tell you, it was the most mind-blowing thing I have ever experienced. If you’ve never stood next to a behemoth of a bodybuilder who is drop-dead gorgeous, confident, ripped beyond belief and bigger than god himself-- all while he poses and flexes those impossibly huge muscles, just for you-- and all of this while you hold his cock in your hand!!-- well, if you’ve never experienced that, no amount of words that I could write could ever begin to do the experience justice.

Chad slowly went through pose after pose; he had obviously spent some time on the stage. And the whole time, it just seemed so natural for me to hold his hard, dripping cock. When he paused in a double bi, I gave him a long, slow stroke, and he closed his eyes for a second, before moving to a most muscular. In this pose, I brought my other hand up and began feeling his neck, shoulder and arm. That inspired him to start the whole routine again, this time with one hand on his cock and the other feeling his flexed muscles.

Heaven itself couldn’t be this good.

Chad worked up a little sweat while he posed, and his boner never subsided a bit. When he finally finished, and just stood there, I continued to hold his raging hardon. His grin said it all. 

I squeezed him, and then moved my hand down onto his balls; he nodded down at his genitals, letting me know what was next. I let go of it and kneeled.

The thing bobbed right in front of my face. It pointed straight up! Right against his abs. God, I didn’t know a guy could get this hard! My field of vision was bookended by his mammoth quads. Rivulets of muscle and veins filled my eyes, out to the edges; and in the center a monolith of biblical proportions indeed. 

I put my hands on those hot, hard quads to steady myself and slowly moved my face forward. The thing was so beautiful, I didn’t know where to start. Should I begin at the top-- where that purple, shiny apple glistened with clear nectar? Or should I lick the outer ridge, where the nectar flowed downward, and taste the sweet goodness as my tongue rubs against that hard shaft and soaks up the juice? Or should I kiss the base, letting my lips expand onto the lower part of his ridge, wrapping themselves around it in an attempt to experience the manly hardness of his being. Or, should I bury my nose in his dark, thick pubes-- inhaling his masculinity, nuzzling myself into his most private place, drawing into my lungs the essence of his scent, wrapping my nose in his moist, warm matte, allowing his soft pubic curls to crawl up my nostrils while I tenderly lick and kiss the rocks that hang in the wet sacs beneath.

Such decisions.

Before I could choose the course of action, though, Chad presented me with a distraction. Under my palms, his concrete-hard quadriceps flexed.

Oh my god.

I could feel the earth move in his muscles.

They rippled, and my hands pitched and yawed as the landscape under their grasp rolled and moved with herculean power. Then his legs froze, steeling themselves into rock-- rock with minute ridges and deep valleys-- rock that was chiseled better than Michelangelo ever could have dreamed-- rock that had huge lumps and unreal networks of veins and vessels. 

Then, he flexed them again, and my hands rode the waves once again. I moved them over and under, to the side and around, as he flexed. I looked up at him; he looked down at me-- deeply into my eyes, and smiled. He knew what he was doing to me; he knew how much control he held over me.

After a few minutes of this, the cock that bobbed in front of my eyes regained my attention, and, considering the options I had gone over a few moments before, I elected to go with the latter choice. I slowly moved my face forward, still holding both of my hands on his legs. I made the trajectory of my approach so that when I landed, my nose first grazed the side of his mighty phallus. I slid it downward slowly, inhaling the magnificence of his genitals. His curly black hair did indeed inter into my nostrils, and I pushed in farther, bringing my lips to the warm, stretched, moist skin that held the hanging, sweet jawbreakers. I nuzzled my nose next to the base of his cock, and began to massage his nuts with my lips. I opened wider, sucking one, creating a vacuum that held it against my mouth-- then wider, bringing the forbidden fruit almost all the way inside.

My right hand moved up and down his leg; my left one moved up onto his hip.

My mouth opened all the way now, and I pulled his ball into my mouth. I bathed it with my tongue, tightening around it, and then loosening.

Chad groaned, and I could tell from the way his moaning changed in intensity and echo that he had dropped his head back.

I held his nut in my mouth, breathing in the black hair of his pubes. My right hand began making the long, laborious, slow journey over Chad’s hard quadriceps, downward and inward, so it could join in the fun. But, as they often say, the journey is the thing, isn’t it. My palm and fingers made sure to enjoy every ridge, every valley, every hard, warm mound of leg muscle. I sucked and played with his testicle, and my hand tortured him with anticipation of the arrival. 

More muscle than should be allowed by law now whimpered at my touch. 

I opened my mouth and allowed his nutmeat to fall back into the fresh air, where I could lick it. And boy, did I lick it. As my right hand finally arrived at its destination, my fingers spread and wrapped around the base; my thumb pulled the sacs upward, so my tongue could better tend to its duties. Chad moaned more.

“Gaawwwwwwwd,” he said. “You sure you’ve never given a guy a blow job before?”

I smiled as I licked. “Quick learner, I guess.”

When the tip of my tongue reached under the sacs and touched his perineum, Chad inhaled quickly, gasping. Then he held his breath. I moved the tip of my tongue over his sex spot-- ever-so slightly. 

He yelped, then whimpered. I could sense this whole body flex and tighten.

I did it again.

He gasped for air. He seemed on the verge of begging for mercy.

I rubbed the side of my face against his pole, and a few drops of his precum shook loose and landed on the top of my ear. I could feel the liquid slowly travel down the back side of my ear, forming a small river between the cartilage and my head, and suddenly the thought of all that glorious juice going to waste was overwhelming. I pulled up and wet my tongue, and then began to lick the long, wide shaft, slowly moving my rough taste buds up it, meeting the steady stream of fluid that his piss slit was spewing so profusely. 

The river-rock of Chad’s abs hovered in front of my eyes as my tongue continued up the steel pipe. God, his abs were unbelievable. As he breathed in and out, they  expanded and contracted in slow, sensual rhythm. His breaths were deep. Higher, in my peripheral vision, I could see his gargantuan chestplate also rise and fall with his breathing, and I noticed his peanut-nipples hanging down on the edge of his pecslabs, looking over my work. When my mouth arrived at the pinnacle of his phallus, I lost no time in opening my lips, tasting the warm, circumcised head with my lips and tongue. 

I teased him, keeping my mouth on his smooth head for about a minute. Then I withdrew and began giving him a wet bath of my saliva, lapping and licking his mighty cock in slow, languid strokes.

He put his hands on my shoulders to steady himself. 

My tongue bathed his cock and balls, making his genitals glisten as they throbbed. Up and down my tongue coursed, slowly and deliberately.

Finally, it was time. I moved back to the top, placed my lips on the head and opened them. I wriggled the tip of my tongue into his piss slit as my lips parted and slid downward. I wrapped my lips around the thick ridge of his cut, and held it there. With both hands at the base of his dick, I slowly slid his member into my warm, wet mouth.

Chad put one hand on my head, encouraging me on.


Lower still.

I had to open my throat to get in all the way in to the hilt, but eventually I was successful. I breathed heavily through my nose as my nostrils once again buried themselves in his pubic mane. I tightened my tongue around him, and he flexed his cock back at me. I repeated the move, and he did likewise, sending more clear juice onto the back of my throat. Then I started to massage his cock with my tongue, running it up and down, wrapping it and unwrapping it around his hard shaft.

I had never been so turned on in my life. I couldn’t believe this was happening. This was beyond my fantasies. I never would have imagined doing this to a man who was such a musclefreak, and such a complete turn-on.

I put my hands back on Chad’s legs and began to twist my head on his rod-- slowly. 

“Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuck,” he moaned.

I could tell he was losing control. I wanted to bring him back down. I didn’t want this to end too soon, but I too was losing control. If I had my wits about me, I would have pulled off and let his throbbing penis bob in front of my face, denying him stimulation, forcing him to come down off of wherever it was he was--

But I didn’t have my wits about me. 

I kept squeezing his cock with my tongue, lips, mouth and throat. And it only took a few more seconds-- a few more seconds before-- before Chad’s legs tightened once again under my hands; his penis flexed in my mouth; his hand pushed hard on my head, and I responded by tightening my oral grip; Chad rose up onto his tiptoes and held himself there-- frozen. His breathing went from rapid, to stopped. He held the air in his lungs, as if to help push his semen out. His face was contorted into a grimace. 

But he didn’t need to push.

The stuff just started flying out of his cock into the back of my throat.

I gagged.

Chad swore, spit, groaned and yelled all in one uncontrollable motion. His hand forced my head to stay on, even though I couldn’t breathe. My mouth filled with his warm-- very warm-- thick cream. I’d never tasted jizz before. Chad yelled, then swore again. More thick streams shot out and filled my mouth to overflowing. It began to dribble out of my lips. I was gagging, but the worst was yet to come.

Chad kept holding me on, and I was forced to open my lips to breathe-- because the force of all this semen in my mouth was causing my sinuses to fill. I don’t know a whole lot about how your nose and mouth are connected, but it felt like a reverse flow of a big loogy-- instead of falling down from my sinuses into my throat, his milk was being blasted from my mouth into my head, and the result was that the jism began to seep out of my nostrils. Onto my lip. Back into my mouth-- in a full circle, as it were. 

I don’t know how long he came. 

It felt like forever.

And yet it felt like not long enough. 

When it was done, it was kind of like going on the most scary roller coaster you’ve ever been on-- you’re petrified about going on it again, but you can’t help but get back in line. 

My throat was raw and hurting. My nose was clogged. I panted as he finally let me come off. He had impaled my head, and it had hurt.

I looked up and Chad did the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. While his dick squirt out a few last ropes of cum, he hit a most muscular. His body rippled.

I moved to lick up the last few dribbles of his manly semen, and he changed from a most muscular to a double bi. Then, as I re-inserted him into my mouth, he began his whole posing routine again.

If you think holding a guy’s cock in your hand while he poses for you is hot-- wait till you suck him while he poses. 

There is No Comparison.







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