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NOTICE TO READERS: The characters in this story are played by professional, fictional actors and are not intended to represent, mirror, or allude to any real people. Any similarities with actual people are unintentional, inadvisable, inadmissable, and unbelievable. This story contains vivid descriptions of homosexual encounters. It encludes SEX ACTS BETWEEN MEN, and is thus intended for ADULTS ONLY. There's lurid, kinky sex here. HOMO SEX. It's prolly straight out of HELL, if you're inclined to hold the religious perspective. Really, this story is not for those who button the collar tightly. If you can't stomach this kind of smut, skedaddle. Likewise if you're under 18.





By Sean Reid Scott
Inspired by (and somewhat stolen from) the author John’s series, “Trials”
Images by the late, great ManOfSteel; enhanced





THE  NEXT DAY, I AWOKE EARLY. I spent four hours in my gym chamber, pummeling my muscle body with the hardest workout I’d had in months, if not years. I was determined to be victorious over this Man, not only with self-control over his physique and looks, but also as far as pure, raw, animal strength was concerned. 

I knew my own physique was nearly indestructible, but I needed to make sure I was at my peak, if for no other reason than to reassure myself.

After my workout, I deliberately made sure to not “enjoy myself” in the shower, like I frequently did. I tried to ignore the fact that it would actually be better if I had sexual release right before seeing him again; that would undoubtedly be better from a self-control standpoint. But I wanted to show myself I could resist, even while I purposely dwelled on the most erotic aspects of the Man’s body while I lathered my muscles all over hell. I slicked my erection numerous times, enjoying the veiny hardness of my shaft. But then I enjoyed tamping down my orgasm—more than once—as I proved how strong I actually was—physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. 

Before I rejoined the Man in my chamber, I made a call to Max, instructing him on my plan. I had been more intrigued with this Man than anyone who had come through my Chamber. I was suspecting that this Man may actually be “the one.” I hoped so.

Today would be a bit different. I wanted to see the Man interact with another person. Secretly, I felt a need to divert my attention off the Man and onto something, or someone, else. It remained to be seen whether this was a good idea or not.



 BiggerBlueeeAT ABOUT NOON, I HAD THE MAN BROUGHT back to the chamber. I had to once again stifle my reaction at seeing his physique. Today he wore a tank top and regular athletic shorts—similar to what a runner might wear. There’s something erotic about seeing a muscle man with clothes on, even if those clothes are minimal.

It was obvious, under those shorts, that he was already hard. The crotch of his shorts held an obscenely large cock. He was erect under there. 

His muscles bounded and undulated as he approached me. He almost seemed a bit bigger than yesterday, which was obviously not possible. 

When he saw me, I allowed myself to smile at his reaction to seeing me again. I was wearing only a posing thong. Although my reaction to his body had been similar for sure, I had been successful in holding it in. His lust for me was palpable. 

I rippled my muscles, standing in a relaxed position, so that he might once again appreciate the staggering image of my physique. His breath audibly caught as he realized his memory of me had been inadequate. His eyes ran over every distended mound of my fat-free muscles; they were full of want.

I fought my own growing cock; it tested the limits of my posing trunks. It ached. But I gave him no other sign of liking what I was seeing.

Then I donned a custom-made robe to conceal, as much as possible, my over-muscled body. I used the intercom to instruct Max to move forward with my plan.

In a few moments, the chamber door behind the Man opened once again. He turned to look behind him and saw a small man—it looked like a boy actually—standing in the opening. The boyish man walked closer, and the door slammed shut behind him. 

I was astounded; he certainly looked young, and very small. Yet Max had assured me that he had done his due diligence on the lad. The dossier I had told me the young man’s name was Todd. Max had verified through various sources (governmental documents, etc.) that Todd was indeed 20 years old. He didn’t look a day over 15.

The medical records stated that, due to a pituitary gland disorder, his growth had been inhibited during puberty. His dossier said he stood at four-feet-six-inches (137 cm), and weighed 70 pounds (31.75 kg). I’d say 70 pounds dripping wet. 

Todd wore only boxers. He had creamy skin that showed no imperfection. As I examined him more, I realized that despite his small stature, he was well built—much like a gymnast in his proportions. A very small gymnast, for sure, but his arms, chest, and shoulders were nicely-developed. His tiny waist accentuated his smallness. The information Max had supplied confirmed that the boy (well, he looked like a boy anyway) had been involved in gymnastics at some level. 

I stood in the shadows with my body covered in my robe. I instructed Todd to come and stand next to the Man.

The contrast between them was almost hilarious. The Man—all six-foot-four and 325 pounds—was gigantic compared to the diminutive Todd. 

The younger, small man had been instructed in the rule of not speaking (involuntary groans and moans were permitted). He was also aware that he must follow my every command. 

Standing at the Man’s side, both of them faced me in the darkness. I remained hidden; I wanted Todd’s attention fixed on the Man. If I revealed myself, the young man would be quite distracted. 

Todd came up only to the Man’s abdominal area—not even reaching the muscle god’s protruding pectorals. It was a stunning size difference. 

Todd’s boxers sported a small bulge. Clearly the youngster was intimidated, and turned on, by the Man. He tried to adjust his boxers to maintain a semblance of propriety, but I told him to keep his hands at his sides. 

I instructed the two of them to turn and face each other. With this movement, Todd’s penis poked out the slit in his boxers; it grew visibly, until it pointed up toward the huge muscle man in front of him. It was, like him, of a smaller size.

I told Todd to place his hands under the Man’s tank top, and explore. He did so, and it was obvious that he was blindsided by the unbelievable muscle that stood in front of him—that he was now feeling. Todd’s hands moved up, unseen under the Man’s tank top. I watched while the Man tightened his muscles under the boy’s hands, and the little one was enthralled with all of the muscle that stood before him. Little by little, the muscle giant’s great physique rippled and flexed under Todd’s tentative but obviously appreciative touch. It was so erotic.

Soon, Todd was feeling out the Man’s enormous pectorals; he let out a whimper. 

It shouldn’t have surprised me one bit, yet I was startled when Todd’s small erection began to shoot seed onto the Man’s tank top and running shorts. Todd’s little body jerked, and his semen blasted out his little cock.

Seeing Todd lose control of himself was a huge turn-on. I was immediately gratified that I had conjured up this little encounter. This was going to be fun.

When Todd was done coming, I told the Man to take off his tank and his shorts. Under his shorts, the Man wore a very small set of posing trunks—trunks that barely contained his big genitals. I instructed Todd to take off his boxers. Soon, both men faced each other—Todd naked, and the Man wearing those woefully inadequate posers. The Man’s clothed cock and balls hit Todd at roughly chest level.

I instructed the Man to do what he wanted with the youngster. He was to enjoy himself. Todd showed no reaction; a corner of the Man’s mouth turned up in a slight smile. He was definitely going to enjoy himself.

But this scene was ultimately for my pleasure, not theirs. Of course they’d both enjoy this, but I was putting this little show on for my own benefit.

Under his posers, it was obvious that the Man was getting harder and harder. Apparantly, the Man had a thing for little guys. I wondered how long his posing trunks would contain his growing member.

The Man reached forward and cupped Todd’s small cock and balls in his big hand. He kept it there, lightly playing with the fun little toy. Todd stood still, letting him. Todd’s penis grew quickly, recovering from his orgasm just a minute ago. 

The Man had him as erect as before in no time. Then he took one of Todd’s hands and placed it on the fabric of his posers, right on top of his big, bent cock. He left Todd’s hand there, dropping his own hand back to his side. Todd felt out the huge organ slowly—timidly at first. But soon, the Man was growing even harder and bigger under the boy’s nervous hand.

Todd moved his hand to the side, and down, onto the Man’s immense leg. He timidly slipped his fingertips under the posers, into the partially-hidden forest of black pubic hair.

The Man stood still, allowing Todd to explore.

After a few minutes of this kind of teasing, the Man lifted Todd off the floor, raising the young man’s head to his own. He opened his mouth and forced his tongue into Todd’s mouth. Holding Todd only by squeezing his shoulders, he began a long session of kissing. Mouths open, it was obvious that tongue was getting lost on tongue. Todd’s cock oozed a steady flow of pre-cum onto the Man’s chest and abs while they frenched. They were little dribbles, of course, but he was definitely leaving his mark on the Man.

Eventually, the Man put Todd back on the floor. He showed Todd his pouch once again, and the lad resumed assessing and feeling the cock through the fabric.

After long minutes, Todd pulled the Man’s posers down. An enormous appendage—easily larger than the lad’s forearm—sprang forward, nearly slapping Todd in the face. Soon, with Todd’s manipulations, the big organ was plastered against the Man’s own abdominal wall; it nearly reached as high as the cantilevered overhang of his pectoral shelf.

Todd rubbed and rubbed it, up and down, his hand trembling. One hand could barely wrap around half of its girth; two hands came into play in a not-quite-successful attempt to fully wrap it. Todd pulled it forward, assessing and examining the outrageously-veined protuberance. 

The youngster leaned down and forward, and stuck his head into the muscle monster’s crotch. He began to massage the Man’s enormous balls with his lips and tongue.

The Man closed his eyes and moaned softly.

Todd crouched, applying his mouth to the Man’s testes for a long time. Then he raised up a few inches and began to do the same with the Man’s enormous shaft. He licked and licked, from the bottom root up toward the cap. It met a stream of the Man’s pre-cum on the way up. The distended veins of the enormous, thick, long cock provided Todd’s tongue with obvious pleasure.

The Man’s neck bent and his head tipped back; he closed his eyes as this boy gave him a very good time. 

Finally, Todd’s wanting, worshipping mouth made it up to the crown. He slipped his tiny fingers behind the shaft that was plastered against those granite, mounded abs, and pulled it toward him just a bit. Now he was able to envelop the Man’s helmet. But it was so huge, and Todd’s mouth was so small, the kid couldn’t go down on it much farther than the pink lip at the bottom of the cut head.

I had to hand it to the young man though. He worked with a deft mouth, despite the obvious obstacle presented by the size of the thing.

The Man looked like he was losing a battle for self-control. Apparently Todd was quite good at this. 

Max’s report on the kid had indicated though, that Todd was not at all experienced in man-on-man—or any kind of—sexual encounters. The boy was actually known to have come from a quite guarded—almost asexual backtround, where he was prohibited—from any kind of sexual espression. There was some conflicting information as to whether the young man had possibly even been held in captivity during his youth, and as some kind of experiment, any hint of sexuality at all had been suppressed. If this was true, what he was experiencing at this very moment—uninhibited access to muscles and sexual virility beyond his wildest fantasies—must have been overwhelming. 

The Man opened his eyes and gazed down on the enthusiastic—if frustratingly inadequate—job Todd was doing. Then, in one smooth move, the Man lifted Todd, turned him over so that his feet were in the air and his head pointed down, and then held the 70 pound kid close for a standing sixty-nine session. If it took any effort at all on the Man’s part, to hold Todd’s body up, it was not at all evident. 

While upside-down Todd resumed licking and kissing and sucking on the Man’s scandalously large member, the Man opened his mouth and inhaled Todd’s genitals, balls and all, in one easy motion. The entirety of the kid’s genitals were consumed; the Man’s lips pulled everything inside, and his lips pressed against Todd’s pubes. The Man’s cheeks began to undulate; he was gnawing and chomping on the lad, yet his mouth employed gentle strokes and tender manipulations on the tiny, likely never-before-touched organ.

Todd yipped when his genitals were consumed by the big, warm, wet mouth; he moaned between his own ministrations on the Man’s shaft and balls. It became apparent that the boy was going to come, very soon.

And that’s what happened. With a cry, Todd’s inverted body jerked; it was obvious that he began filling the Man’s mouth with this new orgasm. The Man easily swallowed. He held Todd in this position without effort.

Todd had momentarily stopped licking and kissing the Man’s cock, groaning and moaning with his high, boyish voice; his orgasm was obviously intense. 

When he was done ejaculating, he resumed his upside-down blow job on the Man.

The Man’s mouth popped off the kid’s red genitals; it jerked with a few more tiny shots of his white cream. I realized we needed to make sure Todd kept hydrated. I used the intercom to quietly call Max to bring some of the cum-increasing/hydrating serum I had developed. 

Now, holding upside-down Todd with one mighty arm wrapped around the waist, the Man brought a hand to Todd’s ass. He took the young Man’s cock and balls in his mouth again, and began invading his ass with a long finger. 

Todd cried out at the sudden intrusion, but he did not falter in his worshipping effort to get the Man off. He licked and kissed tenderly, his tongue gently, yet enthusiastically, moving up and down, all over the Man’s erection. He brought a hand into the work, fondling and holding the Man’s giant testicles, reaching behind and playing with the sensitive perineum.

The Man reacted with a moan. He inserted his middle finger farther into the boy’s ass. In a minute, he added a second finger. Was he going to stretch the young man out in an attempt at widening him enough for his own cock?

The prospect excited me. I realized I had opened my robe and was rubbing myself through my own posers now. Fortunately, I was still standing in the shadows, and with the Chamber’s bright spotlights shining down on the big-vs-tiny spectacle before me, neither man was able to see me. My long fingers ran over the constraining fabric holding my cock and balls; I pleasured in the feeling of touching myself through the material while I watched the big Man have his way with the smaller one.

The giant muscle god did indeed seem to be working on stretching the kid out. He had two fingers wedged into Todd’s ass now, and it looked like he was getting ready to insert a third. Todd was moaning with the stretch, but it was a moan of pleasure, not fear or pain. I nearly shuddered at the thought of the Man trying to fuck the guy. It didn’t seem possible. The Man would tear the boy apart from the inside out. 

Max quietly entered the Chamber from a side door and placed a container of the serum on a small table next to me.

I invited Max to remain for a few minutes. Being one of the unsuccessful candidates for my lifelong partner, Max had come to me not shortly after I started screening the men. He was a gorgeous man, with muscles out to here. Yet he was smaller than most of the men who had applied for the position, and had ultimately not succeeded in achieving my undying love. However, he had proved to be an invaluable administrator; I invited him to be my assistant soon after he’d failed my other tests. It had been a great decision.

As was my occasional habit, I pulled my robe wider and told Max to get to work. He sank to his knees and pulled my posers down, fastening them behind my balls. My semi-hard organ sprang to life in front of his face. He was a deft sucker if there ever was one. He began to fondle me, and soon his tongue was licking up and down my growing erection, while I enjoyed the show the Man and Todd were giving. This was yet another way I could confirm and reinforce my own self-control over sexual stimulation. Max was getting me quite excited, and the domination of the Man over the kid was very stimulating. This would be the perfect opportunity for me. 

At Todd’s worshipping mouth, a vein as thick and solid as the one centered on the Man’s balled biceps meandered along the visible side of his broad cock. It throbbed with every beat of the Man’s heart. The up-pointing erection stood boldly displayed with the same power and strength pounded into his defined forearm.

As Todd licked at the Man’s balls, a bead of pre-cum gurgled out the muscle man’s piss slit and flowed gown the glowing meat. I wondered how close the Man was to coming. He seemed to be lost in his lustful handling of the kid. While Todd suckled on the Man’s genitals, his hands pleasured in the wealth of meat covering the giant’s stupendous body. 

Max’s talented mouth was kissing my cock head now, and I knew he’d go down on me very soon. He cupped my balls, moving the strap away and playing with my perineum.

The Man continued to swallow and manipulate Todd’s genitals with his ample mouth. With three fingers now fully inside of Todd’s welcoming ass, the Man shivered with lusting desire. He turned Todd back right-side-up and held him close, kissing his mouth. While he kissed the kid, he walked both of them over to a waiting bench. Setting Todd on his back on top of the cushioned bench, he lifted the kid’s legs wide and high. Kneeling down at the end of the bench, the Man began plying Todd’s ass once again, starting with the three fingers he’d previously used, and quickly adding a fourth—to moans and groans from Todd. He placed one hand on top of Todd’s genitals—his gigantic hand easily covering them, totally. He just left his hand there, not moving it, holding Todd with one hand while he stretched the hole with the other.

Todd swung his head to the left, then to the right, writhing with pain.

Soon, the Man was satisfied with the preparation. I, however, was dubious as to how in hell he thought this would work without seriously injuring the small guy.

Max was on my shaft now, wrapping his lips tightly around it. His tongue slithered and wrapped around my cock, giving me stimulation. I had to clench my fists to fight the arousal down. Fuck, this was hot.

The Man effortlessly scooted Todd up the bench. Placing his feet into a very wide stance, he crouched. He pulled his cock down with great effort; he was so hard it hurt him to pull it away from his abs. He bent forward to complete the task. Placing his hands above Todd’s head, on the bench, the Man’s incredible “V”-shaped physique, mounted on legs that were enormous… he pushed his cock head against Todd’s cherry.

Todd wailed as he was forced to accept the hard reality. The Man’s cock pressed against the kids’ sphincter, and more yelling filled the chamber.

I forcefully pushed Max off my cock; he barely caught himself as I propelled him backwards. My wet organ throbbed in his face. I thanked him for his service and ordered him out. That had been a bit too close for comfort. I feared that had I allowed Max to continue I might have lost it.

I collected myself and ripped my posers off; I stepped forward into the light, to get a closer view. Todd was lost in agony, and perhaps ecstasy, so I was confident my presence would go virtually unnoticed. I let my robe fall to the floor behind me.

With a shriek from Todd, the Man’s helmet slipped inside. Still, he stopped right there, knowing he needed to give the kid time. Almost ten inches of the Man’s foot-long pole was still outside Todd; I had a feeling it would not be long before more of it would be swallowed up by the Man’s exertions.

I stepped close to the magnificent fucking machine and placed a hand on the Man’s shoulder. He paid me no mind. He was concentrating. He lovingly moved his hand over Todd’s torso and genitals, comforting the kid with soft, tender moans. I slowly, tenderly, moved my hand over the Man’s muscles, appreciating their tightness and hardness as he raped the small man. My wet cock and balls bobbed.

Then, the huge hunk’s mighty shaft pushed in farther. I was right there, watching everything up close. While Todd shrieked, the Man pushed. And pushed. Todd’s little body was covered in sweat.

I stood watching, determined not to touch myself while watching this incredibly erotic scene. I would not touch myself; it was pure torture to not pleasure myself here, but I wanted to prove how much self-control I had.

There was no way the kid could accept all of the Man. There was still over half of the organ to go, and Todd was white as milk, fighting and yelling.

The Man pressed down on Todd, forcing him to accept even more. 

Todd shrieked again, and the Man leaned forward, totally lying on top of the kid now, enveloping him under his massive body, supporting himself with his mighty arms on the bench above Todd’s head. To keep Todd quiet, he pressed his open mouth against the kid’s. Now Todd yelled into the Man’s mouth while the fucking continued.

I looked for, but found no blood coming from the tiny ass. I pondered how this was in any way possible, given the dimensions of the invading shaft. Certainly, if this kid had undergone any kind of preparations for this, it must have involved artificial implements. I’d never seen a man with a cock so close to mine in size; without question, Todd must have been stretched with only dildos and devices. This was obviously his only experience with a real-life cock of this magnitude.

I heard a sloshing sound. I looked down to the shock of seeing my own cock, fully exposed and erect, with my hand moving quickly up and down its length. I was jerking myself off, and my pre-cum sloshed under my hand. So much for self control? I secretly wanted Max to return, but I refrained from calling him back.

The Man pushed more, and Todd fainted. He lost consciousness. 

The Man stopped for a moment, pulling his mouth off Todd’s. But the boy’s rising and lowering chest said he was not dead, only unconscious.

The Man seized the moment: With Todd out cold, he pushed his veiny shaft in farther. And farther. The boy’s body had completely relaxed, allowing the Man to go all the way inside now.

I shuddered to imagine what would happen when Todd regained consciousness.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. The young man’s eyes fluttered and opened. Then they grew to hugeness as the reality of what was inside him struck. With another shriek, the kid’s entire body tightened and began to vibrate. 

The renewed resistance on the Man’s cock quickly sent him over the edge. His muscle body flexed into iron, and he began filling Todd with his white cream. 

Todd yelled and thrashed.

I kept stroking.

The Man lifted the boy off the bench, and standing all the way up, he enveloped Todd in his massive arms. I stepped to the side and watched while the Man rocked Todd on his cock, lifting and lowering the young man—just millimeters at a time—making his body his very own private masturbation toy. He jerked with each ejaculation. Todd yelled with the same rhythm.

And soon, the tight space between the two men’s bodies began to fill with Todd’s ejaculate. Line upon line of youthful semen began to dribble down both sets of abdominals. Todd’s little cock and balls became coated with his own juices.

Both men remained still, their bodies glistening with sweat and semen, while they kissed passionately.

Watching this hyper-muscular specimen of wonder fuck this small kid to smithereens was over the top. I had to have more. I desperately hoped I could stave off an orgasm despite my own pleasuring.

I instructed the Man to place Todd back onto the bench without withdrawing. Now horizontal again, Todd broke from the kissing and started thrashing, groaning, and whimpering again. He desperately wanted the Man’s enormous cock to withdraw. But I forbade it. Knowing that the Man could keep his erection as hard as ever, even as he recovered from orgasm, I was ready to proceed with my idea.

I stood at the Man’s back side, and instructed him to let me in. My goal was simple: I was going to fuck the Man, while the Man continued to fuck the boy. 

But I would not come. I was anxious to show myself—if not the Man, as well—that I had the self-control to accomplish a fuck, in this manner, without coming.

The Man’s back rippled with mind-numbing definition and striations while I placed my hands on his broad shoulders. His astounding muscles were not helping me stave off a climax. His tiny waist was supported by the most delicious ass I’d seen. It was taut and powerful. He reached back and pulled one cheek to the side, inviting me in.

I accepted the invitation. I pressed my dripping helmet against his sphincter and pushed. There was great resistance, but within the minute I had punctured the Man’s hole. His sphincter muscles closed tightly around my shaft, and I pushed inside farther. I was as hard as ever. My cock throbbed.

Todd was still yelling, although at some point the yells turned into more of a groaning, moaning sound. His body still thrashed occasionally, and I got the idea that the Man was occasionally flexing his cock inside the kid, causing more outbursts. I decided to do the same, but stopped quickly because it was bringing me way too close to orgasm.

My hands ran over the Man’s gorgeous, rippling back as I forced my way in farther. By the time my pubes rubbed against his ass, I was dangerously close to losing it. But I needed to hold it inside for a bit. I was strong; I could do this.

I moved my hands a over his back, and his waist, and in front, to ring them around his cock root and pubes while he held his length inside Todd. I felt out his magnificent pectorals and he flexed them for my appreciative hands while I stood at his back fucking him. It made me even harder inside him.

And then, I began rocking. It was almost imperceptible at first. Uncommanded, actually. But I realized I was doing it when I came to understand that I was perilously close to orgasming. I could not allow this. I pulled out about halfway, and stopped, hoping my impending release would be staved off. It was, but only momentarily.

I needed to pull out more. I did, but it didn’t seem to help. I pulled out more—so that the ring of my head lay just inside his tight sphincter muscles.

Then, the Man’s entire body solidified into rock. He called out with a loud growl. He started ejaculating again—I could tell from his motions and yells. Todd screamed once again as well, confirming my suspicions.

It nearly made me come too, but I quickly popped myself off of the Man’s ass, standing up tall behind him, taking my hands off his sexy muscles. I closed my eyes, breathing heavily. I clenched my hands at my side, willing my orgasm back. I have no doubt my own body tightened into steel—displaying every striation and muscle mound. But the only other two men in the gym were too busy to look.

The Man squeezed his ass hard, and the rest of him also continued to tighten and undulate while he filled the boy’s ass to overflowing.

I stood there, and closed my eyes, trying desperately to fight down my impending orgasm.

And I was successful. At least until I opened my eyes and walked away; I made it to a weight rack at the side of the chamber. I leaned one hand against it to steady myself, and facing the mirrored-wall, away from the two men’s awareness, I began to shoot out rope after white rope of cum onto the mirror. It was a real mess, but I was more concerned that my two visitors not witness this failure. I tried to expedite the orgasm, and when I eventually finished, I quickly grabbed some paper towels and glass cleaner, wiping down the copious amount of my semen from the glass.

Despite my failure, I was pleased when I finished and turned to the still-ongoing scene at the bench; neither man had been privy to my loss of control. They were both still occupied—enjoying each other. Well, methinks the Man was enjoying it more than Todd, but it’s possible that Todd really enjoyed this kind of excruciating pain. Regardless, I was glad they were consumed in their mutual lusts, and hadn’t seen what I’d done.

I returned to them just as the Man pulled out, leaving Todd whimpering on the bench. The Man leaned forward and tenderly kissed the boy, lovingly caring for him. He picked him up once again, and they resumed their passionate kisses while the Man enveloped Todd, the small man’s feet dangling above the floor.

When they had been kissing for a while, I instructed the Man to place Todd back on the floor. As soon as Todd was standing on his own and turned to me, his eyes bulged. I was larger and more-developed than the Man, and this reality hit Todd square in the face. His semi-limp cock sprang to attention at viewing my physique. 

I rippled my pecs, and then flexed into a double biceps pose for the boy. His eyes widened even more at my physique. I moved into a side chest pose, a most-muscular, and more. I stroked my supreme cock. The kid looked from the Man to me, and back, then back to me. He kept comparing us, and it didn’t take long for the reality to hit: that there was someone even more developed than the Man who had just fucked him, with an even larger set of genitals… it hit him hard.

I invited the small man toward me. He padded over, cautiously, in bewilderment. I bent forward and let him feel out a flexed arm. His trembling hands worshipped it for a moment. When I stood tall again and waved my pecs at him again, his little pecker began to shoot hard strings of white cream up onto my muscles. I flexed for him a few minutes while he emptied his balls onto my body. His tight little gymnast’s muscles were so adorable while he came.

When he was done, I fed the small guy the concoction that would guarantee a healthy hydration and increased cum volumes.

To clean me up, I instructed the Man to step forward; I told him to lick the lad’s cum off of my muscles, and the Man obeyed. Todd, sipping the serum, stepped back and watched while I was cleaned off completely by the muscle man’s tongue. The kid began dry-ejaculating while he watched one muscle god lap up his cum from a bigger muscle god. I made sure he finished drinking my formula.

Now, it was time for more fun.

I instructed the Man to impale Todd once again, this time while standing, while the kid faced away from him. It took a few good minutes to accomplish, but eventually the Man stood in front of me, with little Todd hanging on the Man’s erection; Todd’s back was against the Man’s chest. Both of them facing the same direction—toward me—the Man stepped close to me, bringing the lad within inches of my bulging muscles. His face was one of absolute astonishment at my now-close physique. I wondered what was going through his mind.

The Man’s hands rested at his sides. Todd was being held up solely by the strength of the Man’s mighty cock. The Man looked almost comfortable in this position, exerting no effort whatsoever. He stepped closer to me, and Todd’s little body touched mine.

The boy’s face met my chest. The rest of his body was pressing against me, and I began kissing him. He bucked his penis against mine. The Man pushed him tighter against me, and the three of us enjoyed making a Todd sandwich—the Man on the boy’s back side, impaling Todd and holding him up with just that magnificent cock of his; me on the small man’s front side, letting the boy rub up against my naked muscles, feeling me with his worshipping hands and rutting his tiny penis against my torso while my own enormous cock—bigger than that which was impaling him—slid against his body. 

I kissed Todd, and occasionally the Man leaned forward next to the kid’s head and I pulled my mouth from the kid to kiss the Man. All the while, Todd’s hands trembled over my muscles as he sought to comprehend how he had come to be placed between the two biggest and most muscular men on the planet.

Todd’s willing hands moved over my big muscles; he worshipped my physique with his hands, occasionally canting his hips to push his little penis against me. His hands moved over my shoulders, trembling over the hard masses. When one hand moved down onto my upper arm, the kid whimpered. His tender hand explored my steel-hard, massive triceps, and when his fingers found the straw-like vein that bulged on top of my biceps, he groaned; his eyes rolled back while he squeezed my arm, enjoying my size and hardness. 

I played with Todd’s miniature cock and balls. It was fun to tease the kid. Sometimes—frequently actually—my hands moved behind Todd, onto the Man’s glorious muscles. I squeezed and felt out his broad shoulders, his mammoth arms, and his generous pectorals. It was a muscle feast to end all feasts. 

Then I bent my knees and lowered my body so that my ballooning pectorals came even with Todd’s little penis. The Man pressed the kid into my chest, and I wrapped my pecs around the small cock. I began manipulating Todd’s organ, masturbating the small guy with just the flexing of my huge chest muscles.

In this position, it didn’t take long for the youngster to began shooting his liquid worship once again. It squirted in cute, little gurgles; I looked down at him emptying himself on me. He squirted onto my chin and upper chest; some of his jizz dribbled back down into my cleavage and wet his still spraying cock. I scooped up a generous amount of his jizz and seductively inserted it into my mouth while he watched. He squirted harder.

I took another helping onto my finger and put it in my mouth; then I leaned forward and kissed the kid, pushing his own cum into his waiting mouth. When I pulled back, his eyes were closed, and he left his mouth open like a little bird waiting for his mother to feed him. And so I did, scooping up more of his seed from between us, putting it in my mouth, and then open-mouth kissing him, forcing it into his own mouth. 

The boy was nothing if not virile; his orgasm lasted for many minutes. I think it was extended greatly by my actions of feeding him. Every time our mouths met and I pushed his jizz back inside of him, he squirted another generous glob onto me.

I can only imagine how turned on he was, to be fucked by a mind-numbing muscle monster at his ass, while being milked and fed by an even more imposing muscle god at his front side. No wonder he just wouldn’t stop squirting.

When he had gushed out every possible ounce of semen, I stepped back and instructed the Man to lift Todd off his cock. When Todd stood on the floor again, I fetched more water and electrolyte fluids for him to rehydrate again. He took a while to recover, but eventually his coloring returned and he seemed to be alright. 



TIME FOR THE NEXT ADVENTURE. For this next encounter, I stepped to a part of the chamber where two gymnast’s ropes hung from the ceiling. The Man and Todd followed me. On the bottom of each rope were rings. 

I took Todd and, placing my hands on his waist, effortlessly lifted him to the rings; he grabbed hold. I stepped back and told the kid to assume the standard Iron Cross position on the rings, where the gymnast’s arms are straight out, much like Jesus on the cross. It is a very difficult pose, and even the most powerful gymnasts cannot hold it for very long.

Todd, being so small and light, probably had some advantage over larger, heavier gymnasts. Still, he started to struggle even before 20 seconds had elapsed. He lost the pose by the time 30 seconds were over.

I lowered him to the floor, but not before I paused and gave him a languid kiss. I didn’t linger on the kiss too long because I didn’t want him to climax again—not yet.

Now it was time to show Todd how the Iron Cross was done. I had the Man lift me up to the rings.

I took the Iron Cross pose, and held it. With my weight, this was indeed a feat. No regular gymnast would be able to even start this pose with the weight I carried, let alone hold it for any length of time.

My shoulders and arms grew hard and tight; coils of rippling muscle sprung all over my upper body. My oversized legs were way too big for someone to be performing this.

At the two minute mark, my arms began to tremble slightly. I looked down and saw the Man and Todd stroking themselves at my strength. I have no doubt they were witnessing something neither thought possible. Todd began shooting; his cum splattered onto the floor. The Man kept stroking himself and watched Todd’s orgasm.

At three minutes, I figured I’d given them an adequate demonstration of my strength. I slowly brought my straight arms downward to my sides, and with my brute strength lifted myself upward.

I recalled how the Man had seductively demonstrated his limberness and his ability to bend and shape his body so beautifully. I decided it was time to show him what a really limber muscle body could actually do. 

My voice-activated computer lowered the ropes at my command. I stood on the floor and turned around so that I faced away from the two men; I put my feet in the rings and secured them with straps. 

The bottom of the ropes were about two feet off the ground. Now I was standing tall, facing away from my two guests, with my feet strapped in, hovering above the floor a couple of feet. 

Slowly, I called upon the strength of my legs; I began spreading my feet apart. My legs undulated and flexed to enormous proportions. Soon I was doing a split, much like the Man had done previously. But I was spread out between the rings, not on the floor. 

I pouted my bare ass right at the Man, teasing him with my tight butt—just as he had done to me. My steadying hands made their way down the ropes; my legs were splayed out to my sides, totally parallel with the floor. My pouting ass pointed up at the Man and I rippled and waved my glutes at him, opening my cheeks and exposing my cherry. He rewarded me with a long sigh.

My hands were just above my feet now, keeping me upright. I was able to split my legs even farther, to the point that my feet were now a bit higher than my ass. All of my muscle weight was suspended by my strong, splayed legs, held by the straps on my feet. 

I undulated my ass some more, giving a show neither of the men would ever forget.

My balls hung low; my cock was 100 percent erect. Keeping my hands on the rope, just a bit above my feet,I leaned forward, arching my back and allowing my body to bend my arms behind me slightly, in another demonstration of my lithe abilities. Now my balls hung within the view from behind. The Man must have been looking at my ass, but my large testes lowered as I bent forward so he could now see them dangling.

Even in this forward-leaning position, my shaft was flush against my abdominals, still nestled just beneath my pectoral overhang. 

Now it was time to demonstrate more of my flexibility and strength. I called to my voice-activated computer and the ropes to which my feet were attached began to rise. I held this impossible position for a few minutes, and then I launched into a series of hanging poses that showed the Man what real flexibility and muscle meant. Keeping my legs straight, I brought my feet together and forced myself into a standing position. Then I contorted my body into more positions, each one more daring and brutally challenging than the last.

I assumed the same splayed position as I started with, hovering once again just above the floor.

Facing away from the men, I ordered the Man to bring the boy to my back side. 

Within the minute, Todd was standing at my ass. The Man stepped back to watch. 

I instructed the boy to mount me. He did so, slowly, obviously making every effort to not make his weight too much of a burden for my suspended body. I’m sure he thought my splayed-leg position, already holding my body in a mind-blowing position, wouldn’t take kindly to his added 70 pounds.

He was wrong.

The added weight only intensified my pained pleasure as the kid climbed onto me. My legs split more with his weight and I sank toward the floor for just a second before I called upon my legs and throbbing glutes to raise me back up so that my legs were again perfectly parallel with the floor.

Todd steadied himself by wrapping his arms around my torso, placing his hands on my pecs, holding his crotch against my ass; he put his feet on my upper legs. I told him to spread his legs out, hoping he was at least that limber. 

He was.

Sometimes, he moved one hand off my chest and felt other muscles, on my back, and on my abs and pecs.

I instructed the kid to insert his little peepee into my ass. I’d never bottomed before, but I figured having this diminutive man poke his little dick inside me might not actually count. Yet I wanted him to experience this almost as much as I wanted to experience it. 

I couldn’t imagine this from his perspective: Being chronically small all his life, now splayed out against more muscle than he had ever imagined possible, preparing to stick himself inside my warm, hard ass while his hands and arms worshipped my physique. 

But even before his little pecker moved inside me, splashes of warm wetness began to land on my glutes, on the back side of my balls, and up onto my back. As I thought might end up happening, the kid was orgasming before he even got his cock inside me. I couldn’t imagine being him, holding himself against my muscled body, pressing his chest and stomach against the immense topography of my insanely broad and muscly back.

His body spasmed with each ejaculation of his jizz. It was barely perceptible, but his little bursts of semen shot up onto my back for quite awhile.

I felt bad for him; he must be even more humiliated now. As if being such a small man wasn’t an insult, add to that the fact that he was surrounded by the Man and myself—two specimens of unimaginable muscle—and then add to that the idea that he was now in total body-contact with my wanting ass and hard muscles writhing right under him… it’s no wonder he came without provocation. It was undoubtedly humiliating for him. 

And I loved it. I could only imagine what most men of his size—indeed what anyone who looked like the 15 year-old he appeared to be (despite Max’s insistence to the contrary)—would feel, hugging and enjoying my huge, rippling, insanely-defined muscle body. 

Fortunately for this little venture, the fact that Todd was so sexually out of control over my muscles aided him in recovering quickly from his orgasm. As soon as he was done ejaculating all over my back, he collapsed against my back fully. He rested, panting for a few minutes. Then, he got hard again. 

This time, he was able to accomplish the deed. I felt a slight poke. It felt like a finger. I’ve had my own fingers in my ass, and I’d had other men’s fingers up there too—during my years of captivity. And this is exactly what that felt like, although it was almost imperceptible, to be honest. But I knew he was fully inside me when he clamped his arms tightly around my torso and started to hump me. I actually had to keep myself from laughing. His efforts to fuck me were… well I wouldn’t hurt his feelings by saying they were comical, but, you get the idea. His small dick was definitely there, but it was almost pathetic.

His little body bucked and humped me; his hands and arms worshipped me. It didn’t take long for him to orgasm into my ass. And his climax lasted a long time. So long that I suspect that it was actually two orgasms inside me total. I was patient, wanting him to enjoy this moment as long as possible. He would never again experience anything like it, and I wanted him to cherish it.

Apparently, Todd wasn’t the only one enjoying this encounter. While the boy spurt into me, I felt heavy drops of warm liquid start to fall onto my back—bigger than the mini-drops that Todd had sprayed on me earlier. The Man was jerking off to the scene before him and he’d lost it. His dollops of cum coated my back side—at least the parts that stuck out from in front of the boy—and I assume the back of Todd as well. He grunted while his hand flashed up and down his erection.

When the Man was done, I gave him a few minutes to rest. While that happened, little Toddy ejaculated into me yet again in what was his most enthusiastic orgasm yet. He just kept coming and coming over my muscles, and at this rate I wondered if he’d ever finish. We were going to need more water for the kid—maybe intravenous. I’m sure his renewed energy had something to do with the Man losing it over us.

I instructed the Man to have at it. Once again, he prepared to penetrate the kid’s waiting ass. I felt Todd’s butt raise up to meet him. I could only imagine the sight that the Man was viewing: Todd’s wanting sphincter waving at him, while the kid was draped over my incomparable muscle body.

In short order, I felt the Man’s presence at our backs. I kept my splayed straight legs strong and taught for what I knew was coming. Presently, Todd started yelling again. And hissing. And cussing. “Sssshhhhhhhhiiiit!” while his ass was invaded. I decided to let that one go. I didn’t blame the boy for the cuss word; even though he’d had the Man’s majorly-enormous cock fuck him before, the pain must have been almost unbearable.

My body, with Todd’s pecker still inside me, albeit barely discernible since it was so small (and occasionally coming again and again), began to feel the Man’s warm presence. His muscles emanated heat down on Todd and me. While the young man kept yelling, the Man moved all the way inside. Then he leaned forward and began to crawl up. On us.

My legs screamed as my crotch felt like it was going to split wide open. I tensed and poured more strength into my legs and glutes. Fortunately, the Man stood on the floor while he fucked the kid. Todd yipped again and I could feel the Man’s arms tighten around me. He rocked us, and in a minute or so his muscle physique began to jerk with his spasming orgasm. His powerful arms were tight and crushing around me.

My legs, admittedly began to spasm also. They were stronger than any man’s legs I’d ever known of, but holding this stretched position, this long, while the lad hung on me… it was excruciating. 

My whole body trembled while I struggled to hold the position. Finally the Man finished. He stepped back, pulling Toddy with him. I didn’t even feel the little penis withdraw. The relief of Todd’s weight being removed was exhilarating. With renewed energy, keeping my legs straight, I lifted myself up by bringing my feet together. Soon I was standing straight up, with my feet still a foot or so off the ground. I released myself from the ring straps and stepped onto the floor. 



HAVING BROUGHT THE KID TO REPEATED, intense, uncontrollable orgasms over my muscles, I decided one more little exercise was in order. 

We moved to an open area of the chamber; a thin wrestling mat was spread over the floor. 

Todd was instructed to stand to the side of the Man and me. He was to stand close, so he could see the action well. He was not allowed to touch himself. The Man and I took positions on the mat, facing each other. We crouched, ready to wrestle.

Todd’s pecker was as erect as it had ever been; he regarded the two muscle monsters in front of him with lusty eyes.

I advanced first and wrapped the naked muscle bodies of the Man and myself together. We struggled for a moment before I grabbed one of the Man’s wrists. I dropped to my knees between his legs and laced my free arm beneath his groin. I pulled on his arm and pushed on his hips. He fell forward to the ground.

Quickly, I flipped and pivoted, and lay on top of his back.  But he captured one of my arms and did a forward shoulder roll. His weight was such that he was able to roll me over; he deftly put me on my back, lying on top of me.

The man was good.

We tussled and wrestled for a few more minutes. Our sweaty bodies struggled and wrapped around the other. I’m sure Todd was enjoying the show. He stayed close to us—but not so close that he got in the way.

It was almost a draw, our little match. But if points were tallied, I’d venture a guess that I won.

We ended up with the Test of Strength—our palms above our heads, hands locked together, fingers intertwined. 

It was time to show both of these guys who was actually in control here.

I began to press against the Man, but he didn’t budge. My enormous arms should have been able to force him back, and down. But he remained, solidly keeping me at bay. Then his wrists started to bend mine back and I felt my knees bend slightly.

Fuck, the man was strong.

I pressed back, barely able to stop his advance. He pushed harder; he started to buck and hump, thrusting his weight and using his arms to push me back, and down, more.

How was this possible? I pressed my lips together and fought back, but I was amazed at how the guy was handling me. I clumsily repositioned my feet, struggling against his power. My hands were firmly over my head now, threatening to move behind me. My legs fought. I felt my arms tremble. 

Still, the Man forced me back and down even more.

The sudden stream of wetness startled both of us. I didn’t get distracted, but I realized that Todd was coming. In my peripheral vision, I saw that he had obeyed me; he was not touching himself. His new orgasm had been achieved simply by watching the two muscle gods in front of him. He hadn’t jerked off; he’d simply started coming just by seeing the unbelievable struggle in front of him. I surmised that seeing the bigger man—me—being pushed back… it must have been mind-boggling for the kid. No wonder he was coming all over us.

Although I wasn’t distracted, the Man apparently was. He paused when Todd’s semen startled him. I took the advantage quickly. Calling upon all of my strength, I pushed up, straightening my legs. I struggled for better footing and found it. I pushed my arms. My hands began bending him down.

The Man quickly recovered from his distraction, but it was too late. While Todd continued to coat our muscles with his semen, I forced the Man lower. Both our bodies vibrated and trembled with our struggle. I pushed harder. He moved back slightly, then he pushed back, forcing me to give up some of what I’d accomplished. But I was not giving up. I pushed again. He moved back, giving me more than I’d had before. I pressed. He wailed. Todd moved closer still spurting, yet not touching. The kid put a hand on my shoulder. I did not let it distract me.

The boy’s ejaculate sprayed up onto my arm pit.

I pressed harder, forcing the Man back. His knee touched the floor.

I had won.

Todd finished his orgasm while the Man stood up. 



DESPITE MY VICTORY OVER THE MAN, I was disappointed to realize just how powerfully strong he was. I was disappointed, yet intrigued. I think I was used to being overwhelmingly dominant against the men who had come through the chamber during the past year.

I wasn’t used to finding a man so nearly my equal. Still, I was stronger. But in some ways, my superiority was only marginal.

But wasn’t that the whole reason for all of this? To find someone who could handle my strength? I knew it was highly unlikely that I would ever find someone who truly bested me. Yet the Man, his mind-numbing physique and his overwhelming strength… he was, in every way, exactly what I’d been looking for, wasn’t he? I shouldn’t have been concerned, yet I was.

The day had been exciting, and stimulating. I’d learned a lot about the Man. And myself. I wanted him even more now.

I called Max on the intercom and instructed him to escort Todd to spend the night with the Man. I would be alone tonight, but hopefully it would be the last night alone. In the morning, Todd would be excused and sent home. Maybe, after spending a night of blissful sex with the kid, the Man would be more likely to be distracted tomorrow, and possibly a bit tired.



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