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by Sean Reid Scott 


NOTICE TO READERS: The characters in this story are played by professional, fictional actors and are not intended to represent, mirror, or allude to any real people. Any similarities with actual people are unintentional, inadvisable, inadmissable, and unbelievable. This story contains vivid descriptions of homosexual encounters. It encludes SEX ACTS BETWEEN MEN, and is thus intended for ADULTS ONLY. There's lurid, kinky sex here. HOMO SEX. It's prolly straight out of HELL, if you're inclined to hold the religious perspective. Really, this story is not for those who button the collar tightly. If you can't stomach this kind of smut, skedaddle. Likewise if you're under 18.




Based on a dream I had last night  


NOTE: This story is a kind of re-do of "Muscle Man Church Secretary."

The similarities are obvious. I hope this is a slight improvement.  :)



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WEEK AGO I HIRED A GUY PA*. I have to admit that some of the requirements he had, had absolutely nothing to do with his typing speed, etc. Jus’ sayin’. But he has actually ended up being quite the addition to my counseling practice.

Anyway Kirk (the stud’s—I mean the guy’s—name) had come into my office to ask me about my workplace clothing policy. The enormous, six and a half foot muscleman was sitting across from my desk. And I was hard just looking at him. Even if he wasn’t Clark-Kent gorgeous (which he definitely was), with that jet black hair and dimpled cheeks, his muscles just fucking drove me crazy. The man was huge. And fucking ripped. Lean and buff to the extreme!

I mean… you have no idea.

Today, Kirk was wearing a lavender tank top that showed… well… a lot. His boulder shoulders were so freakin’ broad, and they were simply gigantic. Big, round spheres that stuck out over his mammoth arms…. The insertion points between deltoids and triceps was staggeringly defined. I mean… come ON. To be honest, I had never—ever—seen a guy as well-built as Kirk Matheson. How was I so lucky?

I was fidgeting under my desk. The man always made my heart race… and my cock hard.

AdultsBestReadI tried to answer his question about my dress code as best I could. “Kirk, you can wear whatever you want here. I mean…” I let my eyes move over his upper body, “…your physique is astounding.” I smiled nervously. “I mean, fuck, man… your body is… wow. You have such a wonderful, beautiful muscle body. I’ve totally never seen a muscle man as huge and buff… and fucking ripped… as you are. You could walk around here with no shirt on at all, for all I care,… you know?” I laughed again. Damn. Had I just said that? It most certainly was true, but... had I just said that to him? Out loud? I laughed like a little girl, and it sounded even more pathetic. Fuck. I tried to back peddle “I mean, you obviously have a physique to be proud of…. I can’t believe how buff you are.”

Kirk looked at me with a soft smile.

I kept talking. “I mean, your body is truly… just amazing. If I were you, I’d be showing off any chance I could…. Fuck, dude. All those muscles.”

“He smiled. “Maybe I can do that some time, for you—if you want. If you want to see me shirtless, boss, I certainly don’t mind doing a little showing off,” he laughed. “I like that you appreciate all my hard work. I think it’s cool. I take it as a compliment that you enjoy looking at my muscles.” He winked at me.

I swallowed hard, more than once. “Well, I just mean, I can see why you... I mean you obviously take pride... as you should... in your physique.” I purposely gazed at his torso for a moment. “As far as I’m concerned, you can wear whatever you want. Or nothin... Or noth... at all!” I laughed nervously. I couldn’t believe I just said that. “I mean, nothing that you wouldn’t want to wear. That’s what I meant.” My running off at the mouth was my only defense mechanism against my lustful desires. Damn, I wanted to see more of this man. I wanted to see him naked. I wanted to slip back into my private bathroom with him and step into the shower with him and lather up all those muscles under my worshipping hands.

“It’s okay, Mr Parks. I totally understand. More than you think.”

“Thanks, Kirk. What you wear—or don’t wear…” I chuckled softly “…is definitely not an issue with me. You actually look phenomenal like that. I mean, in those clothes... That tank top shows off your wide shoulders, and… I mean, hell those are cannonballs if I ever saw some. To be honest, I hope you’ll understand if I keep doing double-takes. Fuck. And shit, your arms are mind-blowing…. I mean, whatever you wear, you look amazing... Your body is really unbelievable....” Holy fudge, my mouth was going to be my undoing. “I can’t imagine what you would look like without anything... I mean.…”

He smiled again. “Well, thanks. You like my big muscles?” He lifted an arm and flexed it. Hard. “If you want to look at my muscles, maybe we should do that some time. And thanks for the compliments. I always enjoy the positive feedback.” He smiled genuinely as he lowered his arm, but then added that wink again. “Makes the gym sessions worth it, you know? To be honest, I enjoy it when guys get excited about looking at my body. And coming from you, I really appreciate that. Your double-takes are kind of a turn-on.” He chuckled, then added, “I think most bodybuilders won’t willingly admit it, but I get excited when a guy keeps looking at my muscles. And well… you keep looking at me. I really like that.”

I didn’t know what to say. I swallowed hard.

“And well, I guess… at heart, I’m a bit of a show-off. But that’s just between you and me, okay?” His smile was sincere, yet somehow... alluring. “To be honest, I wouldn’t mind showing off to you. Any time, boss. Just give me the word and I’ll strip and pose for you. The way you look at me… it really gets me hard—um, I mean—it’s exciting to me. That’s what I mean to say. I guess you make me realize why I love having big muscles—the way you look at me. To be honest, I would really enjoy stripping all my clothes off, and posing for you. Totally naked, if you want.”

Lord God Almighty.

“I hope you know, Mr Parks … you can ask me, any time, to flex for you… and I will. I mean, I don’t know where you’re at, as far as… well… big muscle men are concerned. Well, maybe I do. I think I suspect, anyway. The way you kind of rape me with your eyes moving all over my muscles….” He chuckled softly. “It’s actually pretty hot, the way you get all excited about my muscles. I’m glad you’re actually interested in seeing me with my shirt off. And flexing. You really do appreciate big muscles. Right? I mean, I know I’m right, man….”

“Yes. I mean... Really? You’d do that? Take off your shirt?”

“Well, yeah. If you wanted, Mr Parks. I think I understand where you’re coming from,” Kirk smiled. “And actually, I wouldn’t mind posing for you naked. With all of my clothes off. Would you like that? To see me naked? All flexing and tightening my muscles? For you? It would have to be just between us—between just you and me. All private and stuff.”

I actually wanted to ask you… well, I always work out at the gym first thing in the morning, before work, and well… would it ever be okay if I used the shower in your back room? Believe it or not, it gets pretty crowded in the gym’s shower, even when I work out early like that… and well, sometimes some of the guys kinda... well, stare... you know?” He smiled tentatively.

I raised my eyebrows and nodded. “Oh, I can imagine.” Believe, me.” I swallowed, and looked at his immense arms. “I bet your huge body, all naked in the locker room… I imagine it would be very… amazing… I mean… very… distracting.”

He laughed. “Well, it’s not like it really bothers me. I mean, when you look at me, I don’t mind at all. It’s actually a turn-on when you look at my muscles like that. And like I said, it would be fun to take off my clothes and let you look all you want. If you wanted to feel my muscles while I flex, that’d be cool too. Have you ever felt out a muscle guy?” He smiled broadly. “Would you want to touch mine?”

I coughed. “Well, even if I had… felt out a muscle guy… I mean… there’s no way my hands have ever, ever, touched muscles as big as yours. And… as freaking hard as yours. Fuck, Kirk. You really make me excited.”

He smiled, then chuckled. “Well, I actually like showing off. To be honest, it’s a bit of a turn-on for me. I think I’d get a charge out of that—showing off to you, boss.” He made like he was looking around, then said, “And well, here… it’s private and all. It wouldn’t be a problem, for me. Actually, if I was getting out of the shower and you saw me without any clothes on... it wouldn’t bother me at all. It’s just us two guys here, anyway, right? And well… I think I’d actually get hard and everything if you really liked to look at my body. I think it would turn me on to see you get hard and everything. You sound like you might want to turn me on, no?”

“Yes. Of course. I understand….”

“You could... well, I don’t know if you’d want to... but I get the idea you might... if you were interested, you could watch me shower. If you’re interested, you sure could watch me lather myself up. Would you want to watch while I touched all of my muscles? All soapy? I kinda think you’d like that. I can’t imagine how hard it’d make you. Heh heh,” He shrugged and smiled, “I would kinda like that, actually. I really like you, Mr Parks.” Then he added, “Oh, but... I gotta tell you, I usually masturbate in the shower. Would that be okay?”

I couldn’t believe he just said that.

“I’m sorry,” he added. “You wouldn’t have to watch me do that. Unless you wanted. To me, I kinda think it’s pretty hot when I come. But you might not… well anyway, all I’m saying is that if you wanted to watch… watch me masturbate… I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Up to you. And actually, I bet you would probably get kind of hard watching me ejaculate. My muscles get really big; they really bulge, and get all striated when I come. I’ve been told it’s pretty hot. Anyway, if you wanted to watch, I wouldn’t stop you.” He paused for a moment, then said, “But I should warn you,” he chuckled, “I put out a lot of jizz too. So I don’t know... I try to clean everything off, but some times—well, usually, actually—its so much that I miss some of it. But heck, maybe you wouldn’t even want me to clean it up very much,” he laughed. “I understand that your back bathroom is kinda small. But believe me, I’m used to getting dressed in tight quarters you know.” He chuckled. “Big family. Lots of brothers. So bumping into you back there—it’s such a small room and all—after I shower, it’d be no big deal. Not unless it’d bother you to bump into 295 pounds of naked, hard, flexing muscle,” he chuckled. “Actually, that might be a good time for me to let you touch me, if you were interested. I get the idea you really want to touch my muscles…. And if you don’t mind standing real close to 295 pounds of naked, hard, flexing, muscle.…” He paused a second and added, “That kind of turns you on, doesn’t it. Knowing I weigh almost 300 pounds….”

“Oh… I mean… Holy hell, Kirk. You’re so big… and muscular. You really look so awesome.”

He lifted one arm and tightened his bicep into a soccer-ball-sized muscle. I got light-headed! It was enormous. And it looked incredibly hard. Veins danced all over it. And the amazing thing was its peak. Holy fuck it was high! Like a baseball that grew out from the top of a soccer ball!

“Oh my god,” I whimpered. “You have no idea how amazing you look.”

“Thanks,” he said humbly. He rotated his forearm, making his bicep bounce and bulge. He watched me gape at it. “You like that, don’t you.” He lengthened his arm a bit, but his bicep didn’t lose any of its size. He bent it again and flexed it into even more hardness. The bicep muscle split into two, defined, distinct peaks! I wanted to touch it so bad! “Yeah, you like this. Me flexing my 24-inch arm just for you.” He lowered his arm, and said, “Oh, yeah... you should know that after I jerk off, it sometimes takes awhile for me to get limp again. Hey,” his face lit up like he’d just had a fantastic idea. “Maybe you’d even want to shower with me. I bet you’d love lathering up all of my muscles. That way you could really touch anything you want.”

“Yeah...” I coughed. “Wow. I don’t know how that would turn out.”

His face brightened. He chuckled. “Don’t trust yourself, huh? Don’t you worry about that. It’d be fun to watch you try to, you know, control yourself while you touch my muscles. I bet you’d have a hard time, huh? But really, you don’t have to if you’re not comfortable with it. I’m just thinking that you might want to though. I suppose we could try it once and see how much you enjoy it. But again, I gotta warn you, I get really hard when someone is touching my muscles. I don’t know how you feel about having a long, hard cock resting against your stomach.”

He was talking as if all of this was just normal convo.

“I’ve been told that when I lean my cock against a guy’s body, it’s kind of heavy. It’s big and thick, and well… I bet you’d like to have me rest it against you. Dunno. I suppose we could just play that by ear.”

I couldn’t imagine. What would it be like to have Kirk’s erect hard-on leaning against me? Holy fuuuuuuck.

“I know some guys kind of get a kick out of that. I’m kinda big, down there,” he said, quickly glancing down at his crotch while he sat there. “When I’m hard and sticking up, my erect penis would probably come up to your upper abs. Maybe even your chest. I bet you’d love to have it rest against your body. I could place it against your torso, so you could feel how solid it gets. Would you like that? I mean, it’s pretty big. And heavy. I suppose, if you wanted to, you could touch it too. I mean, it’d be resting against your body. You’d probably want to wrap your hands around it. I’d totally understand. I’ve actually had a couple of guys lather up my cock and balls. Don’t know if you’d be interested in doing that though. But I suppose we could just see, you know….”

I coughed again. “Wow. I mean… really… That doesn’t bother you?”

He laughed, “Fuck no! I love having hands all over… I mean… everything. And to be honest, not only hands, if you know what I’m saying,” he winked and then made a motion with his hand while he poked his cheek out with his tongue and made a blow-job rhythm. Then he laughed.

The guy was totally… obviously… suggesting that he’d be amenable to a blow job! Holy FUCK! I was so hard I swear I could have exploded with the barest minimum of contact on my cock.

“Sorry, boss. I’m just being honest here. I like to have fun, okay? If you aren’t in line with that, it’s not a problem. I just want to let you know that, well, the way you react to me whenever you see me and look at all my muscles—If you want to shower with me—and whatever—I understand. I think it’d be kinda cool to have someone who is so turned on by big muscles give me a soapy shower and stuff.” He paused for a second, then said, or even a blow job, but only if you wanted. I have to admit that I really love it when a guy tries to suck me off. For sure, it’s kind of hard for most guys. I’m pretty big, and it’s hard for most guys to get much of my cock into their mouths. But honestly—and this is just between you and me, okay—I really like it when a guy gives it a good try. Do you think you might want to? To try and suck as much of my cock as you can… into your throat?” He stopped and looked at me.

I wasn’t able to react.

He said, “I mean, you wouldn’t be able to fit all of it into your mouth. I’ve only had one or two guys who were able to fit most of it in their mouths. But that doesn’t even matter. I just get turned on to see a guy really try, you know? I don’t know… would you even be interested in trying? Trying to see how much of my erect cock you could suck? It’d be awesome to see you struggle with it. I love watching a man struggle and choke on my penis. It makes me really, really hard. A lot of guys like trying, and I love flexing my muscles while a guy sucks me off. But only if you were interested.”

I couldn’t respond. I was getting dizzy. And when I didn’t—I just couldn’t—respond, he added. “Well it’d be fun to have you try, anyway. I really love a pair of good lips running up and down my cock. But whatever. Actually, I’ve been told that my cock is really veiny. A lot of guys say that their lips and tongue can really, really feel all of the veins and bulges when they try to suck me off.” He paused, thinking. Then he said, “And besides… anyway… actually, I am just a big show-off, you know. I like it when a guy gets turned on by my big muscles. And my really enormous cock. If you want me to not show off, I can try to back off.” He chuckled so cutely and gave me a wink. “But I can’t make any promises,” he grinned. “The way you keep looking at all of my muscles really makes me want to… you know… jerk off for you or something. Would you like that?”

I let out a long, low, moan: “Huuuuooouuuueuuuhhhhhh…” My cock was aching.

“Well, anyway, whatever might happen, it’d be all private and everything. What happens in Mr Parks’s office stays in Mr Parks’s office, right?” He laughed.

Yeah, he knew me. Totally knew what I wanted. Knew that I wanted nothing more than to see, touch, rub, watch, and caress his muscle body. And masturbate while I did it. And masturbate him. Suck him off.

Kirk stood up. His low-slung jeans and boxers were right there—in front of my face—showing that mouth-watering, tantalizing black glory-trail, leading down to the overflow of his pubes at the elastic band of his underwear. Oh my god, his obliques formed the most sexy, narrow “V” line you could imagine. And it all pointed to the hairy, half-hidden, nether region, drawing my gaze lower. His package had always looked huge, like all of his muscles are, but now, it looked positively obscene! I could2n’t believe how big and thick it looked.

He stood there for a bit, letting me gape, then looked down to see what I was gaping at. Looking at himself, he said, “Oh. Mr Parks… I didn’t even realize how much was showing down there. Even with all my muscles, my waist is really small… so it’s hard to find anything that fits well. Do you like my little waist? Thirty two inches. Not bad for a 295 pound muscle man, huh?” He chuckled, then bent forward; he had to, to see over his humongous, cantilevered chest, in order to see his waist. “My chest is kinda big; it’s hard to see my waist.” He leaned forward a bit to get a better look. “Oh, gosh, you can see some of my pubes.”

I choked out a cough.

He started to fumble with the waistband of his boxers. But instead of pulling them up, to mitigate the blatant display of his pubic hair, he pulled his boxers and jeans down! He made like he was trying to adjust things… to fix the situation. But in so doing, he exposed the thick root of his cock, and even more of his jet-black pubes.

I was catatonic. Standing in front of me was a six-foot-six, model-good-looking, 295-pound muscle god, wearing a tank top and shorts that showed off his extreme build. And he was exposing part of his genitals to me, teasing me with what I couldn’t have. Driving me off the rails with uncontrollable and unquenchable desire for his masculine, virile, body.

The guy was straight out of a bodybuilding magazine—or one of those fantasy muscle porn websites. But actually, I’d never seen a bodybuilder built as good as Kirk. I mean, fuck. His legs alone would knock the socks off even a pro bodybuilder. “Your shorts… How do you get your legs in them?” I wanted to ask how he got his cock in them too. It was just enormous.

He laughed. “Good question. Actually, a few years ago I had to start getting most of my clothes tailor-made. It’s pretty hard to find pants—or even shorts like this—with a 32-inch waist, and room for my 31-inch quads.” He looked at his legs and asked, “Do you like really big legs?” He rotated his left leg and made it roll back and forth, loosely. Then he tightened it, and BAM! It solidified into an obscene mound of mind-boggling rock. The muscle had veins running all the hell over it.

“Holy hell, Kirk. I’ve never seen legs as huge and defined as yours are.”

“Thanks,” he smiled. “Glad you like them”

I was so close to cumming in my shorts.

Then, in what looked like an even more vigorous attempt to adjust everything, Kirk pulled his pants even lower. I swear he showed me at least half of his cock. And dayum, that thing was thick! A big vein ran prominently down it, fed by other smaller ones. His thick, black pubic hair was so gorgeous. “Damn, my pubes. Well, I like to keep ‘em trimmed. Sometimes a guy will want to smell them, and well… I’ve been told it’s kind of hot for a muscle-loving dude. I’ve let a few guys stick their nose in them, and sometimes they really don’t want to stop,” he laughed. “I don’t know if that’s something you’d be interested in….”

He held his pants down while with his other hand he attempted to adjust his package. The task, apparently, of adjusting his junk so that it wouldn’t pull down his boxers and pants, was proving difficult for him. He glanced up from his work and looked at me. I only caught it out of my peripheral vision. My gaze was locked on the visible portion of his cock. “Sorry,” he said softly. “Or maybe this doesn’t bother you.… I just want to be sensitive to your wishes.”

I looked up at his face. He was serious. Like, all business. I could only swallow. I felt my Adam’s Apple move up and down slowly in my neck. My mouth was parched, but my eyes were watering. I couldn’t say a word.

He shrugged, and his entire upper body shifted and rippled. His deltoids and traps bulged with the movement. “Well, it’ll just take a sec,” he said. Then he pulled down his underwear even more, showing more of that huge organ. He looked up at me. “Does this bother you? Seeing how big I am?”

“Wow. Just… wow.”

“Because some guys get really intimidated by it. But some guys really like to see how big it is. I can put it back if you want me to. Or not,” he smiled. “What are your thoughts? Do you want to… to see more of it?”

“Kirk, I… I can’t imagine what it looks….”

He smiled at me. “Well, you don’t have to imagine, Mr Parks. It’s totally up to you. Like I said, I don’t mind showing off a bit,” he chuckled again. “Some guys don’t really have a thing for big cocks, but if you do, you’re gonna like mine.” He looked back down at his exposed hair and cock root. “I’ve actually never met a guy who had a bigger cock than mine. So yeah, I understand when dudes want to look at it. And touch it. I don’t mind. I actually kind of like it when a dude wants to touch it. A lot of guys have touched it, and they all seem to like doing that. I wonder if you might like it too. I mean, it is pretty big, man. Actually, sometimes a guy will want to touch it for hours and hours. Run his hands up and down it. It stays hard for as long as you want. I promise. Anyway, I love it when a dude runs his hand up and down my shat. I like to let let them. It’s kind of a turn on to see how long a guy can touch it… without him coming. I mean, I can hold off until I decide to come. But it’s always fun to see how long a guy can touch it before he comes.”

One of his hands moved onto his enormous pouch, and he lifted it, squeezed it, and moved it. He hitched his thumbs in his underwear again and shifted his weight to one side, bringing his stance on one foot to his tippy toes. He was really working at it—wrenching his torso to get things to work right. And I was seeing a show-stopping exhibition that threatened to undo me.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Kirk said innocently. “Here I am, talking all about how big my cock is, and about how so many guys like to feel it. Yet I haven’t shown you how big it is yet.” He rested his arms at his side. “But really, I’m just trying to get this thing under control. Just a sec, boss.” He struggled with it some more.

Finally, he gave a big, exasperated sigh. He let his arms relax at his sides once again, obviously frustrated with his dilemma. “Dang it. This can be annoying sometimes.” He was all... well... innocently flustered. “Let me see here...” He resumed his work, but now... holy, holy, holy fuck! With a big, exasperated sigh, he unzipped his shorts all the way, then pulled them—and his boxers—down so far that his entire colossal cock plopped forward, unrestrained by any clothing! His enormous shaft, so exquisitely big and perfect, and his oversized testicles, hung right in front of me.

His cock and balls. OhMyGawwwwd! He was enormous. Cut. And his balls—easily the size of really, really big lemons—hung so low in his dangling sacs that they almost came more than halfway down his penis! And that was a long distance! His cock was flaccid, but even then it had to be eight inches—soft! And thick! Any porn star would be proud. (I’ve seen enough porn star cocks to know!)

He fidgeted with his pants while his glorious manhood hung out, right there for God and everyone to see. And he left it out while he worked and worked on adjusting his clothing. The muscles in his huge arms and shoulders rippled and rolled with his efforts. Then, annoyed and irritated at his “dilemma”, he relaxed again, and just stood there. “I gotta tell you, Mr Parks, being a ‘big boy’ down there isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.” He looked up from his exposed genitals and forced my eyes up with his. “You know what I mean?” He stared me down with a commanding, but very soft, sincere gaze. “I mean, I’m kinda big, to be honest. And although it is awesome to have someone like you look at it, it’s not always easy to… well, contain.”

He stood there motionless, looking at me, with his waistband tucked behind his balls, all exposed as hell.

“Oh... I can imagine. I mean, yes...” I coughed. Then I mumbled softly, “God, it’s so big.”

He gave a polite smile. “Thanks.” He took one fingertip and ran it down the side of his curving cock, watching himself. “Do you like looking at it?” He watched himself while he touched it. “A lot of people think they want to be big like this, but sometimes it can be a pain in the ass.”

“Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh…” I don’t know if he made the joke intentionally or not.

“You can look at it for awhile if you want,” he said, as serious as a man could be. “I was going to just adjust it and try to put it back in, but... do you want me to let you look at it some more?”

I couldn’t reply.

“Mr Parks?”

I felt myself lick my lips.

“You thirsty?” he asked, so innocently.

And still he just hung himself right there in front of me. Seated as I was, his exposed manhood was at eye level. Right in front of my desk. I could have reached across my desk and touched it if I wanted. And fuck, I really did want to touch it.

“I mean, it’s... bigger than... it’s so big.... I mean, how do you get it all back... in... I mean, will it take much work?” I chuckled nervously. “Holy fuck, Kirk! I didn’t know a man could be that big!”

“Oh, yeah. Sometimes it takes a lot of my strength to get the thing to cooperate, you know?” he chuckled again. “It can be pretty irritating. But I get the impression that you like it.”

“Well, I….”

His face lit up again. The dude was so perfect at seducing me. He knew me inside and out.

“Yeah, you like looking at it, don’t you. Thanks. I’m glad you like it. It is even more impressive when it gets hard. You should see it when it starts showing off for you.” He stood there, still, letting me look at his huge cock. Then he started tugging and moving things around again. Fuck, his triceps bulged as he worked. Eventually, he said, “You know, I think... part of the problem is that I actually am gettin’ a little hard. It’s really almost impossible to put this back when it gets like this.” He looked at me with a smile. “Yeah, you’re licking your lips, staring at it. Damn, boss, you’re making me hard, just the way you’re looking at it. Dude, you have it bad for muscle, and for a really, really big penis… don’t you….”

He was right. He was growing. His long, thick shaft arched out, curving right towards me. And it was getting bigger. Throbbing every second or two.

“Damn,” he cussed. “Oh, sorry about that. I should watch my mouth. My mama would have me by the ear if she heard me cursing.”

I thought… But of course she wouldn’t give a second thought to the fact that you are standing there, dangling your junk right in your boss’s face....

He stopped fiddling with his boxers. He stood there, hands at his side, and watched—with me—as he got harder. We both just stared at it. For a minute or so. Soon it was pointing directly at me over the desk. Then, without saying anything, Kirk lifted his tank top. He pulled it up, over his head and let it drop to the floor.

“Oh, God Almighty,” I whimpered. Seeing this upper body, and his throbbing, erect cock waving at me, I was overwhelmed. Muscles mounded all over hell.

“Well… I thought you might like to see me with my shirt off too. I mean, I’ve been kind of showing off, and well… you haven’t indicated that it offends you. And I kinda believe in making the boss happy, you know? I hope this is okay.”


“Thanks,” he said. “You like to look at my cock. And my muscles, don’t you,” he smiled. He shimmied his shorts and underwear off, over his immense quads, down to the floor. He stepped out of them. “There. Now you can see anything you want.”

I was so turned on I couldn’t contain myself. “Holy fuck, man. You’re like nothing I’ve ever seen! You’re huge! And so freakin’ ripped!”

“Thanks,” he said, standing still. His shoulders and arms were dizzyingly big—and rippling with ridges, mounds and crevasses. And his pecks! Fuck. His black chest hair was the hottest thing ever. And the meat of his pecks… they were enormous! The twin spheres of chest muscle protruded over his lower torso like two sentinels keeping watch. And actually, his pectorals resembled spheres more than any I’d ever seen—or imagined. His abdominals were deeply cut mounds of muscles, flanked by the diagonal lines of his serratus and obliques.

His legs, each one basically the same size as his waist… he had the most powerful-looking legs imaginable. I’d never seen a bodybuilder with a physique so perfectly oversized, and so lean! His big muscles would have put a pro bodybuilder to shame! He was oversized, yet he was perfection incarnate: proportions that simply had to have come from the Devine. I could not imagine any man—from deep in antiquity till today—being better-built, more perfect, more godlike and perfect than the man I was now looking at. He was Hercules, Samson, Adonis, and every other god and demigod combined. And he was all friendly and stuff, right here in my office.

This had to be some kind of supernatural fantasy. Or a dream. I wanted to pinch myself to make sure.

I could not believe this was happening. Right in front of me was the most muscular, huge, ripped and lean, gorgeous bodybuilder man I’d ever seen. Even better than I’d ever imagined. And he was showing me... everything. I was getting so fucking hard. This was every wet-dream I’d ever had, now coming totally true!

“Yeah, you like looking at my muscles, huh Mr Parks.” he smiled. “I kind of thought you’d like to look at them. I kinda got the impression from the first time we met. Your eyes were undressing me while we talked.” He flexed his cock and it bobbed up and down.

“I can’t believe...” I said quietly.

“Can I ask you a question, Mr Parks?”

I just gulped.

“I mean... well... I gotta be honest with you... usually when it becomes unruly like this, the only way to get it to settle down is to... well... would it be okay with you if I... masturbated?”

I gulped.

“Mr Parks?”

“Um... I... well, I guess...”

BigTubby“I mean... ’Cuz I’m going to have to do it. If I have a prayer to get this thing back in my pants, I’m gonna have to... relieve myself, if you know what I mean.” With that, he brought one hand to his shaft, and very gently, with open fingers and palm, gave himself one long, tender stroke. Then he chuckled. “Then again, you seem really interested, so maybe you wouldn’t mind if I jerk off in front of you?” His smile was so bright.

There was a subtle, yet very real sensation of warmth in my crotch. And before I realized what was happening, my steel-hard cock was filling my underwear, pouring out a long, steady stream of jizz. I hadn’t touched myself. I hadn’t even pushed on my pants. It just started. I didn’t jerk; my cock didn’t jerk. It just spewed out a single, uninterrupted flow of thick milk.
I don’t think Kirk knew what was happening. I didn’t moan. I didn’t groan. I didn’t hold myself. I was just filling my pants with cum. And hell, it was a lot. There was going to be some major clean-up. My cock was pointed down my leg a bit, and I was afraid the long, thick stream of jizz might come out of my pant leg.

“I don’t know… maybe you think that’s a bit much, though. But heck, you never know unless you ask, right? But seriously, if you want me to go back to your private bathroom to do this, I will. Up to you.”

Kirk was bringing himself to full erection. I blinked at the thing. I just couldn’t believe the size of him. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Huge, thick and long... perfect in shape, size and proportion. Giant gonads hung low in his dangly sacs. He removed his hand from it and it throbbed to maintain its height. A shiny drop of clear pre-cum dribbled down in a thread, with a larger dollop on the end. It went lower and lower until it fell onto my desk.

All—while I was coming in my short pants. And it was the most unusual orgasm I’d ever had. There were no spurts or jerks. It was just one long steady stream of warm jizz emptying into my pants. I’d never come like this in my life. It was like I was peeing, but it was definitely a torrent of semen.

“Well,” Kirk said softly, his hands at his sides and his cock pointing up, drooling another drop of pre-cum on my desk, “Do you want me to stay here while I make myself cum? I don’t want to assume anything. But I also don’t want you to miss out on something you want to see….” He chuckled softly.

“I... uh...” As I continued to gush, I actually chuckled and said, “Wow. I guess you are a bit of a show off. That thing is most... fuck... gorgeou....”

“Thanks.” He kept touching himself. His strong fingers moved up and down the nearly vertical organ. His face dimpled with a smile. “Yeah, I guess I’m definitely a show off,” he grinned.

“Uh...” I squeaked out a whisper, “it’s... alright.”

He fondled it, studying its magnificence. “So… you’re saying you kinda like a showoff?” he giggled.

The monolith was throbbing— bouncing with his heartbeats.

“Well, okay. I mean, yeah. Don’t worry about me. I’m not offended at all. I… I… I kinda like looking at it….” Fuck, I was doomed. I’d just admitted the forbidden.

“It’s really getting hard. You should feel how hard it can get.” Without taking his eyes off it, he said, “Do you want to touch it?”

Oh Holy Hell.

He pulled it away from his torso, and flexed it. Another drop of pre-cum oozed out. He pushed it farther forward, held it there for a moment, then let go. It recoiled back and hit his abdominals with a thwap.

Oh Holy. Fucking. Fucking. Hell.

“You can if you want,” he looked at my face now. “Touch it, I mean. If you want. When it gets really hard like this, it’s really awesome.” He looked back at it, then said almost coyly, “You really think it’s gorgeous, like you said?”

The torrent of cum flowed down one of my short pant legs. And now, to my horror, my fear was realized. A large, steady rivulet of cum started gurgling out from under the short leg.

“Are you getting hard? Mr Parks? Wow, that’s so cool. I love it. Just looking at my boner—and all of my muscles—is making you hard? Wow.” He kept staring at it, while it hung out in the air. “You want to touch it?” He walked around the desk, his monolith bobbed as he made his way to get to my side of the desk.

Instinctively, I rotated my chair to face him. The repositioning made the wet mess I was producing in my pants dribble out even more. I could feel the stickiness. I grabbed a quick glance at my legs. Damn, this was fucking embarrassing. The white jizz flowed freely now, making my inner-thigh wet.

He stopped in front of me. Then he moved his big, muscular hand under his genitals, lifting them toward me. “Actually, if you touch it for a minute, you might be able to help me come. That way I can let it go limp and put my clothes back on. I should probably get back to work. At some point, anyway. Unless you’d rather enjoy this….”

With one last little umph, I flexed my cock and forced out the last of my jizz.

“Go ahead. You can feel how hard it is.”

I lifted a trembling hand. Kirk stared, motionless, at what I was doing. As reverently as I could, I placed my fingers on the warm shaft. Oh. My. God. I’d honestly never done this before… touch a man’s cock. Kirk’s enormous shaft was so thick—so lined with bulging veins. I could feel his heart beat in it. I wrapped my hand around it and felt his urethra with my thumb, on the exposed underside of his shaft.

“Wow. I’ve never seen anything like… And it’s so warm… And…” I pulled down on it just a bit. It barely gave. “Fucking so hard….” Then I gave one slow, firm-yet-tender, stroke. My hand moved over the distended veins; it was like I was reading a hyper-exaggerated book of Braille—a book that was exquisitely erotic. The veins, and his urethra, were tight and insanely pronounced.

Kirk flexed it under my grip. He repositioned his feet. His gargantuan quadriceps, still mostly covered, were right there, filling my field of vision. I let my open fingers trip over his manhood.

“Yeah…. Do you like touching it?” He smiled at me. I did, actually. I was in heaven, running my fingers up and down the biggest cock on the biggest muscle god ever. “Oh... It really feels good when you do that.”

I couldn’t believe what I was holding in my hand. It was so thick I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around it. And it was so fucking long. “How… long… have you measured... how long it...”

“I’m blessed,” he said while I stroked him. Some of his pre-cum started to slosh under my hand. “It’s kinda big and long. If it gets hard enough, it’s way over a foot long, to be honest,” he smiled. “Actually, one guy measured it and said it was almost 15 inches. But I don’t know. I like to stroke it more than measure it… haha.” He watched as I kept stroking him. “I hope that doesn’t bother you.” He held very still while I ran my fingers and palm up and down his enormous—mind-boggling—shaft. “Damn, you really know what you’re doing, man. I like it when you touch it. If you ever want to, in the future, you can just ask me. Just say the word, boss. I’ll unzip my pants and let you look at it… and touch it… whenever you want.”

I gently, with a mostly-open hand, kept stroking his cock. It grew harder and more erect by the second. “Wow,” I muttered.

“You like touching it?”


“Thanks. Yeah. I’m glad you like it. I’ve had no complaints, for sure. You like it. Damn, you have a good hand. When you touch it like that.… Makes me get even harder, and makes my cock really show off for you. Do you like seeing it bounce and get all hard like this?”

I kept moving my hand up and down it. I couldn’t believe the enormous missile I was stroking.

Then he saw the semen running down my leg. “Holy fuck, Mr Parks! You must really like touching my cock, and looking at all my muscles!” He chuckled… “Wow! I thought I was the only one who needed to ejaculate, but wow! I guess you needed to too.” He moved a finger to my leg and scooped up a big glob. He brought it to his mouth, stuck his tongue out, and slowly, erotically, with a big grin, licked it off his finger. “Mmmm…” he smiled. “Wow, your’s is nice and salty.”

He took my free hand and lifted it. I was forced to stand. I trembled while he moved my free hand onto his chest. Holy shit. “Is it okay if I come now? I had no idea you needed to ejaculate like that. So anyway, maybe I can have a turn now?” His hairy pectoral started to roll under my palm and fingers. “If you feel my chest, especially my nipples, it’ll make me come even quicker. But then again,” he smiled, “maybe you don’t want me to come too soon, right Mr Parks? You really like touching me, don’t you…. I can’t wait till you get in the shower with me and lather all of my muscles up. I will love that. What do you think about my cock? You really know how to make it hard, Mr Parks. Man, you must like fondling it like that. You’re really good at it.”

“Wow, it’s so hard. Wow! And yeah, I guess I do… like to touch… it.”

“Good,” Kirk said. “We should do this regularly. I mean, even every day, if you wanted. I would really like it if you made me hard, with your hand, any day, any time. It makes me feel really good.”

With my left hand, I took his right nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and started to play with it.

“Oh, wow,” he moaned. “Dang, that feels good. You’re gonna make me come, Mr Parks.”

His cock tightened under my hand, and I spread my other hand and moved it all over his chest now.

“Oh that feels good. Do you like touching my muscles? If you want, you can suck on one of my nipples. You are totally going to make me come. I hope you know that.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I brought my mouth to his pectoral, stuck out my tongue and flicked it across his areola and the peanut-sized nipple. Then I pulled it into my waiting mouth and gently sucked.

Kirk groaned with pleasure.

I sucked and licked his hairy chest while I gave him a gentle hand job. I increased my grip on his cock and ramped up the intensity.

I was giving the musclegod, Kirk Mattheson a hand job, while feeling his huge muscles and kissing his pecks.

He moaned louder now. His body seemed to tighten. A wave of rippling muscle danced across his chest. He opened his eyes and bent down, grabbing a much larger sample of my semen off my leg. He took my hand and smeared my jizz onto it. “You can use your own jizz to lubricate me,” he said.

I did as instructed, grabbing his enormous shaft again. I gave him some strokes, and he closed his eyes, dropping his head back in pure pleasure. I buried my face in the canyon of his cleavage. He groaned more. I kissed his chest, and licked all over its hairy carpet. The hand I was masturbating him with was wet with his precum, and my own special mix of liquid lubricant; it sloshed loudly while I beat him off.

I could feel it coming. He closed his eyes. His balls were churning. His cock hardened into a steel pole. It flexed under my grip. I felt there was going to be some kind of massive explosion. It was imminent. He dropped his head back. I squeezed his shaft and pushed down on it, hard.
Kirk’s entire body—his pants pulled down, his totally bare upper body, all the flexing muscles in his arms, chest, and shoulders exposed... and the massiveness of his broad, thick chest pushing against my hand—he tightened his muscles, and they rippled and swelled. His neck thickened, and a big vein stuck out on it. He breathed heavily. His cock and balls coiled. He writhed in a pre-climax crescendo.

I pushed even harder on his cock, holding it tightly, still. I could feel it throb. Kirk was going to come.

He lifted both arms and put his hands behind his head. I watched as his “V”-shaped body became saturated with bulging, defined muscles. A professional bodybuilder would have wept at the sight of his lean, massive muscles. He whooshed the air out from his lungs, and while I pushed hard on his cock, he closed his eyes, freezing into a granite statue of unbelievably defined, big, hard, mountainous muscle. He turned slightly. Now his cock was pointing toward my desk.

I held his cock still, pressing it downward, and tightening my grip on it. Then it happened. I could feel his explosive jizz surge through his cock. The pressure filled his penis, and the fluid swelled under my hand, making his cock even harder than before, and rippling under my fingers.

The first shot flew across my desk. I could actually hear it plop onto my green desk pad. It wasn’t until the split second after that shot that Kirk let out a low, loud groan. I lowered his cannon so that the second shot hit in the center of the pad. I looked down at what was happening. The desk pad was starting to be littered with white globs, dots, streaks, and puddles of his shooting jizz. Where it landed, the green eventually turned a wet, darker color. Some of his blasts shot all the way over the desk and landed on the floor. Holy fuck the man shot hard, and a lot! I had a geyser in my hand!

With a whole-body flex, the muscle god’s physique exploded with tightness, transforming into an unbelievable display of virile muscle. He yelled, “Aaaaarrrrrggggggggh!” Then he yowled, “Jesusssssss Fuckinggggg Chrrrrrriiiissssssst!” His muscles were the most amazing, stunning display of manliness you could imagine... It was staggering, the amount of ripped muscle this man had. His cock burst forth now, with rapid-fire gushes of creamy-hot milk.

I bent down and aimed his squirting cock head so that his jizz would land all over my face. I opened my mouth and received it, swallowing it greedily.

At that point, having tasted, I leaned forward, and I went down on Kirk’s exploding cock. I wrapped my lips around the bulbous, purple head and sucked. I pushed my mouth farther onto him and enveloped his cut. His ejaculations were strong—they pelted the back of my throat, but I didn’t mind. I pulled him in farther. All the while, Kirk was cussing and groaning as he filled my mouth with his salty, virile, youthful seed. I went down farther; the distended veins on his enormous shaft moved under my lips. I wrapped my tongue around it as I went, making sure to give him a lot of tongue-to-penis contact.

“Oh Goooooooddddd,” he moaned. “Yessssssss... take my...” he panted... “take my seed,
man. Swallow... swallow it man. Drink my jizz! Milk me.”

This next part is the hand-to-God truth: Even though I’d finished an orgasm only moments before, with Kirk now shooting his load into my mouth, I started to come again. This new batch of semen overflowed what was already there, forming another rivulet of cum on my leg. And in fact, as I had bent down like this, the end of my cock had snaked down outside my shorts leg. Now my cum was visibly squirting out the end of my penis.

I sucked tenderly, but with intensity, wanting to bring Kirk as much pleasure as I possibly could. I don’t know how long we remained like this, but let’s just say it took awhile.

When I finally pulled my mouth off his cock, I looked up to see a heaving chest, and an upper torso that was as cut and ripped as you could ever conceive. Kirk glistened with sweat.
God Damn! Fuck! Holy shit! The man was a god. A fucking GOD. I’d never seen such development... such shocking musculature... such overblown, yet wonderfully-proportioned mass... such magnificent muscle definition... such heavenly beauty. All I wanted to do at that moment was worship that perfect, enormous, rippling body.

Even with all that mass—nearly 300 pounds of solid muscle—his small waist was fucking unbelievable! How a man so enormous, with muscles so huge, could be so fat-free and lean… it was just amazing.

I couldn’t believe what was standing in my office. Totally naked. Totally hard. Exposed and erect. Wet and dripping with sex. Muscle that always made me painfully hard.

I sat back into my chair, licking his spunk off my lips, chin and fingers. And the rest of my face.

He kept taking deep breaths; the very light sheen of sweat accented the definition on his body. “Oh, damn. That was the best,” he sighed, putting his hands on those narrow hips. “Thank you for that. I really needed that. I guess I’ve been feeling lot of sexual tension lately.” He smiled and looked directly at me. “That was really helpful.”

I didn’t say anything.

“I think watching you get all turned-on over my muscles these past few days made me all kinds of tensed-up with sex,” he said. “I guess maybe I should be sure to masturbate every day before I come to work,” he chuckled. He sounded totally serious. “But then again, maybe it’d be better for both of us if I just come to work all hard and horny so we can help each other relieve ourselves. Would that be okay, Mr Parks? Maybe that would make for a more efficient work day?”

Assuming it was a rhetorical question, I didn’t reply.

He hadn’t gone soft yet, and it honestly didn’t look like that was going to happen any time soon. He examined himself for a moment, then said, “Sometimes it takes a couple of tries, actually… to make me limp enough to tuck it back in….”


“Yeah. To get limp. I mean… I stay hard a long, long time. But I’ll be ready to go again in a sec. If that’s okay with you,” he said, all matter-of-fact. “And if you want, I could flex my muscles for you. If you want. That would really get me hard again. I love it when guys feel my muscles and stroke me at the same time. It’d be fun to do some kissing too, if you want.”

He glanced at the window above the table that held the coffee stuff, then back at me—his giant cock waving at me. “But maybe we should go into the back room. You don’t have any appointments scheduled today, but, you know... it’d be more private.” He rounded the desk and extended his hand to me. “Is your cot very strong?”


* PA = Personal Assistant


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