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by Sean Reid Scott
Originally posted way back in the Before Time, under the pen name Derek Flex



[Note: This story includes a heavy dose of nasty, homo-centered erotica.
Don't read if you're offended by same-sex muscle stuff.]




THE NEXT MORNING, RYAN AND I AWOKE IN HIS BED. We had been up late into the night, talking, hugging, flexing, exploring, touching. The sun streamed in the window, a harbinger of the beautiful summer now unfolding.

We showered together. It was the most exhilarating experience of my life. As soon as I started slathering my soapy hands all over those flexing muscles, my penis turned as hard as steel. It took just one light push of Ryan's soapy fingers on my erection to send burst after burst of cum into the air and onto his torso. He smiled as he masturbated me, obviously enjoying the effect his muscular body had on me. His dimpled smile weakened my knees as I ejaculated onto him. I was at his mercy.

I jacked Ryan off during the shower, too. His thick meat pulsed with milky cum as I pleasured him.

After we dressed, it was down to breakfast. We had a big meal and made plans for the weekend, and the summer.

"Uncle Mark," Ryan said as he wolfed down his six-egg omelet, "I'm going to need to find a gym to workout in during the summer."

"Already taken care of, big guy," I smiled. "After breakfast, I'll show you what I've done in the basement."

We finished breakfast and did the dishes. I washed and Ryan dried. The door to the basement was just off the kitchen. I flipped on the stair light and we descended, each wooden plank creaking as we stepped.

When we were all the way down, I turned on the lights to Ryan's new workout room. His eyes widened as he beheld what I had done. The basement had been completely remodeled. New wall-to-wall matting was on the floor. Every wall was covered with floor to ceiling mirrors. (There were even a few mirrors on the ceiling!) New, bright lighting illuminated the room. A powerful stereo system filled the room with music. And everywhere we looked, the room was filled with the latest weightlifting equipment. Machine weights, treadmills and a set of free weights that bested any gym in the city. I had brought in extra weights, too, because I knew Ryan would need more than the standard weight that came with most gym equipment.

On one wall was a scale and some tape measures.

"Uncle Mark! This is amazing! I've never seen a gym equipped this well!" Ryan exclaimed. "Where did you get the money for all this?" he asked.

"Well, I just saved a little here and there, and I cashed in some stock I had," I smiled. "I knew you would want to work out a lot this summer. And if... I mean WHEN you go back to school next fall, I figure I might be able to charge a few guys to use the room."

"Awesome!" Ryan grinned. He walked around the room, admiring and touching the shimmering equipment.

"Oh, and Ryan," I said. "Come over here." We walked to one corner of the room. It was outfitted with special lighting, mirrors and video cameras. "If you want to practice your posing, I set up this corner for you."

"Holy SHIT!" Ryan beamed. "I can't believe you did all this!"

Ryan grabbed me and hugged me, lifting me off the floor. He set me back down and began to move around the room. He was just like a kid in a candy shop.

After Ryan was thoroughly acquainted with the weight room, we went back upstairs.

"I have something else to show you, Ryan," I said. "I hope you like what I've done with the back yard. I figured we'd be spending a lot of time there this summer, so I redid the pool area."

We went out the back door and onto the patio. I had torn out the old pool and had replaced it with a much larger one. A waterfall splashed at the far end of the pool. The whole place was elaborately landscaped with tropical plants, ferns, flowers and trees. It looked like a garden paradise. Music was pumped through the outdoor speakers. A hot tub bubbled next to the bright blue pool. Large privacy screens and plants blocked the views on all sides, making the whole yard totally private; perfect for...

"Uncle Mark, you have really gone OVERBOARD!" Ryan nearly yelled. "This is like paradise!"

I smiled from ear to ear. It was so fulfilling to please him like this.

We sat down and listened to the soothing sound of the waterfall as the fountain pushed the stream over rocks and into the pool. We reclined on lounge chairs and soaked in the morning sun. It was still a little cool to put on swimming trunks, so we just relaxed and talked.

"Ryan, do you remember a kid by the name of Jeremy?" I asked. "He was a few years younger than you in high school. Kind of a skinny kid?"

Ryan pondered for a second. "Yeah, I think I remember him. Was he kinda tall? Brown hair?"

"Yeah." I answered. "Well, he's not quite as skinny anymore. I've let him come over and help me with the gym equipment downstairs. He helped me pick out a lot of the weights and machines."

"Looks like he knows a lot about bodybuilding. You've got the premium stuff down there," Ryan said.

"Yeah, I guess he does," I said. "He's been working out quite a bit. He's nowhere near your development, but he has potential."

I paused for a second. Jeremy was one HOT 17 year old. As a junior, he could muscle out any senior in his school. He was naturally lean, and his genetics gave him a real head start toward bodybuilding. He was just over 6 feet tall, and his frame had recently been taking on quite a bit of beef. Last week we weighed him at 214 pounds.

"Well, "I continued, "He remembers you from last year, and he's really looking forward to meeting you. He wanted me to ask you if you'd give him some pointers on working out."

"Shit, that'd be fun!" Ryan grinned.

"Awesome," I said. "I was hoping he might be able to come over here this afternoon."


I got up and called Jeremy. We arranged to have him come over at 3 o'clock. I really didn't know what would come of all this. But I did remember watching Jeremy look pretty intently at any and every picture I had of Ryan. I couldn't tell what Jeremy was thinking when he snuck a glimpse of those pictures, but I could guess.



WHEN 3 O'CLOCK ROLLED AROUND, Ryan and I were in the back yard. Ryan had changed into some blue posing trunks. I had put on a boxer-like swimming suit. Ryan looked absolutely astounding! His abs were to die for! I had never seen a man who was so extremely muscular, yet so incredibly lean! The striations on his torso were breathtaking. The definition between his mounds of ab muscle was unbelievable. And of course, his overdeveloped arms and chest were at constant battle with his shoulders to see which was more breathtaking. Jeremy's eyes were in for an intimidating and stimulating FEAST!

The doorbell rang, and I jumped up and hurried through the house to the door. Jeremy was a lot smaller than Ryan, so it was difficult for me to ascertain why my heart jumped so hard when I opened the door and saw him. It must have been his fantastic symmetry. He had the proportions of Adonis. He was the perfectly developed seventeen year-old. His upper body bulged in all the right places, filling his light blue T-shirt to stretch in all the right places. His waistline was narrow; his long body had an erotic strength to it. And then there were his eyes. Dark, deeply-set eyes contrasted with his dusty-brown hair. His eyes were brown. They penetrated.

"Jeremy. Come in!" I smiled.

"Hey Mark. Thanks for having me over," he smiled back.

"Did you bring some swimming trunks or something?" I asked.

Jeremy pulled some skimpy trunks out of his front jeans pocket and held them up. "I hope this will do," he grinned.

I assured him it would be great. Jeremy came in and we made our way to the back.

"Ryan's in the back," I said. "He's looking forward to meeting you. I think you two will get along real well.

I opened the sliding door onto the patio. Ryan was standing in the water. He was in the shallow end, so the water hit him just above the knees, brushing against his massively thick quads. He stood with his arms at his sides, but the thickness of his lats pushed his huge arms outward. He looked like he could move a mountain with his pinky! As soon as he saw Jeremy, he smiled and lifted one arm and waved. The beef on his arm bulged and hung there like a slab of granite.

Although he was walking across the patio, Jeremy seemed to freeze within himself. As soon as his legs stopped moving, he actually DID freeze. His deep eyes were transfixed on the muscular statue in the water. I could see that something in the front of his jeans was growing thicker.

Jeremy tried his best to compose himself, but it was in vain. He stumbled over his words as he tried to talk with Ryan. It was clear that he was totally intimidated, totally mesmerized by Ryan's huge body.

"Why don't you change into those trunks and hop into the pool, Jeremy?" I finally prodded.

"Yeah, uh, sure," the teenager said. He couldn't take his eyes off Ryan. He studied every striated ripple of muscle on his idol. He tripped over a chair, his eyes glued to Ryan, as he made his way to the changing room.

Jeremy spent quite a bit of time in the changing room. I heard him coughing and clearing his throat a few times. I surmised that he was having a difficult time getting his cock to settle down inside his trunks.

I was right. When Jeremy finally emerged, it was obvious that his penis was full. He quickly jumped into the water, so as to conceal his semi-erect state.

Ryan immediately moved over toward Jeremy. Jeremy slunk down into the water, making like he was trying to get used to the temperature. Ryan's huge body towered over Jeremy. Ryan smiled and tried to put the boy at ease. Jeremy was nervous and getting more.

I sat down in a lawn chair and decided to watch to see what would transpire.

Ryan stood tall in the water. Jeremy lowered himself so the water came to his neck. Ryan's muscular body moved close to Jeremy, finally coming within inches.

"Mark tells me that you're interested in getting some pointers from me on bodybuilding," Ryan said.

"Uh, yeah," Jeremy said.

"Would you be interested in watching me do a posing routine?" Ryan smiled.

Jeremy nodded, looking shyly up at the huge man.

Ryan lifted both arms and hit a double biceps pose.

Jeremy turned white. Jeremy's shoulders and traps, along with his thick neck, were the only visible muscles above the water.

Ryan smiled as Jeremy stared. The muscleman moved into a most muscular pose. His monstrous traps bulged and grew on top of his shoulders. They looked like huge lumps of iron.

Jeremy nearly bugged out.

Ryan continued posing. His muscles hardened into pose after mind-boggling pose of power.

"Here," Ryan finally said. "Put your hands on this." He bent his knees and lowered himself into the water, and lifted his mammoth right biceps in front of Jeremy's face. Jeremy lifted his shaking hands onto Ryan's mountain of rock. It grew even harder and larger under his fingers. Ripples of lean muscles danced under Jeremy's fingers. Ryan extended his arm, lengthening the biceps muscle. Jeremy nearly let his eyes drop back in his head. Ryan retracted his arm and this biceps returned to its steel-hard peak. Jeremy moved his hands over and under Ryan's arms as the muscleman held it stiff and still for him.

Jeremy was clearly overwhelmed. Ryan was clearly enjoying himself. He moved into various other poses, and invited Jeremy to feel him out. Jeremy began to relax a little, his face concealing his delight less and less, as his hands enjoyed each flexing, hard pose.

After about ten minutes of muscle posing and touching, Ryan decided to see what kind of effect he was really having on this boy. It was time for the moment of truth. In a very quick move, Ryan bent over and picked up Jeremy (all 214 pounds of him) with ease. He leaned Jeremy back and held him in both arms, just like a man carrying his bride over the threshold. Jeremy's cock was as stiff as a tree branch (and nearly as thick!). The base of it, along with his large nuts, was hidden under his trunks. But the length of the shaft was sticking WAY out of his trunks, snaking itself far above his navel.

Jeremy squirmed to get back into the water. Ryan's iron arms didn't flinch.

"Hey kid," Ryan said gently. "It's O.K. I was just wondering what was going on down there under the water." Ryan smiled a deep, penetrating smile into Jeremy's tense eyes. Jeremy continued to try to wriggle himself out of Ryan's arms and back into the safety of the hiding waters.

Ryan's granite arms didn't budge. Jeremy was held helpless. He looked down at his boner and groaned in embarrassment as he dropped his head back in shame and horror.

Ryan began to laugh. "Jeremy. It's OKAY!" he chuckled. "I know I have this effect on lots of people! Just RELAX!"

Finally, Ryan stood Jeremy back in the water. Jeremy quickly slunk down and began to wrestle with his hardon, trying to tuck it under the fabric.

"Here, let me help," Ryan grinned.

Jeremy turned away. Ryan grabbed him from behind, laughing, his huge muscles bulging as he lunged. Jeremy dove into the water and Ryan grabbed his trunks, shimmying them down his legs and off his body as he swam away. Jeremy was nude.

Ryan held up Jeremy's trunks "Forget something?"

Jeremy was red with embarrassment and anger. "YOU ASSHOLE! Give me back my trunks!" he yelled.

Ryan stopped laughing. He slowly moved closer, holding Jeremy's trunks out to him. "Hey kid, I didn't mean to set you off," he said calmly. "I really don't want to embarrass you." Ryan tossed the trunks to Jeremy, but they landed on top of the water, a few feet away from him. Ryan was about ten feet from Jeremy. He stopped. Jeremy moved toward the floating trunks.

Ryan grinned and then began to flex his pectoral muscles. Jeremy froze in awe. Ryan danced his muscles some more, and Jeremy watched. Then, Ryan reached down and pulled his own trunks down, and off his legs. They were both now totally nude.

"There. Now we're even," Ryan smiled. "Does this make you feel better?" Ryan began to flex again, now naked, in front of the astounded teenager. Ryan slowly moved closer to Jeremy, forcing him to the corner of the pool which was closest to me. Within seconds the two nude men were face-to-face. Jeremy tried to get out of the pool, but Ryan held him in.

"Let me GO!" Jeremy panicked.

Ryan held him. He couldn't get out.

I slipped my hand beneath my shorts. This was getting good.

Ryan enveloped Jeremy and began hugging him. Jeremy squirmed for a minute, but then stopped. Ryan started kissing him. Again, Jeremy resisted Ryan's advances, but quickly relaxed as Ryan's tongue penetrated his mouth. The two men's cocks became stiff together, Ryan's dwarfing Jeremy's. Ryan's huge, muscular body held Jeremy against the side of the pool, the water lapping the two will-built men's knees.

Ryan kissed Jeremy passionately. Soon, Jeremy found his hands running all over Ryan's huge muscles. His fingers stopped to feel Ryan's huge lats. He touched Ryan's hard glutes. He held Ryan's bulging triceps. Quickly, Ryan moved to insert his cock inside Jeremy. He lifted the smaller lad onto the side of the pool and leaned him back. Then he spread Jeremy's legs and began to slowly push his thick cock inside Jeremy's ass.

Jeremy resisted. "What are you DOING?!" he yelled.

Ryan didn't answer. He held Jeremy down and leaned over him, pushing his meat farther and farther inside.

Jeremy screamed, writhing and fighting. Ryan was undeterred. His triceps bulged as his muscular body moved on top of the smaller, but also muscular teen. Ryan frenched Jeremy again and the yelling was silenced. But Jeremy kept fighting and pushing against the huge rapist. But Ryan didn't stop. The two men struggled, their legs hanging over the water's edge. Ryan held Jeremy strong, clearly enjoying his victorious conquest. His overwhelming power was way too much for Jeremy. Jeremy continued to resist, squirming and whimpering, as Ryan lied on top of him. Ryan patiently waited for Jeremy to quiet down.

I began to cum in my swimming trunks. I pressed hard and squeezed big white globs out of my rod as I watched Ryan overpower Jeremy.

Ryan moaned. Finally, Jeremy realized that resistance was futile. He whimpered only occasionally now. He knew he must submit to the musclegod on top of him. He relaxed.

Ryan began to hump slowly. Then faster. Then faster. His muscles throbbed as he humped and humped. Bulging ripples of beef moved across his body as he raped the helpless stud under him. After a few minutes, Ryan began to ejaculate. His prey remained silent and still. In a quick jerk, Ryan lifted his head, bulging his neck, groaning very loudly. "Aaaaaahhhhrg!" Ryan's whole body tightened and jerked as he came. His butt muscles tensed and relaxed with each ejaculation.

Jeremy made one short whimper; almost a squeaking sound, like a helpless, defenseless animal might make as it is killed by its predator. Then he moaned as Ryan's huge body reached climax at his expense.

Jeremy began to squirt semen from his dick. The space between the two men's abs became white with Jeremy's milk. They both finished at the same time. They embraced in a passionate kiss, Jeremy grasping Ryan's neck tightly. They must have kissed for five minutes, breathing hard and nibbling on each other.

Jeremy and Ryan worked out together a lot during that summer. They had some VERY INTERESTING workout sessions in the basement. (They had a special fondness for the incline bench.) And Jeremy grew. And grew. I don't know if it was the regular infusions of Ryan's testosterone or what, but by the end of the summer, Jeremy was one CHANGED teenager. He returned to school the next fall and was so incredibly buff that many kids didn't recognize him.


– fini –


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