Sunriver Surrender

MONDAY, JULY 25, 2022


cDudeEGINNING THIS SUNDAY (July 31) I will be vacationing at my family's villa* in Central Oregon. The book cover at the right might elucidate the CWS as to my affection for this venue.

Click on the pic, and buy the book if you wanna. It's not specifically about muscle, but it's def. gay. And it's def. close to my own personal experience/fantasies of yore.

The story is from years ago, yet it will always give the reader a glimpse into my favorite summer holidayplace. This is truth.

And also, if you'll be in Sunriver next week, let me know. Would be fun to meet you for coffee or some-such (if you're not some kind of stalker/Charles Manson/Boston Strangler/GOP-mercenary-of-gays kind of person; I do not intend to be murdered or harassed).

That said, I intend to spend much of next week in Sunriver writing the final chapter to "The Captain and his Privates". Yes, sorry, it's barely started, so don't get your hopes up for a reveal before mid-August. Jus' sayin'. But let me say this: The wait will be worth it. Promise.


 * You need to believe how horribly rich I am. It's a given, k?



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