Who is stronger?

FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2022


cDudeHO REALLY IS STRONGER? The extremely astute visitor to this site will know that your Host is extremely attracted to today's two gorgeous hunks.

On the left, pretending to be a sailor-dude, we have Alessandro Cavagnola. This man is, in my opinion, better looking than God Himself (Please, Lord, forgive my sins, K? We good? Thanks.*). Oh, and helpful hint: Watch this YouTube vid of Alessandro. But here's the real hint: After you watch it the first time, and you're ready to masturbate to it (which, of course), go to the "Settings" thingy on the YouTube and then play Alessandro again, atquarter speed. You're in for a jerk-off treat. Please let me know in the comments if you appreciated this little, no-cost tip.

On the right is none other than Sergi Constance. He's Spanish. He's fucking stunning.

Want I want is to have Alessandro and Sergi have a little fun time. Together. Alone. Nekkid.

Yet, I have no reason to assume that they'd be interested in that (even though Alessandro has actually done some BDSM stuff that is definitely jerk-off worthy). Yet, who cares. I can dream, can't I?

Speaking of dreams, are you ready for the next, dreamy chapter of The Captain and his Privates? I think you are. This is where we get to find out WHO IS STRONGER (a nod at today's post's title). The IMSSPC moves into the  Let's find out, shall we?



* Since I'm an ex-evangelical, and all my peeps believe in the doctrine of "Eternal Security", even though I left the faith long ago, Jesus and me are like this. I'm in. And I'm pretty sure that according to the Catholics I am "innocently ignorant', which also means, "I'm in." SO, I've got two major religions/denominations backing me up, AND the confession that I'm just sure the Lord Himself has heard and accepted. Aint no one sending this reprobate to hell! 






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