Go By Train

THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2022


cDudeOU KNOW HOW I JUST met my new neighbor? From the most recent post? Yeah, that guy. Well, you won't believe this but... A few days after Mr. Neighbor and I got acquainted, I had to leave on a trip for a day or two.

And well... I decided to take the train.

And well.. you won't believe this...* But... while I was all getting comfortable and such, I happened to glance up and see this dude coming down the aisle. And holy fuck on a condom!

The dude was shirtless (was that legal?) and well... shit in a big spittoon, the guy was 100 percent rippling, drool-worthy, jacked, buff, tall, wide, lean MUSCLE! Just all walking down the train's aisle! Like this was... guys like him were... just... normal!

I drooled. Literally, saliva was on my chin as the guy took a seat directly across from me.

I was so fucking hard.

Well anyway, the shirtless muscle hunk opened up his backpack and set out a few containers. I have no idea what they were for because when he looked over at me (with that silly mask on) he smiled, then flexed the closest arm to me.

I immediately started to fill my pants with my jism. TRUTH!

"You okay?" The dude apparently noticed my distress.

I was definitely not okay.

Fortunately, the train had an open sleeping berth. And well, the rest is up to your imagination.

OH! And guess what?! OWEN CHAPTER 6 is up! Yep! Hand-on-heart true! Check it out! (And you won't BELIEVE who happens to show up on Owen's doorstep in this episode. Jus' sayin'.)

[PS: I love you CWSs so much!]


* How does this stuff always happen to me? Just lucky, I guess.







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