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cDudeOU CURIOUS WEB SURFERS have no idea how much I appreciate—and depend upon—your feedback. You all obviously are enjoying the CAP'N series, no? I mean, last week's blog post had more comments than EVr, so....

Be that as it may, this week you're gonna have to suffer through yet another episode of OWEN. I get it. Owen might not be your cup of tea. But the man is so flippin' ditzy and silly. I love him so much. For some reason, he has taken up (permanent?) residence in my brain, and I just can't stop laughing about the things he says (says... in my mind. Yes. Weird? Well you're probably not a writer then. Heh heh). Over the years, I've written more than one tome where the character I've invented has totally SCREWED UP the entire story.

I'm serious.

And I LOVE IT. I love it when a character completely takes over. That means I must be tapping in to SOME kind of muse, right? And yes, said muse might not actually connect with the reader, but fudge when it connects with ME! It might not be marketable, but sometimes you just gotta go with what is hitting you upside the face, no?

I have an unfinished Sci-Fi story (gay) that I should really get back to. But the thing about this plot is that at one point during the story, my main character enters the Bridge of the ship to find that the recent battle they went through had resulted in the fact that the Captain was DEAD! I had not planned that! But for some reason, my fingers thought they knew better than my brain, and they had typed out that the Captain of the ship had died in the battle! (Some kind of phaser attack, or whatever) What the fuck? What was I (or my main character) supposed to do now?

It was actually one of the most exciting moments in my writing "career". 

Sometimes you just gotta trust your fingers (your right hand? Heh heh) more than your brain.

Anyhoo, I say all that to say this: Owen is one of the most frustratingly fun dudes I've ever written. I laugh out loud at his antics. At how stupid he can be. At how he just barges in to people's lives and asks the most horrific, wonderful, assuming questions. To the guy (Cal) in the last chapter, standing in the magazine aisle, he just asks, "So, what kind of muscle men do you like the most?" I mean... only Owen could get away with something like that, right?

Anyway, so now you know some of the weird workings of Seanny's mind. You don't have to love Owen as much as I do. But I hope you can appreciate him. There's nothing quite like a big, dumb, innocent muscle guy, IMO.

Yes, one might not expect (or certainly appreciate) humor like this on a gay, muscle, erotica/porn site. But to paraphrase the song... "It's my site, and I'll laugh if I want to."

Today, Owen is flying home from OKC to his home just north of Los Angeles. Our pic shows him checking through TSA security. He has learned to get to the airport early, 'cuz, well... the TSA dudes like to MAKE SURE he checks out okay, if you know what I mean. Thank you, TSA, for your service. And for being so freaking thorough. (Heh)

He's flying First Class today, mostly on account of the wider seats there (wide shoulders, and all, you know?), when who should appear to take the seat next to him than a really gorgeous (obviously smaller than Owen) hunk of a man, Steve. But although Steve and Owen hit it off right away, there's another player in the cabin who is... interested. Read more HERE







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