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wednesday, MARCH 23, 2022


cDudeE NOW HAVE THE results of our most recent poll. The question posed was "Should I [that's me, Seanny] include URETHRAL SOUNDING in a story?

For those of you who don't know, Urethral Sounding is when an object is (gently) pushed inside the penis slit, into the urethra. Full disclosure here... I've done it. A few times.

Many dudes have the impression that this is a painful procedure. Speaking from firsthand experience, it's really not. There is only pain if one attempts sumpin' too big (as with anal sex, you know? Heh heh.)

Anyway, the results of the aforementioned poll are presented at the right. Click on today's graphic to see it more clearly.

Having only ten percent of respondents say they'd be grossed out if I included this act in a story, yours truly might possibly do just that (include said act in a story). You never know. And for those ten percent, I promise to be civil.

Lookin' for some more Captain/Privates stuff? Hold on while I whip it out....






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