NEW, September 25:  COUSIN TIM — REDUX




Let's try that again



Bob Paris cOME OF YOU MIGHT remember the recent story I posted, "Muscle Man Church Secretary". Admittedly, of course, it was great. (Aren't they all? Sorry, I've just recently started attending HA—Hubris Anonymous—but I'm only on the First Step, haha.)

Anyway, as good as the original was, I've modified it. Basically rewrote it. Changing the basic characters, etc. So, if you wanna check out "Hiring the Muscle Dude," have at it!

It's intended to be "used" in one of my favorite ways: Copy the text into your favorite Text-To-Speeh programs. Position yourself in your bathtub, with plenty of toys, and soap. Hit PLAY. Enjoy. Yourself. Literally.

OH, and check out the new little box at the left (just above the weather module). It'll take you right to the MOS website I've done. Hope you love it!

OH2, and speaking of MOS, today's guy is my own modified of the pic MOS made for one of my stories once. The one he made is HERE. Compare. Let me know if you think I improved on it, or if you like MOS' original better. Thanks!






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