Gorilla Suit



Bob Paris cOB PARIS is inarguably one of the best-built, most symmetrical, deliciously aesthetic bodybuilders of all time.

And he's hella gorgeous.

AND (newsflash) he's a really, REALLY fantastic writer. This summer, I've been reading two of his books, and I'm here to tell you, he tells a compelling story.

I first read Gorilla Suit. It's a memoir of growing up in the midwest, finding a way out of his closed-in existence, eventually ending up in California, sleeping in a car behind a gym, being woken up by a police officer shining a flashlight onto him. Penniless, but determined, he rose to become one of the worlds most recognized icons of bodybuilding.

It's an inspirational story, and I highly recommend it.

After that book, I read Straight from the Heart, which he co-wrote with Rod Jackson. This book is fascinating—even though Bob and Rod ended up separating. (Their marriage was never legally recognized.) From my (admittedly limited) searches, Rod seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, unfortunately.

Now Bob lives in British Columbia with his (legal) husband Brian LeFurgey. I've tried to contact Bob, but haven't received any reply for my efforts. 

I wish.

But you would be well advised to read these two books. I couldn't tell you how many times over the years that I've (—cum—) to him. I mean, COME ON. 

How about you? Who are some of the guys in your youth that made you all... you know... cummy...  ? 






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