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MONDAY JULY 19, 2021


Rory Leidelmeyer cY LONGTIME followers* will recall that my very favorite movie OF ALL TIME is Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window," released in 1954.**

It stars Jimmy Stewart and Princess Grace Kelly. (Okay, Grace wasn't actually a princess when she made this flick, but she became one, later! She was an honest-to-god princess, I tell you!) It is the concerted (if not enlightened) opinion of This Web Host that Grace Kelly deserves a high a place in the proverbial (if not stereotypical) gay man's hierarchy of Worthy Divas—if not the actual highest place of all.

Allow me to expand: In my opinion, Grace Kelly outshines Judy Garland, Doris Day, Cher, Celiene Dion, Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand, et al, and should be actually crowned Supreme Diva of All. I love her that much. Watch "Rear Window" and you'll see what I mean.

I mean... O. M. G. 

That said, next month (August 13th, to be precise) is the birthday of Sir Alfred Hitchcock, KBE. Sir Hitch was the man behind the aforementioned movie, so I use his birthday every year as an excuse to watch my favorite movie. Turns out, August 13th is frequently a very hot day where I live, so it all works, as far as watching "Rear Window" in the setting it demands: Sweaty hot. Uncomfortably hot. If you have air conditioning, turn it off that morning so the house is all uncomfortable and stuff when you turn on the flick in the evening.

OH, and after you watch "Rear Window" you're gonna wanna watch THIS YOUTUBE CLIP. Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco is introduced by Henry Fonda. You'll want to listen to her voice. It's just as beautifiul as it was in the movie. What a beautiful woman.

Sadly, even though Fonda introduced Her Highness as living "Happily Ever After", that Ever After was cut way too short. A year or so after that clip, Princess Grace would be gone. I could mourn forever.

If you just can't get enough of Grace (as can't I), watch THIS CLIP. It was recorded just two months before her tragic death. 

Which leaves the question begging: Why, Seanny, are you going all ape-shit over the princess? Here on a muscle website? My answer: Just because. It's my website and I'll do what I want.

That said, I do understand that most of you are here for the muscle. So... HERE. A little Rory Leidelmeyer never hurt anyone.

You're welcome.


— — — — — 

*I'd prefer to refer to y'all as fans, as that's prolly more apropos, yet fans sounds a bit trite and high-falutin'. So, in order to at least appear humble, I use "followers."

**If the CWS ever comes into possession of Yours Truly's bank accounts and he/she/they try to log in to said accounts (as one may be wont to do, online), and the "Secret Question"  of "What is your favorite Movie?" comes up, said nefarious CWS will not be successful if they attempt to use the aforementioned Movie name, since, on the bank website's form, I lied.






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