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David Barnes cHOSE WHO HAVE followed me for any length of time know of my intense love for ManOfSteel, and his creation, David. Indeed, DAVID graces my banner logo at the top of this page; you'll find him strewn throughout this site, and featured in so many of my stories. I'm kind of obsessed.

Sadly, it's been a year now since ManOfSteel passed away, and honestly, losing him still hurts. 

During this past year I have been busy with a project that I hope will do justice to ManOfSteel's memory. ManOfSteel's main publishing outlet for his David renders was Renderotica.com. There, both in the Main Gallery and the Premier Gallery, new renders of David were regularly posted, to the delight of his many fans.

There is still a David Fan Club on adonismale.com.

Through the years, my DAVID FIXATION spurred me to download every one of ManOfSteel's images from Renderotica—from both the free gallery as well as the paid Premier Gallery. After MOS' death in June 2020, Renderotica began taking down his work. Consequently, there has been no place where one can go to see these outstanding pieces of classic gay art. Until now.

Today, I'm announcing the debut of a repository that contains the complete works of ManOfSteel: David, the Blue-Eyed Beast. It is my hope that this site will be a permanent archive (permanent as humanly possible anyway) of MOS' work. I believe the work is that important.

There have been many great gay erotic artists over the years, and I believe MOS' work should definitely be counted among them. Tom of Finland was a pioneer; In my view, MOS deserves a place right next to him. Honestly.

MOS was an artist in every sense of the word. His work with David was exquisite. His mastery of 3D rendering, combined with his obvious talent and flair made him one of the best gay artists out there. He knew composition, lighting, and characterization. As well, his work with David showcased his broad education and his ability to craft story. MOS' work is exceptional, and David is a singular character who merits a place among the greats. That's why I have created this archive.

This new site is comprehensive. It showcases every single render of David that MOS posted on Renderotica—all 707 of them. Since Renderotica no longer shows any renders of David, I have no qualms in posting what is not on their site anyway. I have also included the captions and narrative (stories) that ManOfSteel included with many of his posts. In addition to these, there are supplemental treats and goodies that fans of David will enjoy.

I invite your input. Please let me know your thoughts. I want to encourage your material contributions and ideas concerning this project.

So, I present David, the Blue-Eyed beast, at his new home: https://www.blueeyedbeast.net. Again, please let me know your thoughts. 






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