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Yard Work



David Barnes cS THE SUN KEEPS getting higher and the days keep getting longer, it's prolly time to get some yard work done, no?


This year I've hired just the guy. I like to sit in my lounger, watching him work. When he's nice-n-sweaty I call out that it's time for him to take a break. I make a couple of lemonades and join him on the patio. It's hard work hauling away all that stuff. I'm just sure of it.

Really nice guy. Works hard. Eager to please... all that.

But, all play and no work doesn't get the job done. So after the drinks are done (there may-or-may-not have been more than just lemonade in them—hehe) he gets back to work and fills up the wheel barrow. I dart back inside and do some writing. Maybe more than just writing.

And so, here's a link to what I've been writing: Chapter 2 of "Owen and the Professor." (You're gonna havta scroll down to where the title is, and then click.) I hope you enjoy it! 






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