Russian dash cams



Owen with the prof. c'LL ADMIT IT: I sometimes enjoy watching the heinous destruction that YouTube dash cam videos show. Something about seeing all those idiotic drivers get what they deserve.

So, last night, while I was reclining on my stylish, queen-sized bed (what gay man's bedroom wouldn't be complete without one—queen-sized, I mean), I pulled up a YouTube vid about Russian dash cams. I have to admit that you Russians have a way of driving that is singularly insane.

Anyhoo, this one videe was actually a news story from 7NEWS in Australia. The lady in the studio gave the obligatory intro to the story, explaining that their reporter, Denham Hitchcock, had gone to Russia to document just how bad the driving is there—and how dash cams are pretty-much required equipment if you want to have a prayer of getting justice after some whacko whacks your car.

Okay, I'm all ears. Sounds like this'll be a good videe.

Well, as soon as the first shot of said reporter filled the screen, I went from being all ears, to all eyes. HOLY FUCK! Denham Hitchcock. The reporter. HOLY FUCK! I actually said that out loud. Right there in my bedroom. To the TV. While watching the video. (My first HOLY FUCK came at about 1:01 in the video, and it was expletive city thereafter.) I totally said HOLY FUCK more than once while watching him. There were a few HOLY SHITs thrown in as well. The man is STACKED. And gorgeous! Thick neck; deep, sexy cleft in his chin; blindingly-white smile... But the way he filled out his shirt was... HOLY FUCK-worthy.

Denham2Needless to say, I was up late last night, watching every damn video I could find of the man. You Aussies (at least those of you who love muscle) have been hiding this man from us! 

He's quite the athlete, too (not just a bodybuilder-type). Daring. Loves to surf, which is nice since, like, people often surf (and take videos of themselves doing said surfing) while shirtless. And from what I've gathered, he's a pretty damn good journalist as well. Hard-hitting, and all that. This guy is definitely not just a pretty face (and body). [Swoon.]

Oh, and stay tuned. Chapter 2 of "Owen and the Professor" is coming right up!






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