Spring Has Sprung



Anatomy cOR THOSE OF YOU who live in the northern hemisphere, as I do, it's spring! Yay! (Not to impugn those "Down Under" though, because I love autumn almost more. So ya'll have at it down there!)

And yes, I'm still here!

I did a little Spring Cleaning today on my SEAN'S MUSCLE STORIES page. Organized things a bit better. I established a little protocol (I absolutely love protocols!) what* basically establishes that any series what* has more than three chapters/episodes will get it's own launch page. Don't understand what I'm saying? Well I tuess you'll jes' have to visit the page and see what I'm talking about. While you're there, read something, K? Oh, before you go though, say g'day to Dragos. I have to say... he's in fine form today.

ALSO, I updated and fixed the The Captain and his Privates story. Seems I really, royally screwed up when I originally posted the stories. I don't know what I was thinking, but when I went back and re-read the chapters, it was all discombobulated, repetitive, and in some places, downright confusing. Some of it took a little creative re-writing. SO, I think I fixed it all. Lemme know if I missed anything.

I did the Privates fixing in preparation for my idea to continue that story line and combine it with the Colonel Visits the Sergeant story. Haven't even started on that project, but it does sound exciting to contemplate the Cap and Sgt. West going at it, no?


* I know, it just sounds oddly cool though.






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