Halloween 2020



DavidcOST OF US ARE probably running pell-mell toward the 2020 EXIT sign. This year has been one for the books, no? Get me outta here.

Yet, these last few months might bring us unexpected happiness and welcome change from the turmoil we've been enduring. We can hope. We can vote too. (Not endorsing any candidate or party here, but if you don't vote, please don't complain.)

So, what are your plans for this Halloween? I had my "Elsa" costume all ready to go and then Covid-19 struck (yes, I usually get my costume early), so I guess I won't be trick-or-treating this year. Instead, I've been invited to a Halloween Poker Party by today's stud. Some kind of strip poker, I think. (Note the skull on the table, so that makes the pic Halloweenie, okay? Oh, and I guess there's another weenie in the picture too.)

I thought I might give it a go and head on over to the party. Of course, I'll keep my social distance. And I'll wear my (Elsa) mask.

Chapter 3 of "The Captain & His Privates" has been thrown up (on the Sean's Muscle Stories page). Hope you like it!

And if you haven't yet read (or listened to) "Halloween Man" it's still there, on the aforementioned Stories page.

Happy Halloween!

(OH, and don't forget to "Fall Back" before you go to bed Saturday night (if you live in an area that observes Daylight Savings Time, and all). Just what we need: Another hour added to 2020.






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