HAPTER TWO OF "SHANE" is now UP for your reading pleasure. Hopefully for your self-pleasure, too, heh heh.

If you're not into reading (and if not, why are you here? It's all about the stories, man!), then maybe the guy on the right (Click on him! You know you want to!) will help you release some of that tension you've been feeling. I hope so. You really should have someone take a look at all that tension you've been dealing with. Nowadays, wonderful advancements have been made in tension release.

That said, how has your summer been? It's by no means over (at least the equinox/solstice thing says autumn doesn't begin till, like, almost three weeks from now). But, was it good for you? Mine was great!

And for those of you who live on the bottom half of our world, how's your winter been? I just can't wrap my head around the fact that you prolly celebrate Christmas dressed like this. If you do, please come to my house (that is, if you not only spend Christmas wearing skimpy posers, but if you are as well-built as those three men—especially Simeon Panda on the left, or Ulisses Williams on the right). I don't know if this pic has been morphed to give these muscle hunks bigger pouches, but I do know that in the case of Ulisses, morphing is definitely not necessary. From what I've seen of Simeon (on the 'net of course), he doesn't need any artificial "help" down there either. I don't know who the middle guy is, but as they say, I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating Doritos® (although I absolutely hate Doritos®).

Anyway, getting back to our solar system and the seasonal effects that the orbital path and tilt of our lovely planet have on us... It's my experience that here in the Specific Northwest, September can actually be one of the most beautiful summer months. August is def. my favorite, but September almost always rivals its earlier brother fersher—even though the sun is noticeably lower in the sky, and its course makes for some longer shadows (not to mention that it just feels like fall is quickly approaching). For example, just a few weeks ago, my dog would recline on his bed next to me as I typed here, out on my patio, and he'd be able to bask in some warm sunshine. Now, the sun doesn't even hit my patio. Take that flat-earthers.

Well, I've used up way more than my allotment of words for today. And most of them haven't even been about muscle; which is why you're here, right? So I'll let you get right into reading that "Shane" chapter. The third and final chapter will be posted tomorrow, so... hop to it!  






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