ETURNING FROM summer vacation is always bittersweet. This year was no exception. I had a great time last week in Central Oregon. If you've never been, you should consider it. Then go home.

Back in the day, the Oregon governor once famously told people to come and visit; just be sure to leave when you're done. Don't stay. It became a meme before there were memes. Come to pump our economy full of tourism money, but don't move here. I guess us Oregonians are a tad xenophobic.

Anyhoo, the weather last week was perfect (if not a bit hazy due to some forest fires somewhere); the fam was fun; the food was plentiful; the swimming was fantastic—even though our time at the pool was greatly limited because everyone had to be covid-scheduled. But still... it was a great time, and hard to leave. Yet coming home is always good.

I DID meet today's guy (Jared) early in the week. I snuck out my bedroom window a few nights and we had a little vacation tryst together. No one in my house suspected a thing. And his parents were very accepting when they caught us 69-ing on the living room carpet in the middle of the night. Nice family.

And yes, the resort I went to (as I am wont to do every year) was the place where "Levi's Muscles" is set. I didn't see the big guy, but I did find some grist for at least one more chapter while I was there. We'll see how long it takes for me to write it.

Since I got home, I've been busy digging through my archived files. I remember when I first posted "Shane", years ago, I got rave reviews (if I do say so myself) for the story. So, I'm reposting it, starting today. Chapter 1 (of 3) is now up for your enjoyment.

Hope you're staying healthy, and your summer (for those in the northern hemisphere) is going well. (For you down-under types, hope your winter is snowy and cold, and you have a Merry Christmas.*)



* Yeah, I know it doesn't work that way. 






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