OR YOUR MASTURBATORY PLEASURE, the next chapter of my latest BSN story is "up." (Hope you are too, BTWup that is.)

The observant CWS will note that there's been a change in the title of said yarn. I decided to rename this series "Levi's Muscles." That's mostly because it is more descriptive, and also because no one really gives a fuck about the storyteller, Callum. Right? I mean, let's be honest. You're here for the muscle. Thence, you'll wannabe (or is it "Wannamaker:"?*) looking for it under the new title. Chapter Three has been thrown up. In the Muscle Story section, that is.

Which brings us (in a rather circuitous manner, if not an actual unconnected manner) to today's guy, and his muscle-worshipping protégé, Robin. Seems Mattman promised Robin a taste of his genitalia as soon as they arrived at the, ahem, Mattcave. Matt is the gloriously muscular, selfie-taking bodybuilder in the foreground. The guy in the background, who is ostensibly giving the "hang loose" sign (and talking in the speech bubble), is Robin, the Boy Wanderer. (Not a typo.) 

Seems Matt and Rob are going to have a very enjoyable evening.

If Matt would just put down the damn phone.

[OH, and I'm not really pleased with the look of the new DropCaps. Think I'll do new, new ones. Thoughts?]

[OH, OH! And just twixt you-n-me, I'm looking for a few good men! (Don't.) I mean, actually, in this case a woman or two would do as well. Yeah. It's for proofreading and evaluating a website that I'm building. Being a true fan of ManOfSteel wouldn't hurt. Prospective applicants would want to send me an email. I shan't give my email here. One of the criteria is that you know how to, you know, be intelligent enough to find things.]

[OH, OH, OH! And a huge thank you for your comments and emails. I survive on your feedback. Thanks so much.]



* You'll wanna(maker) read the story to get this reference.






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