THURSDAY, juLY 30, 2020



HAT WE HAVE HERE IS... (to paraphrase a famous movie line) a failure to masturbate. 

Actually, it's the the total opposite of that phrase (which reminds me of the way the media too-frequently reports the news*).

For, you see, today we have a nice little example of a successful masturbation session. And it's by a really gorgeous, lean, tall, young, muscled frat guy.

This is an older video clip, but you know, when it's good it never really gets old, right? I can't remember this guy's name (sorry... but I just KNOW there's a CWS out there who will elucidate me... please?) but I do remember that he later went into actual bodybuilding (obviously he had the foundation already). Wish I could see more (in more ways than one) of him.

Anyhoo, roll that mouse of yours over today's pic to see the man of whom I speak. BTW, the astute CWS might be asking, What is that picture, anyway? Said pic is the result of today's guy's masturbatory efforts: A cum-soaked napkin. His cum-soaked napkin. IMO, the actual ejaculation didn't impress me that much, but his muscle cam session, interaction with his frat-boi buddies, and the repartee he had with his fans (on the computer) was quite entertaining. Not to mention watching that lean, muscular body of his as he played with himself (and his audience).

"Where, Seanny," the anxious reader of this blog is asking, "can we see this muscle cam jerk-off video?"

Well, glad you asked. How 'bout right HERE. It lasts the good part of an hour. You can thank me later.

OH, and a couple more chapters of my old story "David in Austin" are up.


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* I've actually watched press conferences, and then later watched the evening news story that reported on said press conference and nearly fell out of my Barcalounger®! "That's not at ALL what that person said! I saw and heard the exact words and context!" I get so disenchanted with the news media. And I know what good journalism is! I worked on my high school newspaper, forcryingoutloud! And yes, I did allude to this position in my last post. Don't get me started.






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