NEW STORY: My Crush, JJ – Ch 2

THURSDAY, juLY 16, 2020


iHAPTER TWO OF "MY CRUSH, JJ" is now up! Hopefully, it'll cause you to get up (if you take my meaning)! 

This chapter relates when I meet JJ in person. Although I'd seen him every day for years at work, this was something quite new. I'd had no idea he even hinted at any kind of gay vibes. Consequently, his astounding body and good looks had always been "off limits". He was a co-worker, not some kind of worship object (although, in private, I did indeed worship him!).

Yet this day, all bets were off. In our texts the night before, JJ had admitted to appreciating my "perspective", and he pretty-much admitted to more than just appreciating my orientation! He'd told me, out-and-out, that he wanted to be worshipped! By ME!

So here I was, just minding my own business, standing on JJ's front porch.

His wife and kid were away for the weekend.

My heart pounded out of my chest. JJ had been the man of my dreams since I'd first seen him a few years ago. He filled out his UPS uniform like some kind of other-worldly muscle god. I was delerious with anticipation.

Here's a snipped of today's chapter:

--  --

JJDickHis waistline was smaller than either of his gigantic upper legs. His shoulders seemed as wide as two men, and capped by spheres of deltoid muscle seemingly as large as watermelons. His chest was dizzying. His trapezius muscles were like two river rocks that framed his thick neck. His abdominals repeated the river rock look. They were shrink-wrapped with the thinnest of tanned skin, making it appear there was no skin there at all; just defined, separated, mounding muscle. His legs were immeasurably gargantuan.

Josh’s very tiny pouch did a quite inadequate job of housing his genitals. His pubic hair was evident, as was the root of his amazing penis. His avocado-sized nuts pushed the fabric to its limits. The pouch was connected to a very thin string that ran up a glorious “V” shape at the bottom of his freakishly-defined abdominals, sat on his hips and terminated somewhere at his back.

He looked at me, hesitantly, standing erect, maintaining a strict, reserved aura.

-- -- 

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