Ginger is good medicine




OMEBOUND HOMOS NEED LOVE TOO. At least that's what I always tell people. Especially in trying times like these.

I do understand that this is a very serious situation we're all in. If you're not personally affected by Covid-19 itself, you're undoubtedly facing some economic concerns. Maybe both.

So I definitely don't want to make light of all this. Yet, I also believe humor is some really good medicine. So I'm going to try to walk a fine line between not making the Coronapocalypse sound trite, when it's a matter of life and death for some people—and between offering some needed relief from all of the stress.

Hence, today's guy. It's been said that ginger is a potent medicine. I think it's an anti-inflammatory. Or something. I'm not a doctor, nor am I a nutritionist. But I am a great appreciator of fantastic-looking men. And I think some good can come from pausing... to appreciate.

After you, ahem, appreciate this man, feel free to avail yourself of a YouTube clip I found. It'll probably increase your stress level again, so you might need to return to this page afterward. But it IS very informative, and it makes the Covid thing very understandable.

So anyway, I am well. I am semi-cloistered at home, but I am not in quarantine. No Covid-19 symptoms (or Covid-18 for that matter). BTW, do you know why they call it Covid-19? Because it was identified in 2019. Get it? True fact. But where was I? (Is lack of staying on task a symptom?) I am healthy, wealthy, and wise. Well two out of three ain't bad. (I am healthy, so you get to guess the other one.) 

I hope you're well too.






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