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Y LATEST BOOK:  It'a a gay romance. Yet, don't let that fool you; ol' Seanny simply could not write a story that doesn't involve lots and lots of muscle!

"A Song for Two" is about Riley, a hunky, gorgeous carpenter, and Trevor, an even more hunky, muscular, gorgeous UPS driver. The two of them meet under pretty stressful circumstances (Trevor becomes Riley's knight-in-shining-armor-hero). They then forge a relationship—one that's not without its obstacles.

Both men are out—at least to their friends and family—but Trevor's family is less than enthusiastic about it. Still, Trevor, as a competition-level bodybuilder in his spare time, is confident and definitely alpha. His UPS buddies all know he's gay, and they're not only accepting, but borderline enamored with the big stud.

Set in Portland, this MM romance is full of love, some angst, and plenty of suspenseful anticipation. There's even a villain of sorts. But the story is quite fulfilling and gratifying. A HEA ending will have you sighing with satisfaction. (Oh—I need to mention: There are a number of downright salacious, steamy muscle-sex scenes!)

Clickage HERE will land you the Amazon page where you can buy the Kindle book. I hope you enjoy it! And remember, Amazon promotes books to others, based on ratings and reviews, so please be sure to go back to Amazon and leave your rating and a brief review! Seanny (yep, that's me) really appreciates it!

Welp, I gotta get started on my next book! And, while I work on that, I'll be sure to get another muscle story ready for posting here!






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