ALL COLORS, AND GUNS ARE OUT. Roman Fritz, today's man, is flexing amidst the natural (okay, painted) orange and gold of autumn. Don't you love it?

Speaking of love, how many of you love new, somewhat original stories by Yours Truly? Well, if that's what you love, you're in luck!

Tonight I'm posting a brand new story! Can you believe it? And by brand new story, I mean it's something I've never posted before. Yet, I definitely have to admit that this story is a direct derivative from a fantastic muscle story by Peterbilt, called "The Marines and the Scout Troop." You can read that story by clicking on its aforementioned title. I'm under no illusion that what I've written is in any way "better" than Peterbilt's fantastic yarn; it's just different. Different objective. Different focus. I am enamored with Peterbilt's writing, and I definitely think YOU should check him out. He's prolific!

That said, a click RIGHT HERE will land you the listing of (many of) my muscle stories (I'm working to make this list comprehensive). Above the alphabetical list is a short-list of the most recent stuff. "OFF-BASE" is the story you're gonna wanna read. OH, and BTW, this story is a bit unique. There are TWO PARTS to the story. First, you'll read the story as told by Luke, the main muscle dude. THEN, I'll post the exact same story, as told by Luke's muscle-worshipper, Wyatt. I think it's gonna be awesome, if I do say so myself. And again, thanks to Peterbilt for the foundation for this story. I have to admit, many of the exact phrases have been taken from his writing. (So, since I've admitted that this is a derivative, I can't be sued, right?)

THAT said, be sure to come back TOMORROW for our HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA! Yes, methinks 10/31 is almost my favorite holiday. We'll have popcorn, hanging bats, and the return of my infamous (in my mind anyway) audio recording of "Halloween Man," the tale of a guy who encounters the muscle man of his dreams...right on Halloween! 






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