SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2019



ELL HOWDY THERE! HOW THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN? Me: Fantastic! Yeah, things have been happening (you know, life). Yet so many things remain the same, right?

Thanks to the jillions of you who sent me emails after I posted about the Moon Landing last weekend. (Okay, maybe it was only a half-jillion, but still, it means a lot when peeps take the time...)

So anyway, let's just jump right in to this evening's post, shall we? One of my friends has (repeatedly) mentioned how cool REDDIT is. There's a bunch of sub-reddits that deal with gay stuff, hot dudes, muscle dudes, buff dudes, bodybuilder dudes... you get the idea. So I've been poking around there. But I need your help!

WHAT SUB-REDDITS are good for us sthenolagnics? Us gay guys? Us gay guys who like... you know... gay guys... ? Please either respond in the COMMENTS below, or send me an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  I feel like I'm missing out, 'cuz I can't find stuff. What are your favorite Sub-Reddits?

Secondly, I've discovered "LIVE•PD". It's a real-life TV show on the A&E network, and it's cool... especially since they have a couple-three really HAWT cops on there. There's Sr. Deputy Garo Brown; he's a sheriff's deputy in Richland County, SC (Columbia, SC area), and holy-fucking-help-me-lord-to-not-act-on-these-feelings... He's a new version of Ronnie Coleman (who was also a cop back in the day)! My other favorite cop on the show is Officer Kingrey, in Indiana. SO gorgeously cute, hot, and in charge. (And he has some dance moves too!) Oh, and we can't forget Officer Cute (that's his NAME!) in Rhode Island. Holy hell this show is wonderful.

Et tu? Have you seen "Live•PD"? Have any favorite cops? How about "Live+Rescue"? That's a whole nother show... and whole nother blog post.

So anyhoo, welcome me back? Email me? COMMENT? I cannot guarantee what the future holds, but for now, MuscleStimulus.com is a nice summertime diversion.






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