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S A MEMBER OF THE ELITE, HOITY-TOITY MUSCLE PRESS, Yours Truly is often invited to the most glorious, exciting, stimulating, hoity-toity muscle events.

Such was the case this last weekend.

It was the "WNBF Worlds", more officially known as the hoity-toity WNBF Cellucor® World Championships. This is the crème de la crème of the drug-free (Natural) bodybuilding world. You've heard of the "Olympia" bodybuilding extravaganza in the mainstream (steroid) bodybuilding world? Well, the WNBF Worlds is to Natural Bodybuilding (drug-free) what the Olympia is to the drug-full competitions. Jus' sayin'.

In the WNBF, all contestants are drug-tested at every competition. And every competitor undergoes a polygraph test to ensure they haven't been doping. It's the standard for drug-free bodybuilding.

And Yours Truly was invited to attend.*

So, having graciously accepted said gracious, succulent, glorious invitation to attend the hoity-toity WNBF Cellucor® World Championships in Los Angeles, I dutifully made my way from My Fair City south, to the gargantuan, over-populated, smoggy City of Angels (aka "Satan's Bedroom).

Allow me to present a brief aside here: LA is too big for its own good. It's crowded; it's full of itself; it's always sunny**, it's endless, it's totally Californicated, and it's waaaay too busy. That said, the people that I bumped into there were universally kind, friendly, helpful, and usually handsome. And actually, even the women there were handsome. And friendly. And helpful.

There's nuttin' like a handsome, helpful woman to make your trip into Satan's Bedroom a more endurable experience.

So, even if I hadn't rubbed shoulders with the most muscular, lean, ripped, Natural bodybuilders on the Planet this weekend, I'd have to say my trip to LA was nice. Except for the fact that the hotel didn't tuck the sheets into the mattress at the bottom. What in fuck is that all about? The only places in the entire WORLD that I run into this phenomenon is in hotels. I can hear the manager now: "DO NOT TUCK the sheets into the foot of the bed! We want our guests to be frustrated!"


I think I need to take a POLL: "Do you not actually tuck your sheets and blankets into the foot of your bed?" Or, are you possibly insane?

So anyhoo, let's get back to the subject at hand: Muscular, gorgeous, bodybuilder-type, MEN.

The WNBF Worlds contest was held at some random venue near Redondo Beach. It was a nice place. Plush seats. Muscles everywhere. Actually, you couldn't have thrown a dead chicken around the countryside without hitting some gorgeous, muscled, bodybuilder.

I was in heaven.***

It was a muscle-lover's nirvana. I've been to numerous bodybuilding contests over the course of my lifetime, and I have to admit the WNBF Worlds LA 2018 contest was the best. Seriously dizzying muscle. Just gorgeous muscle men. Lean, ripped muscle everywhere one looked.

One might expect that the competitors would be the real draw for us sthenolagniacs. And indeed, those competitors were definitely jerk-off-worthy. But in my experience, I've found that it's often the muscled members of the audience that actually inspire my cock to produce a boner. And this past weekend was no exception. (Yet, make no mistake, my cock jumped more than once as I watched the muscled competitors flex all over hell on the stage.) There were more lean-muscled-huge dudes attending that I've ever seen in one place. And mind you, these men were GORGEOUS. Just... well, I'm at a loss for adequate words to describe how many men... just... holy hell... 

I think I came in my hotel room a dozen times after each day's proceeding. Just WAY too many muscle men.

And so, yes. I'm rambling. I'm stupefied by the gorgeous, lean, massive muscle that I witnessed this weekend.

Okay. Think. Gather yourself, Sean. Gather. Settle. Breathe. Take deep breaths. Breathe...


•  •  •  •  •  


WuuuWell anyway, on my return flight back to Portland, I actually had the good fortune to sit next to a gay dude; he was so totally cute. Young, energetic, a resident of Hawaii, grows orchids (or some flower) for a living. Just such a cutie.

I didn't get his name. I didn't even reveal my true identity to said cutie. I'm sure if I had, he'd've been all over me. And really, I just wanted to get home.

And truthfully, I've already joined the mile-high club.

So there's that.

But anyway, said cutie was all over the fact that I was actually from Portland (he was just flying to PDX to catch a connecting flight). Yeah, Portland is cool. And when people learn that I'm from the Rose City, well, they get all friendly and stuff.

Been there; done that.

Of course, if'n I'd divulged my true Superhero Web identity to said cutie, it'd been all over 'cept the orgasm. Trust me: It's a burden for us famous-types.

So, let me leave you with this THANKSGIVING miracle. If you want some good stuff to read this weekend, check out my time-honored book, "Muscle 'Holladay'". It's about a Thanksgiving weekend gone WONDERFUL. The ULTIMATE muscle fantasy, IMO.

And yet, is it not time to wrap up this here blog post? Yes. Let's:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to y'all. I am SO THANKFUL for my many followers. Thank you for your support, your enthusiastic love, and your never-ending fascination with my work! Please be safe this holiday week, and be sure to THANK those you love for their contributions to your life.








* Okay, my best friend, who was competing, asked me to come down to LA and watch the show. I wasn't an actual "guest" of the WNBF, in the strictest definition of the term. But I was a guest of my favorite bodybuilder, EvEr.

** THIS Oregonian doesn't consider "always sunny" to be an asset.

*** Figuratively speaking. I neither died, nor was converted back to Christianity while in Satan's Bedroom. 







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