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Hooray for a new book!

well, it's about time! I'm quite excited to announce the publishment of a new book--er, by an "up-and-coming" author! You might even like this author as much as you like MY writing. 

K SONGcover1004AI have it on good authority that this guy, Kieran Rayce, has written a buttload of stuff before, and has a loyal following of his muscle stories. Now, though, he's trying to branch out into the more "mainstream" gay romance genre. Due to his bent toward all things muscle, from what I can tell, this first book of "his" is chock full of a really good muscle guy. So, it remains to be seen if his attempt to write regular gay romance will be successful. Methinks he'll be wildly successful. But that's just me.

In a way (or two).

I recommend this book. It's kinda good! Click on the book cover (or the link in the text, above) to go to Kieran's website. Alternatively, you could click HERE to go directly to the amazon.com page where the book is available for your Kindle/kindle app.


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You'd think the guy could at least...

post something. I mean really. You'd think. Allow me to proffer a sincere—yet anemic, methinks—apology. I'm sorry for being so "distant." I've been absent. You've sensed something has come between us. You haven't been able to put your proverbial finger on it, but it's there. You just know it. Perhaps it's another woman. (Heaven forbid. Like that's ever gonna be a problem.) Yet, your mind reels with possibilities. Maybe it's... another... man? Oh hell no! How could that be?

Was I being USED all this time? Just to justify Seanny's wandering lifestyle?

I have no doubt that the astute CWS has resigned himself (herself?) to the fact that Seanny is all-too-frequently simply not here. He's elsewhere. (Sigh.)

pecs160924Things are as they are. In case you haven't figgered it out yet, Yours Truly is a multi-dimensional, irons-in-the-fire kind of guy. Seanny is, as it were, constantly being pulled in many directions: not simply creatively-speaking, but familially-speaking, metaphorically-speaking, economically-speaking, generically-speaking, etherial-speaking, pectorial-speaking, crayonically-speaking. And others. Speaking.

What I'm trying to say here is this: I've been busy. I'm not dead. No, I haven't been dead (that I recall); I've simply had other things on my proverbial plate. Actually I've had things on my literal plate. (And thus, I've gained a bit of weight.)

OH, and guess what?! I've had things on my literary plate too! Translated, that means I'VE BEEN BUSY WRITING! Yeah, that's it! Truly, I HAVE been writing. Here's the scoop: I've decided to move a bit to the right, as far as gay, erotic, sensual, porn writing goes. What that means is, I've been busy working on establishing a more "mainstream" persona as a "mainstream" gay ROMANCE writer. (Am I emphasizing "mainstream" too much?)

Sean Reid Scott has a semi-well-established reputation as a gay muscle writer. That's been good. That is good. And I don't intend to abandon that (rather narrow) genre. But over the summer (and before, actually), I was busy writing a novel that is aimed more toward the mainstream, regular, "gay romance" audience. To be honest, it was a brutal effort. Totally almost impossible to distance myself from my love of muscle. When you buy my new novel on Amazon.com, you'll see that immediately. Yet, I hope said novel will "cross over" and appeal to the "normal" GAY ROMANCE audience. (That's where the money is, no?) Yeah. Money tends to congregate in the mainstream.

SO, this post is intended to keep my always-loyal, been-with-Seanny-from-the-start, CWSs in the know. I'm still alive and-a-kickin'. Soon, I'll announce the aforementioned novel. Oh, and BTW, it'll be under a new pseudonym. That's just how I'm rolling now-a-days. I need to establish a more mainstream persona—one that will be ultra-successful in proffering many, many, many gay romance books.

Your (future) support will be greatly appreciated. We'll be in touch! 

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iwonder if anyone missed me.

Yeah, I was gone the past few days. Some may argue that I'm gone a lot, even when I'm not. But that's a whole nother issue. This time, I was actually gone. Away. Distant. Missing, as it were. I was traveling far from Wanker's Corner. And it was wunnerful.  JulianTanaka

And when I was gone, I flew. Today's guy was my captain. And I actually never made it to my hotel. I went to his. Lemme tell you, this pilot could fly my plane ANYWHERE. I'd land on his strip anytime. And so on and so forth. (Is he not gorgeous? Is his arm not an auto-boner?)

Yeah, it was a wunnerful time, but I never did get the opportunity to visit with the peeps I'd intended to visit wif. Instead, I "visited" with said pilot. You wouldda too.

Be that as it may, I'm back. More to cum!


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would that every cop were as cool and athletic as this dude. (Sigh.)   CoopCop

Watch the clip. Kinda cool. Click on the pic, or click the link below.


OH, and there's a new chapter of THE HYPERMALES up now! (You'll find it, if you look.)


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what would you do if you encountered this many abs in one showing? The cliché answer would be "I'd bring out my laundry and get to work." Get it? Washboard abs? But that's so 20th century (another kind of cliché).   AbRow

Dunno, but this kind of raw display of leanness is quite compelling, no? I mean, sure, none of these guys would win a bodybuilding contest (one of them even seems to have a concave chest), but they're lean, young and cuter-n-snot.

What's also interesting about this pic is the petite, short woman (all black) whose posture could be interpreted as guarding the young studs, keeping all the oglers at bay. Yet she barely comes up to each of the guys' chest. Silly people. As if.



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i'm back from my (first) summer vacation, and lemme tell you, it was fantasmic. This Oregonian doesn't often get the opportunity to bask (read: broil) in temperatures and humidity that are both above 90. Don't get me wrong; we get a share of 90°F+ days here in Portland. What we don't get is the stifling humidity that I got while back in Myrtle Beach. That's a whole nother animal.  Alex Vartanian

That said, I loved it. As long as there's an air conditioner in the room, I can endure quite a bit of heat and humidity on the beach. It certainly didn't hurt that some of those South Carolinians really know their way around the gym. Take today's guy. Please. He's Alex Vartanian. Although I doubt he's from SC, I do have to say that I saw at least two guys who looked quite a bit like him.

Ah, yes. What a nice vacation.

Thanks to all of you for your patience in my absence. I know it's tough when you don't get your Seanny fix on a regular basis. As an olive branch, I submit to you, the CWS, the latest chapter of The Hypermales. I hope it strings you along just enough to keep cumming back.

OH, and the astute CWS may—or may not—notice that MuscleStimulus has actually moved! We got a new address! For reasons I shan't innumerate here, our new URL is www.musclestimulus.com. PleaseMakeANoteOfIt. For now, the old URL will automatically forward you to the new one, but that won't last forever! So please bookmark (or do whatever you do with URLs) musclestimulus.com. It's our new home, and we're loving it.

So then, you want to hear more about my trip, I'm sure. Irregardful as to whether you wanna or not, you're gonna. First of all: DO NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES fly Spirit Airlines. Pure poop, IMO. I'll eagerly spend much more money next time, just so I can be treated like a humanoid. 2) Yes, I did my duty in offering my body to science for the purposes of studying skin cancer. Burned to a crisp. Out of commission for one full day, as a matter of fact. Had to stay in my (deluxe, air conditioned) hotel room suite and jerk off all day (at least that part of me wasn't burned). C) Got major blisters on my feet as well. Who knew that walking barefoot two miles in the sand could be a bad thing?

Well, thank you again for your support. Tell your friends! 


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who of us hasn't been to a bodybuilding contest, huh? (Sounds like a good question for a poll, now that I think about it.) Well I have. To be honest, sometimes they're kind of boring. And to be even more honest, the guys up on stage are not that sexy-looking, usually. The guys in the audience? That's a different story.  IFNB2016

Invariably, bodybuilding contests draw spectators who are themselves bodybuilders. Who knew? Frequently, the guys roaming the aisles and the vendor's booths in the lobby are walking wet dreams, what with their muscle-hugging shirts and pants. For me, the spectators are usually worth the price of admission—much better eye candy than the faux-tanned, sweating muscledudes on stage.

But that's just me.

The above description notwithstanding, I might have quite a different review of a bodybuilding show if it were the "INBF ANACONDA SOUTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS," which apparently just took place, ostensibly somewhere in South America. (Just a guess.) Take a gander at today's men, in all their glory, having accepted their phallic trophies!

From what I gather, contestants are judged not only on their physiques, etc., but also on their ejaculation prowess (not to mention the skill of some photoshop artist, I'd speculate). I'm not really sure of all the criteria, but if'n you wanted more information on these kinds of contests, you might consider clicking right about HERE. You're sure to find some quite stimulatingmuscle right there.

PS: Poll Results are up. 


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the HYPERMALES have arrived. Clicky below:


HYPE Logo0522Big


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dorian Hamilton, bodybuilder, pictured, pushes all of my buttons. He's the definition of masculinity, IMO. Muscles all over, obviously, and a strong, stunning face. I love that close-cropped beard of his. Even fully clothed, he's an insta-boner.DorianHamilton

So, here we are. It's a Friday; everyone is trying to figure out how we're going to deal with the Brexit; the stock markets around the world have made it clear that investors are nervous about all this. I think I'll give Dorian Hamilton a call. I don't think he plays for the "Fudgepackers" team, but just sitting across the table from him, watching him eat those pancakes would make me feel a lot better, my 401k notwithstanding.

Others of you are wondering, but Seanny! Where've you been all week? And what about the results of last week's poll? And for that matter, where's THIS week's poll? Our voices must needs be heard!  

I know you're wondering all of that. I just know.

Well, for starters, Mr. Trololo and I decided to grab a few cocktails after the party last Friday night, and well... one thing led to another... and the next thing I knew, it was Monday morning and I was waking up in his penthouse, and... well....

Suffice it to say, the look on Lupé's face (the housekeeper) when she came in to change the sheets and caught Mr. Trololo and me in a "compromising" position... it was priceless. (I had never guessed how limber those Russians can be!) Were you aware how hawt Mr. T is when he sings and smiles like that? Well, just imagine resting an ear on his fuzzy chest and feeling the resonance of his voice reverberating through your own body as he sings! (Yayayayayaaaaaaa Ohohohohoh...) Talk about insta-boner!*  

Anyway, it took me a few days to collect myself, unruffle my shirt with a harrumph, and get back to Wanker's Corner. (Portland can be such a cold city.) 

That answers where I've been all week. Regarding the results of last week's poll, please know this: You can ALWAYS see results (both real-time as the poll is going on, and final results once the poll is closed) by clicking on the READER'S POLLS link in the menu at the top of the right margin. In fact, try it now! Try it! Do!

I'll wait.

Now, by the time I post this post (was that redundant?), I'll also have a link up to the aforementioned POLL page with this weekend's poll. I'm bright that way. So TakeIt.

OMG. I just realized how heinously long today's post is gonna be. 'Cuz, like, I haven't even started telling you the stuff I'm going to start telling you now:

First, the CWS will excuse me if I appear slightly depressed over the next few months. It's summer, which means happiness, right? Yeah. I'm happy it's summer (sorry, to my CWSs in the Southern Hemisphere). Yet, summer also means: Reruns. I only get depressed over one show when it goes into reruns: "Ellen." That's another reason, actually, I didn't post this week. Most of the week (after I got home from my rendezvous with Mr. T.) I spent in bed, wallowing, whimpering, and lamenting that my Ellen was gone. It was the definition of tragedy (you know, as in literature tragedy).

BUT: I was prompted out of my Ellen withdrawal because of the excitement over the debut of my newest series: "THE HYPERMALES."  Be sure to check back tomorrow (Saturday), because episode/chapter One will be up then. If you like muscle fantasy. You're gonna love "The Hypermales" in an instant!  I just know.


* NOT.

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you read that right! Today is our official Grand Opening! Yes, yes, we've been open for weeks now, but the astute CWS knows that we were in Beta. Now, we're are officially proclaiming our Alpha status!Mountains

To make our little party festive, we're offering free tours of the nearby mountain ranges.  ——>

After that, make sure to come back down the mountain and check out our FEATURED GUEST! Yes, after weeks of back-room negotiations, we were able to book Mr Trololo! The Original!

You'll want to thank me later, of course. For now, make sure to buy a raffle ticket, have a free drink (while checking out the hunky mixologists making them), TAKE THE POLL, and check out the glory holes in the restroom. Then, make sure to click on the window below to get Mr. Trololo a-singing. He's a true gem. 



Is he not the BEST?! Oh—and don't forget to leave a comment, welcoming us, praising us, sharing your joy! 

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today's man pushes so many of my buttons that it's not even funny. Can you imagine the possibilities? Just fantasize.... Let's say he's your cousin, staying at your place, for a week during the summer. I've written a number of short stories with a similar plot (if you can call them plots). So the guy in the blue trunks, with the rippling muscles out to here—he's your Aunt Dora's son, Kace. And Kace is a bodybuilder.0614

"Sorry to take over your bedroom, Seanny. But I'll only be here for a week," he says as he plops his duffel on the floor next to your bed. "I'll take the floor, dude."

"Nah, that's not necessary, man," you insist as you lie on your bed with your pillow covering the bulge in your pants. The guy is knee-weakening in his gorgeousness.

Kace smiles. "Well, you've got a queen bed here—or is it a king?"


"Well, let's just wait and see how we feel when it's time for lights out," he smiles. "We both might be able to fit, no problem." Then a thought hits him and he lights up. "Hey, you want to see the posing routine I just did for my contest last week? I got first place, and overall! I even brought some posers with me, dude!"


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June 12





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due to circumstances totally within our control, we're delaying the Grand Opening party. I know, you're prolly going to nose dive into a fit of depression. I appreciate that. But look on the bright side. (Can't think of one right now; okay, just take an extra pill.)0610

It might happen tomorrow; maybe some time next week.

But why, Seanny, why? Well, it's just taking a bit longer than I thought to rearrange the furniture in order to get all the stuff ready for the party. Fret not. It's coming, and it's going to be sPECtacular! 

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