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Sir Nathan • 2

by Sean Reid Scott



IT WAS A DARK AND DANK DUNGEON that held Sir Tanner and the squire Stephen. Water trickled down the rock walls of the cavern. A narrow trough ran the length of the room—some seven meters—to a small drain at one end. Above that drain, the king’s coat of arms decorated the wall.

Sconces mounted on the long walls lit the room with shadowy, flickering light. On the left wall, Sir Tanner stood, naked, with his over-muscled arms and legs splayed wide, held in shackles. Directly across from the knight, the squire Stephen was likewise restrained. Stephen looked to Tanner, his eyes pleading for reassurance.

Tanner’s heart sank at the sight. The lad seemed so vulnerable, so afraid. “It’ll be all right, son,” he whispered. He forced an encouraging smile. Stephen wasn’t comforted.

The door opened at the end of the dungeon—opposite the coat of arms. A sentry entered. “I am here to examine the squire,” he announced. He strutted as he walked. When he got to Stephen he stopped. He leaned into the naked young man and whispered—loudly enough for Tanner to hear: “It’s time to find out your true colors.”


“YOUR MAJESTY, THERE IS NO REASON for this line of action,” Sir Nathan protested. He paced in King Victor’s chambers, his gigantic frame dominating the room. His flowing robes followed him as he walked and turned. Two sentries guarded the door at the end of the chamber, although Nate’s imposing physique would obviously require more than the strength of two mere men to control, should the need arise. “King Victor, His Majesty King Lancelot of Joyous Garde offers asylum to Sir Tanner, and squire Stephen,” Nathan insisted. “With your word, this— admittedly precarious—situation could be easily resolved.”

The king sat behind his desk, expressionless. Finally he spoke. “Sir Nathan, I appreciate your position, and that of your king.” He stood slowly. “But I have many things to consider…” He turned and walked to his window, staring outside. He continued: “…not the least of which are the political ramifications of releasing men accused of this atrocity.” He turned toward the huge knight and took a step toward him, locking eyes. “And certainly, I have my own, deeply-held convictions regarding this… abomination.”

Nathan sighed. He moved to a large chair in front of the king’s desk. He waited for the king to sit. Once Victor was seated, Nathan sat. “Your Majesty, your deeply-held convictions notwithstanding…”

The king glared.

“Excuse me Your Majesty. That was not phrased correctly,” Nathan backpedalled. “What I meant to say was this: May I address the issue of your political concerns first. Then we may address your convictions.”

Victor nodded. “Please proceed.”

Nathan glanced at the two sentries, then back at the king. He leaned forward. “Sire, perhaps this delicate situation should be discussed without extra ears?” he whispered.

Victor thought for a second, then said loudly, “Sentries, take position outside the chamber doors.” Without words, the sentries left the room.

As soon as the large doors were closed, King Victor asked: “Your words.”

“Sire, it is possible that Sir Tanner and squire Stephen be whisked away, under the cover of darkness,” Nathan said.

Victor’s eyebrows rose.

“Admittedly, there would be repercussions, regarding the security of His Majesty’s castle,” Victor said. “Yet the problem would be solved, without damage to His Majesty’s moral fortitude, if my meaning is understood.”

King Victor pursed his lips. “It is understood.”

Nathan sat, silently. Patiently.

The king pondered. Then he said, “And what of my convictions?”

Nathan sighed. He brought his fingers to his chin. He looked at the floor. “Your Majesty, I mean no disrespect. I hold each man’s values in high esteem.” He looked up at Victor. “Yet, is it not conceivable that the differences in each man’s values might possibly indicate their mercuriality?”

The king looked to Nathan and said, “Mercuriality? Perhaps.” Victor sighed. “Yet, is there nothing immutable?”

“Immutable?” Sir Nathan smiled. “There are vast numbers of immutabilities. Does not an apple fall from a tree when the stem breaks? Does not a spear through the heart render a man dead? Does not a ship fall off the earth when it reaches the edge of the sea?”

Victor nodded.

“Yet, Your Majesty,” Nathan continued, “methinks that some things… if not most things… change over time. Especially those values of a social nature.”

“Social nature?” the king queried.

Nathan sighed. “Sire, if I may suggest: The reader of this tale must needs be growing impatient at our tête-à-tête; the Curious Web Surfer requires not only thoughtful conversation, but more importantly, wicked-hot musclesex. No?”

The king stood. Sir Nathan stood in response. (You don’t remain seated when a Monarch stands.) The king said, “Then make it so. Plan your break-out. Take Sir Tanner and the squire Stephen from my dungeon—without my supposed knowledge. But do it quickly, Nathan. And do it effectively. As well, make sure there is much homosex involved, so that our readers may be driven toward climax.

Sir Nathan extended his hand to the king. “Thank you, Your Majesty. I remain in your debt.” As they broke the handshake, Nathan added, “I will take my leave of you now.”


IN THE WEE HOURS OF THE NEXT MORNING, Tanner and Stephen still hung, facing each other, chained to their respective walls. Both men bobbed in and out of sleep, exhausted from being held in this position for so long. Two guards stood watch, one posted at each end of the dark, damp chamber. In addition, outside the heavy, locked door another sentry stood guard in the spooky hallway.

A rustling at the far end of the corridor caught the sentry’s attention, and momentarily a huge man—obviously a knight—emerged around a corner. He walked confidently, and moved with more speed than a man his size would usually move. Not that the sentry had ever seen a man his size. The approaching man was gigantic. And handsome. Obviously his knighthood was from some other kingdom; the guard did not recognize the arms on the knight’s shield.

When Sir Nathan got to the guard, he stopped, allowing the man to become appropriately intimidated by his size and obvious power. The man’s eyes met Nathan’s chain mailing-clad chest, which, incidentally was incredibly pronounced.

“Ho there, stranger,” the guard finally chirped. “No one is allowed inside.”

Nathan glared down at the powerful-looking man. He waited until he was satisfied that the sentry was adequately afraid, then he reached down and quickly grabbed the guard’s sword from its sheath. With lightning speed he tossed the sword to the far end of the corridor, then grabbed the soldier at the waist. His massive arms flexed into powerful hardness as he lifted the guard up. With a mighty thrust Nathan threw the man up against the ceiling. The guard’s helmet proved to be unequal to the task of protecting his skull; he slammed against the ceiling and he fell, unconscious, to the ground.

The huge, muscular knight fished the sentry’s pocket for the key to the door. Inside, however, the guard who was closest to the door had heard the scuffle and had steeled himself at the ready. As Nathan threw the door open and burst inside, the guard, who had already unsheathed his sword, charged the large knight. Nathan barely gave, as the sword hit the armor of his shield. The guard, however, fell backward as his strong arm absorbed the full force of his attempted blow. He didn’t fall, but he did stumble back a few feet.

Not wasting a moment, Sir Nathan pounced, and both men fell to the damp floor as Sir Tanner and Stephen, now both fully awake, watched with wide eyes. It took less than two seconds for Nathan to snap the man’s neck with his bare hands. Before he could rise off his victim, though, the guard at the far end of the chamber had closed the distance and jumped Nathan with a loud yell.

Nathan had expected as much, and with a deft twist of his body, he rolled himself and his new opponent over, so now Nathan was on top. With the same skill he had used on the man who lie dead next to him, Nathan twisted the neck of the second guard. He stood, and the magnificence of his body filled the room.

“Nathan!” Sir Tanner whispered loudly, and with great joy.

“Yes, Tanner, we’re getting out of here,” Nathan said. He cast a glance at Stephen, who, at the simple sight of Nathan had already begun to harden, despite his bound state. Nathan smiled at the lad. “I’m Sir Nathan, of Joyous Garde,” he said. “I’m here to take you to my kingdom. Are you prepared for that?”

Stephen nodded. The descriptions he’d heard about Sir Nathan’s physical stature were woefully inadequate. Up until this moment, most of Stephen’s fantasies centered around a few of the more muscular knights of Northfield—most often Sir Tanner. But now… now Stephen thought that no man beside Nathan would ever be able to fulfill his muscle dreams again. His cock thickened as Nathan stepped toward him.

“Then I will take both of you,” Nathan said. He moved close to the young man and reached up to assess the strength of the chains. His arms bulged in front of Stephen’s face. He looked up at his fingers as they tested the metal links, and Stephen studied the muscular man’s face, neck and upper body. “It will take me just a moment to free you,” Nathan said, keeping his eyes on his work. To better actualize his angle and strength, Nathan moved right up next to Stephen’s body. The lad quietly inhaled the knight’s scent, and if he wasn’t already totally hard a moment ago, he was now.

Nathan’s face tightened and he gritted his teeth. His massive, rippling muscles hardened right in front of Stephen. Nathan’s arms grew as his fingers began to manipulate the weakening links. Nathan breathed hard in his exertion. Stephen began to breathe hard in his uncontrollable lust.

Nathan’s upper legs pressed against Stephen’s raging hard-on as he worked the chain. “Just… a… few… more… twists,” Nathan strained. His neck bulged. He pressed against Stephen hard now. With a loud snap, “CLINK!” the chain holding Stephen’s left hand against the wall broke. Simultaneously, Stephen’s cock began spraying his rescuer with uncontrollable orgasmic expressions in response to the unbelievable strength that stood next to him. The chain mail received the white blasts from Stephen’s rhythmically throbbing cock.

However, Nathan had a job to do. Without even acknowledging his beneficiary’s convulsive state, he quickly moved to Stephen’s right hand to repeat the maneuver. When Nathan bent down to work on Stephen’s ankle chains, the young lad steadied himself by putting his hands on Nathan’s broad back and shoulders. Even through the chain mail the rippling, mounding muscles bathed Stephen’s worshipping hands with undulations of power. Stephen’s cock bobbed in the air, up and down, dry-heaving, as it were, his orgasm in the longest, most powerful sexual event of his life.

His task at Stephen’s wall accomplish, Nathan turned without delay toward Sir Tanner, on the opposite wall. By the time Nathan was done working on Tan, the drainage trough down the middle of the dark chamber flowed with the semen of both former captives.

“We must move quickly,” Nathan insisted. “I have mounts tied outside the castle wall.”

But before the three men even made it to the corridor, the doorway was filled with sentries, flanking the king. Victor IV stepped forward, believing Sir Nathan would not risk an inter-kingdom incident by raising his sword to a king. His guards stood close, though, just in case.

The king’s faith in Nathan’s unwillingness to strike a sitting Monarch was, however, misplaced.

“To arms!” Nathan ordered Tanner and Stephen as he brandished his sword. Tan and Stephen had already procured the armor and weapons from the two dead guards, and they rose and attacked, right behind Nathan.

The king’s men pushed into the dungeon and all hell broke loose. Two guards pulled the king out into the corridor and let the other dozen or so men fight the three homosexuals. Unfortunately for Victor, not only did he misjudge Nathan’s good will, he sorely underestimated the knight’s strength and fighting prowess. As soon as the first three sentries were dispatched by Nathan’s strong hand, Victor ordered one of the guards to retreat and bring reinforcements.

They were indeed needed. By the time the reinforcements arrived, Nathan had overcome almost all the soldiers—and the ones he hadn’t yet, were occupied with Tanner. Stephen, the young squire, had been subdued quickly.

The second squadron flooded in, and the fight resumed in earnest.

Victor approached the door and yelled to Nathan. “Sir Nathan, you may indeed have the strength and skill to overcome another two or three of my squadrons! But I have a battalion after that! How many lives will you snuff before you lay down your arms?!”

Nathan stopped. Immediately four guards, two on each arm, grabbed him. They wrapped him in heavy chains, to subdue him until a more permanent restraint could be arranged.

“Your Majesty,” Nathan protested. “You said we would be free to leave in the cover of darkness!”

Victor stepped forward and said, “I lied.”


AS MORNING DAWNED, NATHAN, TANNER AND STEPHEN found themselves in a different chamber. It was a strong cell, with stone walls on three sides. The fourth side consisted of iron bars that opened onto a small observing area just outside the cell. A lone door was at the end of this outer area. Inside the cell, a bench of rock sat against each of the three walls. The three men sat on the rock, one against each wall.

Nathan’s chain mail had been removed, but he still wore his leather waist-tunic and his loosely flowing shirt, now stained with a bit of blood, dirt and sweat from his battles. Tanner and Stephen had been given clothing.

“They must be planning on taking us somewhere,” Tanner speculated with a whisper. “Otherwise they would have left us naked.”

“The square, perhaps?” Stephen suggested.

“Perhaps,” Tanner answered. “Actually, undoubtedly. Now that I think about it.”

“The square?” Nathan asked.

“The weekly public punishment session,” Tanner asked. “King Victor is respected by the people of Northfield, for being kind, and for not tolerating any kind of crime. His justice is swift. Every Saturday at 6:30 in the evening, he holds court in the middle of the castle square to mete out punishment on anyone caught in a crime that week.”

“That week?” Nathan asked. “What about a trial? What about an appeal?”

“Sometimes there are trials,” Tan said. “Sometimes not. Victor is not bound to fancy the whims of his subjects.”

Stephen stood. “But today is Thor’s Day. That might give us time,” he said.

Nathan stood and walked to the iron bars. He tested their strength. His arms bulged and grew. “Uuunnnggghhh,” he sighed as he tried to loosen one of the bars. He turned to his two cell-mates and said. “I don’t know. I might be able to loosen them, but it will take time.” He immediately returned to his task, twisting against each bar to find a weakness.

Fifteen minutes later, Sir Nathan’s shirt was drenched with his perspiration. He panted hard as his mighty forearms and hands twisted one particular bar back and forth, loosening the rock at the top, where it was embedded.

Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately—for the reader of this little yarn), the sight of all that over-developed muscle struggling-against-strength had its effect on the other two cell-dwellers. They watched intently while Nathan’s magnificent muscle body writhed and tightened. Bulged and struggled. Panted and moaned with the effort. It didn’t help that, now, Nathan was removing his shirt, to cool his overworked body. He let the garment fall onto the stone, not turning around to acknowledge his admirers.

And it’s a good thing he didn’t. He would have been hopelessly distracted if he had. In the middle of the cell, Tanner and Stephen were embraced in passionate lust. As they had been watching Nathan, it had started with each of them touching his tunic and rubbing himself. Each man watched the fantastic demonstration of raw muscle with intense arousal. As soon as it was obvious to the other that the other was having the same reaction, the two men found themselves locked in an embrace, kissing, standing in the middle of the cell, while they tried to keep their eyes on the musclegod at the iron bars.

Nathan’s back, now bare, fanned out in the most amazing “V” shape Tan or Stephen had ever seen. He grunted as he resumed his work; the two watching men pressed their crotches against each other. Eventually, their passionate kissing and embracing became loud enough to catch Nathan’s attention. He turned and saw.

The big knight suppressed a slight grin and thought. Well, I guess it would be nice to take a little break. He wiped his forehead with his forearm and approached Tan and Stephen. His bare chest threatened to fill both men’s entire field of vision. Nathan, standing head-and-shoulders taller than either man, leaned forward. He bent his neck and brought his lips to Tanner’s.

Involuntarily, Tanner turned his face up to Nathan’s. As the two huge men kissed, just inches away from Stephen’s eyes, the young squire came. His crotch was still pressed against Tanner’s, so he increased the pressure, squeezing his cum into his tunic as Tanner’s crotch provided equal resistance. Stephen’s youthful body jerked with a violent jolt. He called out, and his “yip” echoed throughout the dungeon. He put one hand on Nathan’s shoulder, and the other on Tanner’s.

Sir Nathan and Sir Tanner were not distracted. Indeed, their kiss only intensified as they both realized what was happening to the young man. Nathan’s tongue felt out Tanner’s warm mouth. Tanner moaned into Nate’s mouth, running his tongue over the huge knight’s teeth and tongue. If the youngster at Tanner’s torso didn’t stop pushing against him in his orgasm, Tanner would erupt any moment.

The knight from Joyous Garde must have sensed this, because forthwith he pulled Tanner to himself, causing Stephen to move aside. The squire finished his orgasm while he watched the two knights embrace fully now. Nathan’s large physique dwarfed Tan. Once again, Nate’s wide back flared, only this time it was while he wrapped his powerful arms around Tanner and lifted him—seemingly effortlessly— into the air so their faces were at the same level. Stephen stepped to one side—Nathan’s back side—to better take in the view of the clam shell lats as they threatened to totally consume Sir Tanner.

As the mammoth organ at Nathan’s crotch began to grow in response to Tanner’s ministrations, he gently lowered Tan back to his feet. He unbuttoned Tanner’s shirt, loosened Tanner’s waist tunic and undid his sandals. Tanner stripped what was left of Nathan’s clothing as well, and in minutes the big guys had resumed their passionate appreciation of the other’s muscle body.

Nathan held their waists apart just a bit, to allow both organs to achieve their ultimate size and rigidity. While they resumed kissing, one of Tanner’s hands moved up onto Nathan’s impossibly big arm—now pumped even larger than usual from his exertions on the cell’s bars. Tanner’s other hand began to enjoy the land mass that was Nathan’s chest. Slowly, tenderly, Tanner’s fingers moved over the hard, yet deliciously smooth skin that wrapped itself tightly around the pectoral muscles. At the briefest hint of contact with a Nathan nipple, the giant knight moaned.

As Tanner enjoyed the hard warmth and incredible size of Nathan’s muscles, Nathan’s long arm reached behind Tanner and caressed Tan’s taut ass. Petting it. Stroking it. Venturing a lone finger into that most personal of crevasses. As Nathan did with the nipple strokes, Tanner moaned whenever Nathan’s long fingertip brushed against his sphincter.

One of the nice thing about being an 18 year-old squire is that you are young and virile, and your orgasmic turn-around time is minimal. Stephen enjoyed this fact now, as he began to grow hard once again. The stimulation to his eyes was simply too much to ignore.

Nate pulled his tongue out of Tan’s mouth just long enough to whisper some inaudible passion into the smaller knight’s ear; Stephen couldn’t hear what he said. Then Nathan resumed his tongue fuck of Tan’s mouth.

Tanner stood on his tiptoes, trying to get more of his god. He wouldn’t have to strain for very long. Nathan released Tanner again, and stepped back. Stephen’s jaw nearly hit the stone floor: Nathan’s wet cock stuck up into the air. It actually hit Tanner just under his pectoral cantilever. Pre-cum gurgled out Nathan’s slit and dribbled onto Tanner’s thick chest and down onto his rolling mounds of abdominal muscle.

Tanner’s cock, in the same state as Nate’s, pressed against its larger neighbor, a formidable organ in its own right. It also spewed a healthy stream of clear lubricating fluid, but his cock head met Nathan’s torso somewhat lower. Nathan’s abdominals received the liquid, and it flowed downward, into the knight’s pubic hair.

Now, the fire in Nathan’s eyes burned bright. His lips curled into something between a smile and a sneer. He put his hands under Tan’s big arms and grabbed Tan at the lats. Tanner’s wide back muscles gave Nathan plenty of hard muscle to work with. Slowly, Tanner’s feet rose off the floor. Nathan lifted him without expression. Higher. Stephen stroked himself as he watched. When Tanner was high enough in the air, Nathan softly ordered, “Spread ‘em.”

Tanner lifted his mighty legs and opened himself to Nathan. Nathan rotated his hips and moved his cock into position. Tanner also rotated his hips, to bring his hole to a favorable angle. To steady himself, Tanner put his hands on Nathan’s wide deltoids. With exquisite precision, Nathan maneuvered Tanner’s ass right over his impaler. Still showing no signs of exertion, Nathan’s flexing, bulging arms slowly lowered Tanner down onto his cock. He stopped when his head made contact with the pink rose; he held Tanner still. Then he let Tanner down a bit more; the smaller huge knight let out a cry and dropped his head backwards. As Nathan slowly skewered his ass, Tanner rocked his head back and forth, agonizing over the invader that was penetrating his muscular body. It was loud. It was powerful.

It was more than Stephen could handle.

He came again.

His blasts of jizz easily covered the distance between him and the sex-scene in front of him, wetting both men with white, milky, youthful semen. Tanner, fully enraptured with Nathan’s presence, didn’t even register the feeling of the juicy plops of Stephen’s cum. Nathan, however, turned his head slightly, acknowledging the out-of-control state of the squire. He cracked a smile. “See something you like, kid?” he said softly.

Stephen just moaned as he stroked himself harder and harder.

Returning to the task at hand, Nathan fixed his gaze once again on Tan’s writhing face. His smile grew as he let his arms relax just a bit more, allowing more of Tan’s body weight to lower onto his cock. While the last shots of Stephen’s act of worship landed on Nathan’s muscular arm, the huge knight let Tanner move down to the hilt. But that wasn’t far enough. Amidst Tanner’s pleas for mercy, Nathan only leaned forward, moving his hands up Tan’s broad back, onto his shoulders. Now, his hands were under Tanner’s arms (still) and his palms were cupped on top of Tanner’s traps. Nathan’s biceps bulged to heretofore unrealized size as he now pullllllled Tanner down, pushing his cock as far up inside as was humanly possible.

Tanner let loose with expletives and cries, thrashing his head back and forth.

Nathan gritted his teeth, showing effort and exertion for the first time during the act. But this wasn’t the effort of struggling in strength; it was the effort of maximizing his control and power in the act of fucking the daylights out of the writhing knight from Northfield. Satisfied that Tanner was impaled on him as far as possible, Nathan relented. He put his lips next to Tan’s left ear and whispered, “Now comes the fun part.”

With that, he relaxed his cupping hands and let them slowly slide down Tanner’s back. Eventually, the pain of the giant’s cock became almost bearable for Tanner. Nathan waited patiently, whispering encouragement into Tanner’s ear. Then, as Stephen watched in disbelief, Nathan began slowly walking around the cell—with Tan impaled on his cock. Nathan’s hands remained loose against Tanner’s back, and it became apparent that it was Nathan’s cock—and only Nathan’s cock—that was holding Tanner aloft. Tanner wasn’t holding on to Nathan; both of his his hands were cupped on the underside of Nathan’s gargantuan arms—the triceps.

Tanner’s legs were still splayed wide—there weren’t too many options for their position—but they did begin to relax, most likely in proportion that his insides were able to come to grips (so to speak) with the pain of the invasion.

And still, Nathan walked. Slowly. His mighty legs flexed, alternately, as they absorbed the impact of both men’s weight. When he moved so that his back side faced Stephen—and Tanner’s face was nuzzled into Nathan’s neck, toward Stephen—the squire gasped loudly. Nathan’s wide back and broad shoulders were breathtaking. But it was the knight’s tight bubbles of ass muscles, alternately flexing and undulating as he walked, that was beyond belief. It was almost enough to get the squire hard—again.

In due course, Nathan stopped walking. Stephen was at the two mens’ side. The squire could see Nathan begin to rock his hips. Then, as he established a rhythm, he placed his hands on Tan’s lats again, lifting him up and then down, on his mighty cock. Just a bit. Stephen couldn’t even actually see much of Nathan’s cock emerge from Tanner’s butt, but it was obvious that Nathan was rocking. All the while, Tanner’s chin rested on Nathan’s left trapezius, and Nathan whispered sweet nothings into Tan’s ear. Up, then down. Up, then down. Slowly, then a little faster. Gently, then a little stronger. Tanner began to moan in a rhythm that matched Nate’s pumps.

Nathan started to vocalize now as well. Harder. Faster. More intense. Both men were losing it. Scratch that. Tanner was beginning to lose it. Nathan was never out of control. Nathan’s shrink-wrapped, rippling, monumental muscle body hardened into stone. Tanner began to yell full-voice.

Tan grabbed Nate’s broad shoulders and straightened his arms, leaning back. With a jerk that looked to Stephen like it might have had the power to dislocate a few of Tanner’s vertebrae, the smaller knight stiffened his arms, his wet cock rubbing in Nathan’s pectoral cleavage. The first storm of Tanner’s cum came out in a long, steady stream, most of it hitting the underside of Nathan’s chin. Then his face. Then all over hell.

Almost instantaneously, Nate began to reciprocate, filling Tanner’s ass. Nate wanted a different angle, so his mighty arms won out over Tanner’s. Nathan once again pullllllled Tanner close, and down on his cock, wrapping his hands under Tan’s arms, beneath his armpits, and behind, up onto his traps. He pulled with all his might, nearly rendering Tanner unconscious. But not quite.

Nathan let out a roar, his own body jerking like Tanner’s had done just a second earlier. He held Tan tightly, and Stephen wondered if a man less-built than Tanner would have been able to withstand Nathan’s incomprehensible strength. Nathan’s orgasm was long. With each jerk of his ejaculations, his mighty forearms flexed as they yanked Tanner down onto his cock harder and harder. Nate’s gorgeous face winced with what Stephen surmised was some of the most glorious orgasmic pain a man could enjoy.

Nathan held Tanner in a more relaxed embrace now. He ran is long fingers through Tanner’s blond hair. Tanner, beginning to recover from the excruciating bliss, also ran his fingers through Nathan’s long black locks. Nathan held Tanner, impaled, for quite a few minutes, tenderly caressing the smaller man. They giggled and chuckled as they whispered to each other.

It was the clanging of two shields together in the outer area on the other side of the bars that eventually caught the attention of the three men. Startled, Stephen gasped as he realized four or five sentries had been standing there, watching everything, for who-knows-how-long.

In the midst of the guards stood King Victor IV.

Nathan and Tanner, still in coitus, turned their faces to the king, wide-eyed. Slowly, Nathan lifted Tan up, off his cock. Once Tanner was clear of Nathan’s appendage, Nathan gently set him on the ground. Both men turned toward the king and the guards, their erections still tall and wet. Their muscular bodies glistened with sweat and the occasional glob of jizz; they breathed heavily, and their thick chests rose and fell.

Nathan took a few steps toward the bars, staring with an intensity that gave the king pause. He said nothing.

Then, King Victor said to the guards, “Prepare the square for a special punishment session. It will be held tonight, not Saturday. What these men have done requires immediate retributive justice.”


[To be continued…]





[Supporters for Sir Nathan's coat of arms by the artist "Matt." I'd give him more props, but he's been AWOL for years now.]

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