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Sir Nathan • 1

by Sean Reid Scott



IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY KNIGHT who sat on his mount, gazing at the castle. Sir Tanner was a deeply conflicted man, brooding over the scandal regarding his fair maiden; yet because of their breakup, Sir Tanner now possessed a new realization of his true self.

He looked at the tall edifice of the keep: large, heavy stones comprised the imposing tower. It was there he had met the maiden Bertina, and unbeknownst to him, it would be there he would soon meet his newest love. He clicked his tongue and gently squeezed his muscular calves around his steed. The horse began to cross the bridge over the moat. The hooves clomped softly, slowly.

As he approached the gate it slowly opened, making craping noises as the heavy timbers moved over the ground. As a knight of the Triangle Table, Sir Tanner was well known in the kingdom, and as a high-ranking nobleman he commanded much respect. His horse strode into the courtyard, and Sir Tan, as he was sometimes called, was greeted with a number of bows and curtsies. As he dismounted, a young squire approached. “Sir, may I tend to your steed?” The boy couldn’t have been 20 years old.

“Certainly, son,” Sir Tan smiled. He handed the eager boy the reigns and patted him on the head. “Thank you.”

The young man watched the back side of the muscular knight as Sir Tan strode off toward the eating hall.

Inside the hall, the knight was greeted by his peers. His square jaw, natural blond good looks, and uncommonly muscular physique commanded the respect of all who laid eyes on him. He hung his chain mail, shield and other accouterments on a wall. Now, in just his knight’s shirt and skirt, his muscular build was even more evident. Clearly, no man in the realm was so blessed. But Sir Tan had found a secret that he shared with no one, that being: No pain, no gain. It took physical resistance to build a body like his, and Tanner spent ample time in his dungeon-torture chamber-turned exercise room. Others could only marvel at how developed his muscles were, not knowing how he did it.

Of course, the supplements also helped. Almost weekly, a page delivered packages that the knight ordered from a storehouse in neighboring Southwood Kingdom.

The great hall was full of knights, squires and pages. It buzzed with the exchange of fork and knife, and the hum of conversation. As Tanner took a seat at the long table, a hag approached with a large bowl of porridge, a loaf of bread, and a turkey’s thigh. The knight dug right into his meal; the discussion moved from conquests abroad to the scandal about the King’s cousin’s extra-marital affair. Tanner’s views were always sought. He was a man of wisdom and distinction.

At Tanner’s left side, his good friend, Sir Joe, sat. “Sorry to hear about your maiden,” Sir Joe said quietly.

Tanner nodded thanks to his friend without speaking. If Joe, or anyone else, knew the reason for Sir Tan’s split with Lady Bertina, the gossip of the king’s cousin would pale in comparison to the whispers and accusations that would be made concerning Tanner. But his secret was safe, for now.

Eventually, someone at the long table mentioned the visitor.

“Visitor?” Tanner asked. “Who is he? From where?”

“He is Sir Nathan, of Joyous Garde,” Joe said.

A few of the men threw glances at each other, and Tanner’s curiosity was piqued. One of the knights across the table looked at Tanner for an instant, obviously assessing Tanner’s size and development—Tanner got that a lot—then leaned to the man sitting next to him and said softly, “Methinks the visitor is even more impressive than our Sir Tanner.”

Tanner heard, and his curiosity increased even more. “In what respect?” he asked the knight who had spoken.

“No disrespect, kind Sir,” the knight replied, “but in my only encounter with Sir Nathan, I found him to be even larger and more imposing than your most-impressive stature.” A few others mumbled their agreement.

Even Tan’s friend Joe didn’t deny the claim.

Tanner’s eyebrows rose. “Indeed,” he said. “I should like to meet this visitor from Joyous Garde. And see for myself.”


TWO HOURS LATER, SIR TANNER sat in the King’s private chambers. His Majesty, King Victor IV was a kind, aging man who enjoyed great popularity with his subjects. He frequently consulted his Knights of the Triangle Table, and one of his closest advisors was Sir Tanner, who enjoyed an audience with the King at least once a week.

“I’m sorry to hear about the breakup with Lady Bertina,” the king said.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Tanner looked toward the ground, without offering any more discussion about it.

But the king would have none of that. “Tell me, are you at liberty to mention any facts about your decision not to marry her?”

The knight looked at his king for a moment. He knows, Tanner thought. He knows. “Your Majesty,” Tanner began, “there are things I could tell The King. But methinks His Majesty is already aware of the circumstances.”

The king stood and slowly walked to a window that looked down onto the main courtyard. His robes flowed majestically at his sides, but did not touch the floor. As he stared outside he said slowly, “Sir Tanner, word has gotten to me. And it isn’t pleasant.” He turned to the knight and said, “Indeed, it is scandalous. Repugnant.”

Sir Tan’s shoulders dropped. He stared at his own feet.

“Something as serious as what I’ve heard must needs be either verified, or vehemently and vociferously denied,” the king said, casting daggers with his gaze. “What say you?”

Sir Tanner slowly stood. “Your Majesty,” he said, “Tell me what it is that I am accused of, and I will answer truthfully.”

“My royal lips will not say the words!” Victor almost shouted. “But you have been accused of doing with a man that which should only be done with one’s wife!”

Tanner looked down for a brief moment, then back up. “Your Majesty, the accusation is… true.”

The king leaned against his desk with one hand, his knees almost buckling. He found the nearest chair and sat. His face was wan. He would not meet Sir Tanner’s eyes. “You force me to make a decision,” he said softly. “The decision to either have you stoned—which would bring disgrace upon not only the Knights of the Triangle Table, but upon the whole kingdom—or to cover this up and have you quietly whisked away, perhaps to Southwood Kingdom.” He propped his elbow on his desk and lowered his forehead to his palm.

“Your Majesty,” the knight said in a whisper, “I am at The King’s mercy.”

Victor looked up at Sir Tanner now. “I am not prepared to endure a scandal of this nature. Not in my advanced age. If it becomes public knowledge that one of my knights has engaged in this… this behavior… I don’t know that I would survive. Indeed I don’t know that the Monarchy would survive.”

Tanner said nothing.

“You will confine yourself to your apartment in the castle keep while I consult myself,” Victor said. He looked up at the knight and waved his hand. “Off with you.”

Sir Tanner bowed, turned, and left.

Later that evening, Tanner sat in his apartment in the keep. The accommodations were luxurious for the day, a testament to Sir Tan’s high position in the knighthood. Sir Tan in a chair next to his fireplace, reading a secret erotic novel, of the homosexual persuasion—something smuggled in from Southwood Kingdom. Two sconces on a wall and a lamp on his table provided enough light to read. A small fire crackled in his fireplace. A knock on his door brought his book to a hasty, snapping close. He quickly stuffed it under his mattress and moved to the door.

“Excuse me, Sir,” a handsome young squire stood in the hallway, holding a tray of food and drink, “but it’s time for your evening meal.”

Sir Tanner smiled. “Yes, thank you. Please set it on the table.”

The page did as he was told. Tanner admired the young man. In a word, the lad was cute. He was tall, if a bit lanky. Straight brown hair framed his blemish-free, handsome face. After he sat the tray down, he stood, still, waiting for further instructions.

“Thank you,” the knight smiled. “Tell me your name.”

“Stephen,” the squire answered. He stood at attention, looking straight ahead.

“Stephen,” Sir Tanner smiled. “That’s a good, strong name.” Sir Tan’s voice and demeanor was itself strong, and he made his statement with a deep, resonant voice.

Stephen blushed at the compliment. “Thank you,” he said. “Coming from you, those are fine felicitations.”

“May I ask for information?” Sir Tan asked.

“Certainly, Sir,” the young squire answered.

“During dinner, in the great hall, there was talk of a visitor. Do you know of whom I speak?”

Stephen looked directly at the knight, blushing again. “Yes m’ lord. He is Sir Nathan, of Joyous Garde.” Stephen quickly averted his glance in embarrassment. Just saying the visitor’s name seemed to stir an emotional response in the lad. He had heard stories.

“Is he staying in the keep?”

“Yes, Sir. His Majesty prepared the finest guest quarters for him. His suite is just next door.”

“Well then. Perhaps I shall have to pay my respects to our honored visitor,” Tan said.

“But Sir,” Stephen said. “I am under His Majesty’s direct order to report to him if you leave your apartment. I am sorry Sir.”

Sir Tanner scratched his chin. “Hmmmm… what to do….” He closed the distance between himself and Stephen, now standing directly in front of the squire. “Do you have any suggestions, lad?”

Stephen shied, looking askance.

Tanner stepped uncomfortably closer. “Tell me, boy,” he said softly, “what is it that I sense from you?” A log in the fireplace fell in on itself, crackling and throwing sparks up the flue.

“I… I wouldn’t know, Sir.”

Tanner smiled at the squire. The two men were about the same height, but Stephen was slender compared to Tanner’s muscled physique. The older man was imposing. “Perhaps I sense some kind of… unusual… desire on your part?” Tanner whispered.

“I… wouldn’t know, Sire,” Stephen increased the importance of his address.

The knight leaned forward. He placed his left cheek next to Stephen’s and held it there. The three-day scruff from his beard rubbed Stephen’s shaved skin. Squires are supposed to obey a knight’s every command, but of course this behavior was quite unusual. Tanner’s warm breath brushed past Stephen’s ear. Then, the large knight pulled back, standing straight, if not still inside the squire’s personal space. “Tell me Stephen. Did my cheek against yours cause you discomfort? Or… perhaps… arousal?”

“I… I… cannot say, Sire.”

Tanner chuckled. “You answer correctly. That kind of arousal cannot be mentioned. And yet… you’ve already said it. Your timidity is your answer.” With that, the knight took Stephen’s face in his hands and pulled the young man to himself. He pressed his powerful physique against Stephen’s as he gently began kissing the lad. As Tanner’s tongue softly parted Stephen’s lips, Stephen pressed his lower torso into the knight’s. Their cocks pushed together under the fabric of their skirts. When the knight pulled his face back, he smiled and said, “A squire, who aspires to the knighthood, would never stand still in the face of my advances, let alone press his organ against mine as you just did—unless, of course, he shared my desires.”

Stephen blushed.

Sir Tan smiled. “So tell me, squire, what say you? What could be done to allow me a brief leave of my apartment to meet this Sir Nathan?” With those words, he brought his right hand to Stephen’s crotch. He squeezed lightly.

Stephen didn’t respond, but his eyes were wet.

“Don’t be afraid, Stephen,” Sir Tan reassured. “The reason I am confined here is because of the desire that burns in my heart—the same desire that burns in yours. Your secret is safe with me.”

Stephen blinked back the tears.

“Tell me, son, did you know why I am confined? Are there rumors surrounding me?”

Stephen shook his head. “I have heard nothing as to why… as to your… disposition.”

“Yet, you suspected I might be amenable to your state?”

For the first time, Stephen cracked a anemic smile. He looked into Tan’s tender eyes. “No, Sire. I didn't not suspect. But perhaps… I hoped.”

Tanner chuckled. He closed the distance between them once again and the two men embraced. Between kisses, Tanner whispered, “So, my lad. After I pay my respects to our visitor, I will wait for you to come to me here, confident that my brief visit next door will remain a secret, just between you and me.” As Stephen ran his hands over the knight’s muscular back side, Tanner added, “And then, that will become just the first thing that will remain only between you and me. Yes?”

Stephen smiled broadly now, exposing his beautiful teeth. He nodded.

Sir Tanner took the squire’s hand and led him to the door. “Return at two gongs,” Tanner said with a wink.


STEPHEN WALKED DOWN THE HALLWAY to the squire’s bunk room. A few other squires were there, reading as they lay on their beds. One of them was not familiar to Stephen. Stephen assumed he was from Joyous Garde—the squire to Sir Nathan, the visitor. He was young, and quite well-built. Quite handsome.

Stephen passed the squire’s bunks and went into the washroom where he secured the door behind himself. His member was quite prodigious. A few hours later, when the knight would hold it in his hand, Sir Tan would be amazed that a lad so gangly could possess an organ so thick and long. For now, though, the cock was just for Stephen to enjoy. And enjoy it, he did. Within a minute, as Stephen fantasized about the gorgeous, huge Sir Tan, he exploded with enthusiastic gushes of his youthful semen.

SIR TANNER’S PROGRESS DOWN THE HALL was somewhat quieter than his usual powerful gait. His confident stride was replaced with cautious steps. When he arrived at the prime guest suite, he rapped on the door four times.

The door eventually opened. The rumors of the visitor’s over-large build had been inadequate to convey the man’s imposing stature. He took Tanner’s breath. Sir Tan found his eyes at chest-level with the man. He raised his face and tamped down an audible gasp at the gorgeousness of the man’s countenance. For the first time in his life, Tanner felt small. Intimidated.

Tanner finally found his voice, but it wasn’t without a crack that he said, “I am Sir Tanner of the King’s Triangle Table. Welcome to Northfield.” He extended his hand.

To Sir Tan’s relief, the huge man smiled. They shook hands. “Sir Nathan, of Joyous Garde,” the muscular giant said. He took two steps backward and motioned for Tanner to enter.

Tanner did so, and sealed the door behind himself. He stood there, nearly dumbfounded, gazing. Sir Nathan’s muscles were so much more full than his own—so much bigger, harder-looking. The man stood head-and-shoulders taller than Tanner. His flowing, jet-black hair draped down onto his mounding trapezius muscles. His face was stunningly gorgeous. Thick eyelashes, radiant brown eyes. The visitor’s shoulders were impossibly wide, and their round shape was overwhelming. Certainly, this man knew of the “No pain, no gain,” secret that Tanner had discovered. His deltoids were painfully full and heavy. And these cannon balls terminated at the man’s triceps with an insertion that formed a deep chasm between the muscle groups. Simply astounding muscle development. The sleeves of his tight-fitting bleached evening shirt stopped midway down the biceps, and those arms—the size of most men’s legs—held freakishly-pronounced cephalic veins that ran downward to feed his thick, rippling forearms.

Yet, despite the jaw-dropping development of Sir Nathan’s shoulders and arms, it was his massive chest that asserted the core of his power. The thick plates of muscle housed twin areola—visible under the fabric—which were capped with peanut-sized nipples. These nipples actually pointed toward the floor because of the protrusion of the pectorals. Where the tight white fabric dove under and back, these plates of meat cantilevered out over the void. The man’s back was so wide and thick that it forced his gigantic arms outward. Arms, back and chest seemed to be in a battle to occupy the same space.

In contrast to that struggle, Nathan’s intercostals and abdominals worked together, girdling his lower torso to pour the huge man’s muscle downward, into a narrow confluence at his taut waist. Tanner struggled to keep his eyes from bulging as they took in the sight of Nathan’s upper legs, flaring out from that waist to form columns that rivaled the keep in which they stood. Just. Phenomenal. Muscle.

“It is very nice of you to greet me,” Nathan said, facing Tanner. “It is a long journey from Joyous Garde, and I was not sure of the welcome I would receive.”

“I trust your welcome has been adequate so far,” Tanner said.

“It has,” Nathan smiled. “His Majesty Victor is quite accommodating.” He looked up at the high ceiling and the plush furnishings of his suite. “Your kingdom is obviously full of beautiful riches.” He looked back down at Tanner, who was fighting to maintain composure after watching the huge man’s neck thicken with the upward gaze. Yet although Nathan’s physique was more than imposing, his demeanor was friendly.

“Tell me, kind sir,” Tanner said, “what brings you to Northfield?”

“Commerce,” Nathan said. He motioned for Tanner to take a seat in one of the two large, comfortable chairs that flanked the fireplace. He took the other. “My king wishes to establish trade with Northfield. Joyous Garde has rich forests, and our craftsmen are talented artisans. We desire to sell some of our wood workings.”

“Yes, I am aware of your craftsmen’s reputation for excellence,” Tanner said. His eyes could not be still. They examined and traced every single bulge of Nathan’s muscular torso. God, his arms were amazing. Heavily muscled, bigger than they should be, yet lean. Rippling with every minute movement of his fingers.

Tanner’s voice softened. “I’m also aware that some of the laws at Joyous Garde are quite… liberal, compared to ours.”

Nathan smiled. “I believe you are correct. There are things that I can do at home that I would be stoned for, if done in most other kingdoms.”

Tanner cleared his throat. “I wonder, though, how a simple stoning would be able to impact your obviously powerful physique.”

Nathan smiled. “Thank you.”

“Can you tell me, sir, what kind of things might elicit a stoning here, that would not, at Joyous Garde?” Tanner asked.

Nathan pressed his lips together, then said, “Well, let me see…” He gazed up at the ceiling, searching for his words. Then he looked directly into Sir Tan’s eyes. “Well, for example, if you had engaged in your man-to-man behavior in my kingdom, you would not be confined to your apartment, and be facing a possible stoning, as you are now.”

Tanner’s jaw dropped. “You know of this? Of my situation?”

Sir Nathan smiled. “Yes. That is actually the real purpose of my visit. Not merely commerce.”

“I don’t understand,” Tanner said, his heart beating rapidly.

“I have come here to offer you asylum at Joyous Garde, if you desire it.”

“But how did you know of me?” Tanner asked.

“The man whom your maiden discovered you with. His name was Jonathon, yes?”

“Yes,” Tanner answered.

“He was an itinerant salesman… from Joyous Garde,” Nathan said. “When he returned home, after being caught with you, he told of the discommodity you would face. He asked our king to help you. I was chosen.”

Tanner said, “I… I don’t know how to respond.”

“You should consider the offer quickly,” Nathan said. “My squire has word that King Victor is leaning toward a stoning.”

“But he told me he couldn’t afford the scandal. He wants to keep this under wraps.”

Nathan shook his head. “I’m afraid that is no longer possible. If my squire has word of your fate, you have to know that your fellow knights are also aware of your situation. Your king will be forced to take decisive action. He cannot violate his own laws.”

Tanner paused. “Dang. Everyone in Northfield is a gossip.”

“I can get you out of Northfield,” Nathan said. “But it must be soon. I plan on staying through the day tomorrow. I will tell your king that I must depart the following morning for Joyous Garde. But if you want my help, we will have to leave during the darkness of tomorrow’s night instead.”

Tanner was downcast. “I know no one in Joyous Garde. It will difficult to leave.”

Sir Nathan stood. He extended his hand to Sir Tanner, who then stood and took it. “You know me,” Nathan said. “And something tells me, you would like to get to know me a little… better.” He stepped close.

Sir Tan, at Nathan’s chest level, let his eyes take in the magnificence of those pectorals, then slowly lifted his gaze. Nathan’s thick neck supported a square, masculine jaw line, and a tan face that was now smiling down on him. Tanner opened his mouth to speak, but no noise came out.

“Are you alright?” Nathan asked.

“Yes… I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve never been… been the smaller one,” Tanner said.

Nathan stepped closer, his smile gentle. Tanner’s face was nearly touching the fabric covering Nathan’s pectorals, his nose almost buried in the insane divide. Nathan looked down into Tanner’s concupiscent eyes. Then, the larger man took Tanner’s broad shoulders in his hands, slowly leaned forward, and as Tanner instinctively tipped his head up, their lips met.

Tanner let an audible moan escape into Nathan’s mouth. Nathan held still as Tanner pushed his organ into Nathan’s, just as he and Stephan had done. Tanner found himself standing on his toes to better enjoy the embrace that both men now fully held. Sir Tan’s unbelieving hands moved over Nathan’s wide back, up to his shoulders, and then onto those impossibly big arms. It just wasn’t possible that he was experiencing this dream come true. He never thought his fantasy of meeting even more muscle than he himself possessed would come true.

They held the embrace for minutes, each man exploring the other with his tongue and hands. Eventually, Sir Tan pulled at Nathan’s evening shirt, at the waist. He slowly slipped his fingers under the fabric and moved them up Nathan’s abdominal cobblestones—cobblestones laid with better precision and craftsmanship than the ones that formed the castle courtyard outside their window. Nathan stood still for a second, allowing Tanner to feel out his abs. Then he could hold back no longer, and he leaned forward again to renew their kiss. As they kissed, Tanner continued to move his hands upward, until his fingertips hit the overhand of Nathan’s chest.

And they kissed some more.

Tanner moved his hands higher, under Nathan’s white shirt, onto the twin continents of the huge man’s chest. They continued to kiss, and Tanner’s fingers and palms moved slowly over and around the warm, hard pectorals. Instinctively, the men pressed themselves into each other, their rods pushing hard. Nathan’s powerful arms held Tanner close and tight. Their tongues intertwined. Tanner’s hands trembled over the wide warmth of muscles. Occasionally, Sir Nathan rolled his pectoral muscles under Tanner’s palms. A moment later, Tanner’s worshipping hands, still underneath the shirt, moved wide, and he felt the delta-like muscles of Nathan’s lats. Then, farther around, Tanner began experiencing the vastness of Nathan’s back: traps and lats, and the top of his glutes.

The men’s breathing was labored now. Suddenly, Tanner felt himself lifted off the ground. With ease, Sir Nathan picked up Sir Tan—all 250 stones of him—and carried him to the curtained bed as if he was a small sack of flour. Nathan placed Tanner inside the enclosure of the high bed, on his back. Tanner began undressing himself while he watched Nathan lift his white shirt up and over his head. Sir Nate was now on his knees, looking down at Tanner who was on his back. Within the minute, both men were naked, and Sir Nathan was holding Tanner’s hands down, above his head, as he lay on top of the blond giant. And they kissed some more. Passionate moans alternated with tender kisses. Their hands were continually busy. Nathan’s huge physique overwhelmed Tanner’s huge physique.

They continued to force their organs into the others’ waistline. Eventually, Nathan rolled to one side, and then continued to suck, lick and kiss, until finally, Tanner moved down Sir Nathan’s body. He took the over-large, thick cock of his visitor in one hand and lifted it so he could lick it. Up and down the big shaft, Sir Tan moved his tongue, applying a beautiful sheen. He fondled Nathan’s balls; he placed his lips on the tip of the cock and started to go down on it.

Nathan moaned his approval and placed his hands on Tanner’s head. Gently. It was the best blow job the knight from Joyous Garde had ever experienced. Tanner was obviously well-versed in techniques of stimulation.

Nate was panting now. He took his hands from Tan’s head and hit the bed with his fists. “I’m going to come!” he groaned.

Tanner pulled off. “No, my giant. Not yet,” he smiled. “When you come, it will be inside me.” He gently stroked Nate and said, “I want to feel this mighty organ inside of me, expanding with its violent explosions as it fills me.” He gently placed the huge cock down, on Nathan’s abdominal mounds. Then Tan lightly stroked it, then Nathan’s balls and perineum. This did nothing to quell the larger man’s impending orgasm. Nathan’s fists tightened. His whole body constricted and steeled.

So, Tanner removed his hand. He watched, and Nathan seemed to relax. He moved up to Sir Nate’s face and they kissed again. Once he was confident the visitor had backed away from ejaculating, Tanner moved his mouth back to the cock and resumed the job of bringing his guest to the edge once again.

When it was again evident that Nathan could take no more without blowing, Tanner pulled off again. He repeated the process four or five more times, with each successive journey eliciting more colorful vocalizations from Sir Nathan; each time the huge man came closer and closer to the edge.

Nathan decided it was time to turn the tables. He rolled forward, on top of a surprised Tanner, then took to his knees so he could minister to Sir Tan’s own prodigious dick. The knight from Joyous Garde was no less talented than Sir Tan, when it came to giving head.

“Oh my god…” Tanner moaned. He looked down and watched as the muscles rippled all over Nathan’s body, while the giant man moved his lips up and down Tanner’s shaft. He dropped his head back onto his pillow and groaned some more.

Unfortunately, Tanner’s self-control wasn’t as strong as Nathan’s.

As the castle guard, outside the window on the rampart, called out his hourly, “All is well!” Tanner’s cock exploded inside Sir Nathan’s mouth. Tanner flopped his head from left to right, back and forth, so he wasn’t able to see Nathan’s thick neck bulge with striations as he swallowed Tanner’s seed. All of it. Not one drop ended up outside of Nathan’s amazing body.

Wet with passion-driven perspiration, Tanner panted as he recovered. Nathan rolled to his side, smiling. “You Knights of the Triangle Table have no self control, no?” he grinned.

“I dare say, sire,” Tanner panted, “none of the KTT has ever faced such a formidable… friend.”

Nathan pushed himself toward Sir Tan’s face and they kissed. Tanner, once again, found himself on his back, with the mega-physique on top of him, kissing him passionately. Sir Nate was getting more and more randy.

Without waiting for Sir Tan to fully recover, Sir Nate pulled up onto his knees. He smiled as he looked into Tanner’s lusting eyes. He pulled Tanner’s legs wide and up. He had to let go of one ankle in order to pull his mighty cock downward into the correct position for penetration. But Tanner left his leg raised and splayed wide, just like his other one was—being held by Nathan’s powerful arm. His delicious ass invited Nathan.

Tanner was not used to being in this position. As Northfield’s biggest man—by far—he always chose his position, which was almost always top. And certainly, if he ever had been on the bottom, he had never faced an organ as threatening as Nathan’s. Regardless, he smiled back, and forced his sphincter to relax. It wouldn’t have mattered whether or not he was relaxed; Nathan would do what he would do, without consideration of the resistance.

Nathan pulled his long, thick cock away from his abdominals, rotated his hips, and placed his dribbling head against Tanner’s red cherry. He leaned forward now, and balanced himself with one mighty arm, using his opposite hand to steady the aim of his dick. As soon as he breached the opening, he removed that hand and placed it on the mattress, opposite his other hand.

Tanner’s eyes watered; he groaned in pain. He gazed into his conqueror’s eyes and watched while Nathan exercised his dominance. Sir Nathan pushed in about halfway, and Tanner silently pled with the gods that this was already the hilt.

But it wasn’t.

At this point, Nathan did stop, though, giving Tanner an opportunity to assimilate the invader—if that was even possible. But then, Nathan, in one fell swoop, shoved his manhood all the way in, until his pubes rested against Tanner’s ass.

Tanner turned his head and grabbed a pillow, burying his face in it as he yelled. He nearly hyperventilated. Once he felt that Nathan was rocking inside him, he pulled his face from the pillow and looked up. Nathan’s expression vacillated between overbearing strength and dominance—to extreme, almost dream-like pleasure.

In this push-up position, looking down on Tanner’s handsome face, Nathan began to rock more enthusiastically. Harder. He’d pull all the way out to the lip of his cock head, then thrust all the way back inside.

Tanner grabbed his own ankles to keep his legs wide.

After a minute or two, as Nathan got closer to climax, he bent his arms and lowered his over-muscled upper torso onto Tanner. He supported himself on his elbows, on the outsides of Tanner’s shoulders. They kissed, forcing Tanner to pant through his nose. A most pleasing accommodation.

Nate’s hips now rotated in earnest with the in-and-out movements. Tanner could feel the ridges of the distended blood vessels on Nathan’s huge, muscular cock as they passed up and down his tunnel. Nathan pulled his mouth off Sir Tan’s, and nuzzled his mouth next to Tan’s ear, whispering tender expletives as he fucked. Tanner’s strong hands moved over the “V” shape clam shell of Nathan’s beyond-wide back. Then down onto Nathan’s taut, tiny ass.

Tanner came again, jerking his whole body involuntarily with a powerful snap, as the first blast of his cum sprayed into the void between their abdominal formations. He let out a “yip” with the second ejaculation.

When Tanner was about half-way through his orgasm, Nathan’s muscular body tightened into stone. He froze with his next thrust, holding himself still. And he came. Like Tanner’s, Nathan’s body jerked with the onset of his climax; he filled Tan’s ass. He spent the first three ejaculations completely still, holding himself as far inside as he could, just emptying himself into his new lover. As he hit the fourth release, he began to buck again, with a steady—if passionate—rhythm. His huge arms held Tanner in place. Tanner felt small—and he loved it.


HAVING ALREADY HAD THREE orgasms that evening, one might question Sir Tanner’s capacity for even more. But he was nothing if not hardy. An hour later, as he closed the door behind Stephen, he immediately hardened once again—this time at the vision of the young man’s wonderful, tight ass as Stephen made his way into Tanner’s apartment.

“I’m glad you came,” the knight said.

Stephen turned around and faced Sir Tanner. “I couldn’t help it. I find you… irresistible.” It was obvious that Stephen was looking hard at the tight-fitting knight’s shirt that hugged Sir Tanner’s upper body. Muscles bulged all over hell, and Stephen’s cock began to throb with its desire. Tanner’s shoulders and arms could only be described as “epic.” His thick chest cantilevered into the room. His narrow waist broadened into two gigantic, thick columns of leg muscle.

Tanner smiled softly. “The feeling’s mutual, son.”

“I’ve admired you from the day I first saw you,” Stephen said. “Your power and strength are unrivaled.”

Tanner’s eyebrows rose. “Apparently, you haven’t seen the visitor, Sir Nathan?”

Stephen’s eyes narrowed. “No sire, I haven’t.”

Sir Tan smiled. “Well, perhaps later, some time, I could introduce you to him. I think you’ll find him… acceptable.”

Stephen blushed. “I fail to imagine how I could find anyone more ‘acceptable’ than you, sire.”

Tanner motioned for the squire to sit in one of the two fireplace chairs. He turned toward a credenza and, with his back to his charge, asked, “Can I offer you a drink?” He glanced over his shoulder to Stephen and continued, “To settle your nerves?”

“Yes, thank you, sire,” Stephen answered. He demurred, “Is it that obvious?”

Tanner approached Stephen with a drink in each hand, giving the squire one of them. “It is,” he said. “And it is damn attractive.” He rose his drink, and Stephen met it with his own. Then they drank the toast. Tanner sat in the other chair. “Tell me, son, does anyone else know of… your predilections?”

Stephen shook his head. “No sir.”

“So, how do you satisfy your desires?”

Stephen looked at the floor. He hesitated, then said, “I pleasure myself, while I think about… mostly… you.”

A corner of Tanner’s mouth rose. “And would you be amenable to telling me, what it is about me that causes you to need to pleasure yourself?”

The lad’s cheeks visibly reddened. He finally looked up to Tan. “Your obvious strength. Your physique is the most impressive I’ve ever seen.”

“I see,” Tan smiled. “Thank you.” He took another sip of his drink. “Would you like to see me removing my coverings? To give you a better view of my physique?”

Stephen nodded. “I’d like that… very much, sire.”

Tanner stood. He slowly pulled his shirt up and off—all the way—and let it fall to the floor.

Stephen audibly gasped at the visage of supreme muscle.

Tanner’s muscles were huge, yet there was no fat on them. Insanely separated, powerfully distinct, yet proportionally tied-in to form the most astounding physique in Northfield—until recently, that is. Tanner inhaled a full, slow breath and his chest expanded, if that was even possible. His cleavage rippled with lines—each one about a quarter inch apart, running perpendicular from the canyon. Thick, meaty plates of pectoral muscle. Stephen couldn’t take his eyes off of them.

That is, until Tanner raised both gigantic arms and flexed them. Stephen had never seen such a display. Sir Tanner’s biceps crested, then formed even higher crests on top of the lower crests. At the crown of these peaks, the muscles visibly separated into two distinct, striated, rippling heads of muscle.

Stephen was in danger of coming, just from this demonstration of unbelievable manly muscle. His jaw was slack.

Tanner lowered his arms. While he studied the squire’s reaction, he slowly undid his skirt with his muscular fingers. His eyes were glued to Stephen. And he wasn’t disappointed in the lad’s response. Involuntarily, Stephen’s right hand moved onto his own tunic, squeezing and kneading at his crotch, while he gawked at Tanner’s muscle body. As soon as the skirt was loose, Tanner let it fall to the floor. He wore a leather pouch that barely contained his organ. Tanner’s upper legs, now completely visible, were like marble pillars, and each one rippled and rolled at Sir Tan’s direction.

Again, Stephen found himself gasping at the sight of such mind-boggling brawn.

Sir Tanner, encouraged by the squire’s inability to control his responses, moved to demonstrate more of his insane development, showing off back, triceps & biceps, forearms, abdominals, quads, and even calves. Once he was satisfied that the young man had seen an ample display of his muscularity, Sir Tan smiled and said, “Squire, be not bashful. I would be interested in knowing how you pleasure yourself when you think of my physique.”

Stephen had wanted to stick his hand inside his skirt since Tanner had removed his shirt. He didn’t have to be asked twice now. He lifted his skirt and gave himself one languid fondle over his leather thong, then, as Tanner resumed flexing, he pulled himself out of his thong. Immediately, the youthful penis sprang to full attention, dribbling clear pre-cum down its amazing girth and length—a salute to the effect the muscle knight was having on him.

Tanner stepped closer to Stephen. Slowly, he looked down at his own leather pouch and undid it. He tossed it aside. His cock, as Stephen’s, now sprang to full erection.

Stephen stood and took off all his clothes. In less than a minute both men were standing cock-to-cock. Tanner rubbed his against Stephen’s; they poked. They slid their shafts up and down the others’. Neither instrument could be regarded as having an advantage over the other—a testament to the lanky lad’s virility, for certainly, Tanner’s engorged organ was equal to his muscular development.

As their swords crossed, slid and rubbed over each other, Sir Tan rolled his pectoral’s in front of Stephen’s face. Almost involuntarily, Stephen’s hands rose onto the flexing chest muscles. His eyes rolled back in his head.

“Your hands are gentle, squire,” Tanner said. “I enjoy your touch.”

Stephen just moaned. He moved his hands over the rolling chest slowly, worshipfully. His youthful cock continued to rub against the knight’s mighty organ. Their pubic hairs intertwined. Then, with virtually no warning, a gushing of white fluid sprayed out of Stephen’s upright dick, splashing the knight’s abdominals and chest, some liquid even landing on the lad’s own fingers. A second eruption actually hit Tanner’s chin. Stephen’s hands now tightened on Tan’s pecs. His knees weakened, and he found himself leaning into Tanner. His left cheek landed on Tanner’s right pectoral, and was moistened by his own cum.

Tanner took hold of Stephen’s shoulders, steadying him as the squire leaned into his chest fully now. The lad moaned while his cock continued to burst its liquid worship, not having had the stimulation of anything but Tanner’s cock next to it, and his own hands on Tanner’s magnificent chest.

“You squires have such little self-control, no?” Tanner smiled. He took Stephen’s face in his hands now, and tenderly kissed the young man. Once Stephen was completed, Tanner took the squire’s hand and led him to the high, curtained bed, where he would insert himself in  Stephen’s ass, and have his fourth orgasm that night.


[Oh, there's more coming…]




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