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by Sean Reid Scott 

Staring David McAllister


[Author’s note: This story contains sex acts between men, and is thus intended for ADULTS ONLY. If you are not an adult who wants to read this kind of smut, please do not continue. The characters in this story are played by professional, fictional actors and are not intended to represent any real people. Any similarities with actual people are unintentional and should be ignored.]




T HAD BEEN ABOUT THREE WEEKS SINCE Russ, Andy and Jason had been outed, or had outed themselves.  Of course, with Russ, his outing was only partial-- mainly to his parents, aunt & uncle, and Jason. 

Jason’s outing had been more thorough.  But his was pretty voluntary.  Andy’s on the other hand, was very thorough (the gossip machine at the church was in fine form that summer) even though it had been totally involuntary.  As a result of his coming out, Andy had joined the local “ex-gay” ministry at his mega-church, and it hadn’t been going very well.  He had been very frustrated with the lack of intervention from God, and was only inches away from quitting the group altogether. 

Andy and Sue’s marriage wasn’t faring any better.  Suffice it to say that it was only a matter of time…

As for Jason, the stress of the summer had found a home in him-- not just the stress of his parents’ marriage problems, but the stress over his relationship with David, vs. Russ, vs. figuring out what kind of life he wanted to lead. 

Jason pulled his Charger into the cul-de-sac and into his driveway.  He entered the kitchen through the garage.  His parents were there, standing, sullen.  They faced him as he entered.  They looked at each other, both with a resigned, depressed expression.

“Jason, we need to talk to you,” Andy said.  “Please sit down.”

Jason obeyed.  A sick, sinking feeling began to form in his stomach.

“I don’t know how to make it sound good…” Andy started.  “Well, I’ll just say it.”  He looked at Sue, then back at Jason.  “Your mother and I are divorcing.” 

Jason’s face dropped.  Although he had known it was coming-- his parents’ arguing and fighting had been growing ever since Andy had been caught in bed with David-- the reality of it was pretty harsh.  So many memories would now have the taint of question-- of uncertainty-- as to the real feelings that should be associated with those memories.  From now on, each winsome trip to the past would carry with it the gnawing issue of what was really happening here? 

“We’re sorry, son,” his mom said softly.

Jason put his face in his hands.  He didn’t cry-- not until he made it up to his room and had shut the door. 

• • • • •

“I will never make the same mistake my dad did,” Jason said, lying back in David’s lap. 

“I’m so sorry, man,” David comforted.

The warm muscles that surrounded Jason were indeed very comforting.  He felt safe, secure and loved.

It had been three days since Jason’s parents had announced their divorce.  And subsequently, they had decided that they’d sell the house and divide up the assets. 

“They’re going to sell the house,” Jason said.  He turned his head around and looked at David’s face, “…did you know that?”

“No, man.  I hadn’t heard that.”  David thought of the ramifications of that, and said, “So, you have one more year of high school.  What are you going to do?”

“I don’t even know.  I haven’t gotten that far.”  Jason became quiet; his eyes slowly filled with tears, and he wiped his face with his hand.

David rubbed Jason’s chest, then his head. 

Jason began crying, fighting in vain to hold back the tears.

David just held him. 

After a while, Jason finished.  David kissed the top of Jason’s head.

“I’m so sorry, dude,” David said.

“Mom’s already getting ready to move to Ft. Worth, to be closer to Nanna,” Jason said.  “Dad’s going to stay here in Austin, but I don’t know where he’s going to live yet.”

David just kept stroking Jason’s head.

“It might not even be in my school district.”

“You know you’re welcome to stay with me,” David said.

Jason turned back to David’s face again.  “I know you’ve said that before, but are you sure?”

“Sure I’m sure.”

“Russ wants me to stay with them, but I don’t know…” Jason said.  “Aunt Sue can be worse than my mom sometimes, and I think living with them, with the truth about me ‘out there’-- that’d be pretty unbearable.”

“Yeah, I see,” David said. 

The two men reclined on David’s couch for quite a while, talking things out.

“You know what we need to do?” David asked after a brief period of melancholy silence.  Without waiting for a response, he said, “We need to get out and do something.  Like go to the State Fair or something.”

Jason looked up at David.  “That’d be cool, but the Texas State Fair doesn’t start until September.”

“Hmmm,” David thought.  Then a light went on in his head.  “I have the perfect idea.”   In a quick but gentle motion, David stood up and at the same time lifted Jason off his lap. 

“What.  What’s your idea?” Jason asked-- in vain.

David dialed a number on his cell phone and walked into the other room where Jason couldn’t hear him.  In a few minutes he came back into the room, still talking on the phone.  Holding the phone at his waist, he asked Jason, “When do you have to work next?”

“Tomorrow night at six,” Jason said.  “Why?”

David did some more talking on the phone as he went back into the other room.  A second later, David hollered, “Jase, see if you can get it off.”

Jason could tell David was planning something fun.  He called a co-worker friend on his cell phone and got him to sub for him.  After he hung up, he called out to David, “Okay, man.  I got it off.  Don’t have to be in until Monday at noon!”

“Cool!” David called.  It was another few minutes before he came back out into the living room.  His expression was upbeat.  “Okay, dude, we’re on.  We need to be at the Stringham Helicopters hangar in two hours.”

“What?  Really?  Two hours!  Where are we going?”

“Just pack a duffel bag for overnight,” David smiled.  It’s a surprise.  Oh-- and make sure to bring your swimming suit, dude.”

David was right.  This was exactly the distraction Jason needed at just the right time.  Jason ran across the street and threw a bunch of stuff into his bag.  His cell phone rang.  It was David.  “Hey, man, you think Russ might want to come too?” David said.

“Well, I don’t know, considering that I don’t even know where we’re going.”

“Fair enough,” David chuckled.  “But it’s just someplace fun-- lots of fun.  You mind if I give him a call?”

Jason’s initial reaction was slight jealousy.  But it was immediately followed with intense joy.  The three of them hanging together-- it sounded like a blast.  “Yeah-- sure-- give him a try.  I’d love it.”

“Okay,” David said, and he hung up.

A couple of hours later, David, Jason and Russ were riding in a helicopter toward San Antonio.  It was under 150 miles away, so it didn’t take long to reach their destination.  When they landed a towne car picked them up and whisked them into the city.  David had booked a suite for the three of them.  “It only has two beds, but there’s also a hide-away couch, if we need it,” he said.  He winked, and Russ & Jason grinned.

“Guess we’ll have to figure out who sleeps where…” Jason smiled.

They plopped their bags down in the room-- a huge suite-- and the teens finally got David to tell them why they were there.  “Six Flags, of course!” he smiled.  “Get your suits on; we’re heading to the water park.”

They arrived at the park and the fun began.  Most of the excitement, for Jason and Russ anyway, was just walking behind David and watching the crowd’s reaction to all of that pulchritude as it parted the masses and left an empty wake.  Guys would walk up to the two teenagers and marvel at David, asking the boys where they had met him, how much he could bench-- all of the usual questions.  Of course, the more brave souls came right up to David and offered their personal expressions of veiled muscle worship. 

The rides were awesome.  Both Russ and Jason had been there before; David hadn’t.  The three of them only got to see about half of the stuff they wanted to see before it was time for dinner.

“Hey, let’s go back to the hotel and change,” David suggested.  “We can go down to the waterfront and catch some dinner, then come back tomorrow and spend the whole day here.”

The boys agreed, and soon their three tank-topped bodies were mingling with the dinner crowd, mariachi bands and tequilas.  The teenagers had never had such a great day.

Of course, all three of the men had harbored-- in the back of their minds-- images and dreams of what the night in the hotel room would hold.  And as it turned out, none of their expectations even came close to the erotic reality that awaited them in the suite. 

Each of them had had their fair share of margaritas and Coronas.  David held his alcohol better than the boys did-- of course; his metabolism seemed to turn everything he consumed into muscle, including drinks.  But Jason and Russ had a healthy buzz going on when they returned to the room.  Not falling down drunk by any means-- just a good relaxed feeling that had robbed them of most of their inhibitions. 

David pried off the caps of three more Coronas and handed a bottle to each of the teens, who had plopped down on the couch.  He lowered the lights and turned on some new-age music.  As he sat down in a big over-stuffed chair, Russ said, “So, you going to give Jase and me a posing show?”

David took a swig from his beer.  “Maybe.”

“Maybe when,” Jason asked.

“Maybe never.”

“Yeah, right,” Russ smiled as he took a long drink.  “You know you’re just as horny as we are-- especially after walking around all day in that tank top watching the people ogling your muscles.”

“Were people looking at me?” David asked innocently, taking another drink.

“Fuck,” Jason said.  “Like you didn’t notice.”  He fiddled with the lime slice that David had pushed into the neck of his beer bottle.  It fell down inside and floated in the beer.  He took another drink.

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful,” David smiled.  He lifted his left arm and flexed his muscle.

Russ and Jason, despite their less-than-sober state-- or maybe because of it-- immediately began getting hard.

“I knew you couldn’t keep from showing off,” Russ said.  “You’re hopeless.”

“Dude, watch how you talk to the Alpha,” David said, putting his gigantic arm down.

“What’re you gunna do about it?” Russ asked with a defiant smile.  “You’re all show, man.”

Unfazed, David took another drink and said, “When you can bench 500 pounds for reps, I’ll listen to your girly little complaints.  Till then, you’ll just have to envy me,” he smiled.

It didn’t take much more smack talk before the three of them were on the floor, wrestling.  They broke it up for a minute, to move some of the furniture out of the way, and then they were back at it-- bear hugging, making moves, pinning, all the while laughing their hearts out.  In the end, David had Russ and Jason pinned down at the same time.  Don’t ask me how he did that-- I’m just the recorder of the story.  But it did happen.

As they recovered from their makeshift match, all breathing hard and grinning, David asked, “So, who gets to share the king size bed with me?”

“Who elected you to the first place spot in the bed?” Jason laughed.

David looked over at the gorgeous quarterback, “You want to go another round to reaffirm my position as Alpha?”

“Naw,” Jason mock pouted, “you’re the Alpha.”

“Alpha, Sir,” David demanded.

“Alpha, Sir.”

“So, that brings me back to my question…”

Russ looked at Jason; Jason looked at Russ.  They smiled at each other, obviously on the same wavelength.  Immediately they were in the air, running into the bedroom of the suite, placing themselves firmly on the king size bed. 

David walked into the room, smiling.  “So, are you telling me we only needed one bed?  I could have saved a bundle!”

The guys on the bed laughed. 

David finished his beer and sat the bottle on a dresser.  “Man, I’m beat,” he said.  He walked across the room, taking his shirt off as he moved.  Both Russ and Jason watched intently.  David stopped near a window and looked out at the city lights.  He started to unzip his shorts, then stopped and looked at the boys.  Both of them were getting really hard now.  “Hmmm, maybe one of you could help me with this,” David said.  He walked over to the side of the bed where Russ was and stopped right next to him.  His unbuttoned shorts beckoned.  Russ reached up and slowly pulled the zipper down, exposing David’s bikini briefs.  The pouch fell forward and outward.  It held a huge volume of man meat.  Just huge.  “Thank you, Russ,” David smiled.  He stretched his arms into the air and put his hands behind his head, rippling the two rows of his abdominal muscles and making the skin around them recede into nothingness. 

Involuntarily, Russ licked his lips.

“Hungry?” David smiled.

“Wha--?” Russ choked.

David looked at Jason.  “You hungry, dude?”

Jason nodded.  “Starved.”

David cocked his head, “Come here.”  He had a playful grin. 

Jason got off the bed and stood next to shirtless David.  David bent his face down to Jason’s level and leaving his body facing Russ, he began to kiss Jason.  Jason did that thing with his tongue again, licking David’s lips.  Immediately, the giant had been subdued.  Every muscle in his body seemed to relax at Jason’s tongue’s touch.  Jason reached up with one hand and began gently feeling David’s hairy, mountainous chest.

Russ, still lying on the bed, had begun to hold himself-- watching as his cousin and David made out. 

Jason’s fingers began fondling one of David’s nipples, and the huge man let out a moan.  His mouth opened in sensual pleasure, and Jason took the opportunity to lick more of David’s lips.  The tip of Jason’s tongue moved past the lips to David’s gums and then-- softly-- even his teeth.  David left his mouth open just a bit, allowing the gorgeous teenager’s tongue free access, all the while, his pectoral muscle flexing and being massaged by Jason’s capable hand.  A twist of the nipple again, and another moan from David.  He seemed to be getting weak-kneed.

Russ could stand it no longer.  He lifted one hand and began to caress the large pouch that hung from the opening in David’s beach shorts.  David’s cock was beginning to engorge, and Russ’ adept hand didn’t help matters.

More moans from David as the two boys began to take down the Alpha. 

Russ’ hand slipped between David’s pouch and his shorts to make more room.  More of David’s ample manhood fell forward-- so much so that it was time to just get rid of the shorts altogether.  But that task wasn’t easy.  Russ had to literally shimmy the narrow-waisted shorts down over David’s enormous quads.

Now just wearing his perfectly-fitting bikini briefs, David looked hotter than ever.  Jason’s licking, kissing and nipple play was enough to do a job on David-- all by himself.  But when Russ resumed his caressing of David’s almost overflowing pouch, David felt like his heart would burst out of his chest, it beat so hard.  These two muscleteens were the hottest specimens of youthful, virile muscle he had ever encountered; and they were totally having their way with him. 

Russ’ long teenage fingers moved gently over the fabric that held David’s weapon in check.  His fingertips teased it, fondled it, caressed it, gracefully squeezed it, coaxing it out of its cocoon. 

And the metamorphosis began in earnest.  Within minutes, it was obvious that the caterpillar was ready to spread its wings, as it were, and Russ’ ministrations at the fabric moved and squeezed it, encouraging it, teasing it, making it grow and grow. 

David and Jason kissed more passionately as the minutes wore on, and Jason had developed a ruthless technique of driving David crazy with his thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling on his nipple.  Occasionally, Jason’s hand would spread and he’d feel out the warm, hairy expanse of David’s pouting chest, but always his thumb and fingers returned to that nipple.

Russ’ fingers, on the other hand (literally), had begun a torturous game of their own, moving over balls and restrained cock, down onto David’s gigantic, rippling quads, skimming over the tight, warm skin, and then back up to the crotch area where the fingertips moved laterally along the fabric line, occasionally peeking inside, just for an instant, and then back out again-- perhaps over the fabric for a gentle squeeze, or perhaps down the other leg for another tour of bodybuilder muscle gone to seed.

Jason’s other hand-- the one that wasn’t tugging on that hyper-sensitive nipple-- had moved onto David’s expansive back, over the mounds, and had begun a vector for the twin globes of ass muscle that were only partially concealed by David’s briefs.  Upon arrival at Butt Central, Jason’s hand moved inside the fabric and began to make itself comfortable.  He massaged David’s ass, squeezing and toying with that perfect taut butt.  There was no give at all here.  David’s muscular ass was as solid as rock-- Jason’s fingers had to be satisfied with simply moving over the gluteus maximus.  Any attempt at actually squeezing them was met with insurmountable hardness. The fingertip of Jason’s middle finger moved inside the crack and began to search for hidden treasure.  Eureka.  David winced in pleasure as Jason’s finger began to stroke the god’s cherry.  Jason wriggled it in just a tad.  Then a little more.

Hands slowly, gently, moved everywhere: On the pouch, over the nipple, over ass muscles, barely into the pubes, barely into the rectum.  Fingers and tongues searched out muscle upon muscle, bulge and ripple-- and any orifice on the huge man they could find.

It was impossible to tell who was getting the most pleasure out of this, but suffice it to say, none of the men in that room were complaining.

As Jason’s fingertip ventured inside farther-- up to the first knuckle, Russ began moving his hand inside the fabric of David’s pouch.  Contact with a huge testicle.  Then the shaft.  Slowly, Russ moved his teenage hand onto David’s meat wrap and began to unfold it from the boundaries of the fabric.  He pulled the bikini down and hooked it under David’s balls.  Immediately, David’s penis sprung forth, now fully free from the confines of his briefs.  It was at full mast within seconds-- beads of silvery, shiny fluid being dribbled out the piss slit with every powerful heartbeat of the massive David.  Russ held David’s hairless balls, feeling the warm, moist scrotum.  God those things hung low.  Russ pulled the bikini down over David’s giant legs and they landed at David’s feet.

Jason pinched the nipple again.

David moaned in ecstasy.

Russ squeezed the testicles, then gently moved his hand toward the back-- closer to his ass-- and up, placing his fingertip against David’s perineum 

David almost jumped out of his skin.

Jason wriggled his finger inside David’s ass just a little farther.

David breathed heavily.

Russ began a long, slow stroke.  Up… up… up the towering inferno of manhood.  It took a long time to move up the shaft.  Russ’ grip was very loose and gentle.  And slow.  No way could he even begin to close his fingers around the thick beam, so he slowly brushed his hand against it in a very open grip, allowing the amazing circumference of the cylinder to pass under his fingers. 

David now held his breath.

Jason kissed, then licked.

David just stood there, lost in sexual torment-- hands all over his body, in just the right places, doing just the right things.

Russ’ fingertips moved up farther-- almost to the apple at the top.

David’s mind was going wild.  Oh, please, squeeze it.  Hold it, he thought to himself.  Jason was slow and deliberate; this drove David mad.

Just another inch.

Jason pinched the nipple and then pulled it out pretty far.  David nearly fainted.  The giant could feel his own chest-- it was extremely heavy.  It felt like it had never felt before.  It felt full-- like a pump from a workout, but different.  Jason pinched harder.  It hurt, but it was the best pain David had ever felt.  Jason kissed harder.  David breathed harder.  Jason pulled the nipple out then let it go.  The oversized eraser was red and full.

Just as Russ’ torturous fingertips made it to the Crown of David’s Shaft, Jason broke the kiss and put his mouth on the nipple.  He began sucking.  Hard.  Russ’ fingertips-- just the tips-- moved softly over the head, swirling the wet precum, feeling the hard, red ball-- squeezing the rim, then trickling down the shaft again.  Slowly.

Jason nursed.  He placed his teeth on the nip and rubbed it.

David was nearly unglued.

Russ tightened his fingers around David’s mighty shaft, and as he moved his hand downward, he started to pull against the skin in one long, firm stroke.

David stood on his tiptoes and panted out a few hard breaths.

Jason’s fingertip moved inside the ass hole farther.  Finally it was in all the way.  Another finger joined it.

David gasped for air.

Russ’ hand moved all the way down the shaft, and he pulled down on the long, warm, moist skin of the scrotum, squeezing David’s balls.  As he did it, he began to lick the shaft.  It was already quite wet from the precum, but Russ set out to make sure that it was good and drenched.  He licked and licked, up and down.  Slowly, then more intensely.  Then slowly.  He stuck the tip of his tongue inside the piss slit and sucked down a bit of the clear liquid that David was producing.

David gasped for more air.

Jason was really working on that nipple now, and David was getting hotter and hotter with every suck.

Russ kept licking.

Oh, go down on it boy!  Go down on it! David’s mind pleaded.

As if Russ could read David’s mind, he refused to satisfy David’s demands.  He kept licking-- long, slow, wet strokes up and down the full length of David’s monster.

David kept flexing his cock, hoping for some kind of resistance on it.  But Russ gave none.  Just that tongue.

While Jason was suckling at David’s breast, his now free hand had moved down onto David’s abs.  Then moved down farther and settled into the manicured forest of David’s pubes, occasionally moving onto the base of David’s trunk-- being careful to stay out of the way of his cousin’s face.

A little wiggle of the ass-inserted fingers.

More licking.  More sucking and biting.  More pulling and squeezing.  A lot more moaning.

More mental begging.  “Ohhhhh ggggod,” David groaned.  “Ohhhhh ggggggggggggod.”

That the two cousins could drive this muscle man crazy like this spurred them on all the more.  Russ’ talented tongue moved gracefully up and down, wetting every millimeter of David’s cock-- over the lip of the head, inside the piss slit, over the plump, firm skin of the head, slowly around the extremely sensitive lip of the head, and then down again, that long, long, thick, throbbing pipe.  He took one of David’s testicles into his mouth and rolled it around slowly.  Then he opened his mouth and did the same with the other one.  The skin was so loose around David’s balls that it was easy for Russ to take them, one at a time, totally into his warm mouth and caress them long and lovingly.

Finally, Russ moved his mouth upward, to the head again.  He gently wrapped his lips around it, and pulled it inside his mouth.

Again, David held his breath.

Slowly Russ moved his mouth over David’s cock, and began to swallow it.

Jason’s efforts to make David lactate continued.  He could tell the nipple was getting even more sensitive.  It pouted out, bigger than a peanut in its shell.  He licked it.  He kissed it.  He sucked on it-- gently, then really hard.  Harder.

Russ’ mouth couldn’t get all of David inside-- not by a long shot.  But he did try.  He rotated his head back and forth, opening his throat, nearly gagging with the effort.

Meanwhile, back at the ass, Jason-- with two fingers inside and the rest of his digits out-- squeezed the rock-hard muscles and maneuvered his fingers in and out with skill that most people would pay money to experience.

Both boys could tell they were getting near their goal.  David was losing it.  His body was tensing even more now, and his vocal manifestations were sounding more and more helpless. 

And so the teens continued.  Jason sucked.  Russ sucked.  David panted.  At the same time that Russ sensed David’s monster member tighten and prepare for blast-off, Jason sense the same tightening in the giant’s chest.  Jason sucked harder.  The nipple steeled against Jason’s lips and teeth, and-- to Jason’s shock, it started secreting!  What Jason had read in health class-- that male lactation was actually possible and is occasionally reported-- was in fact now occurring. 

Jason could actually taste milk!

And at that exact moment, Russ could actually taste semen.  Boy, could he taste semen.  Bursts of it.  They filled his mouth to overflowing, oozing out of Russ’ lips, in spite of his gulping.  The white cream spewed down David’s shaft.

David yelled as his whole body was thrust into the biggest orgasm of his life. 

Russ pulled on David’s balls, as if to pump more hot jism from them up into the shaft.  Although this wasn’t necessary, it certainly was pleasurable.  David’s factory of semen production certainly didn’t need any help-- that’s for sure.  But Russ’ deft hand made the job a whole lot more fun.  David’s piss slit squirted hard volleys of white nectar into Russ’ mouth.  Russ swallowed much of it, but much of it also was pressure-forced out of his lips, flowing down into David’s manicured pubes and onto his balls, and thus, Russ’ hand as well.  David’s body rocked with each hard shot.

His butt muscles tightened, nearly crushing Jason’s fingers.

And even more milk was produced at David’s pec.  The nipple spewed more and more white juice into Jason’s mouth.  At first Jason was so shocked, that he had to pull away and look at it just to verify what was happening.  Sure enough, milk was oozing out of the red, hard nipple, over the silver-dollar sized areola, onto the black hair of David’s beautiful chest.  Jason immediately put his lips back on it, and gently now, continued to coax as much of the sweet milk out as possible.  He brought his hand up David’s abs and put it on the thick, meaty pectoral muscle and massaged it, hoping to milk the giant muscleman dry.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” David hissed.  He stabbed Russ’ throat with jabs of orgasmic fury.  And Russ took it like a man.  His lips wrapped around that thing like shrink-wrap around a salami.  With each of David’s thrusts, Russ pushed back, giving David more and more of what he wanted-- strong, firm resistance.

As Russ’ mouth filled with the milk of David’s loins, his cousin’s mouth was filling with the milk of David’s breast. 

It must have taken a good fifteen minutes for David to finally wind down. 

Russ released the still iron-hard penis from his mouth and it landed against David’s abdominals.  Jason pulled his crushed fingers from David’s butt.

Exhausted, David slumped down onto the bed, partially on top of Russ.  At the same time, he pulled Jason with him, and the three of them snuggled, breathed heavily and kissed. 

Now it was the teenagers’ turn.

Within minutes, Russ and Jason were nude, and the three men were on the bed together, kissing and caressing-- feeling muscles, cocks and balls. 

A half hour later, Russ was lying on the bed, face up, and David was on top of him, fucking him, while Jason was on top of David, fucking him.  It was a David sandwich.  An hour after that, Jason was face down on the bed with David raping the snot of out him while Russ returned the favor on top.  Russ had never actually put his cock inside a man before, but upon discovering the wonders of David’s ass, he decided to permanently swear off women.

“Aw, come on, dude.  Don’t say that,” David said later as the three bodybuilders were recovering.  “There’s nothing quite like a little pussy to plug this thing into.”  He held up his cock as he talked.

“Yeah, well, we’ll see,” Russ said.  “Maybe.”

“Not me, man,” Jason said.  “I’m exclusively a man’s man.”

David and Russ laughed. 

• • • • •

They slept in till about 10 the next morning-- they had been up kind of late the night before, you understand.  But by the time they got to the park, they were wide awake and ready to have fun.  And have fun they did. 

Late that evening, the helicopter took them back to Austin.  Arriving just past midnight, they all plopped on the couches in David’s living room and fell asleep.

The next morning, while they ate breakfast, they talked about the future. 

“I don’t think I can come out.  Not yet.  Not to the kids at school,” Russ said, taking a bit of some scrambled eggs.

“It’s cool, man,” Jason encouraged.  “It’s a big step.  Take it on your time.”

David agreed.  Then he looked at Jason.  “So, you going to take me up on my offer?  You want to move in?”

Jason took a slow drink of orange juice.  “What about that commitment thing-- you know, monogamy?” 

“Well, what do you think about it?” David asked Jason.

Jason looked at Russ, then back at David.  “Well, maybe having a little fun on the side isn’t so bad after all,” he said.

David laughed.  Russ chuckled.

• • • • •

The summer waned; September arrived and the first day of Russ and Jason’s senior year had come.  The weather was still hot.  After classes got out, Jason and Russ worked out with the football team then hit the showers.

As they got dressed, Jason asked Russ, “You want to come over and hang for awhile?”

“Sure, dude.  Always.”

Russ followed Jason to the cul-de-sac and parked in the driveway next to Jason’s Charger.  The garage door opened.  They both got out of their cars together.  Russ looked across the street at the vacant house.  A “SOLD” sign had been plastered across the “For Sale” sign in front of the house.

“So your parents sold it?” Russ smiled.

“Yeah, a few days ago,” Jason replied.

“Wow… is that going to be strange-- living across the street from where you used to live with your parents?”

“Maybe a little,” Jason answered.  He looked across at the empty house and pondered what had happened that summer.  Then he turned to Russ.  “Come on, let’s go inside.  It’s hot out here.  And I’m starved.  Let’s make some pizza.  David should be home in a couple of hours.”

The two cousins went in through the open garage door and it closed behind them. 



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