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by Sean Reid Scott 

Staring David McAllister


[Author’s note: This story contains sex acts between men, and is thus intended for ADULTS ONLY. If you are not an adult who wants to read this kind of smut, please do not continue. The characters in this story are played by professional, fictional actors and are not intended to represent any real people. Any similarities with actual people are unintentional and should be ignored.]




USS EDWARDS TRIED TO LOOK BUSY, but on a June Friday evening, not much was happening at the gym, and there wasn’t much to do.  Almost anyone who wanted to work out had finished and gone home already, and the gym was practically empty.  Brad looked at the clock above the front desk:  9:04 PM.  It was going to be a long two hours till closing.

It was a small gym.  Not a chain.  It probably had more amenities that its membership numbers justified-- machines, free weights, a cardio theater, lap pool, steam room, hot tub, nice lockers, even a lounge with three wide-screen TVs and a health bar.

“You able to handle this?  --just you and Jake?” Angelica said sarcastically.

Russ was startled.  He hadn’t seen her come out of the locker rooms.  “Yeah,  I think we’ll be able to make do,” he smiled. 

“Then I’m outta here,” Angelica said.  She walked out the front door, waving to Russ behind her, without looking at him.

The owner of the gym had a strict rule that there had to be at least two employees on duty at all times-- even if the gym was completely empty.  So, until closing, it would be just Russ and Jake manning the fort. 

Russ’ eyes scanned the gym.  One older man was doing squats.  There were two ladies walking on treadmills.  Other than that, the place looked empty.  Maybe there was someone in the locker room, but Russ wasn’t sure.  So there were three members in the gym-- maybe four.

Jake was busy hosing down the deck and cleaning up around the pool in the back-- a job that would probably take him another 20 minutes or so.

As Russ sat down in a chair behind the counter, the front door opened.  In walked David.  He wore a navy blue hoody that was unzipped enough to show a faded red T-shirt underneath.  Russ couldn’t tell if it was a muscle shirt (without sleeves) or just a regular T-shirt- or even a long sleeved T-shirt for that matter.  The hoody covered his arms.  And yet even covered, David’s gigantic arms, shoulders and chest demanded that you look-- and lust. 

He had on some fleece pants that matched his hoody.  They had to have been custom made.  They hugged his mammoth quads just right.  He held a duffel bag in one hand.

“Hey, Russ,” David smiled as the glass door closed behind him.

Russ stood up.  “Hey David,” he smiled, although somewhat nervously.  He hadn’t seen David since that night, and although he had contemplated what he’d say when he next saw the musclegod, everything he had rehearsed failed him now. 

David stopped at the counter and Russ scanned the barcode on his membership tag.  But David didn’t proceed to the locker room.  “Uh, Russ, I just want you to know that I really enjoyed myself with you the other night, and in case you feel uncomfortable about it at all, well-- well, I hope you don’t.”

Russ’ face showed surprise.  “Oh-- well, thanks.”  He fidgeted with some pencils on the counter.  “I feel a little funny about it; but I guess I enjoyed myself too.  I’m just not too comfortable about others’ finding out about it.”  He felt bad for having to hide it, but he was being honest. 

David leaned forward and talked softly.  “Dude.  Don’t sweat it.  My back may be as big as a billboard, but that doesn’t mean I advertise.”  He winked at Russ.

Russ smiled, and relaxed.  God that felt good.

“If you hadn’t told your parents, no one else in the world would know what happened in my basement that night,” David said seriously.

“Yeah,” Russ said, embarrassed.  “I guess I had a horrible case of guilt.”

David looked empathetic.  “Yeah, it happens.  But you have to ask yourself, if it feels so good, it can’t be all bad can it?”

Russ kind of nodded and then grinned.

“Tell you what, dude,” David said, wrapping up the conversation, “next time you have a case of the guilts, look me up.  We’ll talk it out together.  Just you and me.  Okay?”


David winked and clicked his cheek with his tongue and walked toward the lockers.  Russ looked longingly at that back and butt.  God, what a cool guy.

Russ slumped into his chair as soon as David was out of sight.  I just made a complete fool out of myself! he thought.

David closed the door on his locker and snapped the lock closed.  He turned and walked out of the locker room and onto the weight floor.  His faded red shirt was a T-shirt-- loose enough to be comfortable for his workout.  But no matter how big and loose the shirt, no sleeves could wrap around David’s gargantuan guns without being hopelessly tight. 

From his vantage point at the front desk, Russ was able to watch every move David made.

David started with triceps.  Russ watched in awe as the giant’s huge arms rippled and pumped themselves up to mind-blowing proportions. 

The two women on the treadmills had finished their workout, but ever since David started his, they had stood talking-- but from where their eyes were directed, Russ could tell their conversation was just an excuse to watch him.

The man who had been doing squats had left before David started working out.  Jake came out from the pool area and sat next to Russ, unaware of what was really captivating the hunky linebacker’s attention.

“Hey, man, if you want to take off, you can,” Russ offered.  Despite the “rule” of two, it was occasionally violated, so Russ’ offer wasn’t that unusual.  “I can close things up here.”

“Sure?” Jake asked, a smile forming on his face.

“Sure.  Get outta here,” Russ smiled.  He tapped the younger, smaller Jake on the back of the head.  Jake didn’t have to be told twice. 

It seemed like forever before the two women finally, reluctantly left.  But they did, and then it was just Russ and David alone at the gym.  It was 10:30 now, and Russ joined David out on the weight floor.

David had finished triceps and was just starting biceps.  He was loading up an E-Z curl bar as Russ approached.  “Hey man,” David said.  “Did everyone desert us?”

“Looks like it,” Russ smiled. 

David was starting to sweat, and his T-shirt was showing it.  He bent down and finished loading up the E-Z bar.  It held a 45 pound plate on each end.  He stood up, holding the bar in front of his legs, and started curling. 


Russ watched as David methodically pumped out fifteen reps and then sat the bar on the floor.  “Just a warmup,” he smiled at Russ.  He shook his arms and hands, bent his arms a few times and then shook them again.  Without much of a rest between sets, he began again-- again pumping out fifteen reps with perfect form and no visible effort.  He put a 25 pound disc on each end of the bar and started in again.  Fifteen flawless reps again.  Almost no effort.

As he shook his arms out again, and grabbed a swig of water from his jug, he said, “Man, I’m getting warm.  Since it’s just you and me here, do you mind if I take off this T-shirt?”

Russ smiled, “Not at all, David.”

David pulled up the shirt and lifted it over his head.  Setting it on a bench, his torso bent slightly, and Russ could see David’s huge lats contrast with his freakishly narrow waist.  David smiled and stood straight.  “Much better.  Thanks, man,” he said.

“My pleasure,” Russ said.

David grinned just a bit.  He bent down and added another 25 pound plate to each end.  That made 190 pounds total, plus the weight of the bar!  He picked up the bar and stood straight.  After a big breath, he started in.  This set took a little effort, but he still lifted the unbelievable weight with seeming ease. 

Russ had to adjust himself.  God, David’s muscular body was so hot!  His biceps were really getting a pump now, and as David finished his set of ten, the blood-engorged arms just bulged with thick muscle. 

David added a dime to each end of the bar and started in with another set.  Russ watched intently as the monster pulled up and lowered the bar.  David made ten reps again, but that last one was almost not there.  He sat the bar on the floor and let out a loud hiss of air.  “Whew…” he smiled.

“Amazing, man,” Russ said in awe.  “Unbelievable!”

“Thanks, dude.  Hey, would you mind helping me with my form a little bit?  These next two reps are going to be a little harder and it’d help a lot if you could stand behind me and check on my form,” David said.

“Sure,” Russ answered.  “What do you want me to do?”

“Well,” David said, still breathing hard, “I just need you to stand right behind me.  Stand real close-- right on my back-- to make sure I don’t lean forward or backward when I’m doing my reps.”

“No problem,” Russ said.  He moved behind David and the giant bent over and lifted the bar again. 

“Closer,” David said.  “Step right next to me, so your jeans are pressing right up against my ass.”

Russ obeyed, but not without making another adjustment to his cock, so that it pointed straight up under his clothes.  He hugged David’s back side.  His crotch was right against David’s butt-- his penis pressing right into the crack of David’s tight ass.

David started to lift.  His form, as usual, was perfect.  “Put your hands on my upper arms to make sure they don’t move either,” David told Russ.

Again, Russ obeyed.  Oh God!  Russ’ hands felt the inhuman hardness and size of David’s arms as the giant continued to curl over 200 pounds.  At the sixth rep, David slowed considerably.  He groaned as he forced out two more reps, then sat the bar down again.

Russ was totally hard.  “Holy fuck,” Russ exclaimed.  “That was amazing!  I can’t believe you were curling that much weight-- and your arms were as hard as concrete!”

David breathed hard, his abs swelling and shrinking in the most hunky way with each breath.  He looked at the floor, then up at Russ, then at the walls as he rested and breathed hard. 

The final set was torture for Russ.  David’s huge body bulged all over hell, right in front of him.  Watching David struggle with the weight was almost too much for Russ to bear.  It wouldn’t have taken much for Russ to totally blow his load-- just the smallest of touches of his dick would have done it.’

David forced out six reps and the two men unloaded the bar.  Next was upright cable curls, then reclining barbell curls. 

When David was done, Russ’ cock was just begging for release.  I mean, Russ almost couldn’t see straight!  And for some reason, David sensed this.  “You doing okay?” he asked innocently.

“Uh, yeah, fine.  Why do you ask?”

David moved over to Russ and stood in front of him.  “You just seem to be a little uptight.”  He moved his hand onto Russ’ pants and held his crotch.  “Yeah, you’re awful tense-- right here.”

Russ stood frozen.  I mean, here was David in all his shirtless glory, his huge arms pumped beyond imagination-- standing right in front of him, his muscles bulging all over the place.  And then his hand was holding his cock and balls!  David slowly squeezed his hand-- very gently-- and held it. 

Russ closed his eyes and his head tipped back just slightly.

David pressed downward, very slightly, with the heel of his palm, pushing against Russ’ very ample boner.

Just that one squeeze and very slight push is all it took.  Russ’ cock exploded with a blast of cum inside his underwear.  Russ’ whole body jerked.  Then he volleyed another shot-- and another.

David held his hand firmly on Russ’ vibrating penis and gently pulled the semen out of the teenager, just by holding it. 

Russ groaned, then winced in pleasure, then moaned.  His hands were fists at his side. 

David leaned forward and kissed Russ.  His tongue invaded Russ’ mouth and slowly moved all around it.  Russ moaned some more and brought his hands up to David’s arms.  He felt out the giant’s huge muscles as his cock mercilessly filled his underwear. 

The orgasm was long and intense.  Oh, God, it was intense.

As Russ finally relaxed and the two men parted, David smiled down into his eyes.  “Yeah, that’s better.  You look more relaxed already,” he said.

Russ was in heaven.  He was totally spent.  He looked down at his pants, checking for visible stains.  A small amount of cum had escaped his waistline and had made a dark blotch.  Russ looked up at the clock on the gym wall.  It was almost 11:30.  “Wow, man.  I need to lock the doors.  We closed a half hour ago.”

“Oh, sorry, dude.  Hope I didn’t overstay my welcome.”

Russ was only slightly flustered.  “Oh-- not at all, man,” he smiled as he turned toward the door.  He locked the front doors and turned off some lights, then returned to David, who was putting back some weights. 

“So, you want to catch a post-workout meal with me?” David asked.

“Uh, yeah.  Sure,” Russ said.  “You need to take a shower first?”

“Well, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll wait till after we eat.  Then maybe you can come over and hang at my place for awhile,” David said.  “Unless you need to get home or something.”

“Naw; no curfew for me, man,” Russ smiled.  “And I don’t have to work tomorrow, so there’s no hurry to get to bed.”

• • • • •

They sat at a booth in the rear of the all-night diner.  There were only a few other people there-- all of them toward the front.  So, when David slipped his hand onto Russ’ leg under the table, and then later moved it to his crotch, no one was around to notice. 

“Your hand sure likes to do a lot of exploring,” Russ said.

David smiled.  “I think it just likes young, hard meat.”

“You must be able to get hard meat whenever you want, dude,” Russ smiled. I mean, how can anyone not get hard when they’re around you?”

David just smiled, and then rested his big hand on Russ’ cock.

“You going to do it to me again, right here in the booth?”

“Naw,” David grinned.  “Just making sure you’re ready.”

“Ready?  For what?”

“The shower.”

“The shower?” Russ asked.

“You don’t think I’m going to take one all by myself, do you?”

• • • • •

Jason rubbed the sleep from his eyes.  It was mid-morning, Saturday.  He peered through the venetian blinds out to the front yard and David’s house across the street.  Russ’ car?  What is Russ’ car doing in David’s driveway?

He threw on some short pants and a T-shirt and went downstairs for something to eat-- all the while keeping one eye on the house, and the car, across the street.  His mom and dad were either still in bed, or had gotten up and gone somewhere-- he didn’t know which. 

Jason pondered what to do, as he made himself some eggs and oatmeal.  Should he go across to David’s and nonchalantly pop in?  Sure, why not.  Seeing Russ’ car there would be a natural curiosity, so going over there to see what’s up wouldn’t be that out of the question.  He sat down at the table and quickly ate his breakfast.  But while he put his dishes in the sink, he heard a car door close.  He rushed into the living room, only to see Russ’ car drive off down the street.  Shit.  Missed him.

Of course, now the curiosity grew all the more.  There had to be something secretive going on if Russ left without even coming over to see Jason.  And of course, Jason knew full well what that secretive thing was.  His mind filled with images of Russ and David in all sorts of very, very sensual positions-- Russ’ hands moving all over those muscles, David jerking Russ off, Russ jerking David off, blow jobs, anal sex… The pictures in Jason’s mind made him quite jealous.  And hard.

A few minutes later, David’s garage door went up.  The brake lights on David’s Navigator went on, and it backed out.  It stopped and David got out, wearing shorts and a white mesh muscle shirt.  David went back into the garage and proceeded to prepare to wash his car.  Shit, he looks amazing! Jason thought to himself as he watched. 

After a few minutes Jason had an idea.  He opened his garage door and started washing his own car.  It only took a few minutes before the two of them were talking to each other across the street as they each worked on their own cars.  David finished first, and he came over to Jason.

“How you doin’ dude?” the musclegod asked Jason.

“Good.  Good.  And you?”

“Real good,” David replied.

Finally, his curiosity got the best of him and Jason said, “Was that Russ’ car I saw this morning?”

David smiled.  “Yep.  I was working out at the gym last night, and well, one thing led to another and he ended up spending the night.”

Well, at least he’s honest, Jason thought.  “Ohh,” he said.

“Does that bother you?”

Jason took a second to decide his answer.  “Yeah, maybe a little bit.”

David put his hand on Jason’s shoulder.  “Dude, you say the word, and I’ll see only you.”

Jason whipped his face around to look at David.  “What?”

“But if you want me to make that kind of commitment, I need one from you.”

“What are you talking about-- commitment?” Jason said.

“Commitment,” David said.  “You know, promising to be faithful?  Exclusive?  No one else?”

“You want to make that kind of promise to me?” Jason asked, his eyes wide.

“I’ll do it in a heartbeat, dude.  If you’re ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“Ready to move in with me.  To commit yourself to not fooling around with anyone-- including Russ,” David said.

Jason hadn’t even ever done anything with Russ yet-- their first, and only, encounter had been cut short.  But David’s comments made Jason realize that his crush on his cousin wasn’t gone just because David had entered his life.

Jason’s face showed his perplexed thoughts.  “We’ve never done anything, really,” Jason said, embarrassed-- even though he didn’t totally know why.

“Not yet,” David said.

“I-- guess I know what you mean.  So… you know something about me that I really didn’t even admit to myself,” Jason said.

“Sometimes the best perspective is from somewhere else,’ David smiled.  “It’s okay, though, man.  I just wanted you to see what I see.  It’s evident, at least to me, that you have it pretty bad for your cousin.”

“But I have it worse for you,” Jason admitted.

“I know that.  But what I’m saying is, if you want my affections to be exclusively yours, then you need to evaluate yourself to see if you are willing to do the same for me.”

“Yeah.  I get it.”

“Not to add any confusion to the situation,” David smiled, “but when you’re done washing your Charger here, you want to come over and-- you know-- hang out?”

Jason’s seriousness turned to questioning, and then quickly to amusement.  “You mother-fucker,” he grinned.  In an instant he grabbed the hose and started washing down David.  The two of them laughed and yelled as David ran across the street, grabbed his own hose and returned to settle the score.  Within a few minutes, both of them were drenched, alternatively running into the street to ambush the other, and then hiding behind their cars or some other object.  When a truce was called, Jason said, “No, I’m not going over there to hang with you.  But if you want to come over for a swim, the pool’s open.”

“Deal,” David smiled.  “Let me put this stuff away and get on some swimming trunks and I’ll be right over. 

• • • • •

Admittedly, Jason wanted David to come over to their pool just because he wanted the opportunity to gaze at that tremendous-- unbelievable, really-- body.  It was a lot easier to stare when they were at, or in, the pool than it was if they were “hanging” in David’s family room (or bedroom).

And the opportunity turned out to be everything Jason had wanted it to be.  David stood in thigh-high water in front of Jason, who relined on a chaise lounge at poolside. 

“Did you really mean what you said?” Jason asked.

“Gunna need more specifics, man,” David said.  “I’ve said a lot of things.”

Jason smiled.  “I mean about commitment, and wanting me to move in with you.”

Without hesitation, David said, “Yes.  I did.  Every word.”

“You want me to move in with you?”

“Why not?”

“Well, even if I did get my act together about Russ, and others, you’re saying that you are ready to be monogamous?  That doesn’t seem to fit your M.O.,” Jason said.

“No, I guess it doesn’t,” David said.  “But then, you’ve kinda flipped things upside-down for me.”

“What?  Really?  Me?” Jason questioned.  “Man, I knew you did it for me, but me for you?”

David took a few steps forward and exited the pool.  He bent down next to Jason.  “Dude, let me say it now.  You’re the hottest thing I’ve ever seen-- and it’s not just your body.  You’re intelligent, funny, easy to be with, caring, gorgeous, built, driven… you want me to go on?”

Jason was dumbfounded.  “I didn’t know…” 

David leaned forward and the two began to kiss.  Jason just relaxed as David’s warm tongue invaded his mouth.  He moved his hand onto David’s big arm.  With the kissing, and feeling out David’s muscular arm, Jason was hard in a minute.  A minute after that, David was on top of Jason.  A minute after that, they had both shed their swimming suits.  A minute after that, Jason was feeling the intense pain as David slowly inserted his gigantic cock up his ass. 

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