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by Sean Reid Scott 

Staring David McAllister


[Author’s note: This story contains sex acts between men, and is thus intended for ADULTS ONLY. If you are not an adult who wants to read this kind of smut, please do not continue. The characters in this story are played by professional, fictional actors and are not intended to represent any real people. Any similarities with actual people are unintentional and should be ignored.]




ASON'S BEDROOM SAT OVER THEIR GARAGE, and like his parent’s bedroom, afforded a nice view of the house across the street.  It was another hot June day, and Jason sat at his computer, in front of his window, in his shorts and no shirt.  Despite amassing a wealth of gay images and video clips on his hard drive, Jason just kept flipping through them, alternately searching the web for new material.  But it was pretty much an exercise in futility.  It had become almost impossible to jack off to muscle porn ever since-- David. 

But, of course, that didn’t keep our eighteen-year-old quarterback from trying.  He looked out the window while a page was loading.  David’s garage door was down, but Jason expected it to be up very soon.  He looked at the clock on his computer screen.  Yep-- very soon.

Sue hung up the phone with her sister, Sandy and stared at the screen.  The jpeg was of two very muscular men-- bodybuilders, really-- having sex.  Sue had to admit the pictures she had uncovered, with her sisters’ help, were somehow alluring.  But knowing that it was her husband who was looking at them-- it made her sick.  She closed the picture and looked at the file information.  It had been created only two days ago.  Despite being outed, and despite getting into that ex-gay ministry, Andy was still looking at muscle porn.

Sue pushed herself away from the desk and went downstairs to get something to eat.  She made herself a salad and sat down at the breakfast table.  She looked out through the french doors and onto the pool area as she ate.  How her heart longed for someone to hold her-- someone to love her for all her femininity. 

As she stood up to put her dish in the sink, she glanced across the living room and out the front window.  David’s garage door was up.

• • • • •

Andy took his receipt and handed the hotel clerk his credit card-style key.

“Thank you for staying at the Mannheim, Mr. Johnson,” the cute, young man said.

Andy turned and walked out the front of the hotel and asked the doorman to hail a cab. 

“Where to, sir?” The doorman asked as the cab pulled up. 

Andy’s ultimate destination was the airport, but he didn’t want to divulge his intended intermediate stop, so he just said, “LAX.”

As the cab came to a stop and Andy got in, the doorman leaned inside and told the cabby, “airport.”  Andy tipped the doorman, who closed the door.

“Which airline?” the cabby asked as they got under way. 

“Uh, I think I’ll take a little detour before I go to the airport,” a nervous Andy replied.  He leaned forward and gave the driver a piece of paper with an address on it.  “Can you take me here?”

The cab driver read the address, then visibly fought to hide his reaction.  “Sure, no problem, man.  Whatever you say.”

• • • • •

Sue’s heart pounded as she crossed the street.  She was driven.  Her petite, yet well-endowed body looked much younger than her 41 years.  She had always been a looker, and she had learned very young how to use it for her advantage.

From his bedroom window, Jason watched.  A very slight smile formed on his lips.

• • • • •

The guy had been nothing like Andy had expected-- although Andy really didn’t know what to expect, meeting this dude at this seedy LA motel.  Andy leaned over the sink and threw water on his face.  He looked up into the dirty mirror and pursed his lips in disgust.

“Hey, dude,” Andy heard the guy call from the bed, “you gunna want to go again?  ‘Cuz that’ll be extra.”

Andy turned off the water and dried his hands.  “Uh-- no, that’s okay.”

By the time Andy returned to the bedroom, his encounter had gotten up and was halfway dressed.  He was indeed very muscular-- and actually worth what he charged.  But he was no David Roberts, by any stretch of the imagination.  Andy grabbed his wallet and paid the man.  Before he was dressed, the dude was gone. 

Andy picked up the phone and called for a cab.  Within a few minutes, he’d be on his way to LAX, and then home.

• • • • •

Jason sat shirtless at the breakfast table, wolfing down some of his mom’s apple pie.  The door to the garage opened, and Sue walked inside.  She looked somewhat distracted, and even angry.

“Where you been?” Jason said nonchalantly.

“Oh, over talking with Louise,” Sue said as she headed up the stairs.

Of course, Jason knew she was lying. He waited until he heard his mom close her bedroom door, then pulled out his cell phone and pressed the button to call David.

“She got a little ticked with me,” David smiled into the phone.

“Yeah? What’d she say?” Jason asked.  He took another big bite of pie-- the apple cinnamon and sugar was sooooo good.  The crust was perfect.  He felt a little guilty for enjoying his mother’s handiwork while he listened to David tell of the encounter.

“Well,” David started, “I let it go a little while-- you know, to get her nice and hot…”


“Yeah-- I mean she had her hands on my arms-- feeling my biceps and my tri’s, then up my T-shirt, feeling all over my pecs.  It was hard to stay in control, man,” David said.

Jason immediately felt his cock quicken; but then, remembering it was his own mother they were talking about, he said dead-pan, “Too much information, dude.”

“Oh-- sorry,” David smiled.  “Well, anyway, at that point I asked her about your dad, and how that was all working out.  Dude, it was like throwing the Gulf of Mexico on a birthday candle.  She sat up and said ‘Why would you bring him up-- now?’  It was awesome.”


“Well, I told her that I heard things were pretty bad for him-- you know in the church and all.  Then I asked if she had told your dad that she and I had done it.

“Yeah?” Jason smiled.

“And she got a little steamed.  Basically, she said she had no intention of telling him, and I told her that I thought it was pretty bad that she’d let him think he’s the only one who had ‘sinned.’”


“She got up and left.”

“That’s it?” Jason asked.

“That’s it.  I don’t think she’ll be coming back,” David said.

Jason heard the door to his parents’ room open.  “Cool, man.  Thanks for your help.  I’ll keep you posted.  Gotta go,” he said.

Sue came down the stairs, and despite trying to hide it, Jason could see her eyes were red.  She made no eye contact with her son.  “I’m going shopping at the mall for awhile, then I have to pick your father up at the airport.”  She dug in her purse to retrieve her keys, still not looking at Jason.  “We should be home by nine, unless his flight is delayed.”

“No problem,” Jason said, taking the final bite of pie.  “Mmmmm, this pie is great, mom.”

“Glad you like it,” Sue said, turning for the door.  “See you later.”

It was a little unusual for her to leave without assigning some kind of “chore” to Jason.  They were usually meaningless and menial assignments, and Jason had gotten to expect them whenever his mom left the house.  He chalked it up to her control issues, and her need to make sure everyone was always functioning within her prescribed value system-- which meant that in order to enjoy the benefits of living in this beautiful home, there always had to be a payment. 

But this time, she just left without coming up with even so much as a “hose the patio while I’m gone.”  Jason rinsed his plate and stuck it in the dishwasher.  He watched out the front window as his mom drove off in her 325i. 

As soon as her car had rounded the corner, Jason’s phone rang.  It was David again.

“Dude, you want to come over for some of your mom’s apple pie?” David asked.

Without stopping for a second, Jason said, “Sure, man.  I love her apple pie.”

David was wearing a T-shirt-- a very thin, creamy-yellow T-shirt-- not tucked into his denim shorts.  Jason had put on a tank top before coming across the street.

“Come on in,” David said and turned away from the door, knowing Jason would follow behind. 

Just watching that broad back, those taut glutes, and those massive legs walk ahead of him was enough to get Jason hard-- real fast.  David had cut one double-sized piece of pie and placed in on a large plate.  He handed Jason a fork and took one himself.  He held the plate between them, and they both dug in.  It struck Jason as romantic.

Jason thought of David’s metabolism as he considered that this was his own second piece of pie in the space of fifteen minutes.  He can probably eat a whole pie and not worry about it.

David relished the taste of a big bite, rolling his eyes in appreciation.  “So, what did your mom say before she left?” David asked.

“Not much, man,” Jason said between bites.  “She seemed a little ticked off still, but she just said she’d be back after she picked dad up from the airport-- probably around nine.” 

“Hmm,” David said.  “So, what’s the plan now?”

“I’m going to see what kind of mood they’re in when they get home.  I might tell them tonight-- just depends.  Timing is everything, my man.”

David grinned.  “How right you are, dude.”  He sat the plate down-- it still had a few more bites of pie left on it.

“Hey, can’t we finish…” Jason objected.

David wrapped his strong arms around Jason and silenced the boy’s objections by smothering him in the most passionate kiss two men-- anywhere-- had ever shared.  “Timing,” David whispered after they finally separated their lips.  “Would you mind if we retired for a little nap?  I’m feeling like I need to be refreshed.”

Jason nodded without speaking.  He looked up at David with big eyes.

And with that, David bent slightly and picked Jason up like a groom carrying his bride.  Jason put his arm around David’s broad shoulders.  As David carried him up the stairs, Jason could tell the powerful muscular arms that carried him hardly felt the weight.  David made him feel like a feather! 

David pushed his bedroom door open with his foot and carried Jason inside.  He placed Jason’s virile body on the bed and went to the window and closed the blinds.  The room darkened, but being late afternoon, there was still plenty of light in the room.  David approached Jason with a playful, yet almost devious, look on his face.  When he reached the bed, he smiled and climbed on top of Jason, first straddling him, then lying down completely on top of him, supporting his weight on his forearms. 

Jason looked up at David’s gorgeous face and the two started kissing tenderly.  Well, it started out tender, but within minutes passions flared and they were breathing hard and rubbing their muscular bodies against each other.  Jason’s hands went inside David’s T-shirt, and shortly David was sitting up and pulling the T-shirt over his head.  But just as fast as he had sat up, he was back down, all over his younger, smaller love.

David pushed his crotch into Jason’s, and Jason moaned as he pushed back.  His hands ran up and down David’s broad back, occasionally slipping a fingertip inside the waistband of David’s shorts, occasionally moving his hand onto David’s muscular rump.

David, for his part, was content with moving his warm tongue among Jason’s gums and teeth, playing with the teen’s tongue, frenching and kissing with abandon.  He moaned and groaned as Jason’s hands kept feeling his muscles.

Finally, the two broke the kiss and David just stared at Jason.  “Man,” he said,” I’ve never had it so bad for anyone.  Not ever.”

Jason looked puzzled.  “What do you mean?”

“I mean, after we talked the other day-- about monogamy and stuff-- I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind.”  He leaned forward and kissed Jason gently.  “I thought about what you said, and I thought about what I feel like whenever I’m with you.  Man, don’t quote me on this, but I think I’m really falling for you.”

“‘Don’t quote me on this’? So romantically put,” Jason smiled.

David laughed.

“But--” Jason said seriously, “I-- it just doesn’t sound at all like what you were saying the other day.”

“Well, I’m not making any commitments, dude,” David said, “but… let’s just say you really got me thinking.  A lot.”

“Well, good,” Jason smiled.  “I’m glad you’re thinking.  When you get it all sorted out, let me know.”

David smiled.  “You’ll be the first to know, man.”

This time it was Jason’s turn to do the kissing.  In spite of the enormous weight on his body (even though David propped himself up with his elbows, he was still pretty heavy) Jason lifted his head and kissed David on the lips. 

David reciprocated, and the passion burned again. 

Whereas sex the first time had been slow, erotic and painfully delicious, this time David and Jason humped like two rabbits in heat.  There was pounding, muscle on muscle, lots of sweat and lots of noise.  Not to say that tenderness was thrown out the window-- no, there was tenderness.  But the huge muscleman seemed to erupt with vigorous enthusiasm for Jason’s body.  And of course Jason, being a young, healthy eighteen year-old, had no problem expressing his own sexual enthusiasm for his muscle idol.

Long into the evening, the two moaned and sighed with pleasure, teasing each other with soft, tender caresses-- and then driving their cocks hard into the others’ welcoming ass.  Jason had thought that David would only want to be a top, but to his erotic delight, he found that David’s muscle butt welcomed his penis-- comparatively small as it was, next to Jason’s.  During Jason’s first penetration that night, he stood at the side of the bed, much as David had done at Jason’s pool across the street, and inserted his throbbing dick into the moist, warm skin while he held David’s ankles high in the air.  It only took three or four slow, strong pumps and Jason began yelling with an unbelievable, uncontrollable orgasm.  He gripped David’s ankles so hard he feared he might squeeze them right off.  Of course, asked about it later, David said he hadn’t felt any discomfort at all from Jason’s grip.

After a long session in bed, with the sheets drenched in sweat, the two men decided a shower was in order.  Of course, that was probably a mistake, if all they were interested in was washing up.  David’s bathroom was very large, and his shower sported twin heads, so, naturally, they decided to hop in together.

You’ve never seen so much steam-- and I’m speaking figuratively here.

David’s masculine, tender hand slowly soaped up Jason’s young penis.  The kid had a perpetual hard-on whenever he was even around David.  David liked that.  His big hand slipped up-- and down-- Jason’s turgid boner, slowly.  They kissed again.

Water ran over David’s broad shoulders, down his chest, down his back, over his butt, into his pubes, over his gigantic schlong.  And seemingly following every droplet, Jason’s fingers moved, tracing out every defined muscle and blood vessel.  Not surprisingly, Jason’s hand found a home on David’s cock.  Funny how that worked out.

They played with each other, washing each other’s stimulated body with sudsy lather.  No washcloths here-- just bare, soapy hands on flesh.  They could have easily outlasted the supply of hot water that the heater produced, but David came to a point where Jason’s strong hand was nearly driving him insane with pent-up sexual pressure.  As Jason’s hand slowly moved up his erect tree-branch cock, David felt like he had reached a zenith.  Almost without being able to control himself, he bent his knees and lifted Jason up onto the tip of his dick.  With one powerful thrust, his cock slipped up Jason’s ass and split open the young man.  Jason wailed, but David couldn’t slow down.  He pushed Jason down to the hilt.  The teen reeled in pain, his legs spread wide.  David actually put his hands on Jason’s shoulders and pushed him down harder.

Although in more pain than you can imagine, Jason loved everything about it.  As he hung there, helplessly impaled on David’s monolith, he felt the giant’s penis begin to expand and contract with multiple bursts of jizz.  It filled his body cavity.  David’s cock throbbed and throbbed, unloading an unbelievable amount of semen into the teenage ass.  David’s whole body flexed, tightening and tensing with each new deposit.  He clenched his teeth.  His eyes rolled back in his head, and then came back with a fierce-- almost scary-- determination.  He wasn’t having an orgasm; the orgasm was having him. 

No porn movie was ever made, that even came close to this scene.  The reader might find this difficult to believe, but David came so hard, and so abundantly that his jizz actually started to dribble out of Jason’s ass!  Just like in the erotic muscle cartoons! 

After the initial shock and pain wore off, Jason found himself enjoying this ride more than any trip he had ever taken.  His teen cock, pointing up at David’s pecs was tight and ready to explode.  David looked into Jason’s eyes and could sense what was coming.  He looked down at the ripe cock of his lover.  With strength that only a David could display, he pulled Jason close to his body.  Jason’s penis pressed right into David’s cleavage.  David wrapped his hands around Jason’s body and began to massage Jason’s cock with his pecs.  Jason rotated his hips and as David’s pectoral muscles wrapped themselves around his manhood, he started to fuck David’s chest.  Again, with someone so young and inexperienced as Jason, it only took a few thrusts of his cock between David’s flexing, rippling pecs, and the he began to erupt with a mind-numbing orgasm.

Funny thing was-- David hadn’t even actually finished his yet.

As David walked around the large shower, carrying the impaled Jason on the front of his hips, the two muscled men came and came, in a sexual climax that would make Dr. Ruth blush.

The bottom of David’s chin took the brunt of Jason’s ejaculate.  Some made it onto his face-- some squirted onto Jason’s.  And even as Jason finished up, he could still feel the occasional involuntary jerking of David’s cock inside him, cleaning out the last of the hot juice from his testicles-- pushing every possible milliliter out. 

David moved them under one of the shower heads. Yet the water couldn’t wash all of the jizz off them.  Still, he kept them there.  They kissed, they smiled and laughed.  They caught their breaths.  They hugged.  They moved their fingertips over the others’ face.  They kissed again.

After the last sigh, and after Jason started to show a little bit of discomfort, David-- with the brute strength of an ox-- slowly lifted Jason up off his penis.  He didn’t even bend his legs for a better angle.  Just lifted Jason’s 189 pound body straight off himself.

David’s cock was as stiff as the moment he had come.

He stood Jason on the shower floor.  They embraced again, and kissed passionately. 

Then they went downstairs and finished up that apple pie.

• • • • •

Just as Jason came in from the garage, through the front window he saw Russ’ car come down the street and pull into their driveway.  He turned back and walked through the garage to meet his cousin.

Russ was always a turn-on to Jason, and today was no exception.  Despite just having had the best sex he could have imagined, Jason immediately felt that pang of attraction as Russ got out of his car.

“Hey, man,” Jason smiled.  “What brings you here?”

Russ was wearing a skin-hugging muscle shirt that showed off his linebacker physique perfectly.  God, his arms were so big and hard looking.  And even though a muscle shirt showed less of the deltoids than a tank top did, Russ’ broad shoulders looked like they belonged on an older, more mature bodybuilder than a high-schooler.  He closed his car door and smiled at Jason.  “Oh, I just thought I’d drop by and see how my favorite cousin is doing.”

“Cool,” Jason smiled.  “Come on in.  You want a beer?”

Even though they were both underage, and even though they were both good, church-going boys, they loved to drink.  Jason grabbed a couple of Coors Lights out of the extra fridge they kept in the garage, and the two guys went upstairs to his room.  It was starting to get dark outside, and a little chilly.

“So, how’s it hangin’?” Jason asked as he stretched out on his bed. 

Russ reclined on a futon couch Jason had in his room-- the guys usually took these positions whenever Russ came over.  “Oh-- not much, man,” Russ said.  He took a sip from his beer and craned his head to look out of Jason’s window to David’s house across the street.  “You see David lately?”

Jason suppressed a smile and said, “Yeah.  As a matter of fact I just got back from his place a few minutes ago.”

“Oh.  Cool.  How’s he doin’?”

“Good. Good,” Jason said, taking a drink from his bottle.

“How’s it going on the ‘coming out’ front, man,” Russ asked.  “I mean, you planning on telling your parents anytime soon?”

Jason sighed.  “I don’t know.  Maybe.  Actually, my mom is picking up dad from the airport right now, and I was thinking-- depending on their mood when they get home-- I might tell them tonight.”


“Don’t know for sure.  Timing is everything, man.”

“Yeah.  I know what you mean,” Russ said.

The two guys took another swig from their beer bottles.

“So, how are you doing?” Jason finally asked.

“Good.”  There was a moment of silence.  “Oh, you mean about figuring it all out-- about David and stuff…” Russ said.  “Well, I guess that’s one reason I came over here.  Just to talk it out a little bit.”

“Okay, let’s talk, man,” Jason said.

Another long pause, and then Russ said, “Jase, you said you’ve known you were gay since you were a kid, right?”

“Yeah-- I knew I was different even when I was in grade school.  But I knew for sure that I liked men when I was just coming out of junior high.”

“Did you-- have you ever been attracted-- to me?” Russ asked, trying to make the question sound as innocuous as he could.

Jason immediately knew the answer to that question, but he also knew that divulging the truth had the potential to really change their relationship.  “Uh-- well… you sure you want to know the answer to that question?”

“Yeah, man.  I do,” Russ said.

Jason looked Russ in the eye.  “Yeah.  I have.”

“You have? -- or you do…

“I-- I do,” Jason said turning red.

Russ drew in a deep breath.  “It’s okay, man.  I kinda thought so.”

“You did?”

“Yeah.  I just had a feeling.”

They discussed the signs that Jason might have given off, and how Russ felt about the whole issue.  Then Jason asked, “Why did you want to know?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Russ responded, fidgeting with his empty beer bottle.

“Dude, tell me what you’re thinking.  What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, man,” Russ said.  “I’ve just been trying to put all these feelings together.  It’s really weird, and it’s really complicated.  I mean, there’s no simple answer to any of the questions.”

“Tell me about it,” Jason said.  He sat up in his bed a little more.  “So…”  Jason chose his words carefully and spoke slowly, “answer this:  Do you think you’ve ever been attracted to a guy besides David before?”

Russ laid back on the futon and stared at the ceiling.  He didn’t answer for a long, long time. Then, finally, Jason heard a faint, “Yeah.”

Jason could tell the single word was spoken with great emotion.

“And…” Russ said slowly.  “And… it’s… you.”  He covered his eyes with his forearm, hiding his wet eyes.  Of course, Jason noticed Russ’ big biceps next to his face.

Jason took his time responding, but finally decided on something that would lighten the air.  “Well, I gotta say, dude, I really respect your taste in men.”

Russ laughed through his tears, and Jason smiled.  Jason’s heart beat quickly.  It was so cool to know that his attraction to his hunky cousin was returned.

“Russ,” Jason said.  “I’ve always been hot for you, man.  It’s okay.  It’s okay.”

“Yeah, but,” Russ sat up and looked at Jason, “but you’ve kinda come to terms with who you are and what you want.  All this-- is new to me.  I mean, the feelings have been there for a long time, but admitting them-- to anyone else, let alone to myself-- this is really weirding me out, man.”

“I know, Russ.  Trust me, I know.”  Jason joined Russ on the futon.  They sat next to each other.  Jason squeezed Russ’ knee.  Russ put his arm around Jason and hugged him in a football-jock kind of hug-- nothing sexual.  But Jason took it just a bit further.  He hugged back, and held it.

And held it.

Russ didn’t pull away.

Jason took the next big step, slowly moving his face to Russ’.  And then Jason kissed Russ.

Russ didn’t pull away.

Jason cupped Russ’ head in his hand as they kissed.  Then his other hand moved off Russ’ knee and up his leg-- very slowly.  Amazingly, Russ placed his hand on Jason’s moving hand, encouraging it up his leg until it finally stopped on Russ’ crotch.  Jason gently squeezed Russ’ semi-hard penis and balls.  Russ kept his hand on top of Jason’s.  The two boys kissed and kissed, their tongues intertwining and exploring.  They both began to breathe hard.  Russ finally moved his hand off Jason’s and onto Jason’s boner.  He squeezed.  God it was hot.

When they finally broke the sensual kiss, Russ looked at Jason and said softly, “You’re not making this any easier, man.”

Jason smiled and said, “Good.  I was hoping to confuse…”

Just then, the floor beneath them started vibrating with a low, motorized-sounding hum.  Jason immediately knew it to be the garage door opener right beneath his bedroom.  Russ pulled back, puzzled. 

“Mom and dad are home,’ Jason smiled.

Even though there was certainly nothing unusual for Russ to be visiting, the boys looked around the room for any sign that they might be doing something wrong.  The beer bottles weren’t a problem-- both their parents knew about that.  Russ quickly ran his hand through his hair as if to make himself presentable.  Jason straightened the blanket on his bed, even though all of the contact had taken place on the futon.  They were nervous; Russ was scared.

“You cool?” Jason asked as they finished their unnecessary cleanup.

“Yeah.  We were just hangin’,” Russ said, trying to convince himself.

“Let’s just stay up here.  It’s natural,” Jason said.  They laid back down-- Russ on the futon, Jason on the bed, and tried to make small talk about school next fall. 

The door from the garage to the kitchen opened and the hard footsteps of Jason’s mother shook the house.  They weren’t angry steps; that’s just the way she comported herself.  Andy’s more timid steps could be heard behind her. 

“We’re home, Jason,” his mom called out.  “Is that Russ’ car out front?”

“Yeah.  We’re up here,” Jason answered.

There was no further response from Sue.

“I oughta’ be going,” Russ said to Jason.

“Maybe we can finish this later?” Jason sat up and said, smiling.

Russ looked a little timid at first, but then smiled and said, “Yeah.  I think I wouldn’t mind that at all.” 

Jason smiled back.  “It’s gunna be good, man.  We’re brothers, remember?”

“Brothers,” Russ said as their fists met.

“Ultimate secrecy,” Jason said.

“Ultimate secrecy,” Russ answered.  It was their code-- since childhood-- that what they had shared together would never be disclosed to anyone. 

They hugged briefly and Jason followed Russ down the stairs.

“Hi Russ,” Andy greeted his nephew.  “How you doin’?”

“Good, Uncle Andy.  Real good.  You doin’ okay?” Russ inadvertently looked at his aunt Sue-- a look that communicated volumes.

“Yeah.  Doing fine, my man.  Doing fine,” Andy lied.

“Jase and I were just hangin’,” Russ offered.  It was totally unnecessary to disclose this information, since they often could be found “hangin’” together.  As soon as the words fell off his tongue, Russ realized this.  “I was just getting ready to head home.”  He looked nervously at Jason, then back at Andy.  Sue was in her own world, unloading the dishwasher.  “See ya,” Russ said to Andy.  “See ya, Jase,” he said to his cousin.

With that, Russ exited via the garage.  Jason and his parents were left in the house.

Jason figured it was now or never.  He steeled his nerves and said, “Mom, dad, I need to talk to you.”

Sue looked up from her menial, distracting chore. The way Jason had phrased it, this seemed somewhat important.  To herself, she thought, Oh, this is all I need-- some bomb dropped by my son-- on top of all the other stuff that has happened this week… 

Also sensing Jason’s seriousness, Andy said, “What is is, son?”

Jason felt he needed to sit down, so he pulled a chair out from the dining room table in an effort to stabilize his demeanor.  Sue walked out of the kitchen into the dining room, a serious, yet inquisitive expression on her face. 

Jason looked up at his parents.  “Well, I don’t really know how to make this sound good, so I’ll just blurt it out.”  Despite that declaration, Jason found it almost impossible to expel the words.  He fought with his tongue.  His mouth and lips mutinied with his brain for about fifteen seconds until he finally said… “Uh…”  He looked down at the table and studied the polished wood grain.  “Um, I just need to tell you this.”  Finally he looked up at his parents-- specifically at his mom, and said.  “I-- I’m gay.”

Andy’s eyebrows raised.

Sue’s jaw dropped.

Neither of his parents said anything.

“So, you need to know--” Jason continued, “that dad’s not the only one who…” his voice trailed off.  It was an interesting way of phrasing it-- as if his gayness was a response to his father’s troubles.  Yet, there it was.  Not an eloquent “coming out,” by any means, but then, who’s is?

Communication is a fascinating thing, is it not?  Meaning can be transferred via so many conduits:  facial expression, physical posture, written word, hugs, laughter, and of course-- speech. 

And yet, sometimes, any kind of communication is inadequate. 

This was one of those times.

How does a man communicate what it means to be “gay”?  How does he communicate to those who won’t understand, who he is?  How does he express his inner being without alienating the very people who brought him into the world?  At this moment in time, Jason would have been willing to entertain all suggestions the Curious Reader had to offer.

But alas, it was just Jason there sitting at the Johnson dining room table-- and inadequate as his words were, they had already escaped his mouth, and were out there for the whole world to ponder and evaluate.

Sue’s evaluation of Jason’s words were expressed in a sigh.  A loud sigh.

Andy just stared.

Sue looked at Andy but said nothing.  Her eyes said it all.  Like father, like son.  Or, This is your doing?  Or, Am I the only normal person in this family? Or, See what I have to put up with? 

Jason waited and waited for some kind of response-- preferably absolution, but as the silent moments kept passing, he would have been willing to entertain any reaction from his parents.  Shock, surprise-- even anger.  Anything.

Sue was the first to finally talk-- of course.  “Well, I guess I’m not surprised.”  She just stood there, burning a hole through Jason’s head with her eyes.  She flashed an implicating glare at her husband.

“Whoa,” Andy said softly.  “I-- I don’t know what to say, son.  I mean.  I guess my first response-- my initial reaction, is that I think it’s very brave, and strong, of you to tell us this.  Thank you for your honesty.”

Sue looked suspicious.  She looked at her son, then her husband.  “Have you two ‘done it’ together?” She accused.

“What?” Jason objected.

“What?” Andy totally exploded.  It was the biggest emotional outburst Jason had ever seen from his father.  Andy was seething.

But Sue stuck to her guns.  She was up against a wall-- the only woman in the house, and now, the only straight person in the house.  “I want to know if you two have ever done it together,” she insisted. 

Jason hung his head in shame, disgust, and anger.  I should have expected something like this, he thought.

Andy glared at Sue.  “You-- you-- bitch!” he practically yelled.  “Our son has just bared his soul to us-- laying himself completely vulnerable-- and the only thing you can think of-- is to accuse us of incest?!”  Andy was red with anger.

Sue responded with cool aloofness.  “I should have known you’d take his side.  In my opinion, you’re both faggots.”  She slapped her dish towel down on the dining table and turned toward the stairs.

Jason was so glad he had this next weapon in his arsenal.  He stood.  As Sue’s foot hit the first step, he said loudly, “Mom-- would you care to tell us about your sexual encounter with David?”

Sue froze.

Andy’s eyes were bigger than billiard balls.  He looked back and forth between his son and his wife.

Sue slowly turned to Jason. Her eyes were fire. Her words came out staccato-- in bursts of furry.  “DON’T-- YOU-- EVER-- TALK-- TO-- YOUR-- MOTHER-- LIKE-- THAT!” 

Andy stepped between Sue and Jason.  “Sue. What is he talking about.”

Confronted with the truth, regardless of the verifiability of the facts, Sue began to crumble.  With her husband now directly in front of her, she faltered.  She began to blink and avert her gaze from her husband.  “I don’t know,” she said.  “He’s just trying his own-- his own--”

“Sue,” Andy interrupted softly.  “What.  Is.  He.  Talking.  About.”

Sue glared at her son for “outing” her.  As if her unfaithfulness were his fault.  She pursed her lips.  She pulled down on the hem of her blouse. 

“I’m sorry, dad,” Jason said.  “It’s true.”  He turned to his mother.  “Mom, none of us are without sin here.  We all have skeletons.  But you have no right to stomp upstairs with indignation like that.”

Andy’s countenance sank.  And just as soon as it sank, it rose again.  Suddenly, he didn’t feel quite so down on himself.  The past week of self-deprecation had been put into perspective. 

Sue slumped into a sitting position on the stairwell. 

“Sue,” Andy said.  “Is-- he right?”  From her posture, he already knew the answer to his question.

Sue looked up at Andy.  She didn’t answer; but then, she didn’t need to.

Jason walked around the side of the table and stood next to his dad.  “Mom, I didn’t mean for it to happen like this.  I’m sorry.”

Sue stood, turned, pursed her lips, and walked up the stairs, closing her bedroom door behind her.

Andy looked at Jason.  Words didn’t seem adequate-- or necessary.  Finally, dad said to son, “Jase-- I, uh… I don’t really know what to say.”

“Dad. This is quite a bit of news right now.”  Jason cocked his head toward the stairway.  “We-- we don’t need to talk if you don’t want to.”

“No, Jason,” Andy insisted.  “It’s okay.”  Andy looked up the stairs and then back at his son.  “It’s okay.  Your mom and I will work it out-- or not.  The important thing is that-- you need to know this:  I love you, son.  And I respect you for your bravery.”  He looked down at the floor.  “It’s more than I did.”

Jason’s eyes immediately welled, and tears streamed down his cheeks.  He looked up to the right and blinked repeatedly.  He sighed loudly, and then… he sobbed.

Andy wrapped his strong arms around his son.  “Oh Jason,” he wept.  “I love you so much.  I am so sorry.  I am so sorry for all the crap you must have gone through.”

The two embraced, and they wept together.

And then they wept more intensely.  They were father and son, and yet-- they were brothers.  Jason’s dad’s arms around him were better than anything-- anything any other man could have given him. 

Acceptance.  Love.


Jason let it all out, in his father’s arms.

And Andy let it all out, in his son’s.

more is on it's way...


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