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by Sean Reid Scott 

Staring David McAllister


[Author’s note: This story contains sex acts between men, and is thus intended for ADULTS ONLY. If you are not an adult who wants to read this kind of smut, please do not continue. The characters in this story are played by professional, fictional actors and are not intended to represent any real people. Any similarities with actual people are unintentional and should be ignored.]




HE DYNAMIC OF THE PARTY CHANGED IMMEDIATELY when David arrived. Of course. Even though Jason was the star quarterback of the school, it was pretty well established that Jason’s cousin, Russ, was the Alpha of the school. Russ, with that jet black hair and a body fitting of his linebacker status, was a knockout, and everyone knew it. Muscles everywhere, yet lean and narrow-waisted. He didn’t mind flaunting his size and his looks, and he was always rewarded with a flock of cute girls at his side.

But when David walked out the back door of the garage and into the Johnson’s back yard, it was like E. F. Hutton had said something-- everyone practically froze.

Of course David was used to this kind of reaction.

As soon as the crowd of teenagers hushed, Jason realized what was going on; he turned and walked to David. “Hey, dude! Glad you could make it!” The two men embraced briefly and Jason turned to his peers and introduced his new neighbor.

The guys were obviously in awe, but they put on their macho faces and welcomed David as one of their own. The girls were gaga.

“Dude, you are buff!” one of the guys said as David joined the party. After the initial shock of David’s presence started to wear off, a few of the more brave kids stood around David, making comments about him, asking him questions, and answering the questions that David asked-- things like how good their football and basketball teams were, etc. The rest of the kids mingled, every one of them watching David from afar.

“Can you believe how huge that guy is?” one guy quietly asked another as they grazed the food table, holding their beers.

“Shit, man,” the other said. “I’d like to find out where he gets his roids!”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t look all roided out, man. He really looks-- he looks healthy.”

“Shit, dude. I don’t get it.”

A sociologist would have had a heyday watching this group of kids. Not only were they constantly watching David’s huge frame, but most of them also kept checking out Russ’ reaction to David. And it was unconscious. They were looking to see what their leader thought. It was fascinating.

Later on, the kids continued to mingle and drink.

“Dude, your neighbor is the buffest guy I’ve ever seen!” Russ told Jason while they sipped their beers at the edge of the pool.

“Yeah-- he’s pretty huge,” Jason said.

“And ripped!” Russ added. “God, man, its like you’ve got Mr. Olympia living across the street!”

David took a plate and started filling it with food.

“Oh David,” Alexis smiled at the musclegod. “When are you going to take that shirt off and go for a swim-- you’re not going to hide all those big muscles under that thing all night are you?” She stood close to David and pulled on the hem of his muscle shirt; she was one of the hotter girls in the school, and she knew how to use what she had to get what she wanted.

“Well, maybe in a little while,” he smiled back. He continued to fill his plate, but his heart rate increased. Alexis was pouring it on, and David found his eyes moving to her breasts. God, yes. “But if I have trouble swimming, would you be able to help me?” he teased.

“Oh, if you need some help in the water, I’m your girl. I’m Alexis, by the way.”

“Good to meet you Alexis. David.”

After David finished eating, Alexis found herself sitting on David’s lap on one of the recliners, while other kids-- some in various states of drunkenness-- gathered around. They were all having a good time. Alexis, in particular. She was getting pretty smashed, and David allowed himself the luxury of enjoying that situation. His hands moved to places on Alexis’ body that normally would be reserved for sessions in private. But everyone was so drunk that it didn’t matter.

More than one guy watching David have fun with Alexis sprouted really hard boners. He was a master to watch, and imagining what Alexis was feeling made the guys lost in lust.

Finally, Alexis wrapped her arms around David’s neck and kissed him-- long and hard. David definitely reciprocated and the crowd whooped and hollered. It was a long, exciting kiss. When they broke the kiss, Alexis stood up and took David’s hand. He stood and followed her into the house as the kids chuckled and moaned. Those who watched after the two went into the house, saw them go up the stairs.

It was an hour before they came back down and rejoined the party. They both sported very healthy “glows.”

Jason smiled. God, he wished he was David. He wished he was like him, but even more, he wished he was always with him. He felt a tinge of jealousy over Alexis, but David winked at him, and somehow he felt okay with it all.

“Ahhh,” David said, stretching his mighty arms. “I think I’ll take that dip in the pool now.” With that, he pulled off his muscle shirt. There were sighs and gasps.

“Dude, you could knock out Mr. Olympia!” some guy said.

“Thanks,” David said politely. He dropped his shirt on a chair and sank into the water. Funny, but it was at that point that many of the kids decided to get into the water as well.

The evening was getting along-- it was just past dusk now. Most of the kids had gotten out of the water, and David was helping himself to more food and beer. A group of guys had gathered around the muscle hunk, giving up their own, personal worship to him. They were awestruck. David sat, and they gathered around him, talking, joking, having fun.

Jason had been with David much of the time, but had to go inside to take a piss. When he came back out, there was a slight commotion. David was pulling his shirt on, and about four or five guys were starting to move.

“Jason,” Russ called out to his cousin. “Come on-- we’re going over to David’s house to watch him bench 500 pounds!”

Well, the guys certainly weren’t disappointed. David treated them to a show of muscle that they never thought possible. Not only did he bench 500 pounds-- but he did it for reps! He pressed out five reps total! The guys were beside themselves. I mean, that was impossible!

David breathed hard as he stood up-- the guys were dumbstruck.

“Holy shit!” more than one of them found themselves exclaiming. They talked for a while at the foot of David’s bench; and then one of the guys said-- dude, I need another beer.”

Well, another guy agreed and they all filed up the stairs from David’s basement. All of them, except for Russ.

Like I said, Russ was the Alpha of the school. Good looking and muscular beyond words, Russ was a jock’s jock. But David just blew him away. In ways he didn’t realize were possible. I mean, just watching David’s huge, pumping muscles actually stirred something inside Russ that he didn’t even know was there! David-- well, Russ wouldn’t put it in these words, I guess, but David turned him on! So much so, that when the other dudes ran back across the street for more beers, Russ just stayed with David-- to “talk shop,” supposedly.

David immediately knew what was going on. But he also knew that Russ wasn’t really in tune with his own feelings. So-- David took it slow.

“Hey, man,” David said while unracking the barbell, “you interested in seeing one of my posing routines?”

Russ swallowed. He didn’t know why, but that thought really appealed to him. “Sure. You got music and everything?”

“Yeah. I have a system down here in the weight room for while I work out,” David said. He turned it on and cued up some music. He took off his shirt (the reader will recall that he had put it back on before he came across the street), allowing Russ to adjust to the shock. Then he pulled off his swimming trunks. He was wearing skimpy briefs. “These aren’t really my posing trunks,” he said. He turned away from Russ and opened a drawer, pulling out some even skimpier thing. “These should do,” he said. He faced Russ and slowly pulled down his briefs.

Russ’ attempt to look away, like any good jock would do, failed miserably. After all, it wasn’t every day that a dude got to see a 12 inch monstrously thick cock.

David fiddled with the posing trunks. “Oh shoot,” he finally said. “These have a hole in them.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Well, I guess it’s okay-- it’s just you and me.” He didn’t wait for Russ’ approval. He turned to the stereo player and started the music.

Russ watched in awe. And to his amazement, he started to get hard. Very hard.

It was another hour before David and Russ crossed the street and returned to the party.

• • • • •

The Johnson house was quiet. It was a week later. Jason was pulling a long shift since he had gotten all of the previous weekend off. For the second weekend in a row, Sue was out of town-- this time she was with her sister, visiting their mother in Ft. Worth.

A car pulled up into the driveway; Russ Edwards and his dad, Elton, got out. The Johnson’s garage door was open, and as was their custom, Elton and Russ walked inside and went into the kitchen without knocking. They were family.

“Anybody home?” Elton called out. Russ was quiet-- sullen, really.

There was no answer.

Elton scanned the back yard/pool area through the french doors. No one.

“Maybe he’s not home. We should probably go,” Russ said.

“No Russ. The garage door is open. His car is here,” Elton said to his nervous son.

The house was dead quiet. Except… a muffled noise. Both Russ and Elton cocked their heads to listen better. There it was again. Voices?

“Sounds like he might be upstairs,” Elton said. He started up the stairs and Russ reluctantly followed.

The closer the two Edwards’ got to Andy and Sue’s bedroom door, the louder the noises got. They approached quietly. The sound became clearer. It was groaning and moaning! Somebody was having quite a good time on the other side of the door!

“Maybe we should leave, dad,” Russ whispered. Uncle Andy and Aunt Sue would be embarrassed if we interrupted.”

“Russ. Your Aunt Sue is in Ft. Worth with your mother, visiting Nanna. Remember?” Elton said.

Russ’ eyes widened. “Ohhhh, yeahhh.” He blinked.

Elton slowly grasped the doorknob. He turned it and pushed the door open slowly. What greeted his eyes was the hugest back and most taut and muscular butt he had ever seen! This man had to be the best-built man in the world! He had the tightest, smallest ass, rippling with every powerful thrust. The guy had massive legs-- just more enormous than any man’s legs he had ever seen! Whoever it was, was lying on top of someone. The legs of the receiving party of all this muscular attention were spread wide in the air. Whoever the huge muscleman was, he was fucking the living daylights out of-- out of--

“Andy!” Elton yelled.

Russ immediately knew the muscleman was David. God, he was just huge! And his ass muscles flexed and pumped like there was no tomorrow! From their view at the foot of the bed, David’s back side was so prominently displayed that Russ started getting hard.

From behind David’s broad shoulder, Andy’s face peeked-- with a look of horror. Apparently the two Edwards men had caught David and Andy right when David was reaching climax, because ordinarily you’d expect someone bursting in on you like that to ruin your concentration.

But David wasn’t stopping now.

The giant muscleman grunted with loud, heavy, low noises. Each pump of his mighty body brought forth a gutteral moan, and each pump also caused his tiny muscular ass to ripple with power-- especially erotic when grouped with those incomparable legs-- just enormous masses of muscle! David’s lats flared and his pumping started to slow. Finally, he arched his back and pushed is cock in as far as it would go. He held it. Still. His whole body tightened. His ass cheeks quivered and then solidified into rocks. And then, with a very loud groan which quickly turned into a yell, David began to fill Andy’s quivering ass with cum.

Andy’s fists hit the sheets repeatedly, and he hollered in pain.

David fell on top of Andy and enveloped him, squeezing him tightly and holding his cock tightly inside him as he came and came.

And still he came.

Elton and Russ watched-- Elton in disgust; Russ in awe.

Finally, David’s orgasm peaked and he began to relax.

“What the hell is going on here?!” Elton demanded of Andy. “I come over here with Russ to talk about your neighbor-- and a ‘liaison’ that Russ had with him-- and then I find THIS! Andy-- my brother-in-law-- an Elder in our church-- having homosexual sex with this-- this superman!” Elton was loud, flustered, shocked and angry. “What about Sue?!” Elton couldn’t believe that anyone would do this to his wife’s sister.

Andy dropped his head back onto the mattress closed his eyes and began weeping. David pressed his massive body up and slowly pulled his foot-long out of Andy’s pummeled ass. It made a suction-like sound and then it thwapped up against his rock-like abs. He stood there, a little embarrassed, but not mortified.

“I assume you are the neighbor!” Elton sneered.

“David Roberts,” David smiled. He stuck out his hand to shake with Elton-- his gigantic boner-- dribbling with the remnants of his orgasm-- pointing right at Elton’s face. God, it was the biggest penis you could imagine, and even Elton-- in his angry state-- had to be envious. Really envious.

Elton didn’t accept the hand.

Russ was trying not to smile.

David looked at Russ and gave a wink. After a second he said, “How you doin’ Russ. Good to see you again.”

“Hey,” Russ said softly.

“Mr. Roberts, would you mind leaving us for a moment. I’d like to talk to Andy,” Elton said, the anger still in his voice. “We might be paying you a visit across the street when we’re done.”

David looked at Andy, who was still crying. “Do you want me to leave, Andy?” he asked.

“Uh--” Andy wiped his eyes. “Yeah, maybe so, David. It’d be best. For now.”

“I hope you won’t mind being ‘outed’ Mr. Roberts,” Elton said as David gathered up his clothes. “I have no doubt that word of this is going to spread very fast.”

“Excuse me, Mr… Mr…”

“Elton Edwards. I’m Andy’s brother-in-law.”

“Yes,” David said. “So I heard. Mr. Edwards, you can’t ‘out’ me. I’m already out. I have no regrets about what Andy and I were doing here.” He looked over at Andy who was trying to hide his nakedness under his sheets. “Although it does look like Andy has made a choice that will have some-- unpleasant-- repercussions.” David slipped on some cut-offs and paused. “And as for discussing the encounter between your son and myself, I have no regrets about that either. He is eighteen, after all.” He looked at Russ. “Dude-- you’re hot.” David turned and left the room, then headed across the street.

Andy looked up at Elton. Elton looked over at Russ. The three of them were silent-- no one knew what to say.

Eventually Elton cooled down; he said, “Andy. Man, what’s going on?”

There was silence.

“How long have you been-- gay?” Elton asked.

“I don’t-- I don’t know. I guess I’ve known it all along… deep inside, I guess.” He sat up in the bed. “But you have to believe me. I’ve never done it with a man before David. Honest to God.”

“Well, God isn’t the only one who will be interested in knowing about that. The Elders will certainly need to act on this. And Sue…”

“I know…” Andy sighed.

Andy looked at Russ compassionately. “You too?” he asked.

“Uh-- well, I guess. I mean, no. I mean… I didn’t know-- I still don’t know. David is different than most men. I don’t know if I could do it with just anyone. I mean… I’m not admitting that I’m gay or anything…” He was rambling.

“It’s okay, Russ,” Andy said. “I understand.”

“It’s not okay, Andy,” Elton said, his voice raised again. “None of this is okay!” He headed out of the room and down the stairs. “Russ, come on. We’re leaving.”

• • • • •

“Hey,” Jason said softly as David opened his front door.

“Hey, dude, how’s it hangin’?” David smiled.

“Well… okay, I guess,” Jason answered. “Under the circumstances.”

“What the hell are you doing under there?” David joked.

Jason laughed.

“Come on in, dude,” David said.

They went into David’s living room and sat down. Jason hadn’t seen David in a week, and it was just like the first time, all over again. His heart was racing.

“I-- uh, I just wanted to come and see how you’re doing,” Jason said.

David’s expression was serious. “I’m doing fine, man. But I don’t think I’m the question right now. How are you doing?”

“Well, mom and dad are going to stay together-- for now. She’s pretty much got him on an even tighter leash than she did before she found out-- he has to go to this ‘ex-gay ministry’ in town.”

“Wow,” David said.

“They kicked him off the Elder board of the church.”

“Man. That’s tough,” David said.


“So, how ‘bout you. How are you handling all of this?”

Jason paused before answering. “I guess it’s just given me a lot of questions.”

“Yeah-- I bet,” David said. “Is that why you’ve stayed away all week?”

“Yeah, maybe. I don’t know. I’m just really confused,” Jason said.

“About what?”

“Well, kinda about you-- and me-- when we did it. You know?”

“What do you mean?” It was like pulling teeth, but David was a fantastic listener, and he cared a lot about Jason.

“Well-- I guess I mean-- when you and I did it, and then you did it with my cousin-- not to mention with Alexis-- and then with my own dad…”


“Well, doesn’t that sound at all funny to you? Maybe even… promiscuous? Or… even unfaithful or something? I mean, I know we never said anything to each other, but…”

“Ohhh,” David said, leaning back into his chair. “I get it.”

Jason looked up tentatively, wondering if he’d ticked the giant muscleman off.

“So… you were thinking that you and I had something ‘special’ going on,” David continued, “and now you’re confused because I did it with all those other people… and especially your dad?”

“Uh-- yeah. Yeah.”

David took a minute to organize his thoughts. “Man, I owe you an apology. I guess I didn’t do a very good job of communicating.” He started to chuckle.

“What.” Jason asked. “What’s so funny?”

David kept trying to squelch his laugh. “It’s just that no one has ever accused me of being monogamous.”

He looked so hot when he laughed. God that smile could power a small city! Jason found it hard to be upset with him when he looked so gorgeous.

A smile formed on Jason’s face as well, and before long, they were both barrel laughing.

“Dude,” David said as he regained his composure. “Sex with you was the best-- the best, man. But even when I do ‘settle down’ with the right man, I seriously doubt that either one of us will be immune from playing around on the side.”

Jason grew serious. “That might be true for you-- but there’s no way in hell that anyone who hooks up with you will ever-- ever-- want for another man. There’s just no one in the world who comes close, dude. Not even close.”

David’s face became solemn. “Wow. Dude. I never meant to hurt you.”

Jason’s eyes welled.

David moved to Jason and hugged him.

Jason reciprocated. Even if he wouldn’t have wanted to, David was irresistible. They embraced, but it didn’t become sexual (well, maybe just a bit for Jason).

“So, how is it for you, now that your dad has been outed?” David asked, holding Jason close.

“Everyone kinda stays away. No one knows what to say.”

“Is your dad going to join the ex-gay group?” David asked.

“Yeah. He is,” Jason said. “I feel bad for him. I mean… I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?” David asked.

“I mean, I just don’t know… what the future holds.”

“Well, no one does, really.”

“Yeah,” Jason said. “I guess you’re right.”

“Have you told them-- about you being gay?”

Jason furrowed his brow. “Uh-- wow. I guess I never actually thought of using that word. But I guess it’s time to be honest with myself. Wow. That takes some getting used to-- the ‘G’ word.” He shuffled his feet.

David watched and waited patiently.

“Gay. No, I haven’t told them.” He looked pensive. “It’d kill my mom-- after all she’s been through; I mean with my dad, and then-- me?”

David was serious, but not dour. “Uh.” He pressed his index finger to his mouth as he thought. “I don’t usually kiss and tell, but… I don’t think your mom is totally pure and white as the driven snow in this whole scenario.”

Jason cocked his head in a questioning look.

“Um, Jason… If your mom has a problem with your dad-- or you-- having sex with me… she is in no position to judge. What I’m trying to say is… is that your mom and I…”

Jason’s eyes grew wider than the Hoover Dam. He just stared at David. “Ewwwww,” he finally said. And then, after considering everyone’s guilt in the grand scheme of things, he began to laugh. And laugh. Hysterically.

David, somewhat relieved, laughed too. Conservatively.

“You--- and my mother?” Jason said between giggles.

“Yeah. Guilty as charged,” David smiled. “What can I say? Sex is good.”

Jason grinned. “God.” He looked up and down David. “Good God Almighty.” He swallowed hard. “David, that’s just awful!” he grinned.

“Sorry, dude. But she’s an adult,” David grinned back.

• • • • •

“After four years of being in this group, I can honestly say that my attraction to men hasn’t really lessened,” the guy said to the men gathered in the circle. “But I have learned to control my desires,” he added.

Andy sat there, truly frustrated. Depressed, really. It was the second meeting of his ex-gay group, and already he was feeling hopeless. Just learned to control my desires? he thought. I’ve been doing that for forty-some years! I don’t need a group to help me with that. I thought God was supposed to change me! He would have gotten up right then and there and walked out, but he had to stay. If he didn’t, he’d probably be kicked out of the church-- and Sue would probably leave him.

It had been good to meet guys who had the same “problem” as he did-- and he was surprised to know that there were so many married men in the same situation as he was.

He looked around the room. The leader of this particular group of guys who wanted to rid themselves of their sinful desires-- he was a real hunk! Andy had a difficult time keeping his eyes off of him. But whenever Andy looked his way, the leader-- his name was Nathan-- was careful not to make eye contact. Yeah, this guy had learned a lot of control.

• • • • •

Russ Edwards hung up the phone at the front desk of the FitShed. His maroon polo shirt, complete with the FitShed logo over his left pec, fit his muscular body perfectly. Russ wasn’t exactly the star employee at the gym; no, in fact, his boss was pretty disappointed in his performance. To put it plainly, he was lazy. But, his boss knew a little about marketing, and pretty much the only reason he kept Russ around was because he was, frankly, a knockout. Thick neck, huge arms, massive chest, broad shoulders, wide back, narrow and defined six-pack, and legs that looked like they could move a bull dozer.

“Hey, cousin,” a voice behind him sounded. Russ turned around and found his cousin, Jason, coming through the front entrance of the gym.

“Jase” Russ smiled. “How’s it hangin’ bro?”

Jason had always had it bad for his cousin. I mean, Russ was such a hunk. And despite Jason’s closeted identity, and Russ’ macho persona, the two had been inseparable since childhood. “Good, man. Very good.” The two made fists and touched knuckles.

Russ scanned the barcode card on Jason’s duffel bag. “So, how’s Uncle Andy, man…” Russ said quietly.

“Not good, dude, really,” Jason answered. He ran his hand through his hair. “He’s pretty strung up. And mom… she’s on a warpath.”

“Dude, that’s tough,” Russ consoled.

The two stood together in silence for a minute. The silence wasn’t uncomfortable-- it was a statement in itself. They didn’t need to talk.

“How about with you, man?” Jason asked.

Russ and Jason hadn’t talked since Russ and his dad had happened upon David and Andy. Russ was embarrassed. Flustered. “I mean…” he started, “Jase. I-- I really don’t know what to say.” He looked down at the ground. He was clearly mortified that his close, best-friend cousin knew that he had had sex with David.

“Dude,’ Jason said. “Hey. We don’t have to talk about it here, man. You want to take a rain check on it and get together later on, when you’re off work?”

“No, man,” Russ said softly. He was still looking down at the floor. “It’s okay. Might as well get it over with.”

Jason had to come clean. “Uh, Russ. Man.” He looked his cousin right in the eyes. “No one knows about you and David but our families. And I need to tell you something too.”

Russ looked at Jason intently.

“You weren’t the only one… with… with David,” Jason said.

Russ’ eyes grew wide in disbelief.

“Yeah,” Jason confirmed.

Russ’ mouth dropped open.

“But dude,” Jason pleaded, “You can’t tell anyone, not even my parents. No one knows.”

Russ looked perplexed. “Man. I don’t know what to say.”

“Russ, just between you and me, I’ve known I was gay for years.”

“Really?” Russ asked. “I mean, this thing with David and me…” he looked to his left and his right to see if anyone was listening, “it’s like it came from out of nowhere, man. I mean, I never dreamed I could to it with a guy!” he whispered loudly. He glanced around again, making sure no one heard.

“Well, I-- I have to be honest, man,” Jason said slowly, “I-- am-- gay. For real dude. It wasn’t a fluke thing with me.” He looked down at the ground, feeling pretty low.

Russ reached out his hand and squeezed his cousin’s muscular shoulder. “Jase. Before you say another word, I want to tell you: It’s okay, man. You’re okay with me. If you’re gay, well, then that’s alright with me. Whatever works for you, man. We’re more than cousins, man. We’re like brothers. And nothing about you will ever change that.

Jason started crying. He put his hands to his eyes and sobbed, silently. Russ walked around the counter and hugged his cousin, embracing him with his big, strong arms. “Dude, don’t worry about it. You’re cool with me, okay?”

Jason wanted to let it all out, but here-- in the entry to the gym-- he had to try and contain himself.

The front door to the gym opened, and in walked a member. It was a woman. Russ moved Jason to the side. “Jase, why don’t you go into my boss’ office for a sec.,” he whispered. Jason slipped into the dark, unoccupied office while Russ checked the female member in. As soon as she was done, Russ went in to his boss’ office. By this time, Jason had composed himself.

“Russ, you don’t know what your acceptance means to me, man,” Jason said. “Thanks, man. Thank you-- so much.”

Russ hugged Jason again, and when the hug was done, the two smiled and looked into each others’ eyes. There had always been a bond between these two guys-- a bond that frequently superseded any verbal communication.

“Gay, huh,” Russ smiled. “You dirty little faggot,” he laughed.

Jason knew his cousin well enough to know that he was just messing with him. “Yeah, well, ‘takes one to know one,’ man,” Jason retorted. They both smiled broadly.

“Dude,” Russ started, “I honestly do not know what came over me, man. I mean, it was like I was someone else! When I saw David there, posing-- totally naked-- it was…”

“Totally naked?” Jason interrupted, “He was posing for you totally naked?”

“True fact, man,” Russ said. “The dude had all his clothes off, and he just started flexing all those muscles! I never had it for a guy before, Jase. Honest! But David-- I mean, you gotta know-- the guy is built like a god, man! When he was posing there… I don’t know why, but I started getting hard! I mean, harder than I had ever been! And well, before I knew it, he was grinning like a shit-eating cheshire cat, looking down at my crotch!

“God in Heaven,” Jason exclaimed.

“Well,” Russ continued, checking behind his shoulder to see if anyone had come in to the gym, “he walked up to me, and, god, it was like this dude was more than I could handle. I--” he looked down at the ground again, and then back up at Jason, “I felt his arm while he flexed it, and then he flexed his pecs, and I don’t know what happened to me, but I just had to feel them. Dude, as soon as I started feeling out his hairy chest, I knew I was a gonner.”

Jason was hard, just listening to Russ. “Shit, Russ, I’m just blown away. I mean, you are the last person I ever expected…”

“Yeah, well it surprised the hell out of me too. But you know the weird thing about it all-- and you gotta promise to not tell anyone this--”

Jason nodded his head.

“…but when we did it-- and we did it all the way, man-- when we did it it was better than fucking any girl I had ever fucked.” He started to whisper. “Shit, Jase-- I came harder, and longer than I had ever come in my life!”

Hearing his hunky, muscular cousin talk like this aroused Jason quite a bit. And the revelation that he had fucked girls in the past notwithstanding (something that his parents and his church-going cronies would be surprised to hear), Jason found it hard to get the picture of David and Russ going at it out of his mind.

Jason grinned. “Fuck, man. I don’t know dude-- you might have a little soul-searching to do. Dude, are you sure you never had it for guys? Not even a little?”

“No man,” Russ answered. “I mean, sure, I snuck a look at guys in the showers, but who doesn’t? But I didn’t get turned on by it-- not really anyway,” he hesitated. “But, you know-- when you look at pictures of bodybuilders or whatever-- well maybe not you, but other guys--” he smiled, “when you see them you just admire them and want to get bigger. I never thought of it as a sexual thing. But now… I just am really weirded out.”

“Man,” Jason said, thoughtfully, “I don’t know where that leaves you. But I guess my only advice would be to not get too stressed out about it. You’ll figure it out.” Jason found himself surprised at what he had just said. If only he could take the advice he so freely gave.

“Easier said than done, man.”

“Believe me,” Jason said, “I know. I know. I’ve been fighting myself over this since I was a kid.” Jason’s face dropped. “Night and day.”

With the attention turned back to his cousin, Russ became compassionate again. “Man, I can’t imagine what it’s like to go through that all the time. I mean, it’s bad enough just questioning yourself for a week or two-- to wonder since you can remember…”

“Shit, Russ, you can’t imagine how good it feels to finally get this out to someone,” Jason said, his eyes welling again. He looked Russ straight in the eyes. “You’re the only person on earth who knows-- other than David.”

It was another one of those silences. But again, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all-- it was a means for the two to communicate their appreciation-- their love, if you will-- for each other.

• • • • •

Sue Johnson looked out the dormer of her bedroom window down at the street. The garage door of David’s house was down, which usually meant he wasn’t home. He’d gotten in the habit of leaving it up whenever he was there. She wondered why. She stared at the house, pondering.

As she stood there, she found herself drawn to him again. God, he was so big-- so powerful, so strong and masculine. He was the man she wished Andy was.

She sighed.

It was Tuesday, and Andy was out of town on business. She’d need to pick him up at Austin-Bergstrom later that night. The airport was about 45 minutes away; she planned on leaving right after she made dinner for Jason. She turned and went into Andy’s den to pull up the airline’s web site to see about the flight schedule. Andy’s flight from LA hadn’t even taken off yet, but she decided to pull up the page anyway just so it would be handy before she left for the airport.

Andy had done a fantastic job of hiding his porn stuff on his computer. He had a totally different browser he’d use when looking at pictures and clips of bodybuilders and musclemen having sex. So, the risk of Sue stumbling upon anything untoward was minimal. She went to the airline’s web site and searched for Andy’s flight. As she finished familiarizing herself with the site, she pushed the chair away from the desk. Looking to the side of the keyboard, she spotted a small, brown circle of hair. She immediately recognized it as pubic hair. And right nest to it, there was a hardened glob-- very small-- of… something. She wrinkled her nose slightly.

Then it hit her. Why she hadn’t ever suspected Andy of browsing porn on his computer escaped her at this moment. She felt like a fool. Especially in light of last week’s events with David! She felt like a total fool.

Sue pulled the chair back closer to the desk and started to look around on Andy’s hard drive. She wasn’t a whiz with computers-- she really didn’t know where to look. She tried Andy’s bookmarks, but found nothing suspicious. She decided to call her sister, Sandy. Sandy had a way with computers that completely baffled Sue. She’d know how to find things.



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