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by Sean Reid Scott 

Staring David McAllister


[Author’s note: This story contains sex acts between men, and is thus intended for ADULTS ONLY. If you are not an adult who wants to read this kind of smut, please do not continue. The characters in this story are played by professional, fictional actors and are not intended to represent any real people. Any similarities with actual people are unintentional and should be ignored.]




ASON PULLED HIS CHARGER INTO the driveway. He was on a natural high. It was Friday and he didn’t have to work till Monday afternoon. Plus, his parents were going to be away all weekend at a church retreat. The house was all his. And on Saturday, he was hosting a pool party in his back yard-- all of his friends would be coming.

But Jason’s real sights were set on this afternoon. He jumped out of the car, opening the garage door with his remote, and ran inside the house. Upstairs, as he changed out of his Taco Bell uniform, he grabbed his cell phone and called David.

“You ready for a swim?” Jason asked when David answered.

“Yeah, man. I’ve just been waiting for you to get home.”

“Cool. Well, come on over. I’ve got the beer cold, and the pool’s ready. Just let yourself in through the garage. I left the door up.”

A few minutes later, Jason was on the patio, adjusting the Coors Lights and the Heinekens in the ice. He wore a yellow and blue knee-length swimming suit. He looked down and checked his crotch. Already quite obviously stiff; but there wasn’t much he could do about it. “I’ll just have to try and hide it,” he said to himself out loud.

“Hide what…” David’s voice startled Jason. The teenager swung around and stopped dead in his tracks. It seemed that no matter how many times he saw David, he never-- ever-- got used to seeing all of those muscles.

“Oh-- oh, nothing,” Jason stuttered. “Wow. You made it.”

“Yep,” David smiled. “Always enjoy a good time in the pool.” He was wearing a royal blue muscle shirt and multi-colored swimming trunks that came down to about two inches above his knees. God, he looked good.

Jason reached into the cooler and pulled out a bottle. “Beer?”

“Sure. But can I have one of the Heinekens?”

Jason put the Coors Light back into the ice and pulled out a green bottle. “I like Heinekens too,” he said, handing one to his musclegod idol. “Oh, let me run in and get an opener.”

“No need,” David smiled. He wrapped his hand around the cap of the bottle and with only a minor amount of exertion, pried and twisted it off.

“Holy shit!” Jason exclaimed. His eyes were wide.

David smiled. “A little trick I picked up from my father.”

“Was he as big as you?”

“Naw. But he was pretty strong. And he taught me a few techniques that come in handy.”

“Guess so,” Jason laughed. “You’d be handy at a party!”

They both had a good laugh.

“Nice pool,” David said, eyeing the Johnson’s back yard. “Really nice.”

“Thanks,” Jason replied. “Well, help yourself to the water, man. The hot tub is right there, and there are plenty of recliners to chose from. And they’re solid-- made out of wood-- so I think they’ll support your 375 pounds.”

David stepped over to one of the recliners and sat his towel down, then his beer. Of course he knew Jason’s eyes were glued on his body, but he didn’t turn to watch Jason watch. With purposeful slowness, David lifted his muscle shirt, exposing his abs. His powerful arms rippled and bulged as they fought to lift the fabric higher, over his thick chest. Finally, David pulled it over his head and let it drop to the recliner. He bent down and picked up his beer and turned to look at Jason.

“Hooooollllly shit,” Jason swooned.

David looked back at him with feigned innocence-- as if to say, “Who, me?”

It was the first time Jason had seen David shirtless. He was beside himself with lust. “Wow, man. You just blow me away!”

“Thanks,” David said humbly. “You mind if I jump in?” He said, cocking his head toward the water.

“Have at it, man. I’ll be right behind you.”

A few seconds after David slipped into the warm water, Jason did a cannonball right next to him, splashing his face. What followed was about 20 minutes of off-and-on splashing, teasing, racing and plenty of physical contact. The two had similar senses of humor and they played very, very well together. More than once, Jason found himself sitting on David’s shoulders, and more than once, Jason found his muscular teenage arms wrapped around David’s thick neck in a vain attempt to pull him under the water. Eventually, after a few such tries, Jason just held on as David walked around the pool like Godzilla surveying Tokyo.

Finally, the two of them found themselves lying on the cedar recliners, towels stretched beneath their muscular bodies, sipping their beers and drying in the sun. They lay only inches from each other. As David relaxed on his back, eyes closed, Jason turned on his side to face him. “So, dude,” he said, trying to sound as butch and jock-like as he could, “you going to show me one of your posing routines?”

David didn’t move immediately. He fought-- rather successfully-- to hide a grin, and then turned his face to Jason. “I was wondering when you’d ask.” He sat up, then stood up, and started pulling on his waistband. “It just so happens that I’m wearing some posing straps underneath my suit. You mind if I take these off?” he asked, pulling the waistband of his suit with his thumbs.

“Not at all,” Jason practically choked.

David, a master at teasing and suspense, shimmied his swimming trunks down over his impossible quads, revealing their amazing size and definition.

Unable to bear the pain of the position of his growing cock, Jason couldn’t hide the re-adjustment he just had to make on his boner.

David stepped out of his trunks. His posing trunks were red. In truth, they were borderline obscene-- I mean, the size of his cock was obscene. I mean-- his schlong was the perfect compliment to an obscenely muscular body. If size mattered, David took not just the cake, but the whole kitchen. There weren’t really posing trunks that could contain him. And these-- obviously custom made-- hugged everything.

As Jason watched in unbelief, David started to slowly and methodically pose for the wide-eyed teen. Double-bi was first, and Jason practically lost it all right then. David’s arms were way bigger than the professional bodybuilders he had seen in magazines or on TV. Way bigger than he had ever seen down at the gym. His biceps formed peaks, and then freakishly split into two lobes, defined better than even the most well-developed pro’s.

David held the pose, allowing Jason to lust. Then, with the grace of a ballerina, he slowly changed poses: Side-bi, most muscular, chest, back-bi (a good opportunity for Jason to make another adjustment), lat spread, and those calves! David posed his body with perfect, slow timing and fantastic showmanship-- showing off everything to perfection. There didn’t appear to be a weak body part on this giant of a man!

Finally David turned back to Jason and lifted his hands behind his head. He locked his fingers at the back of his head and expelled the air from his lungs. His abs stuck out and his waist narrowed.

“Fuuuuck,” Jason sighed.

After David finished, he said “You can see more when I shave, but I don’t bother unless I’m getting ready for a competition.”

“Yeah,” said a dumbfounded Jason. “Unreal, man. You’re just unreal. What is your body fat?”

“Don’t know, right now. It usually stays around three or four percent.”

“Fuck-- an your mass is just unbelievable!”

David smiled. “I’m getting hot,” he said. “Time for a cool-off dip.” With that, he turned back to the pool and sank into the water.

Jason followed. This time, they mostly just talked-- no horseplay. Jason was obviously smitten. They talked about high school, football, girls-- everything. Occasionally David sank down all the way into the water-- up to his neck, but sometimes he stood in the shallow end with the water hitting him at mid-quad level.

Jason had the hardest boner he had ever had.

David got out of the pool-- his posers were practically a thong-- and got himself and Jason another beer. Jason sat at the edge of the pool with his legs dangling in the water. David sat down next to him and put his legs in as well. He handed Jason a beer.

More small talk while they drank.

David put his hand on Jason’s thigh. “You have a lot of potential, dude. Once we start working out together, I bet you’re going to grow like you never thought you could.” He kept his hand on Jason’s leg and felt the hard teen muscle. And he left it there. Jason’s heart raced.

David let go of Jason’s leg and tightened his hand into a fist and flexed his biceps at his side. “Maybe you’ll become as big as me,” he smiled.

Jason looked at the huge arm. “Yeah-- right.”

David kept flexing it, bending it slowly and then straightening it a little. It drove Jason insane. “Go ahead, dude. Give it a feel.”

He didn’t have to ask twice. Jason put his hand on David’s arm and felt all over and around it. God-- it was unbelievable. Jason was in muscle heaven. David was a master at muscle seduction. He could see how Jason was reacting, so he poured it on-- nice and slow. He lengthened his arm and showed Jason that even nearly straight, his biceps were many times bigger than most men’s flexed arms. Jason felt it, then moved his hands down onto David’s vein-infested forearm. God, it was so thick and packed with dense muscle! David tightened his fist and Jason’s hands felt the trembling, bulging forearm expand and ripple with strength.

Jason’s cock felt like it would burst. And for all his attention being focussed on David’s arm, the teenager couldn’t help but continue to glance at David’s powerful-looking chest.

David bent his arm once again and tightened his biceps into a hardened block of concrete. Jason’s hands followed the muscle. He moved his right hand on top, and his left hand underneath-- to the triceps. Again, David flexed it tighter, and his arm shook with power.

God in Heaven.

David’s biceps grew higher, and Jason found the tip of his index finger plying the tine ravine that formed when the two heads of muscle separated. It was inhuman! It was more than any wet-dream Jason could come up with. In his hands was more muscle than most men ever dream of having in their legs! While he held it flexed, David slowly twisted his wrist, giving Jason’s worshipping hands the most erotic muscle-ride of their life.

Jason flexed his cock in his swimming trunks, trying desperately to keep himself from involuntarily cumming. This was that hot.

Finally David relaxed his arm and dropped it to his side. Jason didn’t want to let go. In fact, he didn’t-- for a few seconds, feeling out the relaxed bazooka that hung at David’s side. David looked at Jason’s hands that were still on his relaxed arm, saying nothing. He just let Jason hold it.

Eventually, as Jason reluctantly let go, David said, “If you like feeling big muscles, dude, I think we’re going to make very good neighbors.” His smile relaxed Jason. “It just so happens, I have some big ones… and I don’t mind having them touched.” He smiled again, and his vibrant blue eyes pierced David to the soul.

Have I died and gone to Heaven? Jason thought.

David looked down at his chest. Almost imperceptibly, he pulled his broad shoulders back, expanding his chest. He looked at his left pec, as if admiring it-- and then his right, pausing to appreciate that one as well. Unhurriedly, he began to ripple his pecs, looking up at Jason. His thick, hairy chest moved very slowly-- very sensuously. It was exactly as Jason would have wanted it. So powerful. So big. David looked down for a second, admiring once again the massive pectoral muscles as they moved in a deliberate synchronous symphony, then he looked back up at Jason, cocking his head slightly and raising his eyebrows, as if in invitation.

Jason’s hand moved up. Before his fingers and palm felt the warm, hard, moving flesh, they felt the soft, curly hair. It seemed like it took hours before his hand could move all the way through the forest of hair and onto the meat. But it finally did.

“Ohhhhhh,” Jason whispered. His young hand moved over, around, under, on top of, and between the enormous slabs of beef. He felt David’s nipples. He felt the cleavage. He squeezed one pec, and the muscle completely overflowed his hand.

Jason’s cock could take no more. With no warning at all, it started oozing out semen-- it was an unusual orgasm, probably because the teen hadn’t actually masturbated it-- it just came on its own. But Jason knew he was cumming. And after a few wet, globby spurts, he began to come in earnest. As his hand continued to feel David out, he started to fill his trunks. It wasn’t an overwhelming orgasm-- probably because with each squirt, Jason was trying desperately to stop. But it didn’t stop. It came so much that Jason actually felt like he was peeing. There weren’t any powerful jerks. It just started pouring out of his cock. Soon his trunks were filled with his hot teenage semen.

“Uh…” Jason said as he removed his hand from David’s big chest. He looked down at his crotch. His swimming trunks were already wet from the pool, so he really needn’t have worried. He could have pretty much ignored it, and it would have probably gone away. But his examination of his crotch was a dead giveaway.

David graciously ignored it. He leaned back, laying down on the cement, and closed his eyes. Jason looked down at him.

“I could use a massage right now,” David said, stretching. He sighed. Jason looked up and down David’s muscular-beyond-belief body.

In spite of just having filled his pants with ejaculate, Jason was hard as ever and ready to go with only a minimal recovery period. (Oh, to be a teen again.) Jason put his hand on David’s massive quad muscle. David didn’t react. Jason moved his hand over it.

“Man, you got good hands,” David said without opening his eyes.

That’s all Jason needed. He moved his hand up and down David’s leg, slowly.

David sighed.

Emboldened, Jason moved his hand upward. He leaned back onto his side, facing the giant and began a long, sensuous journey with his shaking hand-- up and down the bulging muscles of David’s huge body. His abs, that chest, those arms, down to the legs again, and up the torso again. And after about 20 minutes of Jason’s nonstop hand feeling all those big muscles, David’s cock started to-- shall we say-- grow. So much so that it was in danger of breaching the cover of his red posing trunks.

David groaned. Jason’s hand was spectacular.

“God, dude,” David said-- his eyes still closed, “you’re gettin’ me hard.”

Jason’s hand stopped.

David lifted his head and opened his eyes. “It’s okay, dude. I don’t have a problem with it if you don’t.” He relaxed his head back onto the cement and closed his eyes again. “Take it as a compliment, man. I’m getting as much out of this as you are, dude.”

Jason resumed his touching and rubbing.

“It’s not like you haven’t had a hard-on since you watched me take my shirt off,” David smiled with closed eyes. He bucked his hips just a little, and that was all it took for the head of his penis to poke out of one of the legs of his trunks.

Jason just stared at it. God almighty.

He tired to ignore it, moving his hand around-- somewhere else-- anywhere else.

“Would you be able to help me with that?” David prodded. He lifted his hips and made like he was struggling to take off his posing trunks. Jason finally obliged, pulling the fabric downward. David lifted his legs and pulled them all the way off, tossing them up onto a recliner. He was totally nude.

“Go ahead dude,” he smiled at Jason, nodding for him to take his swimming suit off. “You’ve got quite a private back yard here.” He rested his head and closed his eyes again.

Jason watched as David’s mammoth rod grew and straightened. Well, since HE did it… he thought. He pulled his trunks off and threw them to the side. Then he started in again on David’s body rub.

“Like I said, man, you have nice hands,” David smiled.

Of course, both their hearts beat hard as Jason’s hand teased itself, and David’s cock, with near-misses. Over mounds of abdominal muscles, barely grazing pubic hairs, down onto rippling quadriceps, into the ravine between leg and leg-- dangerously close to hairless testicles, then circuitously up again, through a bit more of the pubic hair this time, over the abs again-- taking a particularly long time to enjoy their ridges and caverns, past the swollen head that had started to spew its trickle of clear precum and up onto that very familiar expanse of the chest. Oh god, that chest. Jason could have gotten a career, a wife, had kids, and grandchildren, and retired on that chest. His hands lingered there for what seemed like hours. He stopped momentarily at one of David’s nipples and squeezed it.

For the first time during this whole session, David showed a tense pleasure. Jason twisted it a little more. This time the giant let out a very soft gasp. Jason played with the nipple some more, and all the air rushed out of David’s lungs with a windy, “Oh ggggggod.”

Jason loved being able to bring this muscleman such uncontrollable pleasure.

Jason was leaning on his left elbow, with his forearm on the cement. He pivoted his arm and opened his left hand to hold David’s right shoulder, as he continued to move his right hand all over David’s chest. Then, it was time to check up on points South again, and Jason’s virile fingers moved downward. This time, as he traversed the rocky topography of the ab mountains, his fingertip brushed along the side of the thick, long log of David’s penis. The shaft was enormous. Check that. Enormous came nowhere near to doing it justice. It was just fuckin’ huge. Veins all over hell. Jason just couldn’t believe it actually belonged to a human. The apple-sized head was shiny and red, oozing clear honey out of the piss slit. As Jason’s fingers moved laterally next to it, he could feel its heat.

David held his breath.

Jason’s fingers ventured into David’s manicured pubes again-- this time deeply.

The first part of David’s genitals that Jason held was David’s right testicle. He held it, lifted it, and then squeezed it. It felt as heavy as a baseball, and nearly as large. Soft, warm, moist skin hung loosely around it. Jason moved to the other one. Then he cupped his hand, trying to hold both of them; the hunk’s balls filled Jason’s hands. Then, it was time to make the journey-- up the thick, large tree-branch of David’s cock. Jason’s hand trembled as it slowly moved up the tumescent organ. He wrapped his hand around it, lifting it briefly to test its weight.

“Good God Almighty,” Jason whispered.

David’s whole body was frozen stiff.

Jason lowered the heavy limb and continued to slip his hand up its length. When he came to the lip of the head, he wrapped his hand around the shaft again and lifted it once more. He squeezed it; and lowered it again, reverently.

Then began the long, luxuriously slow hand-on-cock session.

David moaned in approval.

God, this kid is amazing, David thought.

Jason’s hand began to make love to David’s manhood. It was unlike anything he ever dreamed of doing. He squeezed it-- he held it-- he moved his hand up and down it-- lifting it, lowering it, slithering the precum all over the head. Then he lifted it up-- high-- all the way-- as far as it would go. David tensed. Jason marveled at its size and its amazing vascularity. God this guy was a superman! Jason held it up with his fingers, pulling it to its limit. David flexed his cock, and it slipped through Jason’s digits, slapping his solid torso with a loud thud.

David smiled.

“Shit,” Jason said. He looked down at it. The head came clear up above David’s navel. God-- it had to be twice the size of Jason’s!

David opened his eyes and turned onto his side, facing Jason. It was obvious that Jason’s hand session had sent David into a deep, deep sexual charge. David brought his gorgeous face close to Jason’s and started kissing him. Jason ran his hands up and down David’s body, and after a minute or two, David climbed on top of the teenager. They continued to embrace, feeling, kissing, tonguing, licking-- at the edge of the pool.

Then David moved down and slipped into the water. They were at the shallow end, and as he stood, his cock was at just the right height. David lifted Jason’s ankles out of the water and pushed them into the air, splitting the teen’s legs.

Jason more than willingly opened himself up, and scooted down toward the pool so that his ass was right at the edge.

David’s mighty pole was dripping with precum. He pressed the base of his cock against Jason’s virgin hole. Slowly, he started to rub his cock up and down against Jason’s ass. The musclegod closed his eyes and moaned. Jason’s eyes were wide as he watched David get so much pleasure from pressing his cock against his ass. David pulled his hips back, allowing his penis head to come all the way down to Jason’s cherry-- then, slowly, he pushed it upward again, rubbing all the way, so that eventually his cock stuck up in the air again as his nuts came to rest between Jason’s splayed legs.

David must have done this ten times, preparing the young muscleteen for the inevitable. Each time David’s cock head reached Jason’s ass hole, David rubbed it around real good, moistening it liberally with his shiny, slippery precum.

And finally, it was time. David left his cock head right at Jason’s door. Jason opened his legs just a bit, as if giving David permission to proceed. David looked down into Jason’s eyes. “It might hurt a bit,” he cautioned softly.

Jason nodded his head, saying nothing.

The first push did hurt-- quite a bit. Jason winced, but tried to open is ass nonetheless. God, that thing was huge. The baseball sized head pressed Jason’s ass lips open. Jason groaned and dropped his head to the cement; his whole body tightened in pain. David was slow, trying to be gentle, but he was also overcome with lust for this well-built quarterback, and well-- it was hard for him to hold back. He kept pushing, flexing his rock-hard glutes, holding Jason’s ankles in the air. He leaned forward, letting go of Jason’s ankles and placed his hands on the cement, on either side of Jason’s torso. He looked down into Jason’s eyes-- eyes that although were totally encouraging David to continue-- they were welling with tears at the pain.

And David pressed more.

“Uahhhhgh,” Jason cried.

And with that, David’s head pushed inside. Immediately, involuntarily, Jason’s ass lips closed in on it, hugging it-- holding it-- welcoming it. With the initial shock over, Jason looked up at his neighbor and smiled. He was okay.

David leaned forward more, now lying on top of Jason, supporting his huge body on his forearms. Jason’s arms wrapped around David and began to move up and down over those huge muscles-- his lats-- his rippling traps-- his shoulders and arms-- and that muscular, tight ass. David pushed, and his cock slipped inside Jason about two more inches.

Again, Jason moaned. But it was less a pain moan than a moan of pleasure. He held on tightly to David’s back as the huge man went in farther.

“Oh god-- go in. Go in all the way,” Jason moaned.

David obliged.

Slowly, David’s gargantuan cock filled the teen’s torso, moving aside any organ that got in its way. It must have almost reached up to Jason’s heart, but Jason relished every sensation-- every painful push-- that he felt.

The two muscular men began to kiss-- passionately. Jason’s erect cock felt like it would burst as David rubbed his abs against it. His cock was hyper-sensitive. His hard shaft could feel every hair that ran between the mounds of David’s abdominal muscles.

Finally, painfully, David’s cock was in all the way, to the hilt. David held it there, still, strong, overbearing. He pushed a little harder. Jason got light headed for a few seconds. He actually started to see stars. After a near-faint, he recovered. The two men stared into each others’ eyes.

Then David began to rock. Only millimeters-- back and forth-- but Jason could feel every single movement-- throughout his whole torso. David looked into Jason’s eyes with a serious expression. He was powerful. He was totally in control. He was strong-- the master-- the alpha. Jason was totally submitted to his will. Within a few seconds of when the slow, methodical rocking began, Jason’s young, inexperienced, hard cock began to erupt with hard shots of semen. His body jerked, and his penis began to deposit warm, white milk between both of their abs. It was the biggest orgasm Jason had ever had. It wouldn’t stop. Jason moaned and moaned with each ejaculation. David moved his forearms inward to hold Jason’s shoulders. He paused his rocking while Jason came. He nuzzled Jason’s neck and Jason squeezed David’s broad back with all his might as he came-- and came-- and came.

Jason could feel his jizz forming pools on his abs; he could feel David’s ab and chest hair getting wet; then, he started to feel his semen overflow from his abs and start to stream down the sides of his torso, onto the cement.

“Oh goddddddd,” he shuddered. It was the best feeling he had ever experienced.

Before Jason was completely done, David resumed his very subtle movements, rocking sensuously back and forth inside the teenager. David’s torso bent-- his ass bucked. Very slowly. He could have easily come right then and there, if he had wanted to.

But he didn’t want to.

He held back, taking it slow-- savoring every second of domination of this kid. God, Jason was such a turn-on to David.

Slow, rocking, holding, kissing.

Then the rocking began to gain strength. David began to breathe harder.

He pushed with more force. Then he pulled back. Pushing, pulling. His mighty body began to tighten. Jason held on for the ride, occasionally pushing out another post-orgasm burst of jism.

“Ohhhhhh,” David moaned. He was getting close.

It hurt Jason. Man-- it hurt soooo good.

“MMMmmmmmgh,” David moaned. He bucked harder and harder, fucking the young stud-- really getting into it. Then, he just pressed. Hard. He froze as his butt muscles drove his pile-driver hard into Jason’s ass. And he just held it there. He lifted his head up and pushed himself off his forearms onto his hands, straightening his arms-- freezing in an ecstatic climax-- right on the verge of exploding.

And explode he did. But it took a minute. I mean, it seemed like David held it there forever. But finally, he let go, and with-- one-- final-- tiny-- push, he erupted. His muscular body tightened into a huge mass of vascular, rippling muscle, causing every vein, every sinew to rise to the surface with unbelievable relief.

“SSsshhhhhhooooooouugh!” he yelled. And his cock released a torrent of jizz into Jason’s body.

Jason yelled as well. God, David was powerful-- and it hurt. The teen wrapped his legs around David’s butt and held him tightly.

“Aaaaagrrhfhgh,” David yelled again. His neck looked like it would burst-- veins sticking out all over hell. And then he pumped again, plowing Jason’s ass with volley after unbelievable volley of ejaculate. His ass muscles began to work overtime. He dropped back to his forearms and squeezed Jason as he enveloped him tightly-- very tightly. His whole body jerked uncontrollably with each burst of semen.

Pump after powerful pump-- David fucked the daylights out of Jason. It seemed to go on for hours. But finally, David slowed down.

And then he collapsed onto Jason. Jason ran his hands all over David’s back and ass, holding him, comforting him, congratulating him, consoling him, kissing him.

David breathed hard. He rested on top of Jason, his eyes closed in a serene peace. A small smile formed on his lips.

Jason continued to caress. God David was heavy. Jason had a hard time breathing, but he prayed that David would never get up. But like all of the other prayers he had prayed in his lifetime, this one would go unanswered as well. David finally started to stir. He pushed up and paused, looking longingly into Jason’s eyes.

“You okay?” David asked.

Jason paused before speaking, not really knowing how to phrase his feelings. Finally he said softly, “I-- uh-- no, I’m not.” Then he smiled reassuringly. “And I don’t think I’ll ever recover-- from you.”

David grinned. He bent forward and the two kissed-- it was a long, slow kiss.

“I don’t want you to get up,” Jason whispered.

David moaned very softly, kissing Jason’s neck. “Okay,” he whispered back. “We can stay like this for as long as you want.”

“How about forever…”

David chuckled. “Don’t you think your parents might be a little shocked to come home and find us like this next to the pool?”

Jason laughed-- and as he did, he winced. His ribs hurt.

“You alright?” David asked. He could tell Jason was uncomfortable. He started to pull out.

“No!” Jason pleaded. “I’m okay. Don’t pull out.”

David pushed back in, and Jason smiled. “But we need to get you off this cement,” David said. It’s probably killing your back.” With that, David wrapped his strong arms under Jason’s back and lifted him up. With Jason’s legs still wrapped around David’s waist, and David’s cock firmly entrenched in the teen’s body, David stood up in the knee-high water. Jason wrapped his arms around David, and David started walking in the water.

“Oh god, this feels so good,” Jason whispered. David made his way into a little deeper water. The two men continued to embrace.

Jason rested his head on David’s shoulder. “You don’t feel like you’re getting soft at all,” he said.

“I’m not,” David confirmed. He flexed his rod and Jason shuttered. He could feel his organs move inside as David’s giant penis pushed at them. “I could go again, dude,” David confided.

“Really?” his head was still resting on David’s broad shoulder.

“Yeah. You okay with that?”

“Oh, god. This is the best feeling I’ve ever had, man,” Jason said. “Please, fuck me again.”

David chuckled. The two of them squeezed each other, then kissed.

And as they stood in the water, David pumped him once again, filling Jason to overflowing.

They fucked well into the night-- in the pool-- in the hot tub-- on the recliners, eventually retiring to Jason’s bedroom, filling the evening with blow jobs, hand jobs and two more rounds of David-fucks.

They slept late into the morning. They showered in Andy and Sue’s large twin shower, and then David got dressed to cross the street.

“You’ll be coming back to the party tonight, won’t you?” Jason asked as David was leaving.

“Didn’t know I was invited…” David smiled. “Don’t you think I might stand out a little bit-- I mean, it’s just going to be high school kids isn’t it? You think they’ll be okay with some old 24 year-old fogy hanging around?”

Jason laughed. “Yes, you definitely will stand out, but that’s the idea. I want to see what my friends think of my new neighbor. Besides, I need you to open the beers, remember?”

David laughed. “Okay, dude. I’ll be here.”




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