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David & Goliath – CHAPTER SIX

by Sean Reid Scott 

Staring David McAllister


[Author’s note: This story contains sex acts between men, and is thus intended for ADULTS ONLY. If you are not an adult who wants to read this kind of smut, please do not continue. The characters in this story are played by professional, fictional actors and are not intended to represent any real people. Any similarities with actual people are unintentional and should be ignored.]



oF COURSE, DAVID WAS A “top.” Now, you could say that since he had never been penetrated, he was a virgin. But that word was only partially applicable to David, because he did-- of course-- have quite an extensive sexual “resume,” if you will.

But he had never been fucked.

Now, he found himself looking up at the most muscular, powerful man he had ever seen-- someone whom he had never imagined existed; someone who was bigger, stronger and “more” than he was. Goliath was uncovering things inside David that he never knew were there. Unfortunately, the services of a psychologist were not readily available at the moment, and even if they were, David would have told the guy to fuck off. He wanted Goliath. He wanted to resist-- but he wanted to be overcome as well.

David tried to resist. He really did. He had the strength to resist. Shit, he was a powerful man. Fuck, Goliath held his legs only with his arms, and even though the black giant’s arms were unbelievably powerful, they certainly would be no match for David’s inhuman legs.

But again, something deep inside David didn’t want to throw Goliath across the room. He certainly could have shoved him away like that.

But he didn’t.

Goliath looked at David and smiled. “You’re ready, aren’t you.”

David didn’t answer. His splayed legs, offering no resistance, was his answer.

Goliath put David’s legs down and crawled up onto him again, sitting on his chest. His leather-covered penis hovered over David’s face. Fuck, it was huge! “We’ve got to get rid of the cock jacket, man,” Goliath smiled. “You think you can help me get it off?”

David nodded, silently.

David lifted his head and began inspecting the leather jacket more closely. Along the top side, opposite the huge ridge formed by Goliath’s urethra, there was a miniscule crease that, upon closer examination, turned out to be the coverings for a special plastic zipper. He lifted the end of the leather, closest to the cock ring, and discovered the pull for the zipper. It was quite a bit smaller than a regular zipper, and as he slowly started to unzip it, he could see that Goliath’s penis was protected from being pinched by the zipper by a generous layer of leather that was part of the whole getup. Once David got it started, he looked up at Goliath’s face while he unzipped it. The zipper only went about half way up the shaft, then stopped. He’d have to pull the jacket off the rest of the way. But first, he disconnected the jacket’s straps that were connected to the large cock ring. The straps were attached to the cock ring by snaps, and when David undid them, the ring remained-- the leather pulled away, obviously held close by the straps.

David began to pull on the jacket. God, it was tight. It gave quite a bit of resistance, and as his muscular hands wrapped around the stiff shaft, he had to shimmy it to get it to move. But finally it gave, and David gently slipped it off.

Holy shit! Goliath’s cock seemed to swell as the constricting leather was removed. Clad in the leather, it had already been thicker than David’s, but now-- now that this “girdle” was removed, it plumped (well, maybe plumped isn’t the best word; there was nothing plump about this stiff, hard, rigid giant cock) into the thickest, biggest, longest plow-rod you could ever imagine! As it stretched out in all its glory, right above David’s face, David found himself aghast.

Goliath just grinned.

David allowed the leather jacket to fall to the floor next to the bed without even paying any attention to it. Almost involuntarily, he put one hand around Goliath’s massive boner. God-- it was so hard and big! David’s own penis was stiff to the point of being painful.

David slowly moved his fingers and palm up the long, thick shaft. It took forever for his hand to move over the ridges of blood vessels and reach the lip of the head, and when it finally did, David found his hand squeezing it… felling its weight and stiffness-- its girth. Fuck! Its girth was literally more than a beer can! A horse would be envious! Really!

Goliath smiled. He watched David lust.

David was certainly not used to this… seeing someone so much bigger. His hand met a bead of Goliath’s precum, and he squeezed the giant cock again, eliciting a renewed stiffening and a new dribble of clear honey.

Goliath’s body tightened. Clearly, he had never met a man equal to David, and the thought of conquering this giant was beginning to drive him wild.

David pulled down on Goliath’s dick and brought it to his mouth. As he enveloped it, and pulled it in with his lips, his strong hand slowly moved up and down it. He was reverent, almost worshipful.

Goliath moaned.

David’s lips massaged Goliath sensually. Farther and farther inside David’s mouth it went. He opened his throat and swallowed it as far as he could. While not getting it all the way to the hilt, he certainly got it farther than any man had previously gotten. He made it his goal to bring his mouth all the way to the cock ring. But even David’s throat couldn’t get it down that far.

Goliath put his hands on David’s head and “encouraged” him onward. It was the largest thing David had ever had in his mouth-- and he was loving it. He must have blown Goliath for fifteen minutes before he pulled out.

Goliath moved backward and laid down on top of David. David spread his legs. Goliath tipped his hips and lifted his butt so that his cock head was positioned at David’s door. David wrapped his huge arms around Goliath’s wide back and caressed the black man’s thick, massive back muscles. David’s cock rubbed against Goliath’s abs as Goliath positioned himself for the penetration. Both men moaned loudly. For Goliath, this was the biggest conquest of his lifetime. Never had he held such a magnificent specimen of muscle, manhood and power. For David, this was… well, it was unbelievable.

There were no words spoken between them. They gazed into each other’s eyes. They occasionally kissed sensually. Goliath’s mighty cock head moved to the opening that had never been fully penetrated. God, he was leaking copious amounts of precum! As it fastened itself against David’s anus, David jerked with surprise. It felt like a bowling ball! How in hell would he ever begin to contain it?

Goliath wanted to take it slowly. But the eroticism of lying on top of this muscleman was overwhelming him. He pressed.

David gasped.

Yet the two giants continued to embrace.

Goliath started kissing David passionately, and David returned the affection. Goliath bucked his hips again, and pressed harder against David’s inexperienced door. David groaned. Goliath’s ass-- muscular beyond belief-- tightened and flexed, rippling with waves of muscle, and he pressed even harder.

David seemed unwilling to let Goliath proceed.

Goliath broke the kiss, smiled down at David and said, “You can’t keep me out.” His demeanor was soft, but self-assured. David gave no response. He just gazed up at the gorgeous face.

Goliath, without breaking his gaze of David, pushed again, and the head of his penis began to force open the anus of our hero giant. David’s eyes widened, but he didn’t look scared. Indeed, he looked-- well, hopeful. Anticipatory. Longing.

Never had he ever-- ever felt this.

Gol pressed a little-- a tiny-- bit more. His massive, apple-sized head pushed David’s hole open a fraction. Like a camera adjusting its iris, his anus opened, adjusting to the “light” of a man whom he never imagined could exist. Goliath pressed his massive body onto David’s even more.

David lusted for more.

This was so-- so-- so new.

Goliath embraced David, marveling at his size, his girth, his muscle. He had never seen such a man. Such an epitome of muscular virility. And even though David was more than he had ever seen, HE was still more.

And David knew.

Gol’s penis head pressed. It pressed harder, forcing open the impenetrable. And that fact pressed on Goliath even more.

With epic inevitability, Goliath’s massive cock head opened up David’s muscular, virgin ass. It moved inside. It pushed. It forced.

David winced.

It was huge. It was big. It was large. It was-- unreal. All those men he had fucked. All those young teenage men he had violated. All those youthful aspiring bodybuilders who had lusted after him. They ALL filled David’s mind at this moment. Now he knew… he knew what they must have felt.

He was feeling it himself.

Gol’s massive, striated, ripped muscles enveloped David, even as his massive, stiff rod invaded him. He was all around him. He was inside him. The two were one now, and David was the submissive.

Goliath’s wide cock head moved inside David’s ass, and David’s strong hole immediately wrapped around the lip of the head with a whimper that came from David’s mouth. David’s abs contracted and his rectum-- almost involuntarily-- contracted, wrapping around the massive head.

David’s eyes looked up into Goliath’s eyes with lust, wonder and hesitation. But as Gol’s immense cock began to invade his virgin ass, David’s wonder was replaced by… by awe. This cock was huge! Maybe it was the fact that none had ever ventured here. Maybe it was just the fact that Gol was so muscular and virile.

David-- he had portrayed brutish cops, hunky musclegods, virile domineering brutes. And here he was-- on the receiving end.

Goliath’s girth was unbelievable. It opened David’s ass slowly, painfully. David’s face became pained.

It hurt.

And yet, it felt so good.

Goliath pushed harder. This was his greatest-- by far-- conquest. The muscular man beneath him was obviously not used to being dominated. What greater victory could there be than one who had always been the victor.

Oh god.

Was it the newness?

Goliath’s muscular body forced its way inside the muscular hero. Pushing. Forcing. With each centimeter, David felt its hugeness. Oh, it was much larger than his own. His rectum expanded. It opened.

Was he welcoming this?

Where was his strength?

Why was he somehow --welcoming this?

Finally, it was unstoppable. Goliath pushed, slowly inserting-- asserting himself inside the man who had never been a bottom. David moaned. Goliath grinned as his hard body forced its way inside David’s.

It was the ROD.

A rod that made David feel small.

Oh, I know… the reader of this tome must feel somehow… defeated right now. I mean, David has always been the top-- the invader-- the dominant. Indomitable.

And then comes Gol.


But what can I say? Goliath came along and messed that all up!

David’s rectum began to burn. The unholy girth of Goliath’s ramrod moved in farther and farther; and with each centimeter it expanded David-- it filled him.

For the first time in his life, someone else was… inside him.

God, he felt for all those others. All those men who were strong, virile and muscular-- those men he had dominated. Now David was learning first hand what it felt like.

He looked up into Goliath’s eyes. Goliath was in the zone. He was pushing. He was winning-- the stronger. The top. The most muscular. He was concentrating. With each slight push of his hips, he moved in farther.

David could feel himself bloating.

It seemed to move up forever, filling more than he thought was available.

At last, as Goliath’s huge, warm body scrunched on top of David’s and his cock pressed to the hilt. It could go no farther.

David was in pain. Oh, it hurt… so… good.

And Goliath was in heaven. To have such a huge, musclegod in his control…

Then the torturous sex began. Well, to say “torturous” might be a little bit of a stretch. For David, though, the sex was so powerful and new that it seemed like mental torture.

Goliath began to move his penis-- inside David’s anus-- very slowly. Very slowly.

Goliath moved-- back and forth. And with each millimeter of movement he drove David wild-- insane with lust. He could feel Goliath inside him. The black giant’s mammoth cock rocked-- slowly. And with each tiny amount of movement, Goliath came closer to climax. Holding this huge muscleman-- a man beyond all belief-- in his grasp, and fucking him-- it was something that Goliath had never experienced before.

As Goliath’s giant cock moved back and forth inside David-- slowly and surely-- David’s sensitive anus and rectum went wild with a newfound sensation.

Eventually-- after what seemed like hours of minimalist fucking-- David’s huge rod began to spew forth copious amounts of semen. It spurt from his cock and began to fill the space between the two giants’ abdominals.

And Gol’s cock-- stiff and thick beyond belief-- slowly rocked, back and forth-- back and forth. Goliath smiled, and he hugged David. His face moved close to the white giant’s mouth, and soon they were both lost in a passionate kiss.

And still David came.

David’s giant cock continued to spurt rope after long rope of semen into the small space between the men’s abs. The two men hugged. They kissed.


Oh god, it was passionate. David wrapped his huge arms around the muscular back of Goliath, and the massive black man embraced David like he had embraced none other before. With Goliath’s tongue deep inside his mouth, David’s vocal chords moaned and groaned with every spurt of his ejaculate.

And then…

As David continued to uncontrollably ejaculate round after forceful round of semen and sperm into the crevasse that made up the gap between them, Goliath moved to the point of no return. His massive, muscular arms wrapped tightly around David’s wide shoulders. His strong hands moved between David’s broad back and the bed below-- and his cock-- that incomparable organ of manhood-- pushed tightly inside and seemed to swell as it-- finally-- began-- to-- ejaculate-- with a force that could remove paint from a cement wall.

Powerful blasts of cum began to fill David’s rectum.

David wailed, as his ass was pumped to overflowing.

Goliath’s embrace was unbelievable.

Although David’s broad shoulders and muscular torso easily took the pressure of Goliath’s mighty, constricting arms, David could feel the immense pressure they exerted as Goliath came. The muscles on Goliath’s huge back rippled. His enormous body bucked and jerked with each ejaculation. He began to moan loudly-- you could even say he yelled occasionally. His arms rippled. His taut ass rippled. Soon, he was out of control with the most passionate orgasm he had ever had.

And David’s orgasm renewed.

The two muscle monsters came and came.

After nearly a half hour of orgasm, Goliath finally relaxed. He caressed David, kissing him tenderly. Then, he started to pull out. His massive cock, wet and hard, popped out of David’s ass audibly. David winced.

Then, amazingly, Goliath turned from David and looked to Austin.

Austin had shot two loads of semen into the air-- about 15 minutes apart-- as he watched Goliath and David have sex.

Goliath grinned, lifted his huge body off David’s spent mass, and turned to the blond hunk. He strutted over to Austin-- his huge cock sticking up in to the air. His orgasm had no effect on its tumescence.

“Ah yes,” Reed smiled, wiping some semen from his lips-- origin unknown. “Our giant’s appetite is insatiable.”

David watched, as Austin yelled. Austin began to rattle his chains in fear. Although David had enjoyed his time with Goliath, Austin looked at the huge muscle giant with horror. He was unwilling to submit again to the torture of having Goliath’s huge cock split him open.

“Goliath,” David called. “Leave him alone. Come back to me.”

Goliath ignored David.

Austin continued to react in horror.

David stood up. “Goliath. Leave him alone! Come back here. I can satisfy you. I want you.”

Goliath ignored David and continued to walk toward Austin.

Ivan and Reed smiled.

Goliath finally reached Austin. Austin froze. Goliath’s hand moved up and down Austin’s hip, leg, butt and back. He moved even closer. He rubbed his baseball bat-sized cock on Austin’s muscular torso, closing his eyes in his lust.

Reed took a shot from yet another glass, catching David’s glance.

As Austin continued his violent protests, jerking his chains and yelling, Goliath moved to Austin’s back side and slid his giant cock between Austin’s ass cheeks. He moved his hands onto Austin, rubbing his big muscles with lust.

David reacted immediately. He grabbed Goliath’s leather cock jacket, rushed Reed and grabbed the heavy shot glasses. There were three.

Goliath pulled his cock into alignment.

“Goliath,” David yelled. “Leave him alone!” David held the three shot glasses in his hand.

Goliath ignored David.

As Goliath’s massive penis began to push against Austin’s butt hole, and as Austin’s eyes opened wide in horror, David moved closer, talking as he walked: “Goliath. This is your last warning. Move away from the musclegod!”

Goliath practically sneered at David.

David moved one of the hard, solid shot glasses from his left hand and placed it in the fold of the leather cock wrapper. Lifting his powerful arm, he began to swing the leather strip with the heavy shot glass, in circles above his head.

Goliath’s plump cock head began to penetrate Austin. Austin yelled in pain.

And a reader with even the most rudimentary exposure to Old Testament lore will probably be able to guess what happened next. David’s powerful body circled the shot glass round and round. With astounding precision, David let the glass fly-- and fly it did, straight to Goliath’s forehead.

Stunned, Goliath fell backward, his cock head popping out of Austin’s ass.

Austin turned his head behind him to see what had happened. He saw the giant black man stumble backward; but Goliath didn’t fall to the ground. He shook his head, rubbed his forehead and blinked his eyes. Not clearly understanding what had happened, he moved back to Austin’s ass and tried to resume his raping of the gorgeous muscle hunk.

But David’s second shot hit even harder. This time, Goliath fell to the ground behind Austin. He reeled in pain, holding his head. As David started to move closer to Goliath and Austin, Goliath started to recover. He looked at David and his face filled with anger. He stood. His unbelievably huge, muscular body flexed-- almost in a “hulk”-style most muscular pose. He was pissed.

David swung the third shot glass in the leather casing and released it just as Goliath started to lunge at him. The third glass landed right on Goliath’s temple. Goliath fell to the ground with a loud thud. He lay there motionless.

Reed, Ivan and David all rushed to the fallen giant. David put his ear to Goliath’s nose. There was no breath. David placed his hand on Goliath’s massive, hairless chest. There was no movement.

Goliath was dead.


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