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by Sean Reid Scott 

Staring David McAllister


[Author’s note: This story contains sex acts between men, and is thus intended for ADULTS ONLY. If you are not an adult who wants to read this kind of smut, please do not continue. The characters in this story are played by professional, fictional actors and are not intended to represent any real people. Any similarities with actual people are unintentional and should be ignored.]



jHE MOVING TRUCK WAS PULLING AWAY just as the Johnsons pulled into the cul-de-sac. “Looks like someone’s finally moved into the Miller’s house,” Jason said.

“I hope its a nice family,” Sue said, sounding too much like a busybody mother.

The garage door to the house was still open. The garage was full-- to overflowing-- with furniture and boxes. Apparently whoever it was that moved in had a lot of unpacking to do.

Andy Johnson pulled the Suburban into their driveway and clicked the remote to open their garage door. Their house was the biggest on the cul-de-sac, and that was saying a lot, since this was one of Austin, Texas’ more affluent neighborhoods. All of the homes in this neighborhood had been built within the last two years, and all of them were at least 3,000 square feet. The Johnson’s was over 4,000.

As the garage door opened and they drove inside, they passed Jason’s pride and joy-- his 1974 Dodge Charger-- completely refurbished and tricked out-- which was parked to the side of their driveway. Andy parked the rig on the left side of Sue’s car-- a BMW 325i. On the left (it was a four-car garage) was Andy’s “work” car-- a BMW 740.

Yeah, they had money.

As the Johnsons got out and stepped into the garage, each of them looked at the house across the street for any signs of who their new neighbors might be. But there was none. Andy clicked the button on the garage wall and the door slowly closed.

“Don’t leave your Bible in the back seat, Jason,” Sue ordered.

Jason complied, retrieving the leather-bound book.

“Dinner should be ready in about 45 minutes,” Sue continued as she entered the kitchen, calling out the announcement to no one in particular.

“I’m going to wash my car, then,” Jason said as he dashed upstairs to change. Not only did Jason pamper his car day and night, he secretly loved the opportunity to strip down to his shorts and show off his ripped body to anyone who might happen to look out their window on this hot June day. Jason threw his Bible onto his bed and quickly started to take off his Sunday best clothes. Within a minute, he was admiring his tall, muscular 18-year-old body in the mirror of his big bedroom. He lifted the hem of his cargo shorts to take a look at his quads. Fuck-- he was really huge for a teenager. His thigh rippled as he tightened it and flexed. He pushed the air out of his lungs and watched his abs as the skin covering them seemed to recede to nothing, revealing hard rocks of muscle. Yeah, it was time to wash the car.

Jason met his dad, Andy, on his way down the stairs. Andy gave his son a side-five as Jason flew past. Man, he’s looking so good. Those hours in the gym are paying off, Andy thought.

Andy continued upward and changed into something more conducive to summer weather. As he did so, he glanced out the dormer window at the house across the street, trying again to see if he could see his new neighbors. Still nothing. They must be inside, unpacking stuff, he thought. He walked out of the bedroom toward the den, casting a wary eye down the stairs toward the kitchen. He could hear Sue preparing Sunday dinner. Good. She’ll be busy for awhile. He continued into the den and walked behind the desk, which had a computer monitor strategically positioned so that passers-by and those who might enter the den uninvited couldn’t see the screen. Andy was already getting hard. He clicked open his browser-- one that he kept in a secluded folder of his hard-drive-- and checked his email. Listening to all the sounds coming from the kitchen, Andy clicked on one of his bookmarked sites and started to lust. The thumbnail images filled the screen, and occasionally Andy clicked on one and the picture filled his view.

He rubbed his crotch through his shorts.

Jason opened the garage door and grabbed a bucket, filling it with warm, soapy water. He carried the bucket out to the cement driveway and sat it down. Unreeling the hose from the side of the garage, he began to spray his car down.

Once it was wet, he grabbed a rag from the soapy water and slapped it on the top of his car. He began to swish it around and around, taking the time to appreciate his very large arm development. As he tossed the rag back into the bucket something caught his eye. There was movement in the garage across the street. Jason picked up the hose and began washing off the soap from his car, occasionally looking into that garage.

“Whatcha doing?” Sue’s voice surprised Andy, and he nervously, almost violently, flicked his mouse to switch to the Quicken program he always kept running for emergencies such as this. The computer lagged, and it took a few seconds to send the porno window behind his check register-- seconds in which his heart neither beat nor his lungs moved air.

“Oh, uh, nothin’” he said. He looked about as innocent as a fox emerging from a hen house with feathers all over his mouth. “Just seein’ how we’re doing this month,” he said. He lifted his arms up and wide in a fake stretch. His behavior was a dead giveaway as to his guilt, but Sue, trusting to a fault, didn’t pick up on any of it.

“Oh-- how are we doing?” Sue said, moving around the desk to see what her husband was learning about their finances. She placed her hand on Andy’s broad shoulder; fortunately it wasn’t his chest, because if she had, she surely would have been able to feel his heart pounding at a very rapid rate.

“Good. Good,” Andy said. He pointed to the deposit from his paycheck the week earlier. “Looks like my new raise has kicked in.”

Sue smiled. “Good,” she said, walking around the desk again toward the door. “I wanted to re-do the drapes in the living room.”

Andy smirked as his wife looked back at him with a big smile on her face. “Whatever you want, honey. Whatever you want.”

His mock sarcasm made Sue laugh. “You’re learning, dear. You’re learning,” she said as she left the room. “Dinner in fifteen minutes.” She walked across the hall to their bedroom.

Andy nearly collapsed. He changed back to his browser and returned to his lustful leering. The sermon that morning had been on temptation, but Andy couldn’t remember any of it at this particular moment.

Just as the last of the soap was being rinsed off the top of the Charger, Jason finally saw some more movement across the street. Whoever was inside the garage was coming out into the driveway to retrieve one of the many stacked boxes there-- or maybe one of those dining room chairs. But as the man emerged into the sunlight, Jason froze. Then he blinked his eyes-- hard. He could hardly believe what he was seeing. The guy was huge! I mean, he was gigantic! He wore a white T-shirt and some khaki shorts, and flip flops. But even with that amount of clothing covering his body, Jason was totally overwhelmed with the guy’s size-- and muscular definition. The guy had jet black hair, with one curl resting on his forehead. He actually looked a lot like some morphed version of Superman!

As the guy walked around the piled boxes of clothes and books, and the scattered furniture on the driveway, Jason couldn’t take his eyes off of him. He was way over six feet tall. He was like poetry. But so huge! His shoulders and chest looked like blocks of granite. Jason shuddered to think what kind of weight this guy must put up when working his delts and pecs. And then those arms: Truly unbelievable! The guy’s T-shirt sleeves looked like they would rip if he so much as danced his triceps. In fact, the rim of the short sleeves were bunched up high into the crevasse formed between deltoid and triceps. And his waist was incomprehensibly small. The T-shirt wasn’t tucked in, so Jason couldn’t tell really-- but judging from the taut bubble butt that the guy’s shorts held, he must have a rack of a six-pack that would make any guy weep with envy.

The man continued to walk around the driveway, looking into some of the boxes. He clearly was hunting for something. He bent over and his back flared with an incredible “V” shape. God-- those lats! And that ass! And those legs! They looked bigger than the columns that adorned the sides of the front door of the guy’s house!

Finally it seemed that the huge man had found what he was looking for. He stood up, pulling something out of a box, then turned toward Jason. He stood tall and looked a little puzzled as he looked at Jason. Then a smile-- a smile of amusement-- formed on his beautiful face. “You plant some kind of crop on the cement there?” he called across the street to the muscular teenager.

Jason was immobile. He heard the guy say something to him, but he was unable to respond.

The guy laughed. “I think you’re going to need better soil there if you want something to grow there.”

Jason then realized what the guy had said, but replied with, “What?” anyway.

“The water,” the guy smiled. “You’re just watering your driveway there, dude.”

Embarrassed, Jason realized that he had left his hand on the hose sprayer and had been shooting a huge stream of water twenty feet into the air at about a 45 degree angle-- the whole time he had been watching the huge muscle hunk.

“Oh, shit,” Jason said. “I-- I mean, shoot.” He released his tight grip from the nozzle and the water stopped. Now doubly embarrassed, from staring at the guy and from cussing (not acceptable coming from this church-going kid), Jason found himself floundering as he put the hose down and clumsily grabbed for the rag again. “Sorry about that,” he said, robustly swishing the rag around the hood of his car, in no particular pattern.

As he nervously washed, in the corner of his eye he could see that the guy was crossing the street and approaching.

Oh shit, Jason thought.

Andy’s rigid cock spurt out a huge burst of cum. It spewed into the air and plopped onto his shirt. For a 43 year-old man, he certainly produced a large amount of semen. His thick, long cock pumped out a few more bursts as he tried to control himself. After all, Sue was only across the hall, and if she came out of the bedroom now, it’d be pretty hard to hide his erect penis, not to mention the big, wet globs of jizz that now stained his shirt. As he finished, he clicked his browser closed. He looked at his shirt while he pushed his cock back into his pants. This was going to be a problem.

Fortunately, Sue emerged from the bedroom and headed straight down the stairs back to the kitchen. Andy scurried into the bedroom and changed his shirt, hoping Sue wouldn’t notice that it was a different one than he had been wearing when she came into the den. He threw the shirt into the hamper and grabbed another one off the shelf. Walking out of their huge closet, back into the bedroom, Andy again looked out the window. What he saw nearly made him immediately hard again.

“Name’s David,” the huge man smiled as he extended his hand.

“Sorry-- I’m kinda wet,” Jason said nervously as he shook hands.

“No problem,” David smiled. The two broke the shake. Jason was beside himself. “And you are…” David prodded.

“Oh, sorry,” Jason said. “Uh-- I’m Jason. Jason Johnson.”

“Glad to meet you Jason,” David smiled.

Jason shuffled his feet. Man, he felt small.

David poked his thumb over his shoulder and said, “Just moving in.”

“Oh. Yeah,” Jason said, as if it were some kind of new revelation.

“Guess we’re going to be neighbors,” David continued.

“Yeah. Guess so.”

An uncomfortable silence. But David was used to these. He took them in stride.

Finally Jason said, “Uh, we just got back from church. You get everything unpacked yet?” The incongruity of his thoughts escaped his own notice, but not David’s.

David turned at looked at the disarray of his driveway and garage. He turned back to Jason and said, “Looks like it’ll be a little while.”

“Oh, yeah,” Jason smiled. “Guess so.” -- “You need anything? Help lifting some furniture or something?” He blushed as he looked at the huge muscles that bulged in front of his eyes. “Oh, sorry. I bet you don’t ever need help lifting anything.”

David smiled. “Well, as a matter of fact, I do have a couch that I could use a hand with.”

“Really? Oh, yeah. Uh-- I’d be glad to help, if you need it.”

“Hey there-- you must be the new neighbor,” Andy interrupted as he walked out of the garage. He did a fantastic job of hiding his amazement. “I’m Andy Johnson.” He had a shit-eating grin on his face as he extended his hand.

“David Roberts,” the muscleman smiled. “Good to meet you.”

Andy-- he should have been a politician the way he knew how to work people-- looked at the house across the street. “Looks like you have your job cut out for you.”

“Yeah,” David said. “Fortunately, your son here just volunteered to help out,” he smiled.

“With the couch,” Jason said, smiling. He seemed to have relaxed and regained his sense of humor now that dad was out here.

“With the couch,” David laughed. “No long-term commitment.”

“Geez, David,” Andy chimed back in, “The way you’re built, it looks like you’d have no problem moving just about anything.” He made no attempt to hide his admiration of David’s physique as his eyes moved down and over all those muscles.

Without a pause, David said, “Well, no matter how strong you are, an extra pair of hands are always welcome.” He looked to Jason and smiled.

Jason almost blushed with pride, knowing he was appreciated. He looked down and scuffed his feet on the cement.

Andy looked back at the house. “So, David, you have a Mrs. Roberts over there?”

David smiled. “Naw, its just me. I guess I’m destined to be a bachelor.”

“Really,” Andy declared. “So you gunna fill up that big house all by yourself?”

“Dad,” Jason said with a sarcastic tone, “I think he’s big enough to fill it up himself.”

David chuckled.

Adam examined David’s muscles again. “Indeed, son. Indeed. So, you must have quite a few bodybuilding trophies, huh David?”

“A few. Mostly have power lifting trophies, though. But some bodybuilding ones too.”

“I bet,” Andy said. “I bet.”

“So, you must be the new neighbor,” Sue said, practically falling out of the garage and into the conversation. “My name’s Sue.” Her eyes twinkled as she examined David.

“David Roberts,” David smiled as they shook hands.

“Sue Johnson,” Sue beamed. “Well, you and Mrs. Roberts must be in need of some lunch,” she continued. “Why don’t you take a break from unpacking and join us for Sunday dinner.” She paused for a second, and eyed David’s physique once again. God, he was huge. “Although, I hope I indeed have enough to satisfy your appetite, David. You must require quite a few calories to maintain a body like that!”

“It’s just me-- no Mrs.,” David smiled. “And I appreciate the offer. That’s very kind of you.”

“Just you,” Sue smiled. Her eyes seemed to sparkle with that revelation. “Well, no Mrs., huh? Then you must indeed be hungry for a family meal. Won’t you join us?”

David, a gentleman’s gentleman, didn’t press the fact that he was an accomplished chef in his own right. “I’d be delighted,” he smiled. “That’s very kind of you.”

“Well, of course,” Sue smiled. “Wouldn’t miss the opportunity to meet the new neighbor.”

“The couch. You want to do it first?” Jason interjected.

David walked to Jason and put his massive arm around the teen’s broad shoulders. “Yeah, man. You and I have a job to do first, dude.” He looked to Sue and said, “Do we have time to do that first?”

“Sure,” Sue answered. “But don’t take too long. My rotini casserole tastes best hot.”

“We’ll be done in ten minutes,” David assured her. He looked at Jason as if sizing him up. “Maybe eight.”

Jason welled inside. God, this huge muscleman seemed to really like him-- and respect him. It was literally like a dream. Ever since he was a kid, Jason had had a “thing” for muscular men-- something that he never-- ever-- shared, with anyone. He had spent countless hours on the computer in his room, masturbating to the pictures and video clips-- and erotic gay stories-- that showed muscular bodybuilders. And here was his new neighbor, David, with an arm bigger than a tree wrapped around him, holding him and appreciating him. It was unreal to Jason. He began to sprout a boner.

Jason had taken his affection for musclemen and transferred it to the pursuit of physical excellence in his own body. And he had done it with quite a bit of success. He had packed quite a bit of lean meat onto his six-foot frame-- and had also honed his skills enough to land himself the position of star quarterback on his high school football team. He had just finished up a spectacular junior year, and was poised for a great senior year in a few months. And with his quarterback status came the girls. He could have had any one he wanted. Fortunately for him, it was easy to cling to the conservative Christian values that his family characterized. He held to the idea that he was “saving himself” for marriage. And indeed, he actually had himself convinced that someday he’d get married. He had been dating Cherry for a couple of years now, and who knows-- maybe someday… But to be honest (and this isn’t to say that Jason was actually honest with himself about this), Jason’s affections were directed toward his cousin, Russ Edwards. Jason was the quarterback on the high school football team; Russ was a linebacker.

Jason and Russ had always been close, growing up together. They were best friends, really. But of course, Russ didn’t know what Jason really thought of him. Russ was maybe an inch shorter than Jason, but his muscular physique had probably over 20 pounds more muscle than Jason’s. In a word, Russ was stacked. And gorgeous. Jet black hair; deep, dark eyes; killer smile. Muscles everywhere-- especially those thick traps. Russ was Jason’s idea of a real man. And Jason was smitten with an infatuation for him. There wasn’t a day that went by that Jason didn’t jack off to thoughts of his cousin.

But here was this musclegod from another planet, seemingly, who made Jason forget all about Russ. Almost.

Andy looked longingly as David escorted his son across the street. He was just about to offer his services to assist, when Sue said, “Andy, can you help me with the salad?” She turned and headed back into the garage, assuming, correctly, that Andy would obey. Andy pushed down his anger and reluctantly followed his wife back into the house.

“You ever compete?” David asked Jason as they entered his garage.

“Compete?” Jason asked.

“Bodybuilding. You have quite a physique, dude. Lots of size and definition. And you’ve got some fuckin’ awesome symmetry, man,” David said. He lifted a few boxes off the couch that was in the garage, preparing it for the move inside.

“Shit, man,” Jason said, shocked. “Coming from a guy built like you, that’s pretty amazing.”

“Well? Have you?”

“Not exactly,” Jason said, taking another box off the couch and placing it on the garage floor. “But we did have kind of a bodybuilding show at our high school. I won Mr. Woodrow Wilson High,” he smiled. “For what that’s worth.”

“Cool, man,” David smiled. At this point the couch had been emptied of boxes. “We just need to take this through that door and into the living room,” he said.

As muscles bulged and the two men positioned and repositioned the couch, the heavy piece of furniture finally found itself in the living room. David’s arms just freaked Jason out.

“Man, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as well built as you,” Jason said.

“Thanks,” David smiled. He didn’t offer anything further, just humble thanks.

“You join a gym yet?” Jason asked.

“Yeah-- the FitShed, down on Francisco Boulevard looked pretty good. They even gave me a discount if I let them use some pictures of me in their advertising,” David said, sounding excited about the deal.

“Awesome, man!” Jason smiled. “That’s where I work out.”

“Cool. We’ll probably be seeing a lot of each other then. But actually, I have quite a bit of equipment of my own too. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. I’ll be setting it up down in the basement so I’ll be getting in some of my workouts here, too,” David said.

“Nice,” Jason offered. “Well, if you ever need a spot, just let me know.”

David smiled. “I’m already planning on it, dude.”

• • • • •

“For thy great bounty, we thank thee; amen.” Andy finished the prayer and opened his eyes. “Well, dig in everyone.”

Sue offered David the casserole, and the food started to move around the table.

“I’m sure you’ve worked up quite an appetite, David, so don’t be shy. There’s plenty,” Sue encouraged.

“Thank you. Thank you for inviting me over,” David said as he helped himself. “Everyone here in Austin has been so hospitable. I can tell I’m going to like it here.”

“So where are you moving from?” Andy asked.

“San Diego,” David said, taking a big serving of salad. “But I’m originally from Baltimore.”

“And what do you do?” Sue prodded, taking a bite of casserole.

“I’m a production manager for Stringham Helicopters. We’re opening up a plant here in Austin.”

“That must keep you pretty busy,” Andy said.

“It does; but I can do a lot of the work out of my home. It has a nice mix of travel, working with people and home-office work.”

“My, where do you find the time to keep in such good shape?” Sue asked. “I’d imagine your workouts would take up quite a bit of your time.”

“Five days a week-- one hour per workout,” David said. He took a bite of corn-on-the-cob. “It’s not how long your workouts are,” he continued. “It’s how smart they are.”

The four of them continued with the meal, making small talk. It was a beautiful afternoon and the Johnson’s back yard table brimmed with good food and conversation, not to mention lust. The pool sparkled on the other side of the patio.

“Well, David,” Sue said, “you’ll have to come over and try out our pool once you get settled.”

“Indeed,” Andy agreed. “In fact, you make yourself welcome over here whenever you want. Feel free to come on over for a dip whenever you like.”

“That’s very kind of you. Thank you,” David said. “I just might take you up on that offer,” he smiled.

Jason’s heart rate increased at that thought.

• • • • •

It had been a few hours since David had gone back across the street-- with Jason tagging along to help the muscleman unpack. Andy and Sue had retired to their bedroom for a nap, although Andy couldn’t sleep. Sue gave out a few, quiet snorts as she slept, and Andy silently got up off the bed and went into the den.

David Roberts. The google search returned quite a few results, so Andy decided to narrow the search by adding first San Diego, and then Baltimore. He scanned page after page of results, not finding anything definite. Finally, he clicked on the “image” link, and his screen filled with thumbnails.

But none of them were of his new neighbor. None.

Andy closed his browser. He went downstairs and crossed the street to see what was up with David and his son. He entered David’s garage and went into the kitchen. Hearing voices, he followed them, and ended up walking down to David’s basement.

“Oh hi, Dad,” Jason said as Andy rounded the corner. Jason and David were standing in the middle of the mostly empty room. There were a few weights scattered around, but it was a big room, and there wasn’t really much in it.

“Hey, Andy,” David smiled. “I hope you don’t think I kidnapped your son.”

Andy’s memory of David’s imposing physique hadn’t done it justice. His throat tightened. “Uh-- no, not at all. I-- uh, just wanted to make sure he wasn’t bothering you.” He turned to Jason and said, “Jason, he’s probably go a lot of work to do…”

David interrupted. “No, not at all. He’s actually been quite a help. We’re just taking a little break here-- I was showing Jason where I’m going to set up my home gym.”

After a few minutes of small talk, Andy reminded Jason that he had to be at work in an hour.

“Oh shoot,” Jason said. He looked at David.

“No problem, dude,” David said. “We’ll be talkin’ later. Thanks for your help.”

Forlorn, Jason turned and hiked up the stairs.

“This is going to be one huge workout room, David,” Andy said. “But then, I guess a guy built like you uses quite a bit of equipment.” He tried to take his eyes off David’s hulking body and look around the room, but each time he did, it was as if David himself was commanding Andy’s eyes to return to examine his muscles more.

David moved to one wall and casually leaned against it.

God, he was so good looking.

“You have a very nice son, there, in Jason,” David smiled as he crossed his large arms. “And he certainly has a lot of potential, as far as bodybuilding goes. When we were talking, he expressed quite an interest in pursuing it.”

“Yeah, we’ve talked about it a little,” Andy said. “But I don’t think he was that interested, until he saw you.”

David smiled. “Well, he has a very good genetic foundation for bodybuilding. He could go far. He obviously received some fantastic genes from his father.”

Andy practically blushed. “Well-- uh, thanks.”

David could see the effect he was having on Andy. He had seen it countless times before-- the constant stares, the longing gazes at his arms and chest, the growing tree branch in Andy’s shorts. “You ever do any competing?”

“Me?” Andy scoffed. “No-- huh. No. I just like to keep in shape.” He shuffled his feet. “But I guess-- maybe-- yeah, I guess deep down, I’ve always thought it’d be cool.”

“Well, once I get this room set up, you and Jason are welcome to come over whenever you like-- I’d enjoy having some company.” David continued to watch Andy. His cheeks were becoming flushed and his boner was continuing to strain against his shorts. David walked toward him. “How long have you been interested in bodybuilding, Andy?”

“Oh, I don’t know… I guess since I was a kid.”

“Yeah,” David said as he continued to approach, “me too. I remember looking at magazines when I was a kid-- and then the Internet when I was a little older. There were some pretty inspirational bodies to look at.”


“Of course, when I started working out,” David added, “then I could see some of those guys up close.”

“I’ll bet it didn’t take long for you to turn the tables,” Andy said nervously. “I mean-- you probably cause a riot whenever you walk into a gym now,” he smiled.

David smiled back, stopping right in front of Andy. “Guess I cause quite a few things to happen,” he said. He looked down at the obscene erection in Andy’s summer shorts. “Sorry if I caused that.”

“Oh-- um, man,” Andy gushed. He turned red.

David casually leaned against the wall again, next to Andy. “Don’t worry about it, man,” he said. “Happens all the time.”

Andy tried to adjust it-- to hide it-- but it wasn’t possible.

“You mind if I take my T-shirt off?” David asked, looking a little devious. “I don’t think the air conditioning is on. Guess I’ll have to adjust the thermostat.”

Andy’s embarrassment faded only slightly, joined by a look of hope.

“I don’t know,” David said, still leaning against the wall, “maybe I’ll be able to provide you with some of that inspiration you need to really get into bodybuilding.” He raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“Yeah--” Andy said nervously. “I’m sure you will.”

“Cool,” David grinned. He stood straight and slowly lifted his shirt off, struggling with its tightness as he forced it over his gargantuan muscles. He let it drop to the floor.

Andy actually gasped.

David’s immense muscles bulged with life and strength. You know how some guys look big and strong-- but they actually look a lot better with their shirt on? Not David. No way. What immediately caught Andy’s eye-- aside from the inhuman size and definition of every muscle-- was that David had a thick, full matte of hair on his chest. Andy had totally expected David to be completely shaven-- you know, the bodybuilder look. But David’s thick chest sported a lush carpet that cascaded down onto his eight-pack, and farther, flowing sensuously into his shorts. David drew a deep breath and his monster chest expanded.

“Oh my god,” Andy said. This outburst surprised and shocked the church elder. Using God’s name in vain was not in style for such a religious man-- a leader in his church. Of course, lusting after another man’s body was also a sin; but that taboo didn’t seem to bother him-- at the moment.

David just stood there, allowing Andy to take in his physique. It was a body like none other. Shoulders out to here. Arms as big as watermelons. Traps like book-ends supporting a neck that made a fire hydrant look skinny.

Andy’s eyes moved down to David’s pecs-- two slabs of beef that could have crushed a metal rod in their cleft. Below, and to the back, David’s lats spread like the wings of a Concorde. Lower, David’s river rock wall of abdominal muscle narrowed like milk being poured from a pitcher into his khaki shorts. Supporting that taut waistline were two legs that spread outward with such massive musculature that Andy actually gasped again as he looked at them.

“You okay?” David smiled.

“Uh, yeah--” Andy said. “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m used to it. Buy you look a little faint. You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

David moved closer. Slowly, he extended his hand and placed it on Andy’s iron-hard cock. He squeezed the fabric. “I’m sorry about this. I can tell you’re uncomfortable.”

Andy just froze with his mouth open, looking into David’s electric-blue eyes. David held his hand on Andy’s crotch. It must have been a whole minute. Occasionally David would re-adjust his grip, but he didn’t really squeeze it very hard. “I guess we have a choice here,” David said.

“Yeah?” Andy asked, dry mouthed.

“Well, the way I see it, I can put my shirt back on and you can walk up those stairs and go back home-- or… you can let me take care of this for you,” David said, wrapping his big hand around Andy’s stiff boner through his shorts.

“Uh huh?” Andy mumbled.

“So… what do you think?” David’s massive arm tightened right in front of Andy’s torso. God, it was the biggest thing Andy had ever seen.

Andy turned his head, battling the monsters in his mind.

David slowly slid his strong hand down Andy’s rod, and Andy immediately turned his face back to the gorgeous muscleman.

“So… you going to be heading for those stairs?” David asked.

Andy slowly shook his head.

“Didn’t think so,” David smiled.

 • • • • •

Jason closed the till drawer, stepped backward and leaned against the counter behind him. The lunch rush was over and there was finally a let-up in the traffic through the drive-through. He reached behind himself, grabbed a purple paper cup and filled it with ice and diet Pepsi.

It was funny-- whenever Jason had a spare moment, his mind always seemed to return to David. It made Jason feel uncomfortable, because although he had always been drawn to muscular men, he never had had an infatuation like this-- well, if you didn’t count Russ. And an infatuation was exactly what it was. He was smitten with David.

And why not… In the two days since he had first seen David, the two of them had really formed quite a bond-- talking a lot about bodybuilding and weightlifting, diet, competition, the envy of others. They had even alluded to masturbation, although that might have just been wishful thinking on Jason’s part.

The ding of the drive-through bell alerted Jason to the fact that another customer had driven up to the order microphone. “Good afternoon, I can help you whenever you’re ready,” he said as he pressed his hip-mounted microphone button.

“Okay-- I’ll have three Grande Burritos. Six-- no make it seven soft tacos, and… let’s see… two steak quesadillas. And a large diet Pepsi. And a large water please.” The voice sounded familiar.

Jason looked up at the monitor. The picture wasn’t very good-- just a small black and white image. But what Jason saw was enough to make his heart skip a beat. It was David! He was in a black convertible. And he wore a tank top. Even in this horrible TV monitor, Jason could easily tell who it was. David’s mass was unmistakable.

Jason repeated the order and gave the price and told David to pull up to the window without revealing who he was. When David got to the window, he was smiling broadly.

“Dude!” he grinned. “How’s it going?”

“David-- you eat this junk?” Jason smiled. He turned around to make sure his manager hadn’t heard.

“Yeah, occasionally.” The hot Texas sun beat off the car. It was only June, but it was still a pretty warm afternoon.

“How do you do it?” Jason asked. “I mean, I’d think you’d need to watch what you eat all the time to stay so lean.”

David smiled. “I got a high metabolism, dude.”

The two talked for a few minutes while Jason handed the drinks and the bags of food out the window-- it took a little while for the order to come up.

“What a cool coincidence to see you while I’m at work, man,” Jason smiled.

“Not a coincidence,” David offered. “You said you worked in the drive-through here, remember?”

“Oh yeah, I did. So, you just came to say ‘hi’?”

“Yep. And to have a little snack,” David smiled, patting one of the plastic bags Jason had just handed him.

“A snack,” Jason said with his eyebrows raised. “Just a snack.” He smiled.

“Gotta keep feeding the bod, man,” David grinned.

Their banter was interrupted by a horn honking. Jason looked up at the monitor and gulped. He hadn’t heard the bell ring, but there were at least five cars lined up to order.

“Dude, I gotta get back to work.”

“Good seein’ ya,” David said, pulling his car out of Park. “Why don’t you come over after you get off work.”

“Sure thing,” Jason said. “See ya--”

David drove off and Jason barely had time to revel in the contact with his idol. But he moved with a light step the rest of the afternoon.

• • • • •

Sue watched as David pulled his car into his driveway. His garage door opened and he drove inside, pulling in next to his Lincoln Navigator. It had only been a few days, and David had already cleaned out the garage.

Sue looked at the clock in the kitchen. 3:30. She pulled the pie off the window sill and made her way across the street.

“I thought you might enjoy a little neighborly welcome,” Sue said as David opened the door.

“Well, what a pleasant surprise,” David smiled. “But really, Mrs. Johnson, you already welcomed me on Sunday, with that delicious dinner!”

“Oh-- well, that was just a little opportunity to get to know you. This is the ‘official’ welcome,” she laughed nervously as she lifted the pie up to David. “I hope you like apple-- and please, call me Sue.”

David paused for a second. “Love apple, Sue,” he grinned. He stepped to the side and back. “Won’t you come in and enjoy some with me?”

The house wasn’t as big as the Johnson’s, but David had impeccable taste-- it was decorated to the nines. Not overdone, but just perfectly, especially for a bachelor. Sue followed David’s lead and the two went into the kitchen.

“You know, I have some ice cream in the freezer,” David offered. “Would you like some on top?”

“That sounds delicious,” Sue smiled.

David offered her a stool at the kitchen bar and he cut the pie and served it with ice cream. Sue sat on the dining room side of the counter, while David stood on the other side, in the kitchen. They ate and conversed, laughing and enjoying the pie and ice cream.

Although Sue was enjoying much more than that. David’s hulking tank top-clad physique was driving her crazy. Her eyes couldn’t get enough of him. and that gorgeous face!

“So, David, when are you going to come over and take us up on our offer to enjoy our pool? It’s just sitting over there, waiting for someone to use it,” Sue said as she stood and walked around the end of the bar to put her dish in the sink.

David followed her to the sink to place his own dish there as well. He stood right behind her-- closely. Sue didn’t move; she looked out the kitchen window above the sink as David reached around her and gently placed his dish on top of hers. David’s huge arm filled her sight. “I was just waiting for the right time,” David said. His hulking body pressed against Sue’s back. She practically shivered.

David put his hands on Sue’s shoulders. “Thank you for the pie. I can tell I’m going to really enjoy being a part of this neighborhood.”

Sue slowly turned to face David. He didn’t give her much room. When she got turned around, her face was just about as high as the bottom of his chest. A thick, black tuft of hair poked out the top of his tank top neckline. David gently pressed his hips against Sue as he put his hands on her hips.

“And I can tell I’m going to enjoy having you as a neighbor,” Sue smiled. She looked up into David’s tender eyes, and slowly lifted her petite hand to David’s massive chest. The two stood looking at each other for the longest time. Their eyes twinkled. And Sue began moving her hand over the most massive pectoral muscles on the planet.


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