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Sir Nathan • 3

by Sean Reid Scott



IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY EVENING, and the Castle Square was filled with the king’s subjects, all waiting to get a glimpse of the man everyone had been talking about: Sir Nathan, of Joyous Garde. The kingdom had been buzzing with talk—talk about this huge man of muscle.

Of course, word had spread that this knight had been accused of homosexual acts with their own Sir Tanner. And the fact that the king had called for a special punishment session portended that it would be an extraordinary spectacle indeed.

The platform at one end of the square was curtained off. It was obvious that behind the curtain, preparations were being made for the public punishment session. The announced time of the session had come and passed, and the people who filled the square were getting restless. The pre-show entertainment, consisting of the court jester and a fire-eating man, stalled for time, but it was a tough audience.

Finally, a young serf—not yet through his pubescence—emerged from behind the curtain and announced that the show would start forthwith. The crowd responded with cheers and applause. Slowly, the blue velvet curtain parted, and the crowd gave a joint gasp when they saw Sir Tanner and a squire, both wearing only kilt-like wraps around their waists, standing at opposite ends of the stage. The squire, Stephen, was handsome, but not particularly muscular. Tanner, however, rippled with hundreds of stona of virile muscle—a vision that many in the castle had often wanted to see, but only few had, since most knights seldom removed their shirts.

But the spectacle of spectacles was the huge man who stood center stage: Sir Nathan. His physique was more stupendous than any the people had ever seen. He wore only a leather pouch, which barely held his obscenely large genitals. The pouch was held in place by a thin leather strap that hugged his tiny waist. He stood a full head taller than the large Tanner, and his body looked like it was strong enough to take on a dozen Tanners, and prevail. He stood, shackled against the rock wall, with his arms and legs splayed out. The people pointed and gasped as they attempted to take in the sheer size and development of this inhumanly muscular god.

Even with his arms spread straight out to his sides, his upper arm muscles—biceps and triceps—formed mounds of muscle as big as the biggest cannon ball in the kingdom. The “V” formation of his back muscles rivaled the span of any dragon in Middangeard. At Sir Nathan’s core, his rows of abdominal muscles matched the rock wall behind him for solidity and strength. And Nathan’s chest—his crowning feature—protruded forward toward the onlookers, with such breadth and depth as to take one’s breath away. Even the soft coating of black hair on Nathan’s pectorals couldn’t hide the occasional rippling and waving of their masses as he tested the strength of the shackles on his wrists.

From Nathan’s narrow waist, two columns of leg muscles spread outward, held in place by ankle shackles. His lower legs were larger than the upper legs of any man in Northfield, save, perhaps, Sir Tanner’s. But Nathan’s upper legs were without peer of any kind. Like the hindquarters of the noblest steed, they were solid, powerful masses of muscle, causing some observers to wonder how effective the shackles on the knight’s ankles would be, should he challenge them to his fullest.

Between those mighty upper legs hung cock & balls so large, so thick, so long as to rival the genitalia of the aforementioned noble steed. Indeed, the penis itself was barely contained by the unconvincing excuse for a cover, and its form was easily visible to all through the thin leather: The rim of his cock head, the thickness of the shaft, even the definition of some of the distended veins that wrapped the organ. Behind the constrained cock, Sir Nathan’s balls were not to be contained. They protruded outward, almost totally exposed, due to the inadequacy of the pouch.


“LADIES AND LORDS," THE SERF BEGAN, “we are gathered for a special punishment session, where we will witness justice being delivered. These three men are accused of engaging in homosexual acts, and their punishment will fit their crime. Additionally, Sir Nathan of Joyous Garde—one of these three—is charged with menacing against the Crown, as well as attempted breakout of Sir Tanner and the squire Stephen. His punishment will fit his crime, and we warn you, if you brought your children to witness this show, viewer discretion is advised. If you decide to let them stay, they will witness a lesson of justice. They will see how we treat those who engage in homosexual acts. It won’t be pretty, but it will be an effective deterrent, we promise.”

The serf looked off stage to his right and nodded to someone. Then, the full assembly of the Knights of the Triangle Table emerged from the side—all twenty of them, less Sir Tanner of course. They took chairs next to the raised platform. Behind them, His Majesty, King Victor IV entered, and all in attendance bowed deeply.

The king took the platform and instructed his subjects to stand erect. “Citizens of Northfield, this is a dark night in our illustrious history. Two of our citizens have been caught red-handed while engaging in the heinous homosexual acts.”

The audience gasped and moaned at the news, even though most of them already knew the charge. But hearing it pronounced by the king—that was difficult to swallow.

“In addition to these acts of grotesqueness,” the king continued, “Sir Nathan of Joyous Garde has also been caught engaging in the same monstrosity.”

More moans and gasps from the crowd required the king to raise his hands to silence them.

“And to make matters worse, Sir Nathan—a visitor warmly welcomed into our kingdom under a pretense of establishing trade with Joyous Garde—has conspired to subvert our justice requirements and secrete away our criminals in order to prevent their punishment!”

Now the crowd’s anger began to grow: Catcalls, shouts and raised fists punctuated their indignation.

“Sir Nathan stands accused of not only the aforementioned sexual deviancy, but also with espionage, conspiracy to secrete away a criminal—two counts—and other really, really bad things,” the king continued. “Thence, we are tonight commencing our punishment session, because, well, it just couldn’t wait till Saturday.”

The crowd cheered.

The king stepped to the side and sat at his throne, which had been brought out to the Castle Square, as is the custom for punishment sessions.

A squire, very close to the age where he might ascend to knighthood, now strode to center stage. He was well-built and handsome—obviously well through his pubescence and ready to take his oaths. Everyone recognized him as the squire of the honored Sir Buck. He cleared his throat and announced, “The Charges against the three criminals will be now verified by voir dire.”

The crowd cheered. This was always the first event in a punishment session; it was required to demonstrate that the accused were actually guilty of their crime. Depending on the crime, this part of the session was somewhat ceremonial. For example, if someone had been accused of theft, a squire would reach into the criminal’s tunic and produce the item that had been stolen. Obviously the item would not still have been on the accused’s person at the time of the session, but the visual demonstration provided the audience with a great cause to celebrate.

A crime of this kind, however—sexual deviancy as to one’s desires—was almost always demonstrated in real time, by exposing the deviant to homosexual stimuli, wherein his uncontrollable response—in the form of sexual arousal—would prove his guilt.

The squire nodded to his Knight, Sir Buck. The knight rose, ascended the stage, and stood next to Sir Tanner. He exchanged glances with Tanner, and the bound, splayed knight wasn’t sure but that he saw a soft, remorseful look in his peer’s eyes.

“If the sire will disrobe the criminal,” the squire called. As the crowd cheered, Sir Buck stepped close to Tanner and undid the waist of the criminal’s tunic, allowing it to fall to the platform. Tanner stood naked now, and the subjects in the square hollered their approval. A few mothers shielded their children’s eyes from the spectacle. Some woman sighed with approval. As did some men.

“And now the stones of burden,” the squire called. As more mothers covered their children’s eyes, Sir Buck retrieved a thin leather strap. He raised Tanner’s cock and commenced to tie the cord around the balls, very securely. Sir Tanner winced when Buck cinched the knot tightly. The leather strap that hung toward the ground had a hook tied at the bottom; between Tanner’s splayed legs lay a pile of plates, tied together by another strap of leather. Buck lifted the plates off the platform and attached the plates to the hook connected to Tanner’s balls.

Tanner’s balls stretched downward, and the bound knight moaned loudly as his face scrunched in pain. The audience loved it. One boy forced his mother’s hand away from his eyes, and he stood slack-jawed at the sight. His father ordered mommy to let the boy be.


“AND NOW,” THE SQUIRE PAUSED FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT, “the visual stimulus.” The subjects in the square reacted with predictable enthusiasm as the Wizard Mervyn* ascended the stage. The squire took a position next to the king. Mervyn, attired in a long purple robe with glistening shapes of stars, moons and celestial gods, and wearing a conical purple hat similarly adorned, cross the stage, then stood on the other side of the king. With the appropriate amount of dramatic flair, Mervyn raised his wand. A flourish of smoke and sparkles produced a replica of Sir Nathan at center stage, right in front of Nathan himself. This image, however, was not wearing the skimpy genital pouch that the real knight wore; no, the image that Mervyn produced was naked.

The image’s movements were somewhat stilted; it was obvious that this was simply a replica. Yet as it turned and walked toward Sir Tanner, the physique rippled with real-looking muscle that mimicked its inspiration. It stopped a few feet from Tanner and began a long, slow, and sensually arduous series of astounding poses—each one fashioned to present his powerful, lean, vascular body in a light that would certainly arouse anyone with a bent toward musclemen.

And Sir Tanner possessed such a bent. But it wasn’t bent for long. As the imitation of Sir Nathan preened and posed right in front of him, Tanner began to get erect. The agonizing weight of the plates hanging from his distended ball sacs notwithstanding, his cock thickened and straightened.

Mervyn seemed to be perfecting his work as the Nathan replica posed; it quickly became impossible to distinguish the projected image from the real Nathan.

The crowd settled into a low rumble as Tanner’s cock grew higher and higher, causing the stress on his low hangers to increase. Mervyn’s Nathan smiled at Tanner and moved closer.

Meanwhile, the squire Stephen, watching from the other side of the stage, had begun to grow as well, producing quite the bulge in his tunic. The king took note, then nodded to the squire attendant to remove Stephen’s tunic. When the squire did so, Stephen’s cock took a position of complete erection, slapping against his tight belly.

Indeed, the sight of his doppelgänger flexing all over hell in front of Tanner was giving Sir Nathan no shortage of consternation as well; his cock tightened painfully in its restrictive cup.

The audience was loving it.

As the copy of Nathan assumed a most muscular pose right in front of Tanner, the bound knight wailed in pain as his cock achieved critical mass, pointing nearly straight up. If not for the plates dangling between his legs, Tanner’s cock would have been as vertical as Stephen’s.

Mervyn’s man slowly reached out and placed his open palm against Tanner’s erect dick. Just as he slowly closed his strong fingers around it, before he could even apply any measurable constriction, Tanner began ejaculating. He let loose a loud cry, followed by a series of expletives.

Mothers in the crowd now had to choose between covering their children's eyes or their ears. It was quite the conundrum.

Without any provocation, other than the visual stimulation on the other side of the stage, Stephen also began spewing a shower of milky liquid from his young body. Being in close proximity to the king, some of Stephen’s semen actually shot so far as to land on one of the royal thighs. The serf attendant moved to wipe the abomination off King Victor’s leg, but was waived off by the monarch.

Mervyn waved his wand and the magic image immediately disappeared, allowing the crowd to watch Tanner finish his painful, weighted, orgasm without distraction.

Stephen panted as he came down from his sexual high.

Sir Nathan winced in pain, and turned his head from side-to-side as his ever-thickening cock tightened more and more against his restrictive pouch. The scene had definitely gotten to him.

The square finally quieted down, and Sir Buck unhooked the weights from below Tanner’s balls, providing some relief. He did not, however, untie the strap that held Tanner’s balls in suspension.


WHILE STEPHEN AND TANNER PANTED IN RECOVERY, the squire took center stage. He surveyed the two criminals carefully, then his eyes stopped on Sir Tanner. Sir Buck’s squire announced, “Voir dire has confirmed the guilt of the king’s knight,” to which the crowd erupted with cheers. Then the squire looked at the other end of the stage, smirking while he stared at Stephen. “As for the squire, his involuntary outburst has demonstrated his lechery as well.” Another cheer from the onlookers.

“Now for the traitor’s guilt,” the squire continued. At this point the crowd went positively mad. This is what they had come for (in more ways than one, truth be told). The squire nodded to Sir Buck, then moved to the side once again. Sir Buck approached the gigantic, musclegod Sir Nathan, and it wasn’t difficult to imagine the intimidation he felt next to such a magnificent creature. He stood next to Nathan, and turned to the audience. He stood at attention and announced in a stilted voice, “By permission from His Majesty, and the Knights of the Triangle Table.” Then, he looked to the king himself and said somewhat softer, “And with sincere apology to His Majesty for the atrocities I am about to commit—yet, again with His permission.”

The king nodded to Sir Buck, acceding. He said, “You have the Court’s permission, and you are so absolved of any and all atrocities—only for the purpose of proving the guilt of this criminal. So say I, your king.” Of course, the assembled subjects cheered their approval. The implication of the king’s edict was that all could observe—and enjoy—this spectacle with impunity. To prove Nathan's guilt, of course.

At this point, a few of the families decided to take their children home, unable to reconcile the benefit of such a demonstration with the damage it might surely do to their youngsters’ minds. A few of the fathers returned quickly, after escorting their wife and children home. Some of the families stayed at the Square.

After the crowd settled, Sir Buck began to remove the chain mail from his somewhat muscular body. The crowd watched, with varying amounts of vocal reaction as Buck then removed his upper garment, and then his skirt-tunic. His sandals were untied and removed. He now wore only an undergarment that would—many years hence in the hinterlands—become known as “boxer briefs,” but in the kingdom of Northfield they were referred to as “knight’s cache.” Normally the knight who had Sir Buck’s assignment would now remove his cache, in preparation for the next step in Sir Nathan’s voir dire. But for some unknown reason, Sir Buck broke protocol—if only in a minor change of ceremony order—and left his cache on, for the moment anyway.

Sir Buck turned to the giant specimen of unbelievable muscle. As was the case with Sir Tanner, a pile of plates rested on the platform between Nathan’s splayed columns of leg muscle—albeit a substantially larger pile than Tanner's. A tourniquet-type cord would be tied, to estrange Nathan’s ball sacs from his cock, as had been done with Tanner. But first, the overly-muscled knight would have to be relieved of his genital pouch, such as it was. In reality, the small amount of leather fabric wasn’t equal to its task. It left very little to the imagination; Nathan’s python-like cock bulged out on both sides of the dark pouch, and his ample nuts were over half-exposed as well. Clearly, this postage-stamp of a garment was meant more to restrain Nathan’s cock than it was to hide his genitals in a socially-acceptable manner. And as for the job of restraining, it was clear that the pouch was reaching its limit in the efficacy of that task. It looked ready to burst. Nathan had enjoyed no relief from his arousal after Tanner’s—and Stephen’s—display of profound lust over his image. Add to that, the recent—albeit incomplete—disrobing of Sir Buck, and you had a recipe for excruciating pain, as Sir Nathan’s burgeoning cock battled against its restraints.

Sir Buck knelt down and began assessing Nathan’s dressings. From the top corners of the pouch ran strips of leather, over each of Nathan’s narrow hips, around to the back, where—unseen—they merged into a single cord that disappeared between the gorge of Nathan’s ass muscles. Underneath, at Nathan’s perineum, the strip bifurcated into a delta of leather, which constituted the aforementioned minuscule pouch. Buck tested the taut straps by slipping his thumbs under them and tugging. The pouch pulled up; Nathan gave no reaction. Buck had been to enough of these punishment sessions to understand that the king’s absolution of any kind of wrongdoing was total; thence, he opened his palms and slowly ran them around Nathan’s waste, feeling the hardness of Nathan’s glutes, then downward to assess the size and hardness of the knight’s gigantic upper legs. His touch was sensual, and Nathan felt pleasure at it.

Eventually, Buck’s right hand moved to Nathan’s left ass cheek; his left hand slowly moved onto the leather pouch. Buck squeezed it gently. The already half-exposed avocado-sized balls pushed outward. Buck found his fingers spreading outward, and their tips brushed the black curls of Nathan’s pubes. Buck paused. He nestled his fingertips farther into the pubic forest, and held them there. Then, he moved them onto the exposed part of Nathan’s nuts. Involuntarily, Buck’s fingers curled and pulled the leather outward away from Nathan’s engorging genitals.

Sir Nathan did his best to maintain control, but it was hard not to react.

Buck kept tugging and repositioning Nathan’s straps and pouch, watching the organ grow and tighten against the leather even more. Finally, it appeared time. Buck lifted one hand and obtained a small knife. With a swift motion, he slipped the knife under one strap and lifted it, severing the cord. As Nathan’s genitals spilled out from one side of the now open pouch, it became apparent that the remaining strap wouldn’t relent on its own—whether because of the size of Nathan’s gargantuan leg or due to its being ensconced tightly in the rear, between the knight’s glutes. Buck quickly severed the second strap and the pouch fell downward, allowing Sir Nathan’s prodigious genitals to fall forward. Yet the pouch still dangled, behind Nathan’s cock and balls, obviously still secured by the aforementioned configuration of the knight’s ass cheeks holding the butt strap tightly. Buck reached behind Nathan’s jewels and pulled down on the leather; slowly the lone strap moved downward, providing a modest amount of stimulation to Nate as it slipped between his muscled ass, to freedom. Now Nathan was naked.

During Buck’s ministrations to remove the remnant from Nathan’s ass, the giant knight’s genitals, having spilled out to freedom, rose and expanded quickly.


THE AUDIENCE—INDEED, EVEN THE KING—COLLECTIVELY GASPED as Nathan’s generous—no, gigantic—horse-sized organ swelled with its new-found liberty. Sir Buck took a step back, astonished. He watched, mesmerized, as the thing kept stiffening, growing, pulsing, and hardening. With each of the giant's heartbeats, the thing bobbed up just a little more, and a little more.

Sir Buck felt the abomination rising in his own loins, and he was now faced with an immediate task. His involuntary reaction, so far evident only to himself under his cache, would surely betray him to all unless he acted quickly. As he absentmindedly fondled Nathan’s shredded trunks in his hand, he fought his stupefaction at Nathan’s dizzying magnificence. In seconds, Buck's plump, purple head would surely poke out from his cache, like a turtle’s head. Yet he found it almost impossible to move. Never in his wildest fantasies had he imagined such a mind-freezing display of virility and strength.

Suddenly, Sir Buck’s squire cleared his throat, quite loudly. Buck looked to his squire to see what the matter was. The squire lowered his gaze to Buck’s cache and furrowed his brow. Buck looked down at himself and realized—to his horror—that the turtle was indeed venturing out to see what it might see. Quickly, Buck moved in front of Sir Nathan and faced the large criminal. His face was to Nathan, his back to the crowd.

The crowd booed, now that their view of Nathan had been blocked.

Buck looked up at Nathan, who was smirking because of Buck’s obvious predicament.

Nathan said very softly to Buck, “When the time comes, you will be with me, yes?”

Buck frowned, not knowing Nathan’s meaning. Then he pushed his knight’s cache downward, over his hips, so that they fell to the floor. Now the audience had something to cheer about. Buck was totally naked now, and although they could only see his back side, his ass was quite a thing of beauty.

Buck’s erection pointed upward almost immediately, and to ensure that his squire and his king didn’t see (although his squire had already seen the turtle, of course), he pressed himself against Nathan. The audience roared their approval, and Buck forced his now-dripping cock against Nathan’s. Now began a long session of Buck exploring Nathan’s body with his hands. Since Nathan stood head-and-shoulders above Buck, and a third-again as wide, the crowd could easily see Buck’s hands move up onto Nate’s massive muscles: Pectorals, shoulders, arms, lats, and legs. The hands always seemed to return to Nathan’s massive, hairy chest, though.

Now came the moment of truth, wherein Buck needed to prove, once and for all, Nathan’s deviant proclivities. As the king’s subjects roared their assent, Buck climbed up onto Nathan’s frame, pulling himself up by grasping Nathan’s wide shoulders and pressing his feet against the stone wall behind. He lifted his ass high, but even then it wasn’t high enough to allow Nathan’s extremely long cock to access Buck’s sphincter. So, higher Buck pressed, carefully straightening his legs to force himself into position. Finally he felt Sir Nathan’s cock move under his ass, and he pressed himself down onto it.

The crowd was overcome with enthusiasm. The king looked askance at his roaring and jumping subjects, but he made no effort to quell their ardor.

Buck had stopped as soon as Nathan’s syrupy plumb had impacted his quivering cherry, but now he relaxed his legs just a tad more, and his butt began to swallow the huge visitor’s mighty erect cock. Buck’s head snapped back in agony as the invading rod threatened to disembowel him. Yet he continued his descent. As he moved lower, his face met Nathan’s, and with no control, he passionately kissed his object of desire with abandon. Nathan moaned into Buck’s mouth, and Buck pushed himself lower on the shaft.


AT THE POINT WHERE BUCK'S BODY COULD ACCEPT NO MORE of the invader, he spontaneously erupted, ejecting thick, white ropes of semen between their torsos. Simultaneously, Buck began rocking his hips; the crowd interpreted the bucking as the knight’s ministrations to get Nathan to come. No one could tell that Buck was in the throes of the most erotic orgasm of his life—save, perhaps his squire, whose angle provided him with a revealing view. Nathan, of course, was the other exception. The spewing semen drenched both their chests and abdominal formations, and the copious amount of milk threatened to dribble down Nathan’s leg, exposing Buck’s state by virtue of his ejaculate.

Fortunately for Buck, his erotic rocking on Nathan’s cock quickly brought the huge knight to climax as well. Nathan let out a guttural yell as his first blast of essence discharged into Buck’s body.

The crowd screamed. Some men had to hide themselves.

Nathan’s body tightened into rock, and this sensation against Buck renewed the smaller knight’s orgasm. Having all this hardened, huge muscle, flexing and rippling as he blasted inside you… it almost reduced Buck to unconsciousness.

The crowd erupted even louder, causing the king and his attendants to wonder what was happening. To the king’s amazement, Tanner and Stephen had both, once again, burst into spontaneous acts of muscle worship, staining the platform with their liquid offerings of lust.

Sir Nathan came so profusely that his semen began to squirt out from Buck’s ass, dribbling down the veiny topography of his massive legs.

As Nathan came down from his sexual high, Buck now realized he’d need to extricate himself. Unfortunately the sea of milk on his own, and Nathan’s, torsos would reveal his orgasm, since most all of Nathan’s fluid was either inside Buck, or on his own legs.


YET IN ANOTHER SERENDIPITOUS OCCURENCE FOR BUCK, at that very moment, snipers appeared on the walls of the Castle Square, at the huge door to the moat, and on top of the Castle Keep. Arrows reigned down, yet none hit a human target. In fact, all of the arrows landed in a perfect row at the front of the platform.

King Victor stood immediately and shouted, “What is the meaning of this?”

Tanner recognized the sniper’s tunics as those of the kingdom of Joyous Garde. There were hundreds of them. Apparently, the spectacle of Nathan’s punishment session had distracted Northfield’s watch, and the snipers had the advantage of surprise.

The king now shouted to his knights, “To arms! To arms! Defend your king!”

Before anyone could move, however, one of the snipers shouted, “If any one of you moves, your king is dead!”

Gasps from the crowd.

Immediately the sniper said, “You can see, by the line of arrows on your platform, the accuracy of our weapons! All of our bows are now trained on your king. If you want him to live, DO NOT MOVE!”

King Victor evaluated, then said, “Stand down. Knights of the Triangle Table: Stand down.”

The knights stood at ease. The snipers kept their arrows trained on the king. The sniper now yelled, “Release Sir Nathan. NOW!”

The king hesitated a moment, then nodded to Buck’s squire, and the squire hurried to Nathan. He got there just as Buck’s ass released Nathan’s cock with a POP. Buck fell to the floor, exhausted. The silent crowd gasped as they saw the front of Nathan, painted white with Buck’s semen. The squire looked at his knight in disgust, then quickly attended to releasing Nathan from his shackles.

As Nathan stood free—his mighty organ as erect as ever—he called up to his men, “I want Sir Tanner and his squire to come as well.” He looked down to Buck and added, “And this knight, Sir Buck.”

The audience mumbled and whispered.

Then Nathan, in all his muscular beauty, stepped forward. He stood on the edge of the stage and struck a few erotic, muscle-popping poses, then said to the assembled crowd, “If there are any other of you who find this kind of display sexually stimulating, I invite you to seek asylum with me!”

“NEVER!” King Victor protested. “I will never allow that!”

Nathan raised one huge arm to his men and yelled, “Snipers?!”

Immediately the king recoiled, then sat on his throne.

The crowd whispered, then grew louder. After a minute or two, one man ascended the stage. Then another. In the crowd, a few people argued with each other. Women protested. Men protested.

In the end, eleven men joined Sir Nathan on the platform, flanked by Sir Tanner, Sir Buck, and Stephen.

“My men have horses outside the walls of the Castle,” Nathan said. “Follow me.” He turned to leave the platform. As he approached the king, seated on his throne, he stopped, bowed slightly, and said, “Your Majesty, I invite you to visit Joyus Garde with indemnity, where we can begin a dialogue for relations between our kingdoms, and discuss absolution of your men here—and their possible return to Northfield, if they so desire.”

The king looked Nathan squarely in the eyes and said, “You expect me to enter in to a dialogue? After you attack me like this? Violating all decency? Never!” Then the king hocked the biggest loogie ever and spat on Nathan. It intermingled with Buck’s semen on Nathan’s chest. Nathan walked off the platform and led his party to the Castle Door. It opened, and as soon as the party mounted horses, it closed. The snipers stayed long enough to ensure a safe exit. Before they left, though, they shot one more round of arrows, this time surrounding the king’s throne in a tight ring.


— The End —


*Merlin’s cousin.




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