so far, this is turning out to be a Summer to Remember. I don't know how it is where you live (those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, since that's where summer is happening right now), but us Portlanders are enjoying one of the best summers ever. Highs in the 80°s F (upper 20°s for you Celsius-types) pretty-much every day. Some mornings come with a few clouds, but it always clears by noon. Most days are clear to begin with, which makes for a great time to take a morning stroll with Barker, up to S-Bux. He loves to watch me sip my iced-coffee. Actually, he loves to watch me do anything. (I suspect my dog might be a homosexual. We're definitely kindred spirits.)

Anyway, so much for the weather, huh? The informed CWS might wonder what the weather has to do with muscle (which is what this site is supposed to be all about, right?). Well, allow me to elucidate: Sunshine and warm weather means the muscle dudes tend to wear less of the fabrics. Which = more opportunity to ogle muscle! 'nuf said?

Today's guy is a prime example (I tend to believe he's been visited by Morpheus, but I hope not). Sun, water, sand, muscle. Then, an afternoon masturbate-session in the beach cabin, over previously-eyed muscle god. Repeat. (Have you ever noticed how much more exciting it is to masturbate when you have a sunburn? Just an observation.)

Okay, moving on... the aforementioned CWS might want to consider whether-or-not he's* read the first two books in the Tales of Monarchy Rae series. Why? Because the third book in this trilogy is coming in August. So, said CWS might want to be ready for the best book in the series. Clicky HERE for more info. The first two books have been reduced to their lowest price EV-er, BTW: A mere 99¢USD. If you have enough moo-lah to afford an Internet connection (and if you're reading this post anywhere other than the pubic—er, public—library, then you do), you can surely rub together a couple-four Kennedy Coins and purchase said tomes before the roll-out of the third (and admittedly, most glorious) book in said trilogy. No? [Book Three should be read after the other too, IMHO.]

So, read. Sun. Ogle. Masturbate. Sex. '17 is surely the Summer of Muscle. Be sure to keep an eye pealed for book 3, k?

God I love summer.


* I have to believe that the vast majority of my demographic is male.

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