ah summer. As I type these words, the Northern Hemisphere is only hours away from the Summer Solstice. And I love it.

In fact, I hired today's dude to drive me directly into summer. To be honest, he could drive me anywhere. Winter too.

Are you looking for a great summer read? Of course you are. What better way to wile away the hours on the beach than with a sensual, sultry, lustful, passionate novella? (Other than gawking at scantily-clad muscle men, no?) Well, in case your beach—or poolside—doesn't provide the requisite scantily-clad muscle, I have just the suggestion.

"What, pray-tell, is that?" the CWS (Curious Web Surfer) may be asking. It is this: My latest Muscle Story, "Ethan's Great Awakening"! *  If'n you're lounging in a chaise this summer, and can't find a thing to do with your hands, pick up your Kindle and read this book! I promise: If you like Muscle... and if you like fiction, you'll love my book.

Still not convinced? Well have a gander at one of the comments on the Amazon page what sells my book. This, by a wonder-struck reader: 

"This most recent work is probably one of [Sean’s] best.

"…for those into muscles and gay sex, [Sean] puts out out the best of the best. He is in a class of his own.

"…a good fiction writer must have a creative mind and a penchant toward fantasy, which makes Sean a very good writer. No, an excellent writer.

"…hold on to your seat belt, or something in that general area, because the last chapter is a mind-blowing. Stunning! Sizzling! OMG HOT."

So, your next step is to CLICK HERE.

God I love summer.


* I prefer the British convention when it comes to quoties and punctuation marks. Makes more sense to me. Email me if you want to be elucidated regarding my justification for this position.

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